Sunday, December 30, 2018

5 Jan 2019 Follow Up On DNA and GedMatch with Tim Williams and Bethel .

Saturday  1 to 3:30 PM Bonita-Sunnyside Library, Bonita Rd., Bonita, CA.

Tim and Bethel Williams are returning to share the last half of their program.

GedMatch knowledge and DNA Painting.  Learning to read DNA data.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Interesting Tidbit from a Genealogy Friend.

Interesting Tidbit from a Genealogy Friend.

The friend does the Pioneer Series for several states in the south east.

She has moved her posts and comments.

 With all the fanfare of losing viewers at Facebook due to the new algorithims and now the loss of Google+, I am now posting on
This blog can be added to the screen of your phone for easy convenience viewing
Also posting on Mastodon with handle @genealogy 
Mastodon is new to the market and gaining viewers. To those who wish to share genealogy posts, I suggest Mastodon".

 I have never heard of this new place, so sharing with you all.

Blessed Christmas.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Just in from Daniel Horowitz Xmas Gift for self or others.

Hi Susi,
The holiday season is all about family and the memories you create together. This year, MyHeritage has partnered with Project Life™ by Becky Higgins to bring you the perfect way to preserve and share those memories with the Family Discovery Kit. With this unique gift set, you’ll make incredible discoveries about your family and create a beautiful album to cherish your family story for generations to come.

The Family Discovery Kit makes a truly meaningful gift and presents the perfect opportunity to capture all the special moments that await you in the new year. Now more than ever, making family albums and capturing family memories will be an easy resolution to keep.
This beautiful, limited-edition gift set includes a MyHeritage DNA kit, 3 months of FREE access to, a Project Life™ photo album, customized full page inserts, Project Life™ decorative cards, a keepsake box, and scented candles.
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Happy holidays,

Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy Expert

MyHeritage (USA) Inc.,
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Lehi, Utah

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Party 12 Dec South Branch Library

CVGS Annual Holiday Luncheon - 12 December 2017
When: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 11:00 AM, PST
Where: Chula Vista Library - South Branch
Chula Vista Genealogical Society

Join us for good food, fellowship and a festive time!
Please register if you plan to attend this event so we may better prepare the venue.
The CVGS Annual Holiday Luncheon will be Wednesday, 12 December, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Chula Vista South Library (389 Orange Avenue) in the Conference Rooms.

We will start promptly at 11:00 AM with a pot luck luncheon (meat & beverage provided by the Society)  followed by installation of new officers, maybe a slide show and of course door prizes, raffles, an optional gift exchange ($10 Maximum, bring one, get one) and maybe an auction if there is excess meat.

Turkey, ham and drinks will be provided by CVGS. The potluck breakdown for the rest of the meal will be coordinated by JoAnn Bonner (phone 619-892-2478, email and Karen Polk (phone 619-420-7251, email karenpolk66@yahoo.comt). Please contact them by 12/10 to coordinate the potluck dishes.

Remember if  you can a toy for child or  non perishable food goods for making someones Holiday better.  Salvation Army  We have done this for many many years.

 Parking at the south branch will be limited due to a large construction project underway in the parking lot. Carpooling or public transportation may be a wise alternative

Monday, December 10, 2018

Who Do You Think You Are 10 Dec...

I was going to share this to society and then said I better see if it okay ???   Thanks Susi

 Yes! Thanks  Thomas MacEntee

Upcoming Episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC

Here is the schedule for the current season of Who Do You Think You Are?:
  • Josh Duhamel (Monday, December 10): Josh Duhamel travels to England to investigate the extraordinary life of his 12 times great-grandfather and uncovers an astonishing, dark twist of interrogation and torture that rocks his belief system to the core.
  • Matthew Morrison (Monday, December 17): Matthew Morrison explores his American roots for the first time and is surprised to discover his family’s ties to the Revolutionary War. He learns of the bold lengths that his ancestor went through to protect his allegiances and the brutality he faced on the battlefield.
  • Regina King (Monday, December 17): Regina King investigates her maternal family tree and uncovers an ancestor who was a passionate civil rights activist in Alabama; a man who came out of slavery, endured horrific violence, but never stopped fighting for his people.

Disclosure statement: I have material connections with various vendors and organizations. To review the material connections I have in the genealogy industry, please see Disclosure Statement.
Content and Images: All content including images have been used by permission.
©2018 Thomas MacEntee.  All rights reserved.

New Episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on Monday, December 10th featuring actor Josh Duhamel
TLC’s Emmy Award-winning series, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? returns this week with a new episode on Monday, December 10th at 10/9c featuring a new group of celebrities who are eager to explore their family roots.
In the Episode 2 of Season 10, actor Josh Duhamel travels to England to investigate the extraordinary life of his 12 times great-grandfather and uncovers an astonishing, dark twist of interrogation and torture that rocks his belief system to the core.

The Josh Duhamel episode of Who Do You Think You Are? is scheduled for 10:00 pm Eastern / 9:00 pm Central - please check your local listings for exact time.

Watch ENTIRE Last Season ofWho Do You Think You Are?Online for FREE!
The celebration of the new season of Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC continues with ALL episodes of Season 11 available for FREE viewing online at the TLC website!
Episodes feature Hilary Duff, Jean Smart, Jon Cryer, Laverne Cox, Molly Shannon, and Megan Mullally. Free access available through Monday, December 17th. Click HERE to watch online!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

GedCom and DNA Painting by Tim and Bethel Williams


GEDCOM, GEDMATCH and DNA PAINTING was a success in many ways.  We will do it again, Lesson learned, only 3 or 4 on computer at a time to upload to GEDMATCH since with everyone on line, people were constantly being booted off. There by having to start over. Ken Robison figured it out and then things moved smoother.  

We had 20 in attendance, guests, and other society guests too. We are open to all to come to the classes done the first Saturday of every month. 1 to 4 pm
Some had already uploaded their tree to the GED MATCH site.

Trouble mastering that the GedCom was actually your tree so the data would be there for the making of matches. ( Made me feel better since some times I get lost too),

My first GedCom was in 1996 and it turned out such gibberish I hand wrote out the tree for my Foulk Cousins in Iowa.  IT did not know how to handle when one name carried two of your lines. 
We chuckled on the phone about the crazy results they received.  My files have many of those in my lines in my tree. 

After we semi mastered the GedCom process, Tim Williams brought about the information for DNA Painting.  The GedCom was your tree that you were going to find matches with in the GedMatch Program.
Many more questions floated in the air. Everyone was learning and confused and finally figured out the concept at least.

Being amazed it can actually take certain lineages and tell you of which group you come from and from where. 
Ancient History is very helpful here.  

For myself DNA Painting helped me to grasp the various groups and the compatibilty or not. As I was fielding those who raised their hands for help
I missed some of Tim's information. 

Tim gave an excellent hand out to help work through the process. I have had it uploaded to our web page and sent to all those whom signed up for the class ahead of time.
Randy Seaver thank  you.  

As soon as date is confirmed for a follow up you will all be notified.  

A side note is that the painting can discover your missing? Indian heritage at times.  it can even mention regions and as to the groups beginnings.
Tim used Pocahontas  as an example, suspect he knew three in attendance descend from her.  

Tim shared many charts and much data to assist those in attendance.   7 pages  w charts,  descriptions etc.

We lasted the full time for this event.  We did do a 10 minute break for stretching and refreshments. 

 Next event will be 5 January. Please bring the same as this time. Same Place.
 Sorry I got the process initially not mentioned correctly.

 Wanting to learn if my Abenaki is from where I suspect. 

Cindy T you were so missed for writing up a report. Enjoy your days away.