Wednesday, September 28, 2016

1 October 2016 Bonita-Sunnyside Library Back Up Your Work

Back Up Your Work

 Will be presented by the workshop group of society members  & guests that do back up and share the different ways they do back up their work.

There are many ways to back up your work on your computer.

Commercial entities to your own non expensive method.

Come share how you back up your data and learn the many ways that you can do this.

 Randy Seaver and others will be leading this event.  Ken Robison suggested it but he is away celebrating becoming a First Grandfather today.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Robison.
Nothing like becoming a Great parent and may you live to be a Great GrandParent which is even better.

I use a private program on computer, I subscribe to a service that covers it for me and then sometimes I send to a relative so we do not loose.  I believe in sharing the important stuff because we may die with out sending it on to others. No need for them to dig like we did when we can help us all move forward.

Come learn and share.  This should be a very educational event and yes bring your computers, laptops, I Pads etc.

We should have doors open at 12:30 if not we will be in room by 1 pm.   That gives us time to set up for this event.

 1 to 4 pm  1 October 2016.  Questions contact

Sunday, September 25, 2016

28 September 2016 CVCC Library, "Stump the Chumps' is back

  Stump the Chumps, you ask.  Questions presented by members having trouble are presented to a panel of  pre chosen members to help the member move past the brick wall.

  This is totally different from what was being done in the past.  They are only looking for
where you should look for answers.  They are not really resolving the problem, leaving that for the member to work on.

 It should be very interesting, knowing some of the questions that were presented.

  Shirley Becker, Ceasar Castro and Ken Robison and Randy Seaver are the guru's with the
potential answers for the attendees.

  Hoping to resolve at least 12 questions in the hour program.

Come join in the fun and learn of other events that are planned and coming up.

365 F St. Chula Vista in the Library auditorium.  12 noon to 2  pm.

Refreshments served after the meeting.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Patriot Day--- Have you recorded your story?

Patriot Day happened on Grandparent's Day.  It has taken over the joy of remembering our Grandparents.

As a Genealogist, you can still do both.  Please add to your Timeline, your story of what you were doing on 9-11.  It will help the future generations remember the horror that it brought about.
The many hundreds of changes that happened for people traveling and communicating in and out of the USA. It truly affected every citizen, even if they did not realize it at the time. Our American lives changed.

Our world is not the same at all, very little for some other than family values for many became much stronger. Many reached out and got over their family differences.

One remembrance was the way people suddenly respected each other. Driving on the roads, freeways were safer and less tickets were written, less accidents happened.

Why is it we always need catastrophic events to make us, slow down and think?

Sure we eat the same food, we go to work, we play, go to sports events and vote for our leaders, which in many countries they do not have those rights yet.

Having sent Mom a Grandparent's Day card, I was ready for Grandparent's Day, on my computer doing a class for the Golden Gate Forum, run by George F.  .  It was shortly after 6 a m when someone in the room said, "Susi turn on your TV.  O this is terrible." I run to the TV and turned it on.  I watched in utter horror as the second airplane flew into the second tower.  I watched people jump out of windows, knowing there was no help.

As the morning progressed, I learned of the other plane going across to Pennsylvania,  also heard about the plane that was suddenly headed into the Capitol area and then seeing it hit the Pentagon.

We had family in that building, our daughter in law's sister, was injured but survived her boss was killed. Our chosen son JR worked there in maintenance. He was our son's buddy and we helped them
to grow up and shared many family hours.  We still do share hours.   He was not injured per say but they all were injured.

Ironic, our oldest son was on his way to airport to go back to those very Towers. He had been there on business before.  He never got off the ground here in  San Diego, Ca.  As you all remember or should know, ultimately all air traffic was canceled. ALL Cancelled.

Our daughter's boss's children worked in that Tower.  God was good again. They were late getting to work and just checking in and flew out the door out of their shoes and up the street. One forgot something at home so was not there, was just arriving in the area.  He had gone back to get what ever he forgot.

I know my two cousins worked there some where but I have never asked them their experiences.
They have never spoke of it, maybe to hard to talk about it yet.  My cousin's daughter and
my other cousin's, niece, was working in that area.  Where I do  not know.

