Saturday, December 28, 2013

Virginia Research Tips

Virginia Research Tips

Wandered around a bit and found a few places to dig.

Some months ago someone thought I should try this site:


Today it sends this information:

 In it a found four Wills for SCOTT, 1 Ashlock  and one potential for Hendrick's.

 You pay but the fees are reasonable.  Check them out.

They are posting various counties as they get the information available.
Also try some of these.  Also try various search engines, they bring different results.
The Library of Virginia Logo. LVA Website ... For Localities & State Agencies ... Library of Virginia, 800 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219-8000
Virginia Genealogy - has online databases of military records, obituaries, ... Richmond, Virginia 23220 ... Website: ..

The Virginia Historical Society offers a number of online resources to help with ... ... City of Richmond Home page.

Jump to Library of Virginia (formerly Virginia State Library and Archives) - ). 800 East Broad Street Richmond, VA 23219-8000

Check out each county. Maps, Migration Patterns

Lots of information for knowledge of the development of the state.  Remembering that North Carolina shared some ground as was West Virginia part of state until Civil War. Early Virginia went to the Mississippi River and north covering Ia, Ill and other states, not yet states early time frame. Also Kentucky was early VA ground.
Search Billions Of Names For Free. Get Fast, Clear Answers. Start Now!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Blessings

May your Season Be Joyous and Full of Joy. May your Faith sustain you during this time of joy and pain.  From Wee child to adult, He gave his life for us.

Remember the Reason for the Season.   Much love to everyone.

May our next year walk in HIS Path and we love each other more.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Great Information Shared, Goal Setting is so Helpful.

We had a great meeting at the Lemon Grove Library last Wednesday evening.  Virginia brought home made peanut butter fudge, I brought cookies and water to share.

 We did round robin around table first discussing what was your goals and did you attain any of them.
 Yes, everyone succeeded with at least one item for the year and some a wee more.

 Lastly, we set goals for the coming year.  Doing this as a group may help us to get to where we want to be next year.

 Carol Sobke, found information on E Bay, yes, E Bay.  I have not ever tried E Bay for information.
 I bought books from them 15 years ago but not been there since, my account was compromised back then.

 Carol found a postcard of a Hotel that was affiliated with her family before her time here in San Diego.
 She is a native of this area.  Senator Hotel, Henrich August  b 6 Dec 1811 d 24 April 1893.
 She also found a postcard in Germanic region of family owned bakery but the fee was to high.

 Tim is letting Bethel do the work but he gave much local town history regarding the underground systems in San Diego, China Town of old, and many other  topics he had knowledge of.

 Bethel Williams, talked about Rev Thomas Hooker of Hartford, Conn.  O yes, they discussed how he   supported his troops and the term (Hooker's) came about.  Hardy Hooker m Delilia Flake in NC, lived in Orangeburg Co. S C.  She is looking at Morgan's in Virginia, Mississippi and believe she said Texas.

Virginia Taylor commented on the luck of three cousins finding her and helping her with information.  Family she had no knowledge of.  Jeramiah Dunham Sr and Jr.  via  She has her Blands mostly documented. She is also looking for information on Robert Dunlap, 1826 in PA.

Clayton Becker is still working with the powers that be to get his Citizenship straightened out.  He says he is seeing a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel. We love his poems he writes and shares with us.

Evelyn Hessling,  a new guest, also native born, is looking for information on her parents, who grew up here in San Diego. Her Dad was born 1886 in San Diego, if my notes correct. She was wanting to know what it was like for them to live here,  during that time in San Diego.

Susi shared someone sent her data on her Rev Joseph Patterson of Washington Co. PA and his parentage and a picture of him.  She also received early in the year from another LG researcher that the Alden line is related to the Jones line. She also received news on the Langdon line prior to their being in Ohio from Virginia.

Goals set: Carol was to continue looking for more information on Henrich and other family; Bethel is looking for the Hooker data to connect, and Morgan information; Virginia wants to crack the Robert Dunlap mystery, Clayton wants his Citizenship finally cleared, Evelyn wants more knowledge of early San Diego, and Susi is still looking for the Madison data which also could be Mattison.  Other members could not make this evening event.

Go look on E BAY, you may find something.

This is open to anyone to attend.
We will not meet the 1st Wed of Jan due to Holiday will see you on the 3rd Wed of the month.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wednesday Evening 6 to 8 pm Review 2013 and Renew Goals for 2014

Wednesday evening 6 to 8 pm, at the Lemon Grove Library we will be reviewing our year and getting invigorated for starting the new year.  We can set more goals or renew goals not completed this year.
3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Goal setting is so helpful in so many ways.  Not attaining them isn't what is important but attempting to get there is. It helps to keep us motivated, on track and more diligent in our quests.

Having written much on my other blog page I would like to have you go there to read the rest of what I wrote about this month.

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for refreshments and conversation, you may leave early and come late if need be. As you know your always welcome.  This is an open group to anyone wanting to learn more about genealogy, do attend.

It has been a successful year in many ways for our group, the new Library has been awesome in helping, alas the parking is a major problem.  Obviously they can not grow us ground to park but would be nice to have had parking space.

Just bring yourself, and enjoy the evening and help us set what goals you want us to accomplish this next year.

Here is the link to the other site where I wrote some information down.  Since it involved family and society I posted originally there.

 Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy- Genealogy News for Dece

Merry Christmas, and Blessed New Year to All.  And a Blessed Holiday to all other groups celebrating the season.

Did you know the Atheists have a Holiday Celebration at this time?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Genealogy in Time Magazine, a bit about.

At the Christmas Event yesterday, this site was mentioned in a skit that Gary presented.

Genealogy InTime Magazine   posted this as one of their topics.

They post many other topics to help in learning about genealogy. The Newsletter is free.

GenealogyInTime Magazine

An example of what they post.
List of Occupation Abbreviations

They have five topics on their screen for you to look at and get help from.

They have a Follow Me button so you can get news as they send it out.
They also have a Share This button.

Urgent Message Regarding SSDI Please Read and Act

Judy Russell just sent out a bit of news we need to act upon now.  It seems they think we are to busy doing Christmas and Genealogy and are trying to hamper hinder and take away even more.

Please go to Judy's blog page and read what she has posted.   They want to stop our use of SSDI again, with a 3 year closure which will or can lead to again permanent loss.

The Legal Genealogist: Vote looms on SSDI closure

Judy Thanks for this bit of news. Even if it is not good news.

ALSO I will say here they want to remove our Commissary's for Military, retired and active duty. Something promised us as part of compensation instead of adequate pay.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Computer Workshop Bonita-Sunnyside Library Saturday

 A workshop led by Shirley Becker and Gary Brock for Mac's and Pc' users is being held at the Bonita Sunnyside Library tomorrow 7 December, 10 am to 3 pm.

Bring your Lap top, I Pad or computer device for help.

4375 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA

Come Learn and share.

 Also tomorrow is Pearl  Harbor Day.  I was born July of 1940, my Dad's brother was there.

 Also here are some sites to look at regarding same.

 Having been at Punch Bowl, I can not explain the feeling.  I was at other cemeteries in Missouri and one in San Francisco and it is just overwhelming.
We used to bike to the end of the lane and look out at where the Missouri and the Arizona could be seen.  My skin always crawled.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Remembering Pearl Harbor - National Geographic Education

.Same day, two different stories: Machias residents recall Pearl Harbor attack firsthand

Attack on Pearl Harbor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Attack on Pearl Harbor: Ships, Heroes and Speeches

The Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Round Table and Sharing, BrickWalls, Suggestions, and Genealogical Ideas

Round Table and Sharing, Brick Walls, Suggestions, and Genealogical Ideas

The end of the year is fast approaching.  Time to clean the cobwebs out of the files.  Set up what you want to accomplish this coming 2014.  Make a list of what you have accomplished this  2013.

 Yes, you did accomplish things, even if you think you did not. One does not have to run out and jump and shout to accomplish things.  Sometimes it is the reverse that can bring about results. So you did not find Aunt Fanny John's or Great Uncle Harry?

What did you learn in your pursuit of them?  That is what you accomplished, maybe a new way to look at the way you look for information, a different method for sorting out the positives and negatives in your research.

So you found cousin Timothy, remember the steps preceding that and try it again for someone else.

Genealogists so have to think out side the box.  Did you try making Migrating Trails?  Did you try to fill in the blanks between Grand Dad's birth and death with family events, that may have led you to new clues for the ones still not found.  Wow, Grandad rode prize horses, he worked for a farrier for awhile.  He tried being a rodeo clown.    Any thing of that nature.

Great Aunt Jane's life might have covered, cooking and cleaning daily and hoeing the fields for part of the day, raking the soil to keep the weeds away from the plants needed for food.  She may have sewn clothes for others besides her family.  Did she make Hats?   Did she bake and sell her wares?

Learning my ancestor had an apple orchard and he sold his fruit at the market and from his home.
It led to a tax receipt that had where his father was born and when on it.  He had to fill it out for the selling of the apples. What a surprise that was.

One never knows where one may find a clue.  Tis true do not leave a stone unturned.

NO do not go dig up the cemetery.

Take time for self and set some mini goals for next year and you will be amazed at what you have accomplished this year by doing just that mini goal list.

This is our goal for tonight at the Lemon Grove Library, hope to see you there.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Educational Posts

This morning opening up the mail I received this notice from Ralph M.  It seems Southwestern College is offering a Genealogy course for this coming Spring. 2014.  The Instructor is Barbara Pescar. It is from Jan 25  to Mar 8   8 to 10 am on campus.

Also this morning I received a notice from friend Mark Rabideau.  I read his  posts and enjoy his knowledge.

Here is a link to some free courses that are being offered.

Hundreds of Free Genealogy Courses

Another one is Diane Boumenot,  sent a great list of Xmas gifts for Genealogists from her web page.
She writes the One Rhode Island Family.


If you did not get a notice FTDNA is having a sale also.

