Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bonita- Sunnyside Library, Bonita, CA 1:30 to 4: GEDCOM Process for Genealogists.

We had a meeting last month and covered about 1/2 of the program to assist members and guests how to use a GedCom when transferring files.

Shirley Becker and Gary Brock will continue this Saturday and cover the programs not done at the previous meeting.  There was talk of more about Reunion, My Heritage, RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker and other programs used by attendees.

A GedCom is a file process that helps a person transfer data from one program to another.
Let's say you have a tree on Ancestry and you want to transfer it into data, this information will help you do that.

You can transfer all or part of a program. It is your choice.  With FTMaker being stopped, then bought by someone else many are moving to Roots Magic.  Not an illogical thing to do.
Legacy also is another program that is used.  PC users have more choices of programs but MAC users have MyHeritage, Reunion, FTM for Mac, Roots Magic to choose to use.

All these programs have plusses and minuses.  Some are Cloud based (stored off your computer) others are stored on your computer.

I have a program on computer and a cloud based program.  I have a MAC. I use Reunion and a distant cousin created this program in 1995, I believe when he came to the SAN DIEGO CONFERENCE and presented it.  Prior to that I had PAF.  But they did not keep up with MAC's.
Later I won a subscription to  Working with that program has been at times easier than Reunion. My favorite two programs to use are and RootsMagic.

Having Ancestry and all their changes  drives me wild.  At least when MyHeritage makes changes they can help you resolve issues to make it work right.  My Ancestry tree is a nightmare any more. NO not everything on that tree is factual. I accepted some data that was factual but then they gave  me more than what I wanted.  And some of it is definitely not okay.

I have had Reunion since 1995 and I still do not understand how to get pictures into the system. Sorry I keep trying and it doesn't work always for me.  As a Genealogist I am basically proficient but as a Computer Tech  I am not.

Hoping you will come and learn how to master doing a GedCom to transfer files between programs or between cousins to share.  

This is a free class, open to all whom attend.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Toni Perrone,,, "The Land of Hansel and Gretel: Genealogical Resources for Hessen"

 Come listen to Toni present information on a region in the Germanic State.

 Wednesday 30 March General Meeting

 Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library

 365 F St., Chula Vista, CA

 Noon to 2 PM

Refreshments to remain in Cubicle, not on Carpet.  Thank you

We have been remodeled for a presentation Hall.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Library Connections are Great When They Work

Books and Assistance is offered at the Chula Vista Genealogical Society that is housed in the Chula Vista Civic Center Library.

Chula Vista Public Library, Civic Center Branch
 365 F St, Chula Vista, CA 91910

John Finch offers assistance on Wednesday mornings 10 to 12 pm.  John has a room next to our stack of books with table and chairs for you to set and learn and gain more knowledge of your family.

We have Research meetings headed by Randy Seaver,  We have a computer class headed by Shirley Becker and backed up by Gary Brock.

The Research Meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the month 12 to 2 pm.  A short presentation is given by Randy Seaver on a topic, then everyone in attendance is given a chance to present their problem or success with others in the room, sharing how they mastered the success. This is a very successful event with the room filled.  Need to sign up on the webpage or you may not have a seat.

 Computer is doing some new ideas and now starts at 10 am and stops at 11:30 am,  then starts again at 12pm to 2 pm for more advanced research.  Guess what Homework is given so that you practice the skills being taught to help you master your computer and your genealogical program.

 For those without computers, the library does have computer for use in their training room where the class is presented.  Also you can come in during day and evening hours and use the computers on the Library floor to do research and learn more about family.

Our libraries books cover every state and much data about the states. But you do not need to stop with our small stack, which at one time was 2 stacks.  You need to be using the books. There are many resources in the entire library to help you with your research.

Have you ever looked at the Historical books in the Children's Section, The family story books in the Children's sections, I broke two brick walls using the Children's area.

I miss the Research area with the various Encyclopedias that it used to carry. The Indian heritage and customs were well covered in those books and no they are not on line.  The ones on weather are no longer in the library and they are not on line.

Weather you say, of course weather it affected our ancestors more than many other things.

Have you looked for medical personnel, lawyers, judges, or other professions and in the Who's Who Books?   Having a Great Uncle and my daughter in those books you may be surprised at what you can find.

What about Artists, Seamstresses, Hat Makers, Building Contractors, almost any profession that is out there.  Leather goods, saddles, purses, chaps, jackets, hats, gloves the list goes on.  Are you remembering that old books many times were bound in Leather?  Book Makers, Publishers, again the list goes on.  Newspaper people, early camera people,  pre camera was artists.  Sketch artists have been around a very long time.

