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As I  was wandering around the  neighborhood, I stumbled onto this site.  It answered many questions that have
been bouncing in my head since Grand Rapids, Mi Conference and Ft. Wayne adventure.

A speaker though right now I am not sure which one was reinforcing to step out of our cirlcles  and  find new ways to do research.
It was mentioned that Libraries at Colleges and Universities can often immensely help our research.

I also mentioned at the end of talk that  National Archives and State Archives are great.

So I decided to check out a possiblity.  
Since I have a relative that died  in WVA in the last 20 years I was wondering what I may find.

I am sharing the link with you and hope you have as much succes as I have had so far.

I see a lending library and all sorts of information beyond what I was expecting.

So WVA is part of old Va you may want to keep that in mind while you are researching.

Pre Civil War it fell under Virginia a very early Colony for our ancestors.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Daughter found Father Via DNA , from D. Horowitz

Hi Susi,

I'm delighted to share this emotional reunion between a father and daughter who met for the first time today on The Today Show, thanks to MyHeritage DNA and just in time for Father's Day.

Sarah, from Fort Wayne, Indiana (now living in the Netherlands) was placed in adoptive care as young child by her mother. To try and find her biological family, she took a MyHeritage DNA test that her husband purchased for her. She was shocked when she got a match to her biological father, Arland, who didn't even know she existed.
Sarah and Arland then spoke on the phone numerous times, but today was the first time they met. 

Watch their emotional reunion which just aired on the Today Show and feel free to share it with your friends and followers:

Best regards,

Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert

MyHeritage (USA) Inc.,
2975 Executive Parkway,
Lehi, Utah

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ft. Wayne and FGS 2018 Conference


Hopefully you've marked your calendar for the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) 2018 National Conference, which will take place August 22-25 here in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Learn more information here.

Fort Wayne is home to the nation's largest public genealogy library, located in our easy-to-navigate, fun-filled downtown! It is also within a convenient walking distance of the Grand Wayne Convention Center, where the FGS National Conference will be taking place. This is the genealogy convention of the year and you won't want to miss it!

FGS Tracks Announced

From DNA to African American research, this year's conference will cover a vast amount of tracks to fit the type of learning for every genealogist and researcher.

Read our blog about the tracks offered at FGS 2018.

Why is Fort Wayne's Genealogy Center so Unique?

Check out this video that highlights some of the incredible offerings at the Allen County Public Library's Genealogy Center. We hope you visit us soon!

Visit Fort Wayne | 927 S. Harrison St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Thanks Crystal for permission to repost.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

FOOTBALL DNA- Soccer from D. Howrowitz -MY Heritage style

 I think this can open eyes for people. Thanks Daniel H for the post.  Big Soccer stuff in our news here. 

Hi Susi,

In anticipation for this summer’s tournament, we wanted to share a sneak peek of an exciting project we’ve been working on. To get into the spirit, we challenged 8 international football (AKA soccer!) legends to question everything they know about team rivalry and national identity.
They each took a MyHeritage DNA test and were shocked to discover how their origins break down. We revealed to the players their ethnicity results, information about their DNA Matches, as well as family history research with historical records and photos of their ancestors. England's legendary John Barnes? Should have played for Scotland! German captain Lothar Matthäus? 24.3% English!
We were delighted to have the opportunity to bring together these eight legendary footballers to discuss their careers and rivalries, and to delve into their family histories. The players now anticipate cheering on some new national teams — based on newly discovered heritage — during this summer’s tournament. To learn more about the players’ family histories, ethnicity results, and to watch them discuss their discoveries, visit Football DNA.
Please share this exciting video of the 8 football legends discovering their roots with your audience!
Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert


Monday, June 11, 2018

Seeking Information and Sharing----Alexander

Seeking information on Adam Alexander, his family, and ancestors.

There is some documentation to support the following stipulations:
·       Adam Alexander
o   born 1773 in North Carolina
o   In Jasper County, GA for 1820 and 1830 census
o   Participated in the 1821 Cherokee Land Lottery in Georgia with 2 draws
o   Died on 8 November 1830 in Jasper County, GA
o   His estate was probated in Jasper County, GA in 1831
·       Wife was Martha Morrow – Morrow may be last or middle name – seems likely last as another Morrow living near them
o   Born about 1790 in North Carolina
o   Lived in Jasper, Monroe, Pike and Spaulding  Counties – last three may be all same location as county was divided
o   Claimed  land in Cherokee lottery as widow and as agent for orphans, one in Walker County, TN and one in Cobb County NC
o   Died after 1860 in Spaulding Co., GA
·       Children of Adam and Martha
o   6 cited at time of death – five found thus far
o   Lawrence Pike Alexander – b. 1814 in NC / marr. Mary Jane Hill 6 Jul 1843 / had at least 4 children-Julia, James, Laura and Minnie / was a sheriff / live in Monroe, Pike and Spaulding counties in GA
o   James Ludlow Alexander – b. 1815 in NC or GA as both are listed in census \ marr. Mary Ann Lake 27 Apr 1837 / had at least 9 children-Emily, Martha, Joseph, George, James L. Jr, Charles D., Mary B., Susan F., and Frank / was a clerk and general trader / lived in Monroe, Pike and Spaulding counties in GA / d. 1890
o   George Barren DeKalb Alexander – b. 13 Jan 1820 near Macon, GA / marr. Susan Elizabeth Owen 15 Sep 1853 in Phillips AR / had 9-12 children-Mary, Edward, Lee, Zulah Evelyn, Annie, Susan Georgie, Glennus Owen, Birdie Rose, and Charles Bibb Sr./ was a homoeopathic physician / fought in the Mexican American War as a Lt. with Fanin’s Avengers out of Griffin G / dies 16 Mar 1912 in Scurry Co., TX
o   Ephraim A. – born after 1818
o   Adam W.– born after 1818
·       Living near Adam in Jasper County, GA is George Alexander who appears to be related, most likely a brother – they both are involved in creating the Hillsboro School in that area

The following are strong likelihoods

·       Adam was born in Mecklenburg County  

·       He might be the son of  Charles Alexander or his brother Col Adam Alexander, both sons of William Alexander and Agnes Alexander of Mecklenburg

·       He is related to George Alexander who is in Jasper County, Georgia 1830.  He may also be related to George Lee Alexander in the same county at that time.

·       Other potential relatives, - Charles T. Alexander and Paris Alexander

·       His wife Martha Morrow is likely related to James H. Morrow who took on guardianship of one of her children when Adam Alexander died

     Contact:    Elizabeth Shaw Pentico

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Educational Report by Susi

8 June 2018 Educational Report

Two Scholarships were given out in May to a Student at
Otay Ranch High School and Hilltop High School.
The Scholarships were given to Virginia so she has their names.

Ceasar C presented the $250 at Hilltop his Alma Mater. 
Ralph Munoz gave the $500 to Otay Ranch.  Thank you to all who 
helped cover these events that occurred at the same time.

I understand Gary Brock covered Saturday's event at Bonita-Sunny Library.
Cancelled the Lemon Grove meeting due to being away.

Having attended the Grand Rapids NGS Seminar, much information was garnered
and will be shared over the next few months and in reports to the newsletter.
It was a great event in a great setting, next to the Grand River.

The President Ford Museum was across the river and was our one night event attended.

Talked with many people whom we know and many we have never met.  Mr. Olson sent 
a program for Randy to use and talk about or for the society to use as a raffle item. Thank 
you Mr. Olson.  He now with Family Tree Maker.

Attended 9 topic events and will share this also as time allows.  We split some events and so
we can share more data with you.  The keynote speaker was absolutely Awesome.  
I met his niece several years ago at the Lemon Grove Library.  Was nice to meet him, also
John Phillip Colletta,Ph.D  FUGA. He talked about the creating and use of the Erie Canal.
A full presentation will be hopefully in newspaper. Having attended two of his sessions, he is 
funny and so informative at the same time.

The next NGS will be in St Charles, MO  22-5 August 2019.  

The International German Genealogy Conference, "Strike It Rich! with Connections 2 Discoveries"  15-17 June 2019 
Saturday, Sunday and Monday  --- Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sacramento, Ca.
Local host: Sacramento German Genealogy Society--     Hashtag: #IGGC19   Facebook: IGGPartnership  International German 
Genealogical Partnership

After son was injured cancelled homecoming but waiting on results gave Elizabeth Pentico, a member of society,  and I a chance to go to Ft. Wayne, Indiana and enjoy the Genealogical Library.  

I brought back nine flyers with urls and book lists for these nine states to share with society.
We were able to break some of her brick wall we have worked on for 3 years. 
Being able to get copies of the Beekman Patent papers needed for about 4 year, brought about 
a terrific conversation with their Head Librarian.  Well share more on that later also.

Flyers are for: New York, Ohio, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Wyoming.
The have for each state and I am sure we can acquire other ones if requested.  Very nice Library, 
my second trip there. 

Stopping here and will share with Randy so the society can get the information via newsletter and 
our Saturday and Wednesday evening events. 

Thank You.

June 20  Lemon Grove Review of  Grand Rapids Seminar, covering some vital topics we have not 
broached before.  6 to 8 pm

July 7 Bonita-Sunnyside Library  "What They Drank and How It Affects 
Your Genealogy"    1 to 4 pm.

If wanting more data on files please contact me.   The Conference also has live streaming of many talks. I hope to get posted soon.