Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lemon Grove Meeting Results

Nine people came to the meeting last evening, all had interesting news to share. Arlene found her missing ancestress. Carol was able to go Cemetery searching with co member Ruth. Ruth preparing to take Dad to old homestead area in the fall. Patty working on resolving link mystery. Clayton shared a story about 1945 time era. Patsy is busy working on her information.
Mary just enjoyed everyone's comments. Virginia was doing the same since we have been so busy making things work right in our new program at the Chula Vista Genealogy Society for up coming fall seminar. I shared the discovery of an Ancestress name, by a cousin regarding the Duvall line.

It was shared that we will be having a couple of interesting speakers coming up in the next few months. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip to library.

We missed seeing: Kathy, Cathy, Karen & Bob, Carol, and others who pop in to learn new things and share information.

Two new charts for use with your genealogy were passed out that was found when I was preparing for my Seminar talk that was given 24 April in Chula Vista. One is very informative for helping you look at new places for data. Some list different data in court houses that has not been mentioned before. These topics were discussed and thought to be interesting, we had not heard of much researching being used along these lines.

We meet again on the third Wed of May at 6 pm at the Lemon Grove Library. Come see what your missing for research venues and ways to rethink a problem.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lemon Grove Meeting Tonight 6 Pm

Greetings everyone

Come join us at the Lemon Grove Library, across from St. John the Cross Catholic Church in the Mall for a fun evening of Genealogy.

Everyone wanting to do Genealogy or doing Genealogy is welcome. Try to catch a 5 Generation Chart if you can if already doing Genealogy.

Open to all,