Wednesday, December 28, 2011

News about Searching

News about Searching

In the last few weeks it seems I have gotten exposed to lots of new search sites and places to play for free or for fee.

 Having been a big fan of Mr. Samuelson and his information on Wills, Deeds, and Probates I follow him.

 Today I got an update that he has updated his site.

 So this morning I played. I dare not call it work for it has become quite a task.

SAMPUBCO   Here is one of my favorite sites to play.

 Due to New York being a non rewarding area to research I love to garner all the help I can get.
 Having met a few distant cousins and found some nice new friends no better place to be.

 Deciding I was going to crack this JONES problem or at least have an idea where to look next. So I went to New York and started reading all the JONES names in the Index of Wills.  Having known some were mine from previous searches, I expanded my search in this method.

I  decided to start with  A and g to Z.   So far the counties I have checked no one has listed anyone of the name I am researching. But I did find a  Zebulon, a few Solomon's, Josiah,  Samuel,  William, Ebenezer, Elijah, Enos, and Timothy.  O yes, there was that one NOEL JONES in Independence , Allegany Co. Ny.
His papers I have from LDS Library several years ago. The long court battle, the drugs, the loss of suit for children of his by first wife. It itself makes a story that one can make into a movie. NY-2-4-195

My Noel was born around 1785 near Albany, New York. His son was NOYES JONES, we believe him to be born Petersburg, Renssealear Co. Ny. Found the entry in the County Records, It lists his Mom as Susana and father NOEL JONES. From Noel to Noyes I can confirm on down. It is the Silas Jones Sr to NOEL I am struggling with.   He is probably the son of Abel, Ruscomb or Noel  the first three born sons of Silas.  I suspect Abel but some one sent me a note saying to recheck NOEL, Silas, Sr. son born 14 April 1748

So hopefully by doing a county by county search I may find a clue on my elusive Noel Jones.

O yes I have information on other Noel Jones's but not born in the time frame given. Except one up in Utica in 1855 ? or 1860 in an Ad, that one ties to a John Jones . But Utica did not list him with a Will there. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is Coming It Is Just Around the Corner

Christmas is Coming  It Is Just Around the Corner

  The corner is closing in on us and the clock still goes tick tock.
  The weather has been delightful the traffic is sigh filled.
  The mall's are crammed and the manners are slammed.
   The clerks are polite and the people a mixed delight.

   The parking is beyond thinking.
   Why do you pull in like  C,
    Instead of straightening your wheels,

     In spite of the fuss and the clutter
     It is wished that you can flutter
     Into the New Year and not  mutter.

    That God so loved the world
    He gave his only Son.

     We send you Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.
      Tis not the religion but the belief, for it comes from within.



Friday, December 9, 2011

Webinar Information for You

Marian Pierre-Louis, friend, and fellow blogger has given me permission to share this with you all.

If you go to this page of hers,{she posts many great ideas and thoughts} you will learn what she wrote today about Webinar's.

I don't mind you using the post and the comments.  I think that person meant that you could share the url link -

 Webinar's are growing faster than we can keep up with.  Whether your doing genealogy or some other form of craft or business meeting they are out there to utilize.

  Enjoy .. Please let me know if you attend any of these. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Bucks Chester and Philadelphia Co's.

 This coming  Wednesday we will review the development of the first three counties of Pennsylvania.

  The presentation is about 45 minutes long.

  Hoping many come to the Lemon Grove Library 6 pm to 7:45 for the presentation.

  This is free no fees, 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA.