Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saturday Event Prompted-- Thoughts on Current Family Members

Saturday Event Prompted-- Thoughts on Current Family Members

I was at a non genealogical function that ended up very genealogical in nature in spurts.

It prompted thoughts on how do we keep track of our current living families if we are not to post
to the webpages this information for family members to see and retain.

Having been dwelling on the situation the week before with an impending marriage coming up with a nephew's, son. (It happened Saturday.)

Not having all his children's names, and their children or grandchildren, my thoughts were near panic.

Are we searching backwards and loosing our current contacts especially if it is a large family.

Having come from a family of four siblings, it has not been to hard but to keep track of all my cousins on both parents side  (13) it can get daunting.  Dad was most determined that we do not loose our family.

See, he grew up with out family and support from relatives. He later met and learned of these people.
We spent many summer vacations on the road looking for an Aunt or Uncle of his, or his niece or nephew that he had not heard from.  He deeply appreciated the affection and sharing by the family when he found them. One they moved from Iowa to Wyoming when he was a baby. He never went back but maybe once, also if so very small.

It was with great celebration when we found his Dad in Casper, Wyoming when I was about 12 years of age.  He was an awesome Grandfather but wished we had been able to have more time with him.
We knew Mom's father pretty well since small.

Being Ranching people I will share a short tidbit of what Granddad Casey Jones did one day to my brother. He ,brother, had been upset about something and started to cry. He was about 5 or 6.  Granddad Casey was visiting. He quickly got up went to the kitchen counter and grabbed a pint jar and a lid. (It was canning season).  He quickly went to my brother knelt down and put the jar up to his cheek and said, "we have to catch those steers, we can not let them get away."   Every thing stopped. My brother stopped crying and suddenly hugged his Grandfather.  He, Granddad Casey ( Carl Fremont Jones) was an amazing man.

When families split and live far apart families miss a lot of interaction. When families are small, it is easier to keep track of a sister or brother but when they travel all over and are numerous in number are you keeping track of your family for the future?

We do not know what the government is going to allow us to see from our generation to the future.
Are you recording some of your doings so your grandchildren and great grandchildren can have some knowledge of you?  What do your children know about your own life?

If you would you share in the comments how you are doing this for others to see and share.
I write a yearly Xmas letter, attempt to keep in touch with most of the family by email, letters, phone calls and Facebook etc.

Having recently found my Great Uncle's granddaughter, was awesome when I tried this for my Great Aunt in 1980's I had no luck. Facebook and my blog came through.  This is my working blog for attendees.

In Lemon Grove this coming month we will discuss this topic in depth so come on by the third WED
of the month and share at the Lemon Grove Library , 6 to 8 pm. 16 Sept. 2015.

This is the family blog where I share family information:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mafia Information I Stumbled Upon.

After reading one of my favorite Western books by Ralph Compton, I was scanning the rest of the information in the book.

What I found was very interesting since the statement explained some of the characters in the book.

I am going to quote what it says:

Historical Note

New Orleans was the first home of the Sicilian Mafia and its roots went all the way back to the War Between the States.  By  1881, the Provenzano Family, made wealthy and powerful by its control of the docks, pretty much ran the entire New orleans underworld. (In "The Convict Trail" I slightly changed the spelling of the clan name to protect the guilty.)

Around 1886, the Provenzanos lost control of the docks to the powerful Matranga Family and by 1891 had ceased to be a major influence on organized crime in the Crescent City.

His grammar line for line.

 Ralph Compton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Obviously written by Joseph A West

Very few of Ralph's books have I missed because of the informational way of his writing in informing the reader of what life was like in these earlier times.

He wrote The Immortal Cowboy and it really  describes it all.

He was a very large 6'6 man and traveled  lots, to learn as much as he could about the west.

I have also read Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour as other authors of early west development.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Post from Mark Rabideau CMMI-DEV & SVC HMMLA, SSMBB, Software Technologist & Prof. Genealogist.

Sharing a post from a blogging friend with you, you will  understand why.

 I read his post here :

Inquiry/ question--- not quite a poll  ( this is on In-depth)

Do you have interest in attending a ‘distance’ Prussian-German Genealogy Working Group? more

 I wrote and expressed an interest in a remote workshop.  Hearing so many that are digging in this region I thought it worth asking.

CMMI-DEV & SVC HMLA, SSMBB, Software Technologist & Professional Genealogist

Hi Susi. 

I'd be happy to try and do a remote workshop for folks in SD. You may certainly refer to material on my site (I appreciate that sort of thing). 

