Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where to Look, for Assistance in Your Research

Yesterday, we Seminar speakers covered four wars that the United States was directly a part of.

At the end of the day I was asked to summarize the topics and give the guests a place to look for more information.

 Saying I always start with free sites on a new project then when exhausting them I move over to paid sites that I have access too.

My number one site has been for years.  Some of the states are in need of repair but the archives are still super.  A side bar is is alive and growing in leaps and bounds.

1.  Why start with
 lists societies, govenment addresses, contacts, church information, cemetery information, volunteers, sometimes a Will or Deed has been transcribed, etc.
 Remember if not a big page to go to the archives for that page and read what was put up because it is history and isn't changing it still applies.

 Since fixing their maladies and errors, they have made great strides to offer valid information and quality assistance while doing research.  The working to get the original records transcribed and on line have been a real boon to many people not near a  FHC Library. You can see scanned original records with out travel many times.

 This site,search engine can give you answers to many topics.  All the Wars we covered have many links posted within this system. You can take a name and google it. You can take a place and google it.

  has many books and records and pictures of this war.  Many states have books listing their units example is SPRINGFIELD IN THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR (1899)  author Walter W Ward.   They are digitized and out of copyright.

Yes, many people who have taken the tests have posted their trees.  See if  your surname has been tested then 
see if there are trees to check and potential kin to reach.  Get tested even if just the basic because then the data 
stored in case of death unexpected and can be upgraded later. I prefer this site but 23 and Me are also a great site.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society has many members trees on line. Check it out.

7. (92) Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research
This is an example of all the potential web pages you will find on Facebook

8.  and

  All rootsweb data is free, webpages, lists, forms etc. This was our beginning on line search program.

hundreds of pages of resources.

Just what it implies


  West Virginia Division of Culture and History  Each state has one.



Will Records: (Some volumes might contain a mixture of wills and administrations , maybe guardianships and inventories recorded in same books) NY - Ulster co ...

A site to delight you all. If you find the name you can order from him or look at family search to see if they filmed. His work is invaluable to genealogists.


Home - The Genealogy Center - Allen County Public Library

Who We Are. Welcome to the ACPL Genealogy Center Website. The ACPL Genealogy Center is a unique and valuable resource for the Northeastern Indiana ...

 Will share more as time moves forward.  Anyone needing the links live from the Spanish American War and I will send them to you.

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