Family Finder test  Special only from 6 pm CT Thursday to Midnight Friday.

Judy Russell comments on this also.  A great deal if you can afford to share with someone.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanakkuh To All

Wanting to wish everyone a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving and a Blessed Happy Hanakkuh to all.

 Share with others and enjoy what we have.  There is always a positive side.

The news said it will be thousands? of years before these two events coincide again??

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Memories by Attendees, Pause for Thought.

Holiday Memories by Attendees, Pause for Thought

 We had a nice turn out at the Library, Wednesday evening.  The topic brought some very interesting responses to the topic.

 Two families, are of only members known and have no idea who they should share with, absolutely makes sense to me except there may be a 2nd or 3rd cousin removed out there and doesn't know that line is declined.

My suggestion was to  at least write a synopsis up of the year and include in their genealogical folder.

Also suggested  doing a blog post stating the same, in case distant kin my be hunting.

Three have done newsletters of some type for several years,  one only started a few years ago.

 Some do it by events, some by calendar month, as I do.

It was a lively discussion and interesting points were presented.

We also talked about what they did as a family for the holidays in general.  If you were not there you missed an interesting conversation topic and some even more interesting feedback.

See you at the Roundtable on December 4, 6 to 8 pm. Lemon Grove Library.  Bring your brick walls or comments for assistance and come share the time.  Tis the Season to be Jolly.

Also something is afoot, that is asking for our help.

Help Wanted- One Researcher for Every Library in the United States | The Genlighten Blog www.genlighten.comA couple of days ago, this post from Juli showed up in my Facebook feed

Create Your Visited States and Provinces Map  you can have fun with this.  I have done three different maps for my genealogical research using this link.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lemon Grove Library 6 to 8 pm Thanksgiving Memories

Come share in the fun and get your thoughts together for this years Letter  or Note about your year.

Sharing what we do is great for helping family remember incidents we some times, many times forget.
What was important for one is not always  important to another so not remembered.

 Ironic, later in life the little things creep back and we are trying to remember the whole story, ahhh family.

Come join us and have some fun but learning fun.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ok, Two Can Think A Like Map

The other day I did a Map of where I had lived or visited and yes I missed a couple of spots.  So I had thought if I put this up for those to come to Wednesday's class it would help us all have more fun.

Then this morning I see Randy has blogged about it for Saturday Night Fun.   So Randy, two can think alike.

Thinking about a map for my webpage to show ancestral lineage and up pops Randy doing it.

So all you out there that read this, I found it on Facebook a few days ago, realized I left two places off, thought to myself a map of Dad's and Mom's Ancestors might be fun and Randy did it already.

So here is the link for you to map where you have lived or visited.  You can do a map for self or for your ancestors and it may  help you do a better tracking of what data area you may want to look at.

There is instructions on color coding and suggestions for use.  

 I did mine for where I have lived and been.  I will be doing one for Dad's side of family and then for Mom's.  Of course genealogy already told me where they met.  Interesting to see how family came close and missed then finally came close and melded.

My goal next year is to see some of my ancestral home lands in the US of A since they were here before others and came very, very early.  Being born in the midwest and raised on the west coast we traveled to the mid west on a steady basis. Having many first generation cousins in many of these states not visited.  I suspect that if I used only first and second cousins every state would be covered plus some foreign countries.  Large Military background family we are.

To see what Randy did you will need to go to his Genea-Musings page.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Found Interesting Bit of State Splitting, Etc.

Found Interesting Bit of State Splitting

 Definitely a different twist on the people of America.  I can not say I can disagree with this map but it  amazed me to find someone had put this data together to share with others.

Breaking us up into 11 Nations in the US of A.  Enjoy the reading, it probably tells you more about your ancestral line than many other things of late.

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in- 2

Also posting the webpage with the 5 Generation Chart that  you fill out with your health information.
This is something I seriously believe in. 1

Have you looked at Virginia Pioneers?  Another interesting site that has minimal fee for useage and  lots of information.Virginia Pioneers - Virginia Genealogy 

It lists Pittsylvania Co. Va Wills. O it lists much more than that but wanted to share.

 Another link you may enjoy.

 Create Your Visited States and Provinces Map

Lastly cousin in RI shared this one.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lemon Grove Schedule for Research Assistance

Lemon Grove Schedule for Research Assistance

  3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, Ca across from Fire Department

We meet twice a month to help new and seasoned genealogists.  Here is the schedule for the end of the year.

 • Wednesday, November 6, 6 to 8 p.m.: “Roundtable Topics, Wills, Probates, Codicils, etc.” by Susi
Pentico   We had a great turn out.

• Wednesday, November 20, 6 to 8 p.m.: “Thanksgiving Memories: Share a Memory or Tradition” led
by Susi Pentico   This is to  help you organize thoughts for your Christmas letter or synopsis of your year of research. 

• Wednesday, December 4, 6 to 8 p.m.: “Roundtable Topics: Your Goals for Next Year” led by Susi

• Wednesday, December 18, 6 to 8 p.m.: “Holiday Party: Sharing What You You Have Learned This
Year” led by Susi Pentico  Yes, we have permission to have a party.

