Wednesday, January 31, 2018


   Workshop Presentation is on the topic of " How to Do Research."

1pm to 4 pm  Bonita-Sunnyside Library, in the Community Room, 4375 Bonita Road.

Why this topic you ask, because many are asking for assistance and their needs will hopefully be at least partially met.

Anyone can do research, but it is always better to learn what method may help you garner more
information easier and quicker.

There are many clues and many ideas out there on which way research is the best when doing.

Many years of practice has helped many hone their skills and we have learned to use some props to help us be more efficient.

We will discuss some of the props and some of the places and ways to be successful in this endeavor.

Bonita-Sunnyside Library

We look forward to seeing you and helping you learn more information to help in your research.

Please bring your lap top if you have one or I Pad?  A 5 Generation Chart, maybe a group sheet, &
a problem you may be having.

We will talk of how to keep track of your research, recording where you have or have not looked and many other topics relating to Research.

It is Free and Open to Any One.  IF you have not attended before that is okay come join us.
Especially if you work during the week and want some help with your data gathering, do come join us.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Guest Speaker: Margaret Lewis,, 31 Jan 2018 Noon to 2 pm

Come  to our CVGS meeting, tomorrow at the  365 F St. Civic Center Library, Chula Vista, CA.

Margaret Lewis (Marty) will be  talking on "EXPLORING YOUR DNA RESULTS"

Having attended many of Marti's orgainzations classes you really do not want to miss this.

When we go to her night classes in Mission Valley, we normally have riders go with us.

She is a very inspiring speaker and human.

She does much volunteer work such as "Find A Grave", and other events.

Marti's presentation will be “Exploring Your DNA Results Today - You Can Discover Who You Are, Where You Came From, and Analyze your Ethnicity with DNA Testing!”  

The presentation will take you on the journey Marti took to unravel the mysteries of her ancestors, and substantiate her Family Tree back to 1522.  Marti admits she is no DNA expert … she would just like to stress the importance of the strategies she uses with pedigree charts and on-line family trees to explore her DNA results to create her Family Tree.   

All meetings of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society are free to attend.  Visitors are welcome.  There will be a short business meeting, and refreshments, after the program presentation.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Family Search..... obviously with woes and joys.

  Family Search has really created an interesting platform.  Recently being asked by fellow genealogist how to remove her tree from the Family Search group and then learned from a very responsible person RS that you can not delete you work.

MMMmmm.  I have to concur with the person asking for help. I myself have just seen someone has again perpetuated an error in our Duvall tree.  For 25 years, we have attempted to correct it, posted on blogs and webpages and various sources with other Duvall family members,  all working to remove errors.

We thought we had finally conquered the beast. I clicked on a link from Family Search a few days ago and their it has risen its, erroneous ugly head. WHY WHY WHY.

So when the lady posted someone had connected a wrong tree to her site she asked me how to remove it.  Alas  RS says it can not be removed. It is her tree not ????

I would like to post RS answers but must ask him for permission first.

Giving people erroneous information helps no one NO ONE.

Being in the process of having my old back up drive hopefully opened and data retrieved, where most of our sources were listed and saved.  Going through old letter files maybe some of the data will resurface.  I know for a fact about 3 ways the Duvall data is WRONG.

Rev War records, family records, thinking as other cousins helped with this, it could be achieved.
Rootsweb is where we exchanged much data and they took it away. To save us they say.

I do not even have the names of all the researchers with the fact the back updrive died? or at least that is what Best Buy said.  Have found another facility will check to see if data can be retrieved awaiting return of the drive. More to follow.

So where are the joys.  I surely am not sure. If data on my lineage is erroneous how do we know there isn't massive errors on other lines too. RS says he must be diligent to have messes from happening.  Thinking I am going to pull back and keep on my computer genealogical program and maybe???? some day share with the world. World is definitely not ready for honesty.

After telling us suddenly in the 70's and 80's things need heavily sourced what is happening here.
Much I could have had Grandparents write in their own hand if that had been the case ditto for great grands and uncles and cousin of long ago.  YESK.

Alas some written in their hand, the US Government lost in moving us to Hawaii from San Diego. Almost all my Great Grandmothers letters. Letters hubby wrote to me, Letters from my Grandparents and dear family members that were already gone when we made that move, pictures of our new born daughter and her first trip to the zoo.  So much was lost in that large box.