Also take and mark the day regarding your living and deceased Grandparents for future generations to be aware of their status on this day.

A sidebar was our class went on an extra hour holding each other together as the news came in on various events and places and deaths.

God Bless America

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Referring you to my Other Blog

Please walk or jog over to the Family Blog with many surnames and read what I posted.

It is something I think we all need to think about.

Susi's Chatty Performances on Genealogy: Various Programs and their Offers.

I also have the topics for the Lemon Grove Library and for Bonita Library's,  Program for September and October.

In September we are going to cover and discuss Back Up Programs at the Lemon Grove Library.

The Branch Librarian will be talking to us in October due to an already committed event for September.

Time and data posted here.

Back Up Program to be Presented by Board and Members

21 September 2016 at 6 to 7:50 pm.

With all the changes on the last months schedules, we have 
space to present this program soon. 
The idea is for people who have back up programs to 
share the type they use and the advantages of them.
There are many, many types and concepts.
Asking around the board meeting most of them will be able to
attend and give advise then we can also learn from our members
what they prefer and use.

1 October we will be presenting again at the Bonita - Sunnyside Library this same topic.

1 October 2016  1 to 3:30 pm  

With all the changes on the last months schedules, we have 
space to present this program soon. 
The idea is for people who have back up programs to 
share the type they use and the advantages of them.
There are many, many types and concepts.
Asking around the board meeting most of them will be able to
attend and give advise then we can also learn from our members
what they prefer and use.

This was recommended by Ken Robison due a situation he was involved in.  The board all agreed and we had openings to do it now.  Ken's review of Family Tree Maker was great we all learned lots.

These events are open to all no fee, free.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

CVGS Board Meeting tomorrow 7 Sept 2016.

The year is winding down but the events are winding up.  Family History Month is coming up fast.

 Does your society recognize or plan events with the community?  We do this event, via our local library.

Our esteemed Jane Strawn, our Program Chair has been working to put on an excellent event in October verses a regular meeting.

Each time she reports it sounds better and more awesome.  I may be away then but it sounds like an event I would so like to be a part of.

So keep watching so we can post more about this terrific event.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Family Tree Maker Up Date by Ken Robison

We had a small group but it was great, to see new faces and the interaction.  Ken presented various areas of FTM, to the group asking what it was they really wanted to learn more about.

We discussed sources and the types that can transfer and those that won't.

He mentioned Timelines and that sparked a major interest from everyone.  The types of timelines that the program can present and how it shows you what you may want to look for more information.

Karen Smith followed the directions once the page was found and was elated that she was able to have a time line on her program.

You can also customize the timeline, you can have historical and story format.

Key comment is Watch For  Person/vs People tab. It will make a difference.

Also brought up was:" Who is going to inherit your Genealogy that is online?"  You can make a Codicil to your Will to make sure there is someone to keep the system sharable and functioning.

GedComs were discussed and there are things that do not transfer in a GedCom's.

Notes do not transfer. Make sure you save original files, until you have verified the GedCom came
through with all the data you expected it to.  Pictures and other items also may not transfer.

He ended with BACK UP YOUR WORK.  Wants us to have a class on Backup.

He had his laptop stolen and they lost a lot of information by not having a back up.

I have a program that is generated in the CLOUDS and I use back updrives to cover mine.
Even then  one of my back up drives died last November. The company I took it to said they could do nothing I may take it somewhere else.

There are several methods to accomplish this which we will discuss in the near future.

Ken handed a two page hand out with tips and hints and where to find answers on Family Tree Maker Program.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Family Tree Maker Review by Ken Robison Bonita- Sunnyside Library.

 Come get some pointers on the Family Tree Maker Program for genealogists.
 It keeps everything in one place and was recently discontinued and picked up by a new company.
Many people use it.  I suspect there will be a basic review then a time spent discussing how to add your sources to the program and or  your pictures.

We just had a review with Randy Seaver with Roots Magic covering much of the same.

Everyone seems to need more knowledge on how to source their information and enter it into their files.

1 to 3:30 pm at the Bonita- Sunnyside Library, on Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA

We hope to see you there.

Open to all.        Free no charges.