I am happy to give you a call and discuss what we might do. 


On 8/10/15, 1:59 PM, Susi C Pentico wrote: 
HI Mark, I know you are having fun, but I want permission to post about our page and this class because we are in need here in San Diego, Ca. 

I want to create a blog page about the page and the class and of course refer to your blog page and you for further information. We are doing a German Research with Toni Perrone in Sept and again in Nov at our seminar. I think this fits right in. Please get in touch with me. 

Click below.
 Prussian-German Genealogy Workshop

I hope we can get many attendees.  I was thinking maybe in January? or when ever Mark may be available. I have to learn  more from him also.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wednesday is Genealogy Day

Wednesday is Genealogy Day.

 Are you ready for Wednesday?  Libraries to attend, meetings to enjoy and learning to be had by all.

 10:30  Wed a.m.  Main Branch Library, Chula Vista, CA  4th and F St. CV, CA

 Scholarship Meeting regarding finalizing the format for this next years Scholarship for the Sweetwater Union High School District Seniors.

It should be a fun event for all Seniors if they participate.  This Scholarship is not tied to
GPA and other formal education.  It is tied to the responses given to the requirements of the Scholarship participant.  Many want to go on to college but are a class behind and just can not make it up in time to accept a better turn in the end.  It is a Scholarship open to all graduating Seniors of SUHSD.

It was created to be a potential fill in the blank for those in need to continue their education.
It is not a big Scholarship but larger than first one given of $75.00 much, much larger.

The Money raised during our Seminar, dictates what amount our Scholarship will be and if lucky sometimes we give two. So advise teachers to attend the Seminar and learn what we are teaching others and will help you when your giving lessons in your classes just maybe.
Seminar is 7 November at Bonita Golf Course. Flyers being posted about town and given to schools.
Title is Across the Pond.  We will be learning about Germany, Italy, Scotland and Irish. One topic is really exciting.Chula Vista Genealogical Society Fall Seminar ...

After the Scholarship meeting, we will have a Computer meeting taught by Shirley Becker and the
mastering of more things about our computers and places to search and things to learn, she likes to give homework so we practice what she teaches.  

Then at 6 PM in the evening. We (all invited) we meet at the Lemon Grove Library, for a 6 to 8 P M
event on doing Research and helping our attendees.  These events are free, no fees to attend or learn.
Main topic will be "Putting Information in Your Tree."

We also wish to say "Thank You" to the Lemon Grove Library
Staff for the hospitality they have granted us for the last fifteen years,
for our workshop and speaker events.
If not fifteen very near that time length. We even made the 

move to a new facility with them. 

We wish to thank the Bonita-Sunnyside Library  Staff
for the Scottish books they donated to us for our use.
We also want to say  "Thank You"  for all the hospitality 
you share with us during our monthly Workshop Meetings.
Marisa Lowe and staff have been very gracious to us over
the years. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mystery Monday, Do You Have a Mystery?

Mystery Monday, Do you have a Mystery?

Most all of us have a mystery or two.  I want to address how do you address this issue. : > )

Having completed my other blog Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy- Family Traits, Resembla
I realized we do not mention these things often.

We talk of records, documents, pictures and stories.

We do not talk about the people.  WHY, Why not?

Do  you realize you probably could resolve more issues if you really thought about the people that your tracking information on?

Do you look at the facial features, the size of the hands, the length of the arms.? Arms, yes, Mom had arms that hung to her knees. She always walked around with her arms folded up.  We were looking in the "Picture Book" and found another lady with that feature. Extra long arms. What about the terms Cauliflower ears, bow legged, knock kneed, pinched head, broad forehead, flat faced, equiline nose.

Sure we can do DNA now, but you would be surprised how much you can learn by just sharing many of these above mentioned topics with potential kin.

Having an Uncle that could move his thumb like a pistol trigger when he would say to us kids:"Bang, Bang, go back outside to play Cowboys and Indians.

Did you have a relative that could easily walk on stilts?  Loved to Roller Skate, Ice Skate, Ski all these traits are qualities that not every one can master or do. What about track star, baseball player, football, soccer, tennis, pingpong and horseshoes?  Hand to eye coordination events that they could do.

I could run like the wind, yes I set some records at one time. I loved to jump hurdles but always got yelled at for doing it because I was a girl.  I said to the PE Coach, "If you think it hurts a girl what does it do to a boy?" She turned red and said just no you can not do it. I did them anyway.

See sometimes learning more about the person helps you to cull out those that are and are not of the same family.  Yes, not everyone can do these things in the family, some preferred to Bake, Cook, Sew, Design, train a horse,  and other activities.  Men as well as women did this. Yes they did Bake, Cook and Sew, Made Hats, Shoes and other apparel.

Even today we look at our sports people and the son of or daughter of is doing what the parent did at times.  Sometimes they break away but the reference is noted.

Hope this helps you to think about different things to help solve a mystery.

Mysteries are so very much fun.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Are You Bargain Hunting for Genealogical Information?

Well, are you bargain hunting for good deals on Genealogical Information? If so, you will want to read more here.

Receiving many emails a week  regarding various learning adventures in Genealogy Resources, a glaring item stands out.  Receiving data from Family Tree Magazine, Thomas MacEntee,  NGS, NEHGS, and many other organizations, suddenly came forefront with what we spend to learn more.

Our local Society only charges for one major Seminar a year.  There is normally one speaker and some times two.  This year we have two. Each talk is near 1 hour with q and a afterwards.

Having just received an invitation to attend a class, (Webinar), that is 1 hour  long and very probably a great activity, I read the fee and wanted to cry.  $45. for one hour.

We are offering a 9 a m to 3 p m event with two speakers, 4 classes, and a lunch for $45.
I do not think many  researchers. think of these events like they should.

It makes our Seminar a super bargain of the year.  In Person, with food, two speakers, APG quality.
APG is Association of Professional Genealogists. For those Researchers that live in a hundred or so mile radius, this is a super bargain.  Anyone living closer it because a dream of a bargain.

Taking the fee of a $45 Webinar, times 4 would make this event worth $180 dollars, add the food at another $15.00 plus tip and you are looking at a $200.00 event for $45.00.

I have a blog up about the topics and titles and the society has a page for you to sign up to attend.
We are looking into motels in the area for anyone who comes from out of area that would require lodging.

Look at the webpage and see the topics and the diversity we are offering. Surely one topic at least will interest you and more than likely three will if not all four.

This program is good for Beginners to Advanced Researchers.

The best part is the funds raised is used to support the Sweetwater Union High School District
 Scholarship we offer yearly.  The more we raise the higher we can make the Scholarship for one or two students.   That Scholarship was for $75.00 the first year and is now up to $500. with terrific participation.

If we filled the room for the Seminar we could do even better.  This would be a great activity for Teachers and History Buffs to attend.

Go here to read more:Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound- Chula Vista Genealogical Soc

and read more here:Chula Vista Genealogical Society - Home

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thanks to Dick Eastman and another Blogger

Wow, wonder where Dick learned of this site.  Then another email had an article about it also.   it really posts about disasters and you can look them up.

I remember long ago at the Lemon Grove Library in their Resource section they had a series of books on Weather over the centuries and it was great.  We had worked about half way through them when they shut down to remodel and never said they were discarding any books.

Long story short when reopened they were gone and a new director.  Genealogists could sure use that set of Encyclopedia's if they could be found.

I think many forget how much weather plays a role in our ancestors history.

Think about how much weather plays a role in your daily life.  This year alone we have had floods, snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and much damage all over the USA let alone all over the globe.

I know when the Cedar River in Iowa flooded it's banks a few years back much Hoffman/Plants data went to dump due to massive soaking. Cousin did not know you can freeze dry those items and save many of them. Just put them in the freezer.  It is not perfect but it can help salvage a lot of things.

Weather, yes, it plays a major role, think prairie fires, forest fires, floods, we have experienced those items this year and some are still very very active.

Thanks to Blogger and Dick for this site.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Fall Seminar 7 NOV SAVE THE DATE

                      “OVER THE POND”                                                                            

High Road or Low Road - How and Why the Scots Migrated

 This talk is basically a "big picture" history of the Scots and why they left Scotland starting  in the 13th century  through 19th and 20th centuries.  They migrated all around the world and this talk will present how and why they  landed in fifteen or more countries by country. 

Using Ancestral Religious Migratory Patterns to find Church Records 

This talk covers the major Christian Religions in the early years, their history, where the majority migrated to in America and why.  It recommends steps to locating potential churches based on these patterns.

Judith Brooks is a long time researcher and member of the APG.  Details here: 


Italian Research, Traditions, and Customs

Call it culture, call it tradition.  How much do you really know about your family. This lecture will assist
you in finding the resources to complete a genealogy report on your family.

Marriage and Inheritance Customs in Germany--Archive Records

The value of heritage & inheritance is very strong, marriage contracts negotiated, and are usually 
based on Partible Inheritance --- This being discussed in depth. 

