Friday, October 11, 2019

More Urls to Try. Photography, Divorces and Facebook

Yes, many are terrified of but I have learned it mostly replaced the old
Golden Gate Forum we had in the 1990's when I was an instructor with them.

Many great active genealogists have joined various groups and offer lots of terrific help to anyone
one who asks for assistance.

Facebook has a site for Identifying Photos, Unusual Questions, the list goes on.

Old Photo Project:  Returning Families Long Lost Photos


Another is Online Divorce Records. same site.

Online divorce records are sometimes hard to find. But here is a list of over 490 Free Divorce Record Collections from the Southern States that are available online. Some states have just a few, but some have a bunch of free collections.   Check out each state at

What about the  DNA Questions site on Facebook? Or the information on Maps,  etc.

 I can not express enough that the site carries more information than one could dream of for Genealogy.


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Canadian Museum of Immigration information at Pier 1.

I received this in the mail today I received a different topic yesterday. So passing this on to you all to go read.

The Forgotten Immigrants: The Journey of the New England Planters to Nova Scotia, 1759-1768

Did You Know?

8,000 New Englanders came to present-day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick from 1759 to 1768.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Studying War History of your Ancestors

 I found a site that covers war histories and it is on line.  The data is very informative and may be of great help for those researching their ancestors.

Ten major topics, that would be of major interest to most genealogists for WW2 and other Wars and Events.

There is so much  here just go check it out.. John Finch, Ralph Munoz, Sam Seat, if your still digging military this may help.  Cousin  A  D Cooper  , Pete this may help you also.

They also have a Facebook page I haven't gotten to yet.  SDGS and other societies you may want to share this information with others. OGS, NEHGS, NGS, CVGS etc..

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Educational Meeting at Anna's Restaurant in Lemon Grove, CA.

  Today we tried something new. Anna (Thank you),  we will see you again next month. 2 November 2019 at 1 to 3:30 - maybe 4.

 Everyone in attendance said it was a good venue and they learned lots in a very comfortable environment.  It was great to have a sip of coffee or water or soda or what ever while the presentation was given.  Some even had dessert that came with their meals and others ordered desserts to take home.

We arrived at 12:30 for Gary to set up the internet connection. We were ready to start by shortly after 1 pm but we held for a bit and more people arrived.

Yes, we got Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Brock together to assist in the technical stuff.  Welcome aboard.

Rosa thanks for sharing him.

People had sandwiches, full meals, soups, salads, and desserts.

It is our hope we can gain back the people we lost when the Library moved away from this corner and had limited parking and work space etc.  Also the time is First Saturday, afternoon 1 to 4 overall.

The report was on Genealogy is Fun by Susi Pentico.  Everyone said that it was a good presentation and they were reminded of things that they hadn't thought of for genealogy.

Personally enjoying the actual interaction with those in attendance made the event more meaningful to me.  It meant they were paying attention, questions were asked and answered, comments were shared. So we all learned something. I love that type of event. Feeling I learned nearly as much as they learned from the presentation.

The more we know about our fellow members the better to serve them.

The topic was interesting and hopefully educational for all.

Genealogy is FUN.  Elaborating on the word F U N and what those words mean to genealogist and historians.  Cindy Teysko is going to do a write up for the paper.

Cindy T. , Thanks for all the support in helping to get more people out to be engaged in the societies activities.

F is family, is fun,

U is unique,

N is Non-Medical, (no) Normal,  No such thing as Normal, just a variant of.

How all those factors can help you work through your research.

A tidbit of what you missed.

Monday, September 30, 2019

5 October Educational Meeting--- Anna's Restaurant Lemon Grove

Education Workshop 5 October 2019  Genealogy is Fun and Lost Ancestors

The workshop will be held at Anna's The Family Restaurant,  8099 Broadway St.., Lemon Grove,
Ca 91945. 1 to 3:30 pm.  As long as we order something to eat we can meet here free.
We are going to try Anna's. I have not heard confirmation from the other places that were considered.
We normally go to eat after because of the time so we can eat like at a Seminar and enjoy the 
knowledge shared at the same time. I am posting links that can give you an  idea of what the serve. 
 I have eaten here since 1950's. The current owner was a waitress before purchasing back then. 
Many of our group has eaten here before.  Prices are reasonable and they have a great Senior Menu.
Soup and Sandwiches, Small meals, Breakfasts served all day., great pies and good service and food.
Of course they have full course meals also.  Here is the link to part of the menu.
As long as we order something to eat we can meet here free.
-- We will have the back room.
Address: 8099 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 9194
Open 6 am Closes 10PM
Menu:    menu and  some prices. I have eaten many items
on their menu, over the years. As our members whom used to go to Lemon Grove Meeting have.
Phone: (619) 462-9295

Attachments area

 Topic is Genealogy is Fun by Susi Pentico and  Lost Ancestors which covers your brick walls
 and asking for help
 to resolve the brick walls.  

