Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Randy Seaver presents Saturday at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library 1 to 3:30

"Genealogy workshops are held on the first Saturday of each month at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road), from 1 to 4pm. A variety of topics for all levels of experience is offered. Free."

This coming Saturday will be world known Randy Seaver, talking about a Seaver.

The May 4th Saturday Workshop will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Community Room at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road). The program will be “Discovering George W. Seaver's Life Story” with Randy Seaver. This presentation is about using descendancy research techniques and discovering the events in the life of George W. Seaver, including highlights of the research trail.

This sounds like it will be like the TV Show showing what he learned as he worked forward for descendancy.  So we should learn some of Randy tricks and tips.

Do come, it is free.

The Dead and Facebook

Well, I read Dick Eastman's Newsletter  and was amazed to find the topic of : "the Dead Will Take Over Facebook in the Next 50 Years."

 I fear that it is well on the way.  Recently on the Birthday Greeting area, many, already deceased are still getting birthday wishes.

That is what his topic meant, it jumped to immediate mind with finding a cousins birthday greeting  that has been gone a few years.


 Finding it almost weekly of my family and friends of the past.  So gone but not forgotten. If you are
looking for a family member might want to check their birthday lists.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Civil War Lists for WVA....

Yes, some states gave medals for the Civil War.  Being familiar with West Virginia being next to

Greene Co., Pa., I found my Ancestor's Medal on the list several  years ago.

Lucky us, a cousin I met while there was able to get  Our Ancestor's medal and sent it to me

a couple years ago.

Now I am looking for the other Ancestors that lived there that may have also served for WVA,

because the PA Regiments were filled quota's and the family joined family in WVA.

Border's were not important as much as serving for them at that time.

(Our family has a tendency to do that.  Dad Ray Dee Jones SR. land was split between Sonoma and Marin County, CA. He owned Sonoma ground and rented Marin Co. ground. They laid side by side with a creek in between them.) Most of the land family owned were duel counties or states. Iowa/Missouri was another area this happened a lot.

I 'm going to post some of the names that may apply to our various lines in Greene Co. area, that commuted back and forth even today.

Civil War Medal List A-L held at the West Virginia Archives and History
on this site it links you to M to Z by clicking the button.

How to Apply for a Civil War Medal

Claim Application Form


Back to the Civil War Medals

You do need proof of lineage: Birth, Death, Marriage etc. Check it out.  If you  had family in Pennsylvania they may have served in units in WVA.

 Questions should be addressed to Randy Marcum
Durbin, David A.; D; 7th Reg Inf Vols

Durbin, John W.; D; 1st Reg Lt Art Vol

Dunlap, John ; Cpl.; C; 2nd Reg Vet Inf Vols  Virginia Taylor is this yours?

Our lost line maybe clues in these peoples files.

Gibson, James E.; L; 7th Reg Cav Vols
Gibson, John; K; 4th Reg Cav Vols
Gibson, William; A; Ind Exempt Inf Vols

Gibson, William L.; H; 9th Reg Inf Vols

variants of Strohchnieder   and more spellings.

Strosneider, Fred; A; Ind Exempt Inf Vols
Strosnider, Ulrich; N; 6th Reg Inf Vols

Strosnyder, William A.; Sgt.; G; 4th Reg Cav Vols

 Must see if this  in my Ancestor, name fits.

Foulk, William H.;Sgt.; K; 6th Reg Cav Vols

Higgins, Baltis A.; F; 11th Reg Inf Vols wondering if related to Joseph Higgins?

Are these related to George, Henry or John's families?

Huffman, John; D; 7th Reg Inf Vols
Huffman, William; E; 14th Reg Inf Vols
Huffman, William H.; K; 7th Reg Inf Vols

 or this spelling related

Hoffman, Frederick; C; 1st Reg Inf Vols
Hoffman, George; B; 2nd Reg Cav Vols

Hoffman, George F.; H; 6th Reg Cav Vols

Henderson, Henry; N; 6th Reg Inf Vols is this John and Mary Huffman Henderson's son?

He is 14 on the 1860 Census. New Freeport, Springfield, Greene Co. PA

Someone may need this information also.

Seeley, Joseph; D; 1st Reg Inf Vols
Seeley, William; D; 1st Reg Inf Vols
Seery, Andrew; F; 1st Reg Cav Vols  ?

Debra West are this Harley's family?

West, David; E; 7th Reg Inf Vols
West, Isaac; H; 13th Reg Inf Vols
West, John R.; E; 1st Reg Cav Vols
West, Thomas F.; K; 5th Reg Cav Vols
West, William A.; Capt.; 1st Reg Cav Vols

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Different charts many Like.

NCpedia.org             aremyrootsshowing.jenny-ology  These are where I found these.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lost Ancestors To Be Found

Some of our regular's were not able to attend.  Four new faces to the group.  They took the applications home and said they would be mailing them in.

Nine in attendance.

Many questions asked as we moved through the places to look for information and share information.

Gary made suggestions also.  We tried to get the internet to work to show the sites but for what ever reason it was not available to us.  In the very end Gary was able to access our Web Page, to show the new, to be members.

