Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ok, Two Can Think A Like Map

The other day I did a Map of where I had lived or visited and yes I missed a couple of spots.  So I had thought if I put this up for those to come to Wednesday's class it would help us all have more fun.

Then this morning I see Randy has blogged about it for Saturday Night Fun.   So Randy, two can think alike.

Thinking about a map for my webpage to show ancestral lineage and up pops Randy doing it.

So all you out there that read this, I found it on Facebook a few days ago, realized I left two places off, thought to myself a map of Dad's and Mom's Ancestors might be fun and Randy did it already.

So here is the link for you to map where you have lived or visited.  You can do a map for self or for your ancestors and it may  help you do a better tracking of what data area you may want to look at.

There is instructions on color coding and suggestions for use.  

 I did mine for where I have lived and been.  I will be doing one for Dad's side of family and then for Mom's.  Of course genealogy already told me where they met.  Interesting to see how family came close and missed then finally came close and melded.

My goal next year is to see some of my ancestral home lands in the US of A since they were here before others and came very, very early.  Being born in the midwest and raised on the west coast we traveled to the mid west on a steady basis. Having many first generation cousins in many of these states not visited.  I suspect that if I used only first and second cousins every state would be covered plus some foreign countries.  Large Military background family we are.

To see what Randy did you will need to go to his Genea-Musings page.

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