Wednesday, February 28, 2018

WHERE TO LOOK FOR HELP.....Follow up of Today's Program Lost Ancestors.

CVGS Workshop: March 3, 2018     1 to 4 pm 

"Where to Look for Help"

Presented by: Susi Pentico

Bonita-Sunnyside Library

General discussion regarding your lost Ancestors.

We have found many times this is one of the best events, because time is taken to really share information with other members who are looking in the same area.

Hope to have a good turn out and swap areas so you can cover more than one lost  Ancestor.

This event is FREE to attend.  Please register to attend this workshop on the CVGS web page -- -- on the Events tab so that we can plan for seating, handouts and refreshments.

Please be prompt.


The url's presented and shared will be available for all whom attend. IF THEY HAVE BEEN SHARED WITH ME.

Today I saw many url's and sites I have never seen before.  

Every presenter came and did their part.  We covered many areas of the world.

England,  Southern US,  Maryland,  Michigan,  North West Territory,  Indiana,  California,
Illinois (Cook County and it's changes),  Texas/Mexico, & Tennessee from Early Beginning to current. 

We all have to watch when boundaries were created, when states were made, when various governments were ruling over the area.  As Virginia Taylor said Timelines are very important for research of a place as it is for surnames. 



Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lost Ancestors Are You Ready?

Lost Ancestors

by Susi Pentico

28 Feb 2018

Wednesday Noon at the CV Library 4th and F St,  Auditorium 
Susi Pentico is presenting.

Please come and share and learn how we can help each other find our lost ancestors. We have multi speakers and data to share. Also a short business meeting.
Please bring a lost ancestor or two, maybe a laptop or i pad or 5 gen chart with data on the lost ancestor. 
We hope to cover at least 1 each if not 2 each for those in attendance. Refreshments following the meeting.

Taken from Randy's Chula  Vista Genealogy Cafe and sent by self to him for paper.

Susi Pentico will be presenting "LOST ANCESTORS.”  We want to break the ice with society members and to learn more about our fellow researchers.  Who are they researching? Who else has my surname? What area are they researching?  Could we team up at times and gain more knowledge?   The last two Saturday workshops have been leading up to this major event.  It is fun to see the faces go from "You do?" to  "Wow!" 

Come prepared to share information with fellow members and see if we can shake a few more leaves out of the trees.  We will be rotating research areas for this event so plan on bringing at least three surnames, places, and times.   You need to bring a Five Generation Chart, an iPad, computer, or pencil and paper, in order to record your potential successes or followups to be further searched and analyzed.

Susi Jones Pentico was born in Wyoming, raised on a cattle and dairy ranch in Wyoming and California.  She started family research at age 12 with her Mom as a guide (she was Mom's helper writing letters).  Susi has been married almost 59 years, is the mother of five, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of two. Susi was a founding member of CVGS, and loves to share her knowledge and help others.  

A short business meeting will precede the "Lost Ancestors" presentation. The membership will be presented with the Society's Annual Report and Proposed 2018 Budget for approval. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

New Challenge--- Can you write how your Parents met?

New Challenge--- Can you write how your Parents met?

  Valentines Day is upon us.  That generally implies engagements and marriages, can you
write a report on how your parents met?  Even better if you have heard the story of how your Grandparents met.

  Thinking this would be a great topic to address in the next couple of days.  If you are on Facebook, post the story there. If you have a genealogical society post it there, definitely post it in your tree.

  By doing this, it will remind others to write down the memories also.

Dorothy Inez Hoffman JONES laughed as she told the story of meeting her husband. It seemed that her older sister had a horrid crush on him. So when one day their father brought him home for lunch while they were changing water lines, the following happened.

Mom and her Mother, Inez Mae Scott Hoffman and her 4 daughters were preparing tomatoes for canning.  They had 2 large tubs of tomatoes in water, one  batch in a dry tub.