Spring Seminar is on March 29 th 201 4 – Save the Date!

 Contact me at for any questions.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Places to Search, More Data Digitized.

More Places to Search, More Data Digitized

Yes, these digitized records are coming on line strong of late. We are so thankful. To all those that worked so hard to make it happen we need to say THANK YOU.

Georgia Probate Records - wills, estates, marriages

Having a grand time scanning through all the records that have been put up for us to look at.

Whoopee, surely we can find a clue or kin amongst this group of names.

Bibb County is a county I am digging in so this was super.  This was shared by Jeannette

Also being notified, by Karen Nichols-Rexwall about Rhode Island Records now available.

 Rhode Island College News | State Archives Online Catalog Unveil

Now for more hope of finding kin in Rhode Island that just keeps hiding their head in the sand.

Jeannette Austin also shared digitizing for Virginia and more Georgia data at these two sites.

Now to find some not located kin in Central New York for some of the Lemon Grove group.
Besides the Fulton County site, anyone have suggestions please post them for us. Thanks

Monday, November 4, 2013

Roundtable Wednesday Evening, Side Topics: Wills, Probates and Codicils.

Wednesday evening we will share our good news, our lack of news and many other sites to dig.

 We will if time permits touch on the topic of WILLS, PROBATES, and CODICILS.

  We can share some of my Will Books and other data about Wills.
   Where to find them?  What to look for if no Will is found.

    Describe what a Codicil is and how it affects a Will, and yes it does affect a Will.

  Probate and what part it plays in the demise of a person, will be shared, time permitting.

  Seriously considering a retired Congressman to come talk to us soon.   He may be able to
  give us the information we need for our  current retired servicemen whom are having trouble
  accessing their retirement income.

 6 to  8 pm Lemon Grove Library, no fee, it is free.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Great Reminder, Shared by Dick Eastman

Fortunately, I have a back up program on my computer that backs up nightly.  Yes, I get that much mail.   Suspect Randy Seaver does a back up often also.

 Having learned the  hard way a very long ago, I have an external drive that backs up in case anything goes on the fritz.

 So when I read the note from Leland's crowd reminding everyone that Dick Eastman put a note in his Newsletter today to do back up.   I get Dick's email and he always has great tidbits for us to be aware of and share with others.

It is the First Day of the Month- Back Up Your Genealogy Files -

This is a link to the article.   Hope you read it and it helps you to remember to back up files.

 Liking the idea that one backs up monthly, it should help people to remember to do it.

Reminds us like when the clock changes on Sunday you need to check all your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms batteries and change them.  

Remember it is Fall back and Spring Forward.  So we have more morning time and much less evening time. grrrrrr.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Classes Scheduled for November at Lemon Grove 2013 Free

November Schedule

6 November 2013,  "Roundtable Topics, Wills,  Probates, & Codicils," with Susi Pentico

We will do our round the table questions and answers then discuss the use of Wills, Probates and Codicils, time pending.
Sometimes members have questions and comments that cover the entire evening and we do not do the additional back up.  That is the goal of this meeting, to cover the attendees needs.

20 November 2013  " Thanksgiving Memories,  Each person will share a Thanksgiving Memory or Tradition, is it related to an Ethnicity?" led by  Susi 

We are hoping to have everyone share at least one great Thanksgiving Memory they want to retain in their genealogy.  Maybe they can make it part of their Christmas Presents as a "Memory Shared"  for the other members of their family.  The event is then not lost.  

Come join in the fun and find out how easy it is to learn so much about your family and the ability to share it with out stress and confusion.   Let us show you the way.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Genealogical Tidbits Gathered Here and About

Pennsylvania is working on making access to adoptees birth certificates available.  I so think this is a good thing.

I heard that the Roadshow episodes are now on U-Tube.   Missing the first one & yet to see it. Saw the second one. The others I saw delayed the next morning.  My heart panicked when I watched the 2nd one. Felt better about the third one and the last was great.  I could just see people coming up to us and saying.  Tell me about my Grandparents and they would think because we do genealogy we had the answers. Yes, that still happens today.

On that note, let me share what did happen, day before yesterday.  My Sister in Law, Peggy Gordon Jones Feil wrote me needing help to find her Dad's family on an Indian Reservation in Northern CA.
I had helped work with her Dad many years ago so the names were familiar but I had not a clue as to how to proceed further with help. Bill and I never  overcame the brick wall.  I contacted a fellow genealogist named Donna Bradley, whom had gave a Seminar for us one Fall. ( I was away so missed it) and shared with her Peggy's situation.  Donna called Peggy the next morning.  Would you believe they are cousins. Donna had many answers for Peggy and it felt so good to finally help Peggy's Dad's side of the family find answers. Better still to learn related floored me.  God is Good.

Also another writer contacted me looking for information on Harold  P. Pentico of Chico, Ca who was a relative of my husband's family and lived near them in Iowa before coming to Chico, CA.

Anyone who knows about Harold's military service and life after joining the National Guard we would appreciate a contact.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dunkard, Amish and Quaker Information Shared

Information was shared and exchanged about the changing of names and groups and what is currently the present formation of the Dunkard, Amish and Quaker of today.

We even re hashed data on Mennonite families and how they also lived.

Tunken means to dunk or immerse which is what these groups did instead of sprinkle for Baptism.

They broke away from the CHURCH 1525 due to Mass variant and not wanting to Baptize until adults. These groups still are practicing today. The live a simple life and some use no modern methods, some use a few but not much.  Motors are not allowed horses are still the way of plowing and getting around with a carriage.

I do not think this is so bad a life in many ways.  Imagine no phone, no lights, no gas.  We would be constantly busy cutting wood and making fires to cook and stay warm in the winter and to cook in the summer. Clothing is simpler. Their quilts are beautiful and useful. Women would not be on a computer or typewriter and they would be mending, repairing, crocheting, knitting and quilting for various needs in the home and neighborhood. Done by hand no machines, needle and thread and body movement.
Cows are milked by hand.

Some allowed pictures some did not. Some did up until a certain time then they did not.
Men shaved until married then could not. Woman could not cut their hair after marriage.

Not all of these groups used these rules each had their own ideas to bind to.  But they changed and changed and changed.  All our groups changed but the names did not bounce so much I think.

Brethren really adjusted their names over the time period.  It seemed everyone there had a family ancestor that was of these religions in earlier times.  Some are still affiliated with family that is part of these groups now.

A lot was discussed and shared.  

Dunkard  and Amish

Yes, we covered some Amish earlier but they were at one time with the Mennonites and then things changed.

They changed many times in 110 years.  When they came to America and settled in PA and NJ and some of the seaboard areas, staying away from the Puritans who despised them and their genial ways.

Puritans were known to hang and burn them at the stake.  A pretty extreme for being a so called

Dunkards are known under many names or groups over time, but not all were related.  The Plymouth Brethren
developed in 19th century England.  Their largest meeting was held in Plymouth, England.

Church of the Brethren originated in 1708 in Germany. The Brethren Churches of German origin were known as Dunkards coming from the word tunken, to deep or immerse.

Neither group is close to the United Brethren which started in Pennsylvania.  Was very popular with the German-American’s on the frontier.  It was Methodist and today is merged with that group.

Some groups:  Church of the Brethren (Conservative Dunkers). The Brethren Church ( {Progressive Dunkers), and the Old German Baptist Brethren (Old Order of Dunkers).
Another is the River Brethren, officially the Brethren in Christ.

Data came be found in Handbook of Denominations In the United States by Mead and Hill.

The Church of the Brethren, settled in Pa about 1719. They printed the Bible, in Germantown in German.
 In 1743, they had a news bulletin they circulated through out the region. First of it’s kind.

Very few kept records as like Lutherans, so records were not kept much prior to 1880.
They did in their bulletins post obituraries of their members. VINDICATOR,  THE GOSPEL VISITOR,  THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY COMPANION WEEKLY.

The Brethren  Historical Library  and Archives, Elgin, Ill has a card file for 1851 to 1875.  It has not been published but they will do look ups.

In 1881 there was a split.  The Old German Baptist Brethren now called the Old Order of Brethren. They contained control of the papers etc.  They published a complete list of the obituaries covering 1 Jan 1870 to Nov 1989.
Alva C  Riffey, Rt 2 Box 59, Westphalia, KS 66903. 
Other  histories were written also. History of the Church of the Brethren of the Southern District of Ohio, edited by Elder Jesse O Garst(Dayton, OH,  Otterbein Press 1920.  600 pages

Carolyn Teach Denlinger compiled another. For a complete list of the district histories and other works see:
Bibliography on the Colonial Germans of North America. 

Dunkards withdrew from the Church of the Brethren. They are sometimes known as the German Baptist Brethren. Founded in 1708,  in Schwarzenau, Germany. They came to West Virginia after or about 1759.

They were pacifists Protestant Dissenters, very similar to Amish, Mennonite, and Moravian.  They were the parent of the Old German Baptist Brethren 1882.

Dunkards got their name from the dunking 3 times for Baptism .  They also wash feet at communion, and live a conservative lifestyle.

e-WV | German Dunkards

Dunkard Brethren Church

Climbing The Genealogy Tree: Dunkards

Knowing I have Brethren in my lines from VA, WVA  and PA.  One site even mentions them in the Carolina's.

All forms of the Anabaptist communities are:  Hutterites, Amish, Dunkards, Old Order Mennonites and Apostolic Christian.  They wanted to life a simple life.
Printed Sources  pg 696-7 has more data on the complexities of these groups and divisions

The Source references more on various pages, depending which you want.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dunkard and Amish Wed 6 to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library 16 Oct

Dunkard  and Amish

Yes, we covered some Amish earlier but they were at one time with the Mennonites and then things changed.

They changed many times in 110 years.  When they came to America and settled in PA and NJ and some of the seaboard areas, staying away from the Puritans who despised them and their genial ways.