Of course now it was a life time ago and yet people keep not being diligent.

Blessings and you all have fun.

I have to clear more boxes to see if I can find more back up information since drive is still down.
Cleared one more yesterday.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Obituaries, where will you find them. ??

  It is so great to have others share their thoughts with us and remind us to remind others that things are not always where you think they are.

 Thomas Kemp wrote a blog post. Shown here, You should read.

But also you need to be aware of even more than what he has stated.  One of the biggest tips I received was in the ad section of a very old newspaper in Utica, NY.   The time period was 1830's 1840's as a JONES was migrating from Renssealer Co. Ny to Utica and later found in Allegany Co. NY.  

Yes it was  NOEL JONES, but none of the facts fit.  Had hoped I had found him.

But I will share that is a case study many need to read and grasp how the courts worked then.
Alas they worked like today.  I learned about 6 months ago the Judge who tried the court case regarding Noel Jones Will being falsified, was the then wife's Uncle.   It should have been thrown out for many reasons.  This NOEL JONES children got nothing due to changes she made after he Noel was laced with a drug, at her request and ultimately died.  They filed because of the drug.

The oldest child, a woman and siblings filed a petition to throw out the erroneous Will. The Judge allowed it even after the Doctor said it was wrong.  

Very interesting read to say the least.  If it was my ancestor he was treated so shabby it breaks my heart how humans act and have acted over the years.

The paper listed a Noel JONES and son lived in Utica from Petersburg? area b 1814?  The boy was to young to be Noyes b 1809 .   His name was different and there was no mother.  A long list of why this Noel JONES is not very likely to have been mine,  married to Susannah and my Noel recorded Noyes JONES birth in the town clerk records.  They also showed in the 1810 census.  

The 1820 census has the name NOEL JONES and the sons' age much much younger than Noyes and I have followed him out and it was not my Noyes.   Paper trail via newspaper led me to sw New York Allegany Co. and the nightmare that followed,  in his living in that area.

So if you are looking at a newspaper. Look at all the data in the newspaper.

Had a cousin that saved all old Greene Co. PA newspapers and the data we were able to pull from various sources was a snap.  Found in Selling column, buying, marriage, birth, death data, etc.  News of the day and just read it from beginning to end and do not miss a clue.

Thomas Kemp thanks for reminding me to tell people that newpsapers have more data than most people are aware of.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Reminder for those who have forgotten. Ohio

As I wandered through my old files I forgot about this information. Thought it be good to remember to reshare this information.

Thanks to NGS for  posting it

Posted: 19 Mar 2015 03:30 AM PDT

   You can read all about it if you were not aware of this.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

What Adventures mean in Genealogy Research by Susi Jones Pentico

 Wondering about a neat adventure.  We dig our family and their accomplishments in their lives.
 We wonder what made them do what they did. We get excited when we find unusual information.

 We are always on the prowl for more information. Sure we may have: Birth, Marriage, Children's Names and Death.  But we also need their  spouses names and children.

So where did they all live or migrate to? Did the stay in the same area or all wander off but one or the reverse, they all stayed but one.

What does that situation imply to us?  Was their an argument, Did they draw straws, was it always that person or persons plans?

Some we can determine by conjecture.  The Civil War sent men away from home, some very far away, some not so far.

Some of our lines found fertile and greener pastures in some of the areas they saw and they moved westward.  Some came all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Some just gradually moved westward or northern or south.

So if  you go back to Revolutionary War era, do you wonder what caused them to defend and create this country or instead back the other side.  We have lines that did both, ironic right.

We (many of us) saw the movie about how the Irish were so abused in the war?? but was it really abuse or their escape from something worse?  

So many questions so little time.

A dear cousin is doing a great research project on War Veteran's in our Family?  Have you considered doing some thing like this.

Wondering if Teague Jones fighting the Narragansett Indians would qualify. Of course his buddy Richard Berry did the same and the family married making our line of people.

Our family lines are filled with War Veterans,  from the 1600's forward and probably many years before.

So we could do this with the term Farmer ?? maybe but they were many things besides Farmers.
How about Bone Setters, later called Doctors, Surgeons, and Nurses?  What about Carpenters, whom many were actually  Engineers?  How many were painters and were well known, Yes we have at least one,  What about Opera Star or famous singers?  Yes we have those too.