The library holds clues to these topics and answers to questions if you get the right  question presented for the Librarian to help you find your need.

Do not forget CD's, Tapes, Pictures also that may hold clues. Libraries are endless with data for genealogists and family historians.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Have you Heard??

It seems two more companies are getting together.

Mocavo and FindMyPast are merging tonight.

I am trying to absorb this decision.

Having used Mocavo in the past but not done FindMyPast because it seems I have
way to many sites to wander around and find answers and many are being neglected.

Are you having trouble keeping up with your paid sources sites? Are you getting
your moneys worth in use from them?

Having to schedule time to be on the site or it gets forgot is not a good thing.

Ironic how one area will have lots of data on some names and areas but you have to
use a different site to get information on another name or place.

It is just a big game of guess which one may hold a clue?

How about you.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Want More Data, Try Free Site----

It is  nice to know that is back up and running. We also have to remember to use and as free sites.  If we do not use them we loose them.

Many people put a lot of work into creating many of the older sites.  Some are breathing a new life which is a very good thing.

I recently tried out another FREE SITE. I wrote and asked if I could share with you all.

Free Genealogy resources, historic photos, postcards, and vintage county maps are available at:  Click this link.

You will be amazed at what they have access to, for you to look at. I was going to write about the different components but better yet, click the link and enjoy more research.

Thank you for writing.  You are welcome to reference the My Genealogy Hound website and any of the resources available on our site.  There are currently more 43,000 pages of biographies, historic county maps, historic photos and vintage with more added just about every day. We will be steadily adding resources for additional areas.

If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.  We can be reached by phone at (816) 204-7593 or by email at .

Best wishes,
My Genealogy Hound

Free Genealogy resources, historic photos, postcards, and vintage county maps are available at:

Dear Sir we thank you.

Susi Pentico at

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Genealogy Night in Lemon Grove was a Hit

We had our Genealogy Night in Lemon Grove and were to discuss Libraries and what they have to offer.

We discussed them briefly and a long ago attendee had come back with more questions.
What a delight it was for us all to see this person.

Even better, after we talked about establishing a working relationship with each Library and what it may offer for a genealogist we shared data around the table.  When we got to our long ago
attendee, the need was great to find some cousins if at all possible. In hopes they may still be alive
for him to contact.

Many years back we helped him find records to clarify a government SNAFU.   It took us almost 3 years but we accomplished it.

 Everyone with a laptop plugged in data as it was recalled and we dug up tidbits here and tidbits there and when the night was done we had really helped him to know where to look for the families.  With no computer at home any more he was at a loss as to what to do to proceed. He knew we helped before and we all pitched in and helped again.

One member was going to copy off data and send to them to have hard data to work with.  We tried to print it off at the library but did not have success. We shall work on that technical issue.

We told them the library also has Computer's that people can use for research when they could get to the library.   It was a great event because everyone chipped in and helped and we were able to come up with lots of information.  It is always so much more fun when you can share your rewards and have lots of ideas to learn how to find more data.

It reminded me of how it was when I was first working with people to learn information and how people shared and cared and the topic of money was never mentioned.  Not to say people did not offer to give one money for help. I think everyone learns more when we work together on a single type problem.

We had nine in attendance and the discussions were lively and interesting for ideas and we tried all the ideas and kept coming up with more information.

So if you want to really move forward plan to work with another or many and really share and see if more ideas do not get you to break down more walls.

Thanks everyone.  Always exciting when you can help someone find what they are hunting for.

Monday, March 14, 2016

News Flash---- Check out NGS Web Page -- WOW

Check out this new Release from NGS

Lots of fun to be had.

Thanks NGS.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Heads Up---A Webinar You May Want To Watch by Amy Johnson Crow

  A webinar is going to be presented by Amy Johnson Crow on a very good topic.


FREE Webinar – How Do I Know That’s My Ancestor? Presented by Amy Johnson Crow, Wednesday March 9th, 7:00 pm Central. “People with the same name. Nicknames. Changing names. How do you know if the record you’re looking at is referring to your ancestor? Learn how to examine information so you can tell if it’s your ancestor and not just someone with the same name.” Click here to register – via Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Since I asked the question last month regarding this at our Research Meeting and Randy Seaver wrote a post on this situation he found today, I think if we can all set ourselves up to catch this webinar it would be very helpful to us all.


Also Thomas MacEntee did a review on BillionGravesPlus and his comments were  a different  prospective than comments at our last Research Meeting. Though I got the impression the non plus version was compatible to what we discussed last month.
Also GeneaBloggers posted that BillionGraves is on sale right now Click here to learn more – via BillionGraves

Also it is Women's History Month. Many have special information to help with your research in regards to Women.