Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Round Table and Sharing, BrickWalls, Suggestions, and Genealogical Ideas

Round Table and Sharing, Brick Walls, Suggestions, and Genealogical Ideas

The end of the year is fast approaching.  Time to clean the cobwebs out of the files.  Set up what you want to accomplish this coming 2014.  Make a list of what you have accomplished this  2013.

 Yes, you did accomplish things, even if you think you did not. One does not have to run out and jump and shout to accomplish things.  Sometimes it is the reverse that can bring about results. So you did not find Aunt Fanny John's or Great Uncle Harry?

What did you learn in your pursuit of them?  That is what you accomplished, maybe a new way to look at the way you look for information, a different method for sorting out the positives and negatives in your research.

So you found cousin Timothy, remember the steps preceding that and try it again for someone else.

Genealogists so have to think out side the box.  Did you try making Migrating Trails?  Did you try to fill in the blanks between Grand Dad's birth and death with family events, that may have led you to new clues for the ones still not found.  Wow, Grandad rode prize horses, he worked for a farrier for awhile.  He tried being a rodeo clown.    Any thing of that nature.

Great Aunt Jane's life might have covered, cooking and cleaning daily and hoeing the fields for part of the day, raking the soil to keep the weeds away from the plants needed for food.  She may have sewn clothes for others besides her family.  Did she make Hats?   Did she bake and sell her wares?

Learning my ancestor had an apple orchard and he sold his fruit at the market and from his home.
It led to a tax receipt that had where his father was born and when on it.  He had to fill it out for the selling of the apples. What a surprise that was.

One never knows where one may find a clue.  Tis true do not leave a stone unturned.

NO do not go dig up the cemetery.

Take time for self and set some mini goals for next year and you will be amazed at what you have accomplished this year by doing just that mini goal list.

This is our goal for tonight at the Lemon Grove Library, hope to see you there.

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