New York Region Help and others in the Region.

Genealogy - D. Pane-Joyce

 Pane-Joyce Genealogy by David Pane Joyce has much information on his pages.

He covers sites that many seem to be in need of.

Beer's  Atlas of Saratoga Co. NY, 1866,  town maps including landowner's homes
Atlas of Saratoga County, New York

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York much to be gained by looking at this site.

I am only commenting on some  but he covers a lot more. Maine, Mass and Ohio, Michigan.

I love to share the sites I find since many I talk to are lost in this region of research.

Thanks David Payne-Joyce for this great blog you do.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Some News About Useful Blogs

Some News About Useful Blogs

Ever so often, I wander around looking at various blogs. Where do I find them, on various
Genealogical Facebook pages or from recommendations.

This is one of my favorites and he keeps me busy trying to keep up with his posts.

He has many topics and so much information I suggest you wander over and take a look.

He has updated and increased the data by quite a bit. It covers all states, some is free, some is not but the knowledge is there. 

He shows blogging since Oct 2010.  Some of his data has helped our members too.  Thanks so much for what you do.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Research Methods to Consider By Susi Pentico

Research Methods to Consider

Recently I re-applied some learned research methods that have opened doors for our family's research.

In hopes of breaking a few more Brick Walls, yes we do have a few.

This is for everyone to become more aware of.  Not just Beginners, everyone, because some times we get excited and forget.

It is not just a Census Record, Birth Certificate, Naturalization Papers, etc that is needed when
researching. Having always said you need to know a bit of History of the area you are going to be researching.

Example: Our Scott researchers learned, besides meeting and recording many families stories
when Mr.  Kenneth  R. Scott researched to THOMAS SCOTT,  he and they got to a brick wall.

Years later, a distant cousin reached me about his book.  After reading his book, I was made
aware there was more to the story.

Pittsylvania Co. Virginia was not an original county.  It had been split from Halifax Co. ,
Va..  THIS HAPPENED OFTEN in the development of our country.

Thomas Scott's Will was in Halifax Co. Va. plus other information.  Alas I have no sure answer as to his parentage.  Believe it when I say they never even moved, the boundaries changed.

Why did I look,  partially because I am a major History Buff, in the back of my mind I was thinking of what George K Schweitzer, Phd. ScD.  reiterated at all of his lectures I had attended.

Know the "History of the Region", your researching or going to research.

It can save hours of researching. My hope is that when a new area arises in your research, you
grab a book or website on that regions early history so you have a better grip  on what and where to look. It can help you to find their Naturalization Papers and many other items that seem  to
be very elusive.

Please click on the join the site link so you can get current information on a steady basis.

It was founded by those whom met in Lemon Grove Library for many years for assistance in your research.

Questions, comments contact me.

Next post will give another example of this situation.  

Monday, September 16, 2019

Brick Wall Follow Ups -- Are these names some of yours?

Educational Report --  Seeking Lost Ancestors

8 August at 1:33 pm

We will review the "Black Indians: An American Story" by James Earl Jones.  We will also
check on how everyone is doing on their Brick Walls surnames. (Lost Ancestors) Follow Up

Linda Cross is looking for Slave Records, Surnames she is tracking are: Tilman/Tillman 1841 and Bowen in Kentucky.
Civil War Information needed.

Sheila Forbes is tracking Doughtry/Doherty and early Forbes from New Hampshire.

Cynthia Teysko is looking for information on Warren's ( yes those Warren's" and Otis.

Gary Brock is looking for Davis, Learning the names of his 2,  1/2 brothers in Toledo, Ohio area.
He has found a sister ? If I recall right.

Shirley Becker is still trying to find solid evidence on her Wright line to go another generation.
  Update Facebook found her another cousin stopped at the same spot.

She is also looking for Graves, that were in New York and then moved to Pennsylvania and Virginia and disappeared.

Virginia Taylor is tracking some newly found distant cousins and Blands.

Sheila is a new attendee both with Carrie H. and I have her information if you wish to contact her.
We are hoping she will join us.

We meet at 1 pm until 3:30 normally.  Refreshments are free, Help is Free.
Normally meeting at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library but this next meeting will be at
Anna's.    Current Library going to go under major renovations and be closed to semi closed.

We have a meeting place  First Saturday of every month at Anna's Restaurant.  1 to 3  pm booked. 
I just received answer from Anna.  Lemon Grove, CA
8099 Broadway St. , Lemon Grove, Ca  91945

Side bar is we will need to order food. Address: 8099 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 9194
Open 6 am Closes 10PM
Menu:    menu and  some prices. I have eaten many items on their menu, over the years.
 As our members whom used to go to Lemon Grove Meeting have.
Phone: (619) 462-9295
So glad I have known her for 40+ years.  

Having posted about the meetings and the results to newspaper and to the world via my Educational Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest. I also scatter fliers when a facility will take them normally Starbucks and Local Businesses. 

Hand out brochures and society information to people I meet.

Talking about having an evening research event like in the past since so many that work want more assistance. Also encouraging others to use  We can actually do classes there if they will attend. Gena has approved it but previously  no one came. 

With only three Scholarship people responding, it was suggested by Virginia I just insert the new criteria into the current application and move forward.  Wanting to get it to the High Schools by mid next week.  

Questions, comments contact me.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

In coming members - Brick Walls .......Fawcett-Hackett- Snur

Robin Lynn

Sep 12, 2019, 5:58 PM (17 hours ago)
to me

I did hear back from a private tree person and got permission to see his tree. It's confirming the connection of Rachel Fawcett and Peter Hackett and the Peter Hackett later marrying Catherine Snurr with interesting documents but no info on Rachel's people or new info on Peter's people.

For blog: looking for Rachel Fawcett m Peter Hackett 2 Sept 1815 Belmont County
Peter was from Pennsylvania, est birth 1787.

Susi Pentico

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Finding Help In Strange Places

Finding Help in Strange Places.

Yup, Pinterest is strange to me to locate information but I found a bit this week by accident.

Just like I love FACEBOOK, because of all the groups on Facebook and the sharing they are doing to help each other.  

Facebook  lets me talk to cousins, in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and all the places our family has taken roots.

Facebook lets us meet new friends and work associates and share data, much like the old Golden gate Forum did long ago.

Many ie most major genealogical societies are on Facebook.  With great results in getting assistance some times faster than contacting the main office.

 Pane-Joyce Genealogy 

David Pane-Joyce

Wow a lot is coming for us by his hard work.  

Find A Grave  is helpful if they would just leave things stable instead of constant changes.

My favorite all time has always been and  followed by  .

New ones seem to have surfaced for me.  You may want to try these. GeneaBios         and of course do not forget National Archives 

As I said to a friendly acquaintance the other day, I like to grab a Will Book and read all the Wills,
for there is always more than one family member in them books and you can sometime find the missing link.  I like to do the same with Deed Books the same way.  They tell many stories about families you may otherwise miss.


Your Grandparents, In Numbers

Something to think about. Read the bottom line in red.

Found on Pinterest.

Friday, September 6, 2019

7 Sept 2019 Bonita-Sunnyside Library Auditorium Genealogical Event.

Bonita-Sunnyside Library  Auditorium

Genealogy Presentation 7 Sept  1 to 4 pm Saturday

Part Two of Trail of Tears - Award Winning Documentary  of America's Aboriginal People.   Black Indians - An America  Story.

Also we will carry on with Lost Ancestors.

The digging for information on your Brick Walls by sharing with others and  talking over the stumbling blocks that are slowing down results.

Beginners are always welcome and we take the  time to share the basic needs to do Genealogical Research.

Refreshments are available and it is all Free.  Open to All.

Also learned yesterday another member may more than likely link with a newer member of our group.  This always makes it more fun.

Refreshments will be served.  Open to all no charge .  

Also come learn what is in the future for  our activities.

Susi Pentico 

Educational Chairperson


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Virtual Genealogy Association

  A New Conference is Coming..

Nov.1 to Nov 3.   Online conference. You can attend this one from home.  They are charging a fee,
depending on a member or non as amount.

I for one had not heard of this group.  But thinking it may be a go for information and cutting down travel and expenses.  Three full days.

There are some great speakers involved including Blaine T. Bettinger and others you know.

Click on this link to see the information. 8:45 AM to 6 PM Daily.

$59 for members and $79 for Non Members.

My question is what are the yearly dues. Will need to dig deeper for that.

Just click on this link to learn more please.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Clearing Files and Facebook, Here are more Great Links to Share.

Dutchess Co. New York  help.

Their Own Voices, Oral Accounts of Early Settlers in Washington County, New York. The stories were collected from 1847 to 1878 by Dr. Asa Fitch and edited by Winston Adler, and published in 1983.

