Friday, March 31, 2017

Bonita Library Workshop 1 April , 5 Gen Chart and Sharing

 Bonita Library at 1 pm til 4 pm 
 Community Room at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road).  
 Bring Laptop
 Bring 5 Generation Chart
 My Elusive Ancestor Form or acquire one at meeting.

Be prepared to do some research in different places to resolve issues member are struggling with.

It has been proven a -  second set of eyes or more can help see what you are not.
A second thought on a topic of where or what to look at next also helps.

Many times when helping others your issues can be resolved. We just need to think outside the box more.

 Being creatures of rote, we completely recycle our errors until some one spots them.

 Lay a document down, after reading it.  Pick it up 3 days later and see what you missed.
 Laughing out loud I did that 5 years later and missed a key item that helped resolve issue.

 We are human.

 It is free, come have fun and learn about doing research and many great places you can peak for free.

Please arrive by 15 to  1 pm so we can have everyone ready to go to work and have fun.

Susi Pentico has done research for over 40 years and belongs to many groups that help us in our research.  NGS, OGS, NSDCGS, SDGS, NEHGS, and others. Major Mid Atlantic Research was covered in Golden Gate Forum for 10 years as host of the class.

This is her Educational Blog site:

This is one family site:

Webpages created in the early 1990's much sourcing is here for all to use.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Newspapers: Beyond the Vital Records by Jeanette Shiel CG

Chula Vista Genealogy Society General Meeting.

When:   Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Where: Chula Vista Civic Center Library Auditorium

365 F Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

There’s more to newspapers than just birth, marriage, and death notices. Discover newspapers across the country and what secrets they hold about your family! Garner those often overlooked golden nuggets of your ancestors’ daily lives from gossip, tax notices, business advertisements, etc. You’ll be surprised just what you can find!

A Board Certified Genealogist, Jeanette Shiel has been involved in family research for over 15 years. Jeanette is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), and the Southern California Chapter (SCCAPG); President of North San Diego County Genealogical Society; life member of Utah Genealogical Association (UGA); and National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, currently serving a nine-year appointment on DAR’s Long Range Planning Commission.

Jeanette was born and raised in New York State and moved to Southern California in 2004. She continues to trace her ancestors in New England, New Jersey and New York back to the 1600s in colonial America. One of the most important aspects of research that she likes to explore is placing historical events into the timeline of her ancestors and including the push/pull factors that contribute to what and why her family members did what they did….and utilizing newspapers is a great source of information that builds her ancestors’ life stories.

The meeting starts promptly at Noon with announcements and introductions. Refreshments and fellowship will complete the program.

Attendance is free.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Win Registration to Jamboree, See Information below

Full data can be found here:

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Urls and Information on Early Maps:Cemeteries, Mt. Vernon and Others

Since we are playing with cemeteries I thought you would like this information.

George Washington's Own 1793 Map of Mount Vernon | Atlas Obscura

A great article on George Washington the map maker pre president. Awesome maps and information for early research.

Here is a quote of his posted herein.

As a general, Washington well understood the dire need for accurate cartography. He once wrote:
“The want of accurate Maps of the Country which has hitherto been the Scene of War, has been a great disadvantage to me. I have in vain endeavored to procure them and have been obliged to make shift, with such sketches as I could trace from my own Observations.”

 Letting my fingers do the walking here is more url's for old Cemetery Maps of USA.


15 Must-See Historic Cemeteries Across the U.S. | The Weather Channel

Feb 26, 2013 - Lights strung along the edge of the path guide visitors for a twilight tour at Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery, where six Georgia governors and Gone ...


Find A Grave: Old City Cemetery

Texas USA. Search Old City Cemetery: ... Brownsville City Cemetery - Although this cemetery was not formally deeded to the City of Brownsville until 1868, dates ...


Names In Stone - Cemetery Records

Cemeteries contribute their paper records, maps, and documents. Research Assistance ... Utah, United States : Graves: 4,954 3/17/2017 9:23:36 AM; American ...


Online Cemetery Records and Burial Indexes (USA)

Directory of online cemetery indexes from ... Names in Stone - Cemetery Maps and Records mostly from the West, Southwest, Midwest and ..


Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. - Maps

Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. - Historic City Cemetery Maps ... Senator in 1862, California's eleventh governor in 1872, and United States Senator in 1873.


