Friday, August 31, 2018

Bonita- Sunnyside Library 1 to 4 Pm 1 Sept.

We will be covering more topics from Grand Rapids.

How some family members unknown can help. is part of one theme.

How distant relatives some times hold the answer, don't ignore them.  also will be discussed.

1 to 4 PM    

10 more topics to cover.  Save the Nov 3 date for special presentation being given by : Randy Seaver, John Finch and I.  

Sunday, August 26, 2018

How Social Media Can Help Your Research.

Last evening we  reviewed some more of the classes I attended in Grand Rapids, Mi for NGS.

It was fun to see them look at each other and say,"That makes sense".  The side bar is, it makes sense but do we think of it when doing research.  That is the difference.

Maureen Taylor gave 5 reasons for using Social Media:

1. Share  Photos and Family History

2. Mobile Friendly, + can use on the go, it's free.
     It’s really easy to use. Download the apps and sign up for a free account. You can view
     or upload images and information. All your favorite genealogy companies have social
     media pages.

3. Social Media: It can be Cousin Bait.
    She suggested using Hashtags.{We all knew what they did but not how to do them. We will have a
    class on how to use them} (to me it will be a short cut to locate research material or names)
4. Networking with Other Genealogists,
    Collaborate with relatives, meet professional genealogists,Talk about your research or
    ask for help when you need it.
5. Keeping up with the Latest News
    From news feeds, to posts by other genealogists to user groups/focus groups, social

    media is the leading way to stay up to date with new record sources and tools.
    Including Social Sites: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. 

    She recommends using your key surname and making a private site, for all researching that name       on Facebook program.

She had so many other wise words to share and she is as great today as she was the first time I met her many years ago at Jamboree.

This got lost.. Here it is.

Daughter and Father Reunited My's help

Hi Susi,

We’re pleased to share this emotional reunion between a father and daughter who recently met for the first time, live on The Today Show, thanks to MyHeritage DNA.
New Hampshire social worker Kim Fairbank, 51, always knew that she was adopted. After a rough and complicated childhood, she yearned to connect with her biological family. Kim searched for more than 20 years until she took a MyHeritage DNA test.
She got the match of a lifetime: her biological father.
Read more about Kim’s search and her much-anticipated reunion with her father on the MyHeritage blog.  
Share this powerful reunion story and let others know how MyHeritage DNA is changing the lives of people around the world.

Best regards,
The MyHeritage team
Best regards,

Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert

MyHeritage (USA) Inc.,
2975 Executive Parkway,
Lehi, Utah

Daniel.  Thanks for this information.   

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Review Grand Rapids Information by Maureen Taylor & James Brewster

  We reviewed  3  speakers and I have permission to post from two. Can only share what 3rd talked about.

Maureen Taylor   Social Media  5 Reasons you should use it.

It’s a Great Way to Share Photos and Family History

Mobile friendly: You can add to your feed while you’re out with family.
It’s Easy and Free
It’s really easy to use. Download the apps and sign up for a free account. You can view
or upload images and information. All your favorite genealogy companies have social
media pages.

Social Media: You Can Use it as Cousin Bait
Hashtags are like subject headings. Use specific ones and create unique ones. When
you click on a hashtag, it’ll take you to other posts that use the same heading.

Networking with Other Genealogists
Collaborate with relatives. Meet professional genealogists. Talk about your research or
ask for help when you need it.

Keeping up with the Latest News

From news feeds, to posts by other genealogists to user groups/focus groups, social
media is the leading way to stay up to date with new record sources and tools.

Social Sites,   Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,  etc.

She recommends using your key surname and making a private site for all researching that name on Facebook program.

These are great tips and I will add one of mine.

I follow much surnames of my family via  
It has broken many brick walls.


DNA Tidbits from Jim Brewster

Set Up Account

Create a Tree

Autosomal Results 

Share Matches

Contact those people with matches YES

Shared URL's  by Jim B.
Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy -
ISOGG Wiki -
DNA Explained -
Yahoo DNA newbie Group -

 His Information is so right on.  Sharing information with others many say to me, "Susi  but they don't have a tree so I do not contact them."  They don't feel it worth it. SO SO WRONG.
 It is worth the effort to do that. Myself have found 3 new linking families to my tree filling in the blanks.

My latest was someone who had data I had hunted for, for ten years. They just have a private tree and  I am still trying to convince them to  open it to at least people of that surname.



Cousins are your Best Friends, was a great talk.

Since I can not share her information, I am  going to share what it reminded me of for sharing with  you.  I actually talked about this about 10 years ago at an event.

In grammar school we used to play various word games and our Cousins are those words.