Puritans were known to hang and burn them at the stake.  A pretty extreme for being a so called

Dunkard's withdrew from the Church of the Brethren.  are sometimes known as the German Baptist Brethren. Founded in 1708  in Schwarzenau, Germany. They came to West Virginia  after or about 1759.

They were pacifists Protestant Dissenters, very similar to Amish, Mennonite, and Moravian.  They were the  parent of the Old German Baptist Brethren 1882.

Dunkards got their name from the dunking 3 times for Baptism .  They also wash feet at communion, and live a conservative lifestyle.

e-WV | German Dunkards

Dunkard Brethren Church

Climbing The Genealogy Tree: Dunkards

Knowing I have Brethren in my lines from VA, WVA  and PA.  One site even mentions them in the Carolina's.

All forms of the Anabaptist communities are:  Hutterites, Amish, Dunkards, Old Order Mennonites and Apostolic Christian.  They wanted to life a  simple life.

Mennonite and Quaker Information Bonita-Sunnyside Library 12:30 to 3:30

Mennonite and Quaker Information with a smattering of Amish to be presented at the Bonita Sunnyside Library today 12 October 2013.  12:30 to 3:30.

Some source books will also be available to look at and gather addresses.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Veteran's Day Event, please step Forward.

As we know many of our younger generation are not really understanding Veteran's Day and saluting Flag and being an American Citizen or Patriot.

A dear friend I know whom is also a teacher is attempting to do something about it.  She has planned a terrific event for the students at Chula Vista High School to learn more.

She is in need of our Genealogical and non genealogical buddies to come forward and help her full fill the day with knowledge.

Here is the flyer she sent me to ask me to help gather my friends  and acquaintances to rally around this event. If in doubt contact me at or 619 623 5250 . I am hoping we can give her at least 10 helpers. I know we have lots of Veteran's out there, within our circles.
Sorry Diane the clippings didn't come across.

Chula Vista High School

"Take A Veteran To School" Day

•            Who:  Veterans and Active Duty Personnel from our community including the Veterans of Foreign War,  VFW Motorcycle Club, AMVETS,  Fleet Reserve, American Legion, and the Wounded Warriors Foundation
•            What:  “Take a VETERAN to School Day”
•            When: Thursday, November 7, 2013 (9:00 a.m. – 12:00)
•            Where: Chula Vista High School 820 Fourth Ave. Chula Vista, CA.92040
•            How: Veterans and Active Duty personnel will be invited to be guest speakers in history  classes , and honored and recognized  at our patriotic Assembly celebrating Veteran’s Day.
•            Why: To recognize Veteran’s Day and to honor and show appreciation for those who have and are serving in our military.

Briefing: Veterans will be “adopted” by students and “shadow” or visit 2 of their classes, they may be asked to make a brief presentation about their military experience and then all Veterans will meet in the theater for our Patriotic Assembly to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

I am looking for Veterans and Active Duty military to participate

  Thank You
  for serving our country and
   protecting our freedoms!
Please contact Diana Rude – Kulhanek for more information - 619-476-3300

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Roundtable Chat, Brick Walls and Charts, Wed 6 to 8 pm 2 October

We will devote the evening to a Roundtable discussion of everyones different brick walls. We will also go over some charts to help log and keep track of the information you may have missing in your files to help break down the brick walls.

 Also hoping to demonstrate a new way to do research. Someone suggested it the other day and I have been using it for two days and it is opening up all kinds of potentials.

A Timeline will be shared for your research usage and you take it home to maybe mock it to create a personal one for your self and your ancestors.

Bringing Maps for people to see regarding land records and how they play a major role in research.

Some sites you may want to check out are being listed below for various nationality researches.

Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits  The topic listed here in, is what I was involved in with Google+.  It is a growing community with rooms for chats and sites for various organizations.

 You may find help with this site.
Troy Irish Genealogy Society

This site covers southwest PA and some VA, WVA, OH, MD records. Coal Mine Accidents,
Old Occupations - S  alphabetically regarding old Occupations.

See you Wednesday Evening  at the Lemon Grove Library.  Sure  hope you can make it.


Monday, September 30, 2013

I am sure you have heard??? FIND A GRAVE a part of ANCESTRY NOW

I read this morning Find A Grave is now part of Ancestry. That must have been the reason for all the changes that came about recently on Find A Grave.

Ancestry did say it would remain free for users. like is.

Just wanting to pass this information along and remind you we have Round Table Wednesday night at Lemon Grove Library.  Covering various charts to use also with your research.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Have you checked out this Virginia Site?

As I understand this site. You can check out various Wills in the counties that have been digital images of Wills .  in link format is below.
Genealogy and Wills in the State of Virginia

Virginia Pioneers - Virginia Genealogy

If you have Virginia Pioneers in these areas or need  knowledge of these regions give this site a go.

Having joined it for option one to scour for information that my lines are in need of help with.
Option one is 3 m. to Virginia Pioneers $30.00.

Seriously, can use, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia.

