Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Belong? Genealogical or Historical Group

Do You Belong?  Genealogical or Historical Group

 Belonging to a state genealogical society just may be what will break down your brick wall.

Have you looked at what they offer at their online sites?

Do not be intimidated and afraid to ask for help.  They carry so much information it may take you a few days to wander through what they can offer.

Oh, if your afraid of the fees, check some are not high some are very absorbent but they offer much.

Ok set back and listen again.  "Do You Belong?" to a County group or region group?
Please, I can not express how important it is to belong to a group near where  you do your research.
I live in San Diego, CA I belong to organizations in SW Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachussett's, & Virginia,  besides Chula Vista, San Diego, and Burbank CA.
You get more history of the area which helps in your research.  The more you know about the region the easier it is to find information and ask for the information you really need.

Some Societies fees are as little as $15 a  year others are as high as $125 so I am told.

Paying for NEHGS is to me worth the dollars spent for information it gives me.

Paying for Ohio Genealogical Society also does the same thing for research in that state for both myself and my Sister in law.

Belonging to my local society and three others in this region has opened doors and found new friends, and new relatives though they are distant. We can swap and exchange data and sometimes we fill in each others blanks.  Now that is the real deal when we can fill in each others blanks.

It is the time of year to hear people say, "What do you want for Christmas?", tell them a subscription to a society you have not taken the plunge into and could surely use.

All Rights Reserved, Ask I may share.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finding new Search Sources

Finding New Search Sources

As the holiday time fast approaches I skim over much of the news that floats across my screen.

It is nice to know that once in a while a tidbit jumps out and says, "look at me".

Not having much experience in using this site I still wanted to share it with others.

Public Records Free Directory for People Search in the U.S

It is called  for trademark.

It has very much intrigued my sister in law and I. Wondering if we could find a Denzien, Denzine relative somewhere along the line. Where you ask, mostly anywhere, but some were in Ohio, some were in Poland.

We tried Michael Denzine, requesting Ohio or Poland.

We got this and were very surprised.

Here is hoping this site may be of use to you.

Records Found
View Records
2 Birth Records found for Michael Denzine »
14 Death Records found for Michael Denzine »
3 Marriage Records found for Michael Denzine »
0 Divorce Records found for Michael Denzine »
1 Living People Records Found for Michael Denzine

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 21 Nov for Nov 22 ,2012 Celebration


Thanksgiving is the topic for class Wednesday evening.  Do come and help make memories for your Thanksgiving this year.

6 to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library, 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Truly wishing we think of our countries less fortunate this year.  The east coast has suffered a massive loss of property, lives and peace of mind.

Hoping everyone takes the time to give something to them for recovery. It is amazing how fast a few dollars add up if everyone shares.  

Personally, I am thankful to all the great people who have attended the classes and helped share their knowledge on their own lineages. The Brick Walls, they have and the walls they have  broken down.

I am most grateful to the San Diego County Library System for allowing us to share time and knowledge with others.

Our families are our lives.  Whether it was a GrandFather or GrandMother that made our Thanksgiving one we remember it is was family that kept us  going and still does.

We need the knowledge of our Great Great Grandparents lives to appreciate our own.  Many of us in that bracket had Civil War Veterans.  If you go back five to six generations your talking of the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War.  The creating of our nation as a self established government.

Thanksgiving came about when the Pilgrims and Indians shared situations to survive very early in our existence on this continent.  I am most thankful I belong to both sides of the creation of Thanksgiving.

If unable to attend, here is still wishing you a very Blessed, Joyous Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Interesting Posts That May Help.

I had a major topic to discuss, decided to let it set a bit until I can wrap my thoughts around it more accurately. So sharing some more interesting sites that keep popping up for us to look at and maybe utilize.

This one seems to ooze with information:
Military History Online

Suspecting this was posted before but have fun:
New Horizons Genealogy - Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry

German Research maybe this will help:

Massachusetts and More Genealogy Blog

Ancient History:
(96) History of the Ancient World

More Ancient History:
An early Celtic “Stonehenge” discovered in the Black Forest

More Current Veteran's Information:
Burial records for military personnel posted online -

Try this for new sources or some you may have forgotten to check.
Exploring Veterans & Historical Organizations

Saving Memories Forever:  
How It Works | Saving Memories Forever

Improve your photos when shooting?
Digital Photography Tips: Digital Photography School

Lots of tips on lots of subjects at this site. Seems we are always looking for a  better angle or better light to make a clearer picture.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sharing Urls and More Information

As we are accepting Veteran's Day and the loss of  members of our family and friends and preparing for Thanksgiving and other Holiday's, I thought I would share scattered links and data.