Calvary Cemetery is a Roman Catholic cemetery in Maspeth and Woodside, Queens, in New York City, New York, United States. With about 3 million burials, it has the largest number of interments of any cemetery in the United States; it is also one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States.

List of United States cemeteries.

"United States national cemetery" is a designation for 147 nationally important cemeteries in the United States. A national cemetery is generally a military ...


The Hart Island Project has so far managed to list more than 60,000 burials in the database.

A bill has been introduced to the city council seeking to transfer the island to the parks administration, but has not been taken up yet.
I am ending with this one because it just breaks my heart.. Hart Island, New York.

This should keep you busy there are ten urls here that cover oodles of cemeteries.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Cemetery Data, Washington Co. Pennsylvania

 Data taken from our formal web page started in 1994.

Much data was placed within  this site over the years.

Cemetery Records for The Purviance Cemetery, In Claysville, Washington County Pa.

Cemetery Records for The Jones Cemetery, In Washington County Pa.

 try this below

Cemetery Records for The Howe Cemetery, In Washington County Pa.

Cemetery Records for The Phillipsburg Cemetery, In Washington County Pa.

Cemetery Records for The Braden Cemetery, In Washington County


Enjoy more to come. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


Rhodes Cemetery update, courtesy of Matt W Cumberledge
Matt W Cumberledge to Greene Connections
9 hrs
As many of you might remember, we've been following the progress of the Rhodes Family Cemetery in Franklin Township, behind the Econo Lodge In Waynesburg. In preparation for the construction of a new hotel, the hill was cut away from the Rhodes Cemetery, leaving it in a vulnerable state. We have a hearing on Wednesday the 22nd, a vital step in preserving this small family cemetery, and we can use the help of anyone who may read this. Please send an email to and let us know what you think about how this cemetery has been endangered, and why you think it is important to preserve it. Comments and Messages will help as well! Here is a bit of background on William Rhodes Sr, who is buried in the cemetery,
William Rhodes
Early Pioneer
Many people are unaware as they are driving down the busy thoroughfare of Rt 21 through Waynesburg going towards Interstate 79, that looking down on them is the final resting place of one of Greene Counties most interesting pioneers. There is a lot of fact and folklore about William Rhodes in all the published histories of Greene County, and here are just a few highlights of his rather interesting life. William Rhodes was born in Rhode Island in 1759, and it seems that most of his early years were spent on the sea. According to Waychoff in his series of Articles on the History of Greene County that were published in the early part of the last Century, he was captured at least four times during the time period of the Revolutionary War, once by the French in 1778, that lasted for two years and later on a voyage from London he was again captured, and released in 1780 by an American Negotiation. (The Specifics of this are unclear.) A year later he was again captured by the French, and upon his release he was taken by the British and held in Prison in New York. Rhodes is often cited as a Privateer and a Pirate, though it seems he was a supporter of the American cause. His series of misadventures on the open seas, encouraged Mr Rhodes to venture inland, where he first appears at Old Fort Redstone (We know it now as Brownsville) around 1788, where he was a peddlar, and eventually settled and operated a store in the neighborhood of Fort Jackson. (Now Waynesburg.) During his life and times in Greene County, he had several noteworthy engagements with the Indians, unfortunately they are too numerous to detail in this artical, however any of the readily availably County Histories all contain notes and tales of our subject. William Rhodes died January 1st 1844, and is buried in the Rhodes Family Cemetery in Franklin Township. Quite a bit can be learned about Mr Rhodes, especially from Bates' History of Greene County PA, The Tenmile Country and It's Pioneer Families by Howard Leckey, and Waychoff's History of Greene County, all easy to find in the libraries here in Waynesburg. Unfortunately, Rhodes final resting place is in danger of being lost, next time you are headed down Route 21, look up behind the Econo Lodge at the Construction Site. Seated atop that large tower of unsupported earth is a stone wall that marks the boundaries of the Rhodes Family Cemetery, and if you look closely enough, you can see the tall white marble marker that marks William's Grave.
Matthew W Cumberledge
20th November 2015

more data under Greene Connections on Facebook also his page there.
Greene Co. Pennsylvania  and on Facebook.  
Serious troubles are currently happening again.

You can respond to me also and I will forward to Matt.

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Typically replies within a few hours
Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project

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