Try Adriance Library's Archives. I once found a late 1700s map there showing owners and tenants in a lot of the Beekman Patent. It was created to help settle a probate distribution to heirs. 

Contact the American-French Genealogical Society.    Here is the link

Interesting site..

Learn more after last months CD.  See above.

Also if looking for a place to start :  or Free at both sites. used to be good but they  have not brought it back to it's capacity yet.

Battlefields of Virginia is not coming through but maybe if you google it. You can see it.

Next Saturday we will meet again at the Bonita- Sunnyside Library for more knowledge on Indian heritage.    Black Indians,,,, 2nd part of 4 part series  Native American Documentary Collection

1 to 4 pm.  and we will also share Lost Ancestors.  Those that you can not find and share with others in case they find them.

4375 Bonita Rd (8.18 mi)
Bonita, California 91902
Highlights info row image
(619) 475-4642
Highlights info row image                refreshments served. also and it is free.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

SDGS Fall Seminar,Daniel Horowitz Information Shared.


Today, Shirley Becker and I went to the SDGS Fall Seminar and listened to Daniel Horowitz with his terrific knowledge in doing Genealogy and DNA.

She picked up a tip that may help her to work with her newly discovered distant cousin, about 5 - 6 out in distance that is the generation she is frustrated with.  DNA connected them. They are both stuck in the same place.

Daniel explained some of the linking where my brain  could accept and understand it.  Listened to him in Grand Rapids and in San Diego before and Jamboree before.

I wrote some tidbits down that I felt were vital and I have almost always used that method.

He did give a couple more tips that I want to encourage all to try.

1. Always contact the potential match person especially about sources and family further information.

2. Always scan to bottom of the match page so you can do Consistency Checks. It will show errors.

3. Make sure matches are based on names, dates, places and facts and relationships.

4.  A Sun Chart will hold the most families of the past.

5.  He has a blog page you can follow.

6.  He is also on Facebook.

7.  My Heritage does not do Y DNA testing.

8.  It does do the other tests, Autosomal, etc.

9.  Some countries do not allow tests to be given or taken.

10.  Indogamy is the inter close marriages of two families that change the amount of ancestors you have.
endogamy definition: the fact or custom of having marriage only between members of the same group: . 

These are only some of the highlights I found very much worth passing on to readers. 

I like to think of endogamy as when a brother and sister of one family marry the sister and brother of the other family.  Which happened more than once in my Duvall lines. Also other lines.
Mayflower group has this as do many other small groups whom have few choices for marriages.
Suspecting Jamestown was the same,  even early San Francisco could probably qualify.

More to come. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lost Ancestors by Attendees at Workshop

 Lost Ancestors We Wish to Find

We had a nice small turn out.  With that in mind we covered a lot of ground at our meeting.
 I played the CD  about the Trail of Tears Cherokee Legacy. We discussed the knowledge we learned and then all seemed stunned of what had happened after what all had been done.

We then shared going around the group their hopes and needs to move forward in their research.

Linda Cross, is looking for slave records about 1841. Two of her blank walls are TILMAN and BOWEN.  I need to find time to go through cousin Vicki's, Bowen files. I will do this before next Saturday. She has them into Kentucky.

Virginia Taylor is organizing some of the files since she has located a distant cousin that was unknown. She was anxiously waiting to hear back from this person.  BLAND has pretty well been unblocked but she has a couple more we will address.

Shirley Becker is still looking for William WRIGHT in NY. Many stories but no solid fact that he is the husband of Aurila Wright. An obituary says she was a widow at the time of her death.  ??
Arises because no data found on where died, buried, obituary any thing that would verify stories.
Was this maybe a divorced and covered by saying widow?

She is also looking for the ancestors of her GRAVES that were in NY and at least one moved to WVA of today Va of old.

Sheila Cloharty  is looking for CLOUGHTRY, ERTY,  in New Hampshire.
Looking forward to seeing you again Sheila.

Cynthia Teysko, is searching a new found line the WARREN'S and OTIS.

Gary Brock is looking for his half siblings, last name DAVIS in Toledo, area of Ohio.

Having learned I also have WARREN in my direct line. Some of us Warren descendants should chat.
That was my find of that week.

Any one with data on any of these names please contact me for access to these people to share information.  or or here in message section.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Class Reunions, have you checked?

Class Reunions, have you checked?

 O wow, I missed our reunion again but just chatted with a classmate of the 1950's era and learned we have family coming from the same region in mid west and states.