I agreed with the speaker that distant cousins sometimes are answers more than close cousins.

Lets take a current situation. Your Grandma dies or your MOM or your DAD.  But you did not live close and now they are gone there are many things you wished you had asked.

They had 5 or maybe 8 siblings and maybe 3 to 7 children.   Each person will remember them differently.  Each person had their own relationship with them bringing different points of interest to the fore.

Just take our last 4th of July.  ASK each person whom attended the picnic party that day what they remembered.  You will get the same answers but not the same, and sometimes, something some one else completely missed. 

This also  applies to your parents and grandparents and distant relatives. Some times it will be neighbor that will provide you with a key that you need and didn't even know it was a key or needed.

Think about your best friend and your sharing, male or female.  

For me cousins were always my best friend and they still are today.  Partially because my parents
said,"FAMILY COMES FIRST."    Having lived my life that way I  probably started with a broader base for information than many friends and cousins.

So do not be afraid to write to these strange names and persons and find out what they remember about your Parents, Grandparents, Uncles or Aunts.  When stuck see if you can contact their neighbors for information. 
Remember the above still applies: "LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED".

  Would love to hear of your results doing this last one earnestly.


Friday, August 17, 2018

If you are Looking for Mayflower Information

As you are looking you may want to take an advantage of the data that is on Facebook that has active researchers sharing names and information and data. I found this link last week and have located several distant kin that has helped me to fill in some blank spots.

This is some of the things I learned to look for via Maureen Taylors talks in Michigan at NGS.

(6) PLYMOUTH COLONY Massachusetts Genealogy 1620-1775 Welcome, everyone, to this group for all descendants of Plymouth Colony families who settled in what is today's Plymouth, Bristol, and Barnstable County families! This also includes the Old Rehoboth (now East Providence, RI and Seekonk, MA today). These early settlers left millions of descendants today. Not all of them are Mayflower families, however there have been many intermarriages for several generations. If you want to focus more on your Mayflower lines or if you need help with them, please join the recommended Mayflower group (look for its circle), they have lots of experts and knowledgeable members in there.

The rest you can read for yourself.

 Having been using NEHGS site for research which is also a great site for help and information.
 First after them I found New England Family Genealogy and History. 

This also has a tremendous amount of information to share and help one with. 
Sharing Research, Stories, Photos & Family Data about New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut) PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES:

Lost and Found Genealogy Pictures Here is another that can help with photographs.

Will be sharing sites for other areas soon. There are many many awesome groups that care on this site reminds me of the old and Golden Gate Forum of old.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

15 August Lemon Grove Library 6 to 8 pm

 We will discuss more information learned at the Grand Rapids, Michigan Seminar/Conference.

  Two topics we will cover are:  Cousins are Your Best Friends and  A Wee Bit of DNA.

We may also discuss news at

Free to all    

 I learned so much there and am trying to pass this information out to all.


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tidbits about 3 Topics Shared-- Grand Rapids, MI

                Jen Baldwin Notes

 Yeast, Grains, Hops and Water: The Impact of Beer in Early America

1                    Beer and Tavern License
2.            Arrests
3             Who were the Brewers
.                   Yale College had Brewery
5.                 13 Year Prohibition
6                   Your Families Stories
7                   Weather affected the business 
8                   Harvest or no
9                   American Early Taverns -  book to read
1            1726 British Newspaper Archives

 Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,
 PA Research by Kristin Harms

1.     Information by request
4.     Family Search
5.     Pa Genealogical Society
6.     Pa Historical Society
7.     County Libraries and the societies in them
8.      Many of them have websites and group events
9.     Newspapers, Church, Tax, Land, Will, probate, Deeds,
10.  Everything that pertains to every day life applies.

The Nature of Genealogy Through a War of 1812 Ancestor by Tony Burroughs

   1 Talk covered Fayette Co. PA
   2. Library of Congress Records
   3.  National Archives
   4.  Find My Past
   5.   Family Knowledge
   6.  Military Records, pictures, books
   7.  US Military Records by James Nagle
   8. Deep Waters- Sailors,  Shallow Waters- soldiers
   9.  Wikipedia
 10.  Learn history of area of service person (remember it was continuation of  RW)

Susi Pentico  If requesting more data contact me.  July 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Water, More Water, War and Survival 4 Aug.

Water, More Water, War and Survival

Bonita- Sunnyside Library 1 to 4 pm

Presentation will cover these above topics.  The Development of the Erie Canal, the progress it caused for New York and the upper states, The War of 1812,  The Water they did or did not drink. and how it affected the initial process of expanding in the new world.  Ironic it still affects us today.. Did you realize that?   Then an over view of what Pennsylvania has to offer for research.