Their super bundle is a huge savings but only if it covers the areas you need.  Please at least look at what they have to offer. Yes you can read the actual documents. Wills, Bible Records, Genealogies,
Confederate Birth and Death, Rev War and much more.


TUTTLE PASSED through to Georgia. HOFFMAN HUFFMAN moved in and out to Maryland and PA etc., SCOTT was in HALIFAX CO, VA 1740ish., down line is in NC, KY, and all over mine went to Ia., Mo. MURRY,MURRAY, LEWIS ditto . ALEXANDER is in Carolina's then to GA. Elbert area for one plus others. FRY/E was VA to WVA to PA and who knows where. 1780's is first find.

Here is hoping for 3 months I can garner some good information.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do you Collect Data, Maybe Not Related?

So do you collect data, maybe not related in your  research?  Do you catalog it and keep it for potential use down the road.

Thinking one of the neatest things genealogy and history researchers can use is the collecting of surnames that are the same as yours but your not sure how they may fit.

Of course, to do this one must have been at it for some period of time.  Having started research long before a computer was heard of except in a large room for a company, and libraries and letters and reading sources were the dominate way to collect potential answers to one's problems.

Having read near every book in the history section of the old Petaluma, Ca library in the late 1950's and through to the early 1960's. Collecting seemed to be the thing to do.

Many moves and events later, I seriously got into personal family research, helping my Mom.  She used to have me help her label and sort data she received from her family throughout the midwest because we lived in Northern California a long ways from family.

Sad to say the government lost a box of critical research, letters that my Great Grandmother and I had shared since I was about 10 years old..She was an Eastman, her mother was a Trowbridge.  Great Grandma was well aware of the linking to the EASTMAN Kodak group in her lineage.  She had shared many family stories in those letters.  One of key interest was the white ancestress that married an Indian of prestige and had to move away to keep peace in the tribe, not wanting a white woman married to the future Chief of the tribe. Since it was her immediate kin in first hand writing it would have carried a great weight today. His brother took on the Chief duties. Yes, I found them but those letters would have held much weight.

It seems after that experience, I have collected data on surnames I am related to but not sure how.  Ironically, I have found links after many years to lots of those lines. Filling in more blanks.

Family Search is out to make a giant family tree. Is it going to work?  For their sake I hope so, but I am not sure it will happen any where near my life time.

January is the month suggested by me to review your past research to see if you have found the empty spots. I also encourage you to review your work in the fall.

Family History Month is coming up quickly and it might be a good time to consider review.

One day I may find another kin who has the information that the movers lost and never found.

Obviously DNA and MTDNA will help us along the way but nothing like those hand written letters written by a lady born in 1874 and died in 1958.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Some Useful Sites for Genealogy Seekers

How many times do we say what does that occupation mean.  Try This.

How about animated Map of the United States development

How about animated map of Europe etc.

Just wish it unfolded slower.

How about name index?

Friday, September 20, 2013

As A Genealogist/Researcher Do You Follow Science?

As an avid reader, I try to keep up with a certain amount of Science and History to tie to my Genealogical Research work.

Having just read this fascinating story about Black Holes in the Ocean, it brought to mind all those lost ships and planes in certain areas of the seas.

Yesterday at:Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy: Genealogy and the Colorado Floods September 2013

I wrote about how this section of Colorado will not be the same ever again, it may come back better or it may not come back in some places.  These conditions have been happening over many hundreds of years affecting where our people lived and how they survived and why they moved at times.

To read this article on really brings to mind the lost ships we have experienced.

Ultra-powerful "black hole" whirlpools seen for the first time in the South Atlantic -- Earth Changes --

Please go here and read what has been discovered. The picture it shows is breathtaking.

It compares the water & light as having the same thing happen, black holes.

Some of the other headlines they are discussing are worth taking the time to read.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quaker and Mennonite Research

Our Wednesday evening was spent discussing Quaker and Mennonite Research History and Heritage.

 William Penn a person of means brought many Quakers to the Colonies for the development of the
 land. William Penn as we know was from England and worked many deals with the Courts in England.
  Quakers a a religious entity that was a development from a split from previous religion's. They were
mostly found in England, some in other regions but not many. George Fox was the Founder of The Friends.

Sharing a url I used and a clipping regarding some famous Quakers in our past.
I am sure many will be surprised to hear James Dean was a Quaker, or Bonnie Raitt or Joan Baez.
Most of us knew James Michener was.

Most of the people in the group were familiar with Quakers but few had relatives yet found that were Quakers. Quakers were more strict in policy and procedure than Mennonites.

Notable Quakers: William Penn, Betsy Ross, Daniel Boone,  Thomas Paine,  Annie Oakley, Jane Addams, Susan B Anthony, Dolly Madison, James Fenimore Cooper, Walt Whitman, James Michener,
Hannah White Smith, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Julian Bond, James Dean, Ben Kinglsey, Joan Baez and Bonnie Raitt.

I think many will be surprised that some of the names above were Quaker.

The Quaker people helped develop Pennsylvania and carried their beliefs into their law making, land recordings, and development of the state.  They were a large presence in the community affecting many decisions in the early years.

Urls posted on bottom, for references.


The Mennonite also settled Pennsylvania, both are a form of Antibaptist movement.  One believed in Baptism after 18 the other one did not. But neither believed in Baptism as a small child or infant, the Church's requirements. ie today's Catholic Church.

The were started in Zurich, Switzerland by people unhappy with the Catholic Mass changes in 1525.
Debates were held with Zwingli.

Swiss Brethren, added a Catholic priest named Menno Simons. The movement changed from Antibaptist to Mennonite named for this priest.  1536. He served for 25 years until death.

Another split happened in 1693 forming the Amish Church, which was named after Jakob Ammann, a Swiss Antibaptist.

Mennonites could serve in the wars in non combative situations. Wagon drivers. medical attention and non combative roles.

After Penn started bringing the Quakers the others followed suit and came to Pennsylvania, some in New Jersey and some in Virginia. Maryland was known as a Catholic region.

The groups kept splitting and adding and in 1847 a new district was created and in 1860 another.

1872 to 1901 more schisms 4 dominate groups.

Old Order Mennonites were in Indiana, Ohio, Ontario Canada, Lancaster Co. PA and Rockingham Virginia.

Russian Mennonites that came brought their wheat seed and migrated to Kansas, turning the state of affairs in Kansas into a positive by it becoming grain growing state..

Later the Quaker and Brethren banded together and created a new law to pass in the United States.
They had a strong aversion to violence and serving in the Wars we had.

The Quaker and Mennonites were the ones who got the Conscientious Objector Laws passed during World War 11, allowing them to serve in Civil Public Service camps instead of the military.

Mennonite and Quaker were brought together again when the General Conference and Old Order Mennonites voted to unite the two seminaries. In 2002, the two formally merged, becoming
Mennonite Church USA. The Canadian merger is called Mennonite Church Canada.

Quaker Oats is not an affiliate of the Quakers.
   —It was thought that they did adhere to the values of the Quakers when they made their oats so they could use the term.

Records can be found in many locations: Lancaster County Historical Society,  Mennonite Historical Society, Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley, (Ephrata). Reformed Church  Seminary, Fackenthall Library (Franklin & Marshall College), Vital Records Office, Court House and the various libraries within in the area.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Site You May Want to Know About------- Photo's to claim?

I stumbled across an interesting site the other day as I was trying to track some data for a friend.

With permission from the site creator I am going to tell you a bit and let you go look for yourself.

Their goal is to reunite photos and people so they can preserve their past.

 Knowing only of one other site that is similiar, I am sharing this site here.

The Forgotten Photographs Project - HOME

One never knows when one may help another or another may help you.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where to Look, for Assistance in Your Research

Yesterday, we Seminar speakers covered four wars that the United States was directly a part of.

At the end of the day I was asked to summarize the topics and give the guests a place to look for more information.

 Saying I always start with free sites on a new project then when exhausting them I move over to paid sites that I have access too.

My number one site has been for years.  Some of the states are in need of repair but the archives are still super.  A side bar is is alive and growing in leaps and bounds.

1.  Why start with
 lists societies, govenment addresses, contacts, church information, cemetery information, volunteers, sometimes a Will or Deed has been transcribed, etc.
 Remember if not a big page to go to the archives for that page and read what was put up because it is history and isn't changing it still applies.

 Since fixing their maladies and errors, they have made great strides to offer valid information and quality assistance while doing research.  The working to get the original records transcribed and on line have been a real boon to many people not near a  FHC Library. You can see scanned original records with out travel many times.

 This site,search engine can give you answers to many topics.  All the Wars we covered have many links posted within this system. You can take a name and google it. You can take a place and google it.

  has many books and records and pictures of this war.  Many states have books listing their units example is SPRINGFIELD IN THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR (1899)  author Walter W Ward.   They are digitized and out of copyright.

Yes, many people who have taken the tests have posted their trees.  See if  your surname has been tested then 
see if there are trees to check and potential kin to reach.  Get tested even if just the basic because then the data 
stored in case of death unexpected and can be upgraded later. I prefer this site but 23 and Me are also a great site.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society has many members trees on line. Check it out.

7. (92) Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research
This is an example of all the potential web pages you will find on Facebook

8.  and

  All rootsweb data is free, webpages, lists, forms etc. This was our beginning on line search program.

hundreds of pages of resources.

Just what it implies


  West Virginia Division of Culture and History  Each state has one.



Will Records: (Some volumes might contain a mixture of wills and administrations , maybe guardianships and inventories recorded in same books) NY - Ulster co ...

A site to delight you all. If you find the name you can order from him or look at family search to see if they filmed. His work is invaluable to genealogists.


Home - The Genealogy Center - Allen County Public Library

Who We Are. Welcome to the ACPL Genealogy Center Website. The ACPL Genealogy Center is a unique and valuable resource for the Northeastern Indiana ...

 Will share more as time moves forward.  Anyone needing the links live from the Spanish American War and I will send them to you.