A few years ago there was a bad fire in Central Ca and I then learned a class mate of mine was a distant relative.  She shared their son had been burnt out completely lost everything. So in the course of chatting we discovered we were 4 Cousins.

In school we never talked that much about the potential for making cousins.  We did have a couple of interesting history type assignments that had us talking about our ancestors.

The community I had lived in for 9 + Years but they were slow to accept us.  In school it was easier because we took up a large area of communities to create Tomales High School. Go BRAVES

As a Senior I did a thesis on my Great Grandfather's battle in the Civil War.  But it was not known until 10 years after that he was there. What a jolt that was. I picked the battle he lost his brother in and almost lost him in.

Many other classmates wrote about WW2 or WW1 for theirs.  Now wondering how many in our class of 32 with 28 graduating were actually distant kin back about 5 to 7 generations.

So if you can recall the shared stories in class you may have a way to pick up on pieces you have not found by attending a Reunion and asking about the parents and ancestors.

Mr. Sullivan would get us to talk about some of out past and it was always fun and interesting for me.  I had great teachers there.

Ironic I majored in English in High School. But living in a mixed community of nationalities, it is something I have to think about some time to make sure I have used the current correct grammar.

I have had Latin, Spanish  *Spain style, Border Spanish for high schools here and learned a tidbit of Russian from Rich Pozzi's Grandmom and always wanted to learn more about that language.

Enough that one day at hospital a man needed help and I could understand him, so I helped the nurse with what he said to get the help he and wife needed. I hadn't realized I had retained so much of that language.

Maybe someday I can learn more.  Of course I learned a bit of Italian living in Valley Ford.   : > )

Check what your classmates may be able to help you with before you are all gone.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Some Indian Tidbits to Learn

Indian Tidbits to Learn.

click for live link. 

Pocahontas was The True Story of Pocahontas told by the Mattaponi Tribe. Her husband was killed and child was given to her relatives prior to being  forced into the new life with John Rolfe, about 15 years of age. my source below

A true heart breaker is this one.

In 1621, Wampanoag Indians investigated gun and cannon fire at a Pilgrim settlement to see them celebrating a successful harvest. The Indians—all male warriors, were fed as a gesture of peace. The act was not repeated annually.

Alas in 1636 , a man found murdered triggered the  Massacre of 400 Men, Women and children .  Ordered by English Major John Mason.
Plymouth Governor William Bradford  applauded the massacre. The Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony William Newell, Proclaimed that we shall celebrate the day for subduing the Pequots.   

 What is a Redskin? 
Dallas Goldtooth  a well known Comedian  wrote  and included data about his families past in his acts.
He also created a stir on FACEBOOK for some of the data he posted regarding his families background.

 Pres. Lincoln ordered the hanging of 38 Dakota men, after a revolt because of lack of food, and mistreatment and very harsh conditions. In 1862.   Alas there are tribes yet today that are struggling to live a normal per se life.

Dakota Man Exposes Vile History of ‘Redskins’  He posted newspaper and picture reports. 

Unwritten History of the African Americans and Natives.

Dr. Arica L Coleman  is the assistant professor of Black American studies at the University of Delaware. She is African American and Native American (Rappahannock).

Then there was Plecker, who altered census records to expunge Indians from their Virginia Records. I had not learned this before.
Courtesy Richmond Times-Dispatch Plecker was determined to expunge Indians from Virginia’s official records.

 Dr Coleman also mentioned Plecker.

*Coleman also writes about Walter Plecker, a man who once worked as the first registrar of Virginia’s Bureau of Vital Records. A man who literally changed races in Virginia’s birth records. His actions have been coined as “pencil genocide.”

Her book brings different life to the mixing of the early peoples and their survival.

William Loren Katz, the author of Black Indians has written how entire cities of blacks and Indians came together as a strong force against European settlers including huge factions of black Seminoles who created nearly impenetrable forces against those soldiers foolish enough to try and break into Florida, and suffered miserable defeats over several years.

Map at the end of blog/ contact I can send in email. 

I have several pieces of information on Indian Research and Heritage. Hoping to share a bit each event we do.  Roberta Estes is the author  She worked on Roanoke Island Information. Tis where I met her on line.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Fall Seminar San Diego Genealogical Society

               SDGS Fall Seminar

San Diego Genealogical Society
is inviting you to the
 2019 Fall Seminar on Saturday, August 31, 2019. 

Guest Speaker

Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert at 

August 31, 2019    9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Marina Village, Captain’s Room
Registration fee includes morning coffee/tea with pastries and lunch

For more information and to register go to

  Early Bird Registration expires July 31, 2019.  
Register now and Save!