Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Veteran's Day Event, please step Forward.

As we know many of our younger generation are not really understanding Veteran's Day and saluting Flag and being an American Citizen or Patriot.

A dear friend I know whom is also a teacher is attempting to do something about it.  She has planned a terrific event for the students at Chula Vista High School to learn more.

She is in need of our Genealogical and non genealogical buddies to come forward and help her full fill the day with knowledge.

Here is the flyer she sent me to ask me to help gather my friends  and acquaintances to rally around this event. If in doubt contact me at or 619 623 5250 . I am hoping we can give her at least 10 helpers. I know we have lots of Veteran's out there, within our circles.
Sorry Diane the clippings didn't come across.

Chula Vista High School

"Take A Veteran To School" Day

•            Who:  Veterans and Active Duty Personnel from our community including the Veterans of Foreign War,  VFW Motorcycle Club, AMVETS,  Fleet Reserve, American Legion, and the Wounded Warriors Foundation
•            What:  “Take a VETERAN to School Day”
•            When: Thursday, November 7, 2013 (9:00 a.m. – 12:00)
•            Where: Chula Vista High School 820 Fourth Ave. Chula Vista, CA.92040
•            How: Veterans and Active Duty personnel will be invited to be guest speakers in history  classes , and honored and recognized  at our patriotic Assembly celebrating Veteran’s Day.
•            Why: To recognize Veteran’s Day and to honor and show appreciation for those who have and are serving in our military.

Briefing: Veterans will be “adopted” by students and “shadow” or visit 2 of their classes, they may be asked to make a brief presentation about their military experience and then all Veterans will meet in the theater for our Patriotic Assembly to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

I am looking for Veterans and Active Duty military to participate

  Thank You
  for serving our country and
   protecting our freedoms!
Please contact Diana Rude – Kulhanek for more information - 619-476-3300

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