Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wednesday, 1 May 2013. Lemon Grove Library

Come learn more about how to find ancestors, even at times we find lost kin.

Daniel, Patty, Arlene, Patty S.,hope you are there.  Gary, Shirley, Virginia, Donna, Cathy, Clayton,
We hope you can come.

It is light later, and spring has supposedly sprung.  Happy, sunny spring days to finding more clues.

If you are on Facebook, have you seen how it has helped people to find kin?  For that it has been a large plus.  Also people post data and at times get lucky find a distant relative and more knowledge
For there research., and google+, also has many genealogical events, postings, and chats happening.

It pays to check out some of the newer methods of searching, connecting and solving.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alexander, George Barron DeKalb b 1820 in Ga.

George Barron  DeKalb Alexander, born 1820 Jan. 1. Born in the Bibb, Monroe Co. area of Georgia.

Bibb Co was taken from Monroe Co. a few years before.  Since he was born in January suspected his parent to show on 1820 census.  Tried the 1830 census, site has minimal information.

Posted notes on the rootsweb/ancestry sites regarding the counties involved.

Census says parents born in North Carolina.

A timeline would show this:

1. His parents born NC.  Mother named Martha according James's information.

2. Lawrence P. is possibly older brother 1814. Lived Pike and Spalding Co. Ga District 1001 in 1860
3.  James S. is his brother. B 1815. Ga.  Lived Monroe Co. Bibb ? Pike, Spalding Co's,Ga
Prominent in the community, he stayