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JONES Family in the Descendants of the Greene's with SWEETS

Descendants of Joseph Greene, of Westerly, R.I. : Also, other branches of the Greenes of Quidnesset, or Kingston, R.I., and other lines of Greenes in America


I can not grasp the numbering system, it is quite wild.  This  book has much of the JONES Family listed in it: Waite, Allen, Sweet, Scriven, Randall, Saunders, Clark,and many more.

Greene Family p 29

IV  Waitie, b: m Ebenezer Ford. She d in Adams,   (NY)
He died in CA. Children: i. Milo G Ford m Mercy JONES who d June 26 1876

30  Greene Family
As I read this : Olive Greene daughter of Joseph*b in Westerly, RI m 5, 1768, d in Adams,Jefferson Co. N. Y.  1 July 1836.
Married probably in Berlin, N Y about 1790 to ELEAZER SWEET.
Daughter Elizabeth  SWEET mar Stephen DYE, (2) wife
First wife was  Rhoda da of Judge Edward Greene ( see page 6)

1st b ,  Chauncey Dye, m in Adams, Jan 12
185 1, to Emeline JONES, who died in Farina, Ill., July 19  1 88 1.

Greene Family 33
63 VIII. Lorenzo, b. Sept. 7, 1805 ; m. Orrilla Jones. 
68 XIII. Orinda, b. Jan. 19, 1815 ; m. Jones Bovee. 

Greene Family 38
94 n. Paul, Jr., b. March 16, 1808 ; m. Hannah JONES

 137 IX. Hampton, b. Nov. 4, 1823 ; m. E. Albina Jones 
Greene Family. 57 
164 VII. Sarah Caroline, b. May 13, 1831 ; m. Le- 
land Jones. 
63. LORENZO' GREENE (Ethan^ Charles^, 
Joseph*, John^ Benjamin^ John'), b. in Brookfield, 
Madison Co., N. Y., Sept. 7, 1805 ; d. in Adams 
Centre, Jefferson Co., N. Y., Aug. 14, 1877; m. in Pinckney, Lewis Co., N. Y., Jan. 30, 1831, 
Orrilla Jones, dau. of William and Betsey (Randall), b. in 
Berlin, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Dec. 18, 1812; d. in 
Adams Centre Feb. 18, 1882. He was a farmer in 
Pinckney, and after 1842 in Adams. Children, the 
68. ORINDA^ GREENE (Ethan^ Charles^, Jo- 
seph*, John3, Benjamin^ John'), b. in Pinckney, Lewis 
Co., N. Y., Jan. 19, 1815 ; d. in Wisconsin in 1865 ; 
m. JONES BOVEE. They were farmers, and set- 
tled in Wisconsin, and all their children live in the 

91 Greene Family
VI. Mary Eva, b. Nov. 17, 1859; "^- Dec. 5, 1877, 
to Adelbert Stoddard, son of Philo and Esther 
(Jones). He is a farmer at East Rodman, Jeff. 
Co., N. Y. Child: i. Iva, b. 1879.  Much more lineage on this line.

94. PAUL^ GREENE (PauP, Charles^, Joseph*, 
John3, Benjamin^ John'), b. in Pinckney, Lewis Co., 
N. Y, March 16, 1808 ; m. in Pinckney Sept. 4, 1830, 
Hannah Jones, dau. of William and Betsey (Randall)  (JONES) of Berlin
97. PALMER^ GREENE (Paul^ Charles^, 
Joseph*, John', Benjamin', John'), b. in Berlin, Rens- 
selaer Co., N. Y., Jan. 3, 1814 ; d. in Adams, Jeff. Co., 
N. Y., Feb. 5, 1889 5 ""^- i^"^ Champion, Jeff. Co., Aug. 
20, 1837, Emeline Davis, dau. of William and Amelia 
(Jones), b. in Champion July 17, 18 16; d. in Adams 
Feb. 3, 1880. He was a farmer at Adams Centre, 
Jeff. Co., N. Y., his father having moved there when 
he was an infant. Child : 
137. HAMPTON^ GREENE (John^ Esq. John^, 
Joseph^ John3, Benjamin^ John'), b. in Berlin, Rens. 
Co., N. Y., Nov. 4, 1823 ; m. there Dec. 30, 1845, E. 
Albina Jones, dau. of Benjamin and Electa, b. Nov. 

