Friday, May 25, 2018

Grand Rapids Conference Day One

Grand Rapids Conference

It was grand in Grand Rapids, Mi. The Grand  River we walked across to go next door.

The weather was mixed and enjoyable.

The opening speaker was met with great applause. His talk about the development of the Erie Canal.
My family had people that worked and rode that  canal..

Coming Along the Towpath: The Erie Canal and the Peopling of the Great Lakes  States. By John Philip Colletta, PhD, FUGA

The information was enlightening beyond what I already knew.  It affected more people than I
Imagined.  it took from 1817 to 1825 to complete.  Yet, side branches were added for a time for travel.  It affected people from  Maine to Minnesota.

There were many jobs to be had on this project. Some you would not think of easily.

Some of it’s titles were:  Clinton’s Big Ditch,  Immigrants  flowed into this region and the area beyond that it gave them access to. Populating much of the Great Lakes region.

It was also referred to as the Govenor’s  Gutter.changing travel, social and business practices, immigrant settlement and the economy of the nation.

Having much to share at our future Saturday meetings.

We attended at least three talks each day.

Our next talk was given by Jen Baldwin.

Yeast, Grains, Hops and Water:  The Impact of  Beer  in American History.

Yes, it was the staple drink of the day, my thoughts were much like Europe due to water borne illnesses. Yes even children, drank the deluted liquid.

Jen shared many stories of successes and a few failures with us.

More data to come.

The other topic for the afternoon were hard to chose from.  Many no one on our side of the Divide has talked about.  Will attempt to make another eastern event happen.

John and Jen were the beginning of so much more exposure to what we need to look at and think about.

Thanks to all who helped make this event  happen.