Gary Brock needs help with finding his 3 cousins.  DNA says they are like First Cousins.  He is to send us more information. He is excited since he was adopted to his last name.

 JoAnn Bonner needs help with her SADLER line. Ireland 1790-1840. When did they move to England. Martin Sadler b in Leitorim Co.Ireland  Son, John SADLER,  & 2 nd son THOMAS SADLER. IS John Thomas Sadler John's son?

Linda Cross-  BOWEN   her GGGrandfather 1843. HAWKIN AND LEISON also.  She mentions area.
                       Wondering if the BOWEN files I have in the garage are her kin. Vicki Porter was a                               Bowen.  My Hoffman cousin.

Gonzalo R. Gonzales  posts a very interesting one, his maternal Aunt. Maria Rodriguez-Santana,
  born  about 1921 Died Jan 1948.  "DC-3 plane crash near Fresno, Ca. at Coalinga Mt. in California".
  Born in Jalisco, Mexico. MARIA RODRIGUEZ-SANTANA

Gena Lupercio-- Italian lineage,  Lupercio Family Tree,   1930's   -  1940's  Merced, Ca.

Trudy CORDELL is looking for family in Dearborn, MI.    Gerald Roland
Cordell her husband's family. Potentially from OK.
Trudy's  mother is Bertha Lena Pelter born 1916 Walla Walla, Washington.
Delivered at home. Dr said he had Birth recorded, can not find Record of Birth.

Leslie Cordell-   Albert Orosco,  his father in sw CA, AZ, NM.  Ambrosia Ruiz/Ruis  (mostly with s),
her Great grandmother Antonia Navarves, us.  mid to late 1800's.

Virginia Taylor is looking for help to find Robert Dunlap's parents.
Who are Robert Dunlap's parents?
Robert was born about 1770 in Ireland, County Donegal.  Robert left Ireland for the colonies in1799. He sailed from Londonderry and arrived in Wilmington, DE  He died in Westmoreland Co, PA in 1842.
Also what was his wife's maiden name? Was she Mary Elizabeth Schultz, Elizabeth Patterson or Elizabeth Bell? Bell seems to be the least likely.

I anyone has knowledge, please contact me to put in contact with Researcher.  SusiCP1@gmail.com

Friday, April 5, 2019

Lost Ancestors Presentation Bonita-Sunnyside Library

Lost Ancestors Presentation

Tomorrow I will be giving a review of places to look, things for you to see, and hope to help you find more information.

Lost Ancestors covers the Brick Walls in your Lineage.  I suspect everyone has one or two, right?

We will be talking about charts, timelines, books, events, papers and places to find and record your information.

It will start at 1 P M at the Library Conference Room.  It will end by 4 or before depending on attendees and questions.

It is open to all whom have questions and need help it is not for just society members.

Thanks to a new found Researcher,  I have some really great new places for people to look.

If lucky we may even have a hand out,  prefer to share the presentation with the attendees.

See you there.





Thursday, April 4, 2019

IN THE BEGINNING in Review by Susi Pentico

The presentation was given and the attendees were 23, so I heard.  I was thrilled to see the person whom helped to get this group going in attendance. Sandy Palumbo was present.

It was a fun time and lots of work in spurts.  Something I  hope  our society takes to heart and steps up to do again.

Share the work, share the fun, move us forward, as we began.

Because it was the only library in this time frame for South Bay area, my family used this for the children’s homework.

Asking the library on each time we came for our children to be able to library homework the answer was no there was no interest.  Finally they answered yes and gave me Sandy's name and access.

Due to working, Sandy had me keep track of the potential members.

They shared events with San Diego Genealogical Society whom had started years before.

 They initially met at Sandy's for quite a while. Then the CVHistorial, President suggested that they ask the Library for space.

Goals were set and places to travel to were suggested. Other libraries, other societies, and to use 5 Generation Charts and Family Group sheets.
Motto was created: We "Dig" Our Ancestors.

Much more to share: We set meeting dates and times.  Monday mornings 10am. Later it was expanded to 1 pm, for some activities.

Audrey Potterton was an early speaker.
She had 29 in attendance.  (Hello Society, what does this tell us.)  Yes they had 29 members and they all came to the meeting.

Information on books, charts, family events and sharing of names and places
was key to move your genealogy forward.

 Membership cards were given out. Later we even got a sticker for our cars for parking.
 Ironic, I was told at one of the meetings do not bother the County Clerks.  I wish I had then because in 1995 when Dad died I did call Nashua, IA and learned of  his cousins that he so badly had hunted for all the years of my life with him.

He knew his parents were from this area. CALL THE COUNTY CLERK IF YOU WANT.  They will either say they can help or say sorry.

We started a newsletter and had queries posted in it and it was sent to other societies to hope for connections.

April 23,Bus Trip to Jamboree, $20.00 Pasadena, 

 The topic of recording the cemetery in 
 Bonita was brought up. It was agreed to
 do it. Helen Thompson was to head this

  We completed this project several years later. We have a CD and a bound book in the our possession.

   Elections were held in February and Officers took positions in March.

   We had a Health Chart we used, haven't seen one in years.
    Which brings up the topic, Have you secured what will happen to your research at your demise?

   Much more to tell at another time.  Thanks to all those who came to the presentation.