126 Greene Fainily. 

8, 1827. They live in Green Hollow, Berlin. He is 
a farmer on the old homestead, and the children were 
born there : 
269 I. Sherman R., b. April, 1846 ; m. in Adams Oct. 
8, 1863, Eliza Adelaide Greene, dau. of Paul, Jr., 
and Hannah (Jones), b. in Adams Sept. 9, 1846 
(Eliza Adelaide^, Paul^ PauP, Charles^, Joseph^ 
John3, Benjamin^ John"). He enlisted as a private 
in Co. I, 1 86th N. Y. Vols., and was killed in battle 
while storming the forts before Petersburg, Va.,
ton^ Esq. John^ Joseph*, John^, Benjamin^ John'), 
b. in Berlin, Rens. Co., N. Y., May 13, 1831 ; m. 
there June 25, 1848, to LELAND JONES, son of 
Schuyler and Polly. They now res. in Michigan. 

94. BOLIVAR L.« GREEN (Daniel B.^ Samu- 
eP, Jonathan^, Benjamin'*, John\ Benjamin", John'), 
b. in Bridgewater, Oneida Co., N. Y., Dec. 2, 1825 ; 
d. in Thorndike, Mass., June 25, 1892 ; m. (i) in 
Berlin, N. Y., March 26, 1850, Susan Jones, dau. of 
Schuyler and Polly, who d. Apr. 13, 1877 ; m. (2) in 
Palmer, Mass., Sept. 24, 1877, Laura P. Hutchins. 
III. William Nesbit, b. ; m. Urania Jones. They 

lived and died in Unadilla Forks, N. Y.
29,30,33,38,50, 57,58, l'^^ 9^ 98, loi, 125, 143, 144, 
146, 184, 227, 325, 389, 399 ; Joslyn, 187, 308.
15, 16, 18, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, 35, 45, 46, 52, 53, 60, 
66, 80, 81, 82, 116, 129, 138, 140, 153, 184, 361, 379, 
384, 385, 386, 417, 425, 434; Syverson, 184. 

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Have You Searched Here?? My Genealogy Hound

       I always learn something new when I go to this web site.

 Never ceases to amaze me what all is here to share with everyone.

This trip I visited the Surname Section. The link is on the webpage.

They also have postcards, many, many postcards.

Historic Maps for Counties are listed here.

 Historic County Maps   

They are also on Facebook 

Hearthstone Legacy Publications featuring more than 375 County History and Genealogy titles:

Here is hoping you find one new clue or get a thought on where to look next.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bible Records Data Base?? WOW

Search Records from Family Bibles | Births, Marriages, Deaths

This is the link to the site. Many links on this site.  Genealogy Today.

This is on Genealogy Today, I have not been here before but found it on looking in Jefferson Co. Ohio.

It even mentions George G Morgan article on Questioning the Bible.

It lists related Articles and  Additional Resources.
This is a list from the site.. go check this site out.

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Your Need to Celebrate Family HIstory Month

Your Need to Celebrate Family HIstory Month

 Ok, you have seen and heard about many things you can participate in this month for celebrating Family History Month.

 Have you done anything for  your FAMILY HISTORY MONTH?  Did you do a writing in a journal?
 Maybe  you can start a blog about a certain line in your family?. Have a small or large family reunion, using or sharing pictures of the past and writing down or recording everyone's reminiscence
about that event in the picture or article being shared.

If all else fails, program 11 November for a day of Recollections for the family,  or Thanksgivings of the past when the adults were babies and the great grands were just grands.

That is the reason I believe Holiday Letters are so vital.  Finally, at least once a year family reaches out to family and friends. They share tidbits and comments and pictures and generally shed a few tears and have many great deep laughing fits about times of the past.

Children need to see the interlinking of the families.   Yes, even adult children need to be reminded about how important family is.

A quick phone call or postcard to say "thinking of you".

My parents raised me to keep in touch with family.  We traveled thousands of miles to keep in touch. We may not have had fancy clothes and designer shoes or coats but we traveled to visit our family from Sonoma Co. Ca to Dallas, Oregon, Sonoma Co. to Wheatland and Cheyenne, Wyo. and down to Denver to see more family. We went to Roswell, New Mexico to visit an Aunt. We went to Seattle, Washington to see kin. We traveled to Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa.  

Mom and Dad later in life went to family reunions and shared their knowledge with us who would listen about our families past and present.

Phone calls were expensive but my parents did that about every other month.  I was taught to write to my Grandparents, and Great Grandparents on a steady basis.  Some I met some I never met.

We had a choice, by a gadget or save for a trip to see new places and meet family. I do not recall any sibling ever saying no to a trip.

Some of our most fun was hopping in the car on Friday after chores and neighbors set in for weekend and we would go to Oregon to see Mom's sis Aunt Ruth and Uncle Fred.  It was through these trips I met (we) met Uncle Fred's brothers and parents. One time I stayed for the summer and picked beans and went to an elder in his families funeral.  First time I seen them take pictures of a person in a casket.

So record some trivia activity or event for your family so they can learn or relearn about it later in time.

Share it once done at your Holiday.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Re Visted----- Family History Day Chula Vista Civic Center Library

Today was the day.  Yes, it is now over.  Sorry you missed it.  The best ever Family History Day we have held ever.

Many years ago when it was a declared Family HIstory month we put on our first event. We covered areas that had never been discussed before with John Q public.  We found genealogy in the CD's, the History section, the Encyclopedia area, Novels, Maps and Children's area. Yes even in the music section.  Data is everywhere if you think about it.

Today we put on  a super presentation with a WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE for Mary Salas, Mayor of Chula Vista with the help of Ceasar Castro.  

We had Randy Seaver do a presentation early in the day.

We had people at various stations talking about DNA or Genealogy Research.

We had people telling guests how to use the 5 Generation Charts, Family Group Sheets and the Resource Research List to keep track of your Research.  I added a comment about Correspondence logs to keep track of who answers questions and responds to queries.

We were able to meet many new faces in our community that needed or wanted to learn more or and needed help to break a brick wall.

 We are  hoping we can see some of them at our events.

 The one thing I observed was many of them were still working and could not attend our day events.

 Giving them my email and phone number saying we are all here to help you,  call and we will see what we can do to get you  more help.

Long ago we did a night time help session. Maybe we need to bring it back? We have a day time one at 10 to 12 every Wednesday hosted by John Finch.

Elders do not drive at night much so we have much to think about.  But I am hoping each person we saw, spoke to and gave information will let us know if they were able to utilize that information and move forward.

My one comment to them all was make sure you check into the area where you are doing research,
New York, Mass, RI, Virginia, Kansas, Wyoming where ever it is and see what their local library, City Hall, Genealogical or Historical Society may have to help them move forward.

Also do not forget Facebook there are thousands of Historical/Genealogical Societies on Facebook.
It is not just a social media.  It creates links and conversations and some times breaks a brick wall.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

19 October 2016 Two Classes this day. CVCLibrary and Lemon Grove Library

Lemon Grove Library 

19 October 2016   6 to 7:50 Pm 

Is our own Liz Vagani, Lemon Grove, Branch Manager."Using Library Resources for Genealogy".
5 to 7:50 pm.

Free to all to attend, come join us.


Computer Classes for  19 October, Chula Vista Civic Center Library Classes presented by Gary Brock and Shirley Becker will cover the "Dropbox" program.

Morning 10:15 to 11:45 

Installing it in the morning class and learning to access  and use it in the afternoon session.

Afternoon 12:30 to 2 pm 

Bring sandwich or quickly go and come back.

Bring your computer device for this morning class. Please.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Research Meeting with Randy Seaver 12 to 2 pm CV Civic Library Wed.


Share your confusion and delight in your finds.   One never knows when someone may spout out the very name you have been looking for.

Yes that happened to me this last year and I found a member in the society who is a MORROW

We need more to time to share our surnames and see who is looking for whom, where and when.

Randy want me to bring an ice pack?  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We had a quick efficient board meeting today.  We presented the slate of officers for the coming year.

 President Ceasar Castro
 Programs Carol Sobke / Virginia Taylor
 Secretary  Karen Yarger
 Treasurer  Sam Seat
 Membership  Karen Smith

  We also chose the Honoree for the Christmas Party.  Sorry you have to wait for that information
  to be exposed in December at the Christmas Party. It was exciting and unanimous.

 Scholarship Applications should be given to Sweetwater Union High School District by Friday.
 Karen has approved the papers.