Tis not surprising to see so many nurses in the family, writers, painters, vocal artists, band artists,
cattlemen, (very special breed), military career men, bakers, hat makers, and the list goes on.

What lines would your research show for your tree?  Do you realize if your grandchildren seen the various things that happened before them they may venture out into doing some interesting things themselves?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Do you Do Swedish Reseach?

   If you do Swedish Research you may want to try this application for assistance.


 Short  term is free.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Field Trip 24 JAN.2018

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Special Field Trip Event

When: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 10:00 AM, PST
Where: San Diego Central Library

Will you be attending?

Please sign up so we know whom all going and have enough transportation.

 Field Trip to the LDS Family History Library

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Meet at 9:30 AM to car pool 

On Wednesday, January 24, John Finch will lead a group to the LDS Family History Center and Library in Mission Valley.

We will meet at 9:30am at our usual place: the Third Avenue parking structure behind Marie Calender's - on the second tier. The carpool will depart for the Family History Center at 10:am.

We'll return from the History Center at about 2pm.
If you plan to join us - and especially if you can drive, please contact John Finch or Karen Yarger at
Please register for this event if you intend to attend so we can arrange carpooling.

Please go to our web page and sign up or contact us that you are attending. 

Thank you

Sunday, January 7, 2018

3 Feb 2018 Doing Research, Footnote about Jan. Library Information Meeting

How to do Research?  Improve Research Methods.

We will have our next meeting at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library 3 Feb, 1 to 4 pm.

Learn some easier steps to keep track of your research. Learn what things 
may help you to do research more efficiently. There are some ways to help you 
you may not be aware of.

The states to be discussed will be VA/WVA  since it split during the CW.

This last Saturday 6 January, we discussed Libraries and the state of Michigan for research.

We started with a library well known in Scotland and then moved to the many systems and libraries, that we are exposed to in this region. 

Taking that information you can apply it to all other areas.

Every State has a Library system and an Archives of sorts. 

Our county has many library systems and they all offer different information.

You want Maps, go the the South Branch of Chula Vista Library on 4th and Orange Ave.

You want more about military, if it has not changed since it was upgraded the Imperial Beach Library used to carry far more books on military as  does the Bonita-Sunnyside Library.

Are you aware you should be looking at the Law Libraries for data when land disputes and will disputes and child care disputes irrupted. Laws about these items are follow by all states, and many times cause changed laws.  

Are you aware you should be looking into college libraries, love them places. My favorite was Northridge where a grandson went and it was rebuilt after the earthquake. WOW, is all I can say.

Having been into two here in our area: Southwestern College and USD.  

Also there is a Genealogical Library in Carlsbad (part of the library on upper floor),  downtown San Diego, and a section in the Chula Vista Library on 4th and F St. in Chula Vista.

Would love to see the county get involved and have one also.  We live in a huge county. I think it is almost bigger than a couple of states.

Remember when unknown use and ask for information on a specific library or area library.  I showed them how I put in Information on Michigan Genealogy.
You can do this for each state.

Fortunately I have done much research there in the archives and they have an extensive New York
Collection.  When asked why, was told because New Yorkers basically founded Michigan.

Yes I have lines from New York that got to Iowa via Michigan.  I did not look there until that statement hit my ears and by golly there were the answers.

Those in attendance will be given the data they requested.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Some things I learned last year.

Some places to look at and maybe share.

DNA.LAND.webloc   more information on DNA.
Interesting blog
more DNA explanations.

Mr. Samuelson's site.
This is the site about the 1885 Census

Do you check Twitter?   I have found some neat information on Twitter.

Many yet do not do FACEBOOK, either it is one of the hottest places for research,
I suspect it will be hotter this year.

O yes ROBERTA ESTES Blog is great for layman to read and understand for DNA data.

I worked with her on the LOST COLONY PROJECT as a side line and still think two of those names on the disappeared list belong to me.

We will be discussing what Libraries can offer us this coming Saturday at the Bonita -Sunnyside Library 6 Jan  1 to 4 pm  


One of the biggest things I learned was, Autosomal DNA is what is needed when lost. But it did not exist 10 years ago like it does today.

We can thank God my husband survived Cancer and my brother is recovering from 4 bypass surgery on heart recently, plus all the other events that occurred.