Grandad, Cecil Lee Hoffman and my father rode up on horses from the water ditches they were working to have a bite of lunch. As they dismounted, apparently a comment was made by Grandma.
The girls were to get the sandwiches. My Aunt started to the house and grabbed my Mom, who knew she was to do it, and said she was going to do it.   Mom said she told her sister it was her chore. There in, Aunt attacked Mom.  Mom said she did not back down and ultimately her sister ended up in a tub of the water laden tomatoes.  Quite a mess.
Grandad told Mom to go get the sandwiches and Mom did.  Aunt had to bathe, she was covered in tomato sauce per say so was my MOM. But not near as bad.

The irony of this was Dad asked Grandpa lots about Mom after this incident, unknown to her.
Dad finally got up the nerve to ask for a date with her with approval of her Mom.  It was granted under strict instructions.

Mom was in High School struggling to read due to poor eye sight and finally she dropped from school and then Dad asked for her hand in marriage some time after that.  It was accepted with exceptions.  Another story some time. They were married 3 Sept 1938 and Dad died 12 April 1995.
Mom died 10 Jan 2011.

Ironic I can not remember the story of Great Grandparents but Grandad told me about his parents meeting and marriage. I was young and it didn't get written down or mentally retained. Once in awhile snatches of it comes back.  Maybe some day I will remember it all.

I can write about Grandad's marriage to Inez Mae Scott though it was quite an event and many people have heard it.  Some day maybe soon. It was an very exciting Wedding Day with lots of apprehension on Grandad's part.

Now our children know how their grandparents met around 1937. They also lived as distant neighbors in the community. Dad worked for Morris Thomas over the hills from Grandad's home.
Neighbors took turn working the water lines (ditches) that gave them water for crops and cattle.

Dad was Ray Dee Jones later Sr.  He was a descendant from Christopher Jones Jr of the Mayflower.
Mom was a descendant of Pocahontas.  The Huffman/Hoffman lineage via Higgins to Stout and back.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Research------ HOW TO START by Susi Pentico

                                            How to Start by Susi  Pentico 2018


 1.    Look around your home for things given or saved.                                 
2.     Catalog what you have saved or were given
 3.    Put names on your Pictures
4.      Keep your data like you do taxes.
5.     Reach out to your living family members
6.     Ask them to share about themselves & their deceased members.
7.     Ask your children what they remember about an event.
8.     Ask your grandchildren the same questions.
9.      Everyone perceives things a wee different. 
10.   Write events you live daily on your calendar, great reference point.
11.   Ask some one to share research with you. (Two heads better than one)
12.   When speaking with elderly, give them food for thought, go back, later to see what the have      remembered. 

1.     Use forms for record keeping, computer and paper to start.
2.     Take a class if given on the methods of research. Both Computer and manual
3.     When one line blocks, it is time for a break.  It is amazing when a break is   given how much you see you missed.
4.     Have a back up device on computer for saving data on system.
5.     Look at the pros and cons of a cloud system for research. Ie My
6.      Use your library,
7.      Chula Vista Library on 4th and F has a Genealogical Section. It has for more than 20 years.
8.     Do as much as you can at home and locally before planning a trip.
Planning a Trip, that was written up nationally some years back ,will be presented soon. It is all still relevant.
9.      Look at the Law Library for land data and clues about information in Wills, Deeds and Probates.
10.  Not all information is on the Internet. Nor will it probably ever be.
               Family Group Sheet
           5 Generation Chart
           Research Log (for person, places and things)
              TimeLine Chart, so vital to keep track of what is missing
               Correspondence log of some sort, to keep up with data ie awaiting Death Certificate, Marriage            Record, Land Deed copies etc.
               Do your DNA. Do family members DNA             
               Medical knowledge for future generations.

8           Join a Society, even if you cannot make the meetings there is much information shared in their            newsletters an workshops and web page, especially areas where you are researching.

               If no Genealogical Society look for a Historical Society

            If all else fails contact the local library in the region of research and Chamber of Commerce.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Information Just In For Your Research

Findmypast  has released this bulletin.

Thomas MacEntee sent this out.

This is from his webpage: Genealogy Bargains. 

FREE ACCESS at Findmypast to Birth, Marriage, Death and Census Records This Week

It says they are releasing records to help with Women for research.