 Toni Perrone is a founding member of the Immigrant Library in  Los Angeles, CA. 
 She has been a speaker since 1981. She received numerous awards from genealogical groups.





 Our ancestors came ACROSS the pond to come here, we are going
 OVER the pond to research their history.    

  MEMBERS $45.  NON MEMBERS $50.  



Thursday, August 6, 2015

What to Read, What to Skim Over and What to Ignore.

What to Read, What to Skim Over and What to Ignore.

Some time back we gave an interesting workshop and it was well attended. The one comment that came out of it big was, "WHEN do we have the time to read all this and check it OUT?"

Well fortunately, if on the internet you can save the url and go back and look at it later. Or save the url to look it up later.  I have a three month supply of magazines normally setting here to refer back
to and longer for quarterlies and genealogical journals.

Attempting to put the urls in a folder by month to keep track of and when no longer needed can be removed. Sometimes I blog about them, some times we just ponder about them amongst those whom I share it with.  It is amazing how the weirdest of information will show up at the oddest of times.

Completely forgetting the article about my Ancestress in the newspaper the other day I let the paper go. Now I have to scan for it and find it to retrieve. It mentioned the name of the Church her marriage took place in and I was so excited.  Alas also working on Fall Seminar and deadlines, lapsed into forgetting about the article until the trash man had come and gone.  Normally I set the paper aside like magazines.  At the end of the week I then clear out the clutter.  Shame on me, I was so excited too.  This Ancestress is Ruth Himan's and Virginia Taylor's also.

So we released about  120 pages of urls to dig through when you have time just on Facebook.
Not counting the urls for the various archives in the USA.  Then we have the Journals, Quarterlies and Newsletters to skim for queries and information.

Which brings up a tidbit to share. We (our society) is for any and all peoples any where.  We are based in Chula Vista, CA but if your in an area with little help and communication, we can help you.

We have on our web page a list of surnames our people are looking for and we have a query section and we have many activities even though you may not be here to attend the event.  You will get the news to help move you forward in your research if you are asking us for help.  We come from all walks of life and all places of the world over all.

DNA is proving this more all the time. After all what is Irish may be Turkish, but that makes sense if you follow the migratory pattern of our early people.

Having given a talk on where we came from and how we got to where we are,it is easy to comprehend and hard to conceive.  YES, that is what I said.

So the choice is yours but do use the choice, of what to read, what to skim over and what to ignore.

Our website for the society is  Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

If you have family where internet access is slim, let them know there is help out there. Or no society in their area and they or you want to learn more.  We are here to help.

Next blog will be about our Fall Seminar so I hope you do take time to read about it and think about attending if your within the distance to do so.  Title is ACROSS THE POND.

THOUGHT: Set aside a time to tackle at least some of the new sites and learn more, weekly.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How about a list of books to help Genealogists?

How about a list of books to help Genealogists?

As I am catching up on my mail I read with great interest another blog post by James Tanner.

Essential Books for Genealogy His Blog page is  Genealogy's Star

 I bet you find even more interesting information to read when you go to this site.

James Tanner thanks again for sharing the information for us all to learn from.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sharing Others Links, Yes with permission.

Recently, I chatted with Leland Meitzler and about getting some cool items for our Seminar 7 November.

Today I am catching up on my mail and I see he is offering some things that may be of interest to those who attend the Educational Workshops.

So seeing this tidbit, I am going to copy and paste this information here with his permission.

I always suggest certain blogs and activities that I think would be advantage for people to follow.

Your buddy Andy Pomeroy also. Not sure I have ever met him.

GENEALOGY NEWSLINE #294 - Edited by Leland K. Meitzler, and Andy Pomeroy for Family Roots Publishing Co., LLC.

This is the Two Hundred Ninety-Forth edition of the FREE GENEALOGY NEWSLINE.

If you would like to provide a link on your website to the most current copy of this newsletter, you have permission to copy and paste this link: ""

Facebook and Twitter accounts to follow:
Follow  Family Roots Publishing on Twitter:

Become a fan of Family Roots Publishing on Facebook: 

 Please at least take this one time  to read what is here and what can be helpful for your researching.

Thanks, might leave feedback as to whether this is helpful to you.

Data on NC Pensions

Data on MyHeritage

Family History Library

Etc Etc.

Since this came in last week some things are past tense, but knowledge is never past tense.

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1 AUGUST   1 TO 4 PM




Address: 4375 Bonita RoadBonitaCalifornia
United States