 A quick prayer for Shirley Becker she is down for a bit.

 We have 92 active members.

  Christmas party is 14 December 11 to 3 at South Branch Library.

  Family History Day is shaping up to be a great event.  Mark calendar for 23 October, 10-3 pm
  Chula Vista Civic Center Library.  Watch for more news on this event.

  Prayers also for Program Chair whom is recuperating at home also.

  The year is winding down and gearing up.

  More to follow.

  Did anyone want to learn about Randy talked of it at BackUp Workshop last Saturday.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Family History Day 2 October 2016

 Family History Month is here, it is upon us.  We can use it to fill in some blanks in our tree.
 We can share our little adventures for the future to know what this month was like for us.

Realizing this month was going to be very full, it helped me to decide to make an open log of the month for you to read and follow.   When this (2001) was first announced our society planned an eventful day for it's members.  We planned the month to assist in our research and sharing of family knowledge.  Our society is planning a major event bringing in the community this year  22 October
at the Chula Vista Civic Center Library.

My Family History Month, day 2,  started out with a family event held at one members home and she is the Matriarch of her line.  Having met her about 8 years ago, I think, when I took her Grandaughter home from school for them.   Years later the Grandaughter married our Grandson, now they have a child of their own.  Our first Great Granddaughter.  Having shared giving rides with her family members for two years I was able to know a bit about a couple of the sisters and 2 brothers she had.

Now that we are at the current time frame, we had in the Matriarch's yard,  families covering families on many sides. So the Grandchildren had many Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles in the mix, let alone all the cousins of the younger generation.  We had some wee babies and toddlers and teens and it was so great to see the terrific interaction done by all to get to know the extended family better.

My thoughts were, this was more like what my Great Grandparents witnessed when they put their family events on. People were treated as family, no matter who's line it might have been. It also reminded me of my Grandparents major events, when we would come to visit back in Wyoming.

We were the only line away for a long time.  Because of that I got to know many of my Great Aunt's and Great Uncles, 2nd and 3rd cousins etc.  I wrote when young to my Great Grandmother  generally on a weekly basis when we had money for the stamps. We also sent her stamps to be able to answer us. I did the same for my Grandmother years later. Some how even though we lived far apart our parents made sure we knew our family and what they did and where they lived  & their children.

Yes, there were a few divorces, some deaths of young and old.  New Marriages and acceptance of the new faces as part of our family.   Generally it would lead to new cousins  down the line, to add to the mix though not always.  It also generated some from Wyoming to move to California and serve in the Service and live near us.

I can not even tell you all the last names that attended  this event yesterday, but it made my heart happy to see the mingling and exchange of dialogue.

As you can tell I now need to find out the names of all those families to add to my Great Grandaughter's tree.  O yes, our first Great Grandson was there with his family too.

No wonder it was such a great event.    : > )

Thank you to everyone whom attended, the party for our Clementine and Michaela.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

October is Family History Month

 This event was founded  in 2001, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, introduced the resolution.
 Noting that we were loosing a lot of historical information important to families and communities.
 His quote,  "By searching for our roots, we come closer together as a human family."

  This is the posting for the event in San Diego this year. taken from our newsletter.

SDGS/SDHC Genealogy Day is Saturday, 15 October

Registration is open for the 2nd Annual San Diego Genealogy Day. The event, sponsored by the San
Diego Genealogical Society and the San Diego History Center, will feature Anne Gillespie Mitchell, from (AncestryAnne). She will speak on “How Do I Know When I’m Right” and, in a breakout session, “Finding & Researching Women.” Other breakout sessions include using newspapers in genealogy, resources in San Diego for building your family tree, and free genealogy websites!
Located at the History Center in Balboa Park, the event is scheduled for Saturday, 15 October from 8
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Enjoy a continental breakfast and get your genealogy questions answered from local genealogical societies. Go to for details about price and to select your sessions. Volunteers are needed! To offer your help, or get more information about Genealogy Day, contact Penny McBride at

Here are links to read regarding this event and how to help you get started.

 8 steps presented here.

Great resources here and has Free Wednesdays. New England Historical Genealogical Society.

10 tips and hints are listed here. Some is so easy and few even think about the topics yet they live it every day.

Never can tell  you may find an ancestor was from one of these places,

Family Discovery Day   LDS affiliated site for assistance, open to everyone.