Some of our blogging friends wrote some great memorials to their ancestors. Others are asking we help to help find the families of veterans whom die away from home and family has no idea where they are or were.

Having attended a great Italian Genealogy Event I will share an Italian site with you.

 Everything you want to know about Italian Names - by Steve Russo

Looking for ever in New York for elusive Wrights and Wilsons, we found some neat maps that may be helpful for others.

New York county maps cities towns full color

New York State | Map-NY

New York State and County Maps and Atlases great interactive map.

When doing research do you watch the dates and boundary changes for information? Did you know that Seneca County New York was a partial home of Tompkins County later founded?

If you look for Tompkins County in 1810 you will not find it. Have to wait until 1820 since it was founded April 7,  1817 from Seneca and Cayuga Counties.

Maybe wanting more help in New England  and New York Colonial American Genealogy try this site.

It has the Barbour Collection here.

Companion site is here.

Many new blogs and sources show up all the time.

My posts on some of my ancestors whom served are here:
Surname Saturday a bit late. HIGGINS, - Genealogy Wise
next post is about Sanford Hoffman son of man in this picture.

And Just for Fun.

The Homestead Survival: Raspberry- Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Lots of survival data here for your appreciation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday for Genealogists

Treasure Chest Thursday for Genealogists

My friend wrote a critical blog post this morning regarding Washington State Records.

So today I am going to highlight some blogs that may help you keep abreast of news for genealogists or help you with your research.

Washington public records threatened | The Legal Genealogist

A group wants to close all records in State of Washington.

Genealogy Canada

If you do Canadian Research you may want to be aware of this site.
Did you know Canadian's fought in our Civil War?
Some of my kin was on the Canadian side for the Rev War.
Some stayed north some came back to USA.

Many sublinks on her site for assistance.

Scottish Wills & Testaments from 1902 to 1925 Go Online
affiliated with Leland and Patty Meitzler

Information we may need for our research is sent out on a steady basis for us to be aware of through this site.
It is a site. but the link is for this topic this time.

UpFront with NGS: Saved from Dumpster: Amazing map collection

This blog is by the National Genealogical Society and it posts information you can have delivered to your email and you do not need to be a member of the society.  It is information for everyone.
This was a great find and what a terrific savings of sources and resources.

Dead Fred may be Housing Your Missing Family Members! | The In-Depth Genealogist

A great blog site with topics from many Genealogists. So it not the same writer  each time.
Covers many topics and areas for research.

If you have some great sites and wish to share send to me and we can share them on this site for everyone to utilize.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Probate Records Wednesday Evening Lemon Grove Library

Probate Records Wednesday Evening Lemon Grove Library  6 to 8 p m.

Probate Records Wednesday Morning San Diego Genealogical Society Library 10 a. m.

Yes much the same talk will be given at both places.  I have given one before for SDGS and because this is such a large deep topic. Will hope to expound on what I did not cover last time.

Probate is such an important part of an Estate Settlement.  That I can share from very personal experience.  If you have not made a Will or Trust please consider doing so soon. Please use someone that has knowledge of how this system works and what it entails.  Choose your Executor wisely for it can cause massive grief.  Do not chose a family member unless your truly sure they will be impartial.

So head either to the SDGS Library on Ronson Rd in San Diego or to Lemon Grove Library, on Broadway in Lemon Grove to learn more of what is so vital for family at one's demise.

See you Wednesday.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roots Magic Workshop To Be Given By Randy Seaver

Roots Magic Workshop #2 will be given by Randy Seaver at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library, 4375 Bonita Rd,  Bonita, CA.  Sunday afternoon 1 p m to 3 p m.

For further details please go to Randy's web page and find out the topics he will explore and
the  questions he hopes to answer for you.

Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe

This is the second workshop given in regards to RootsMagic

Yes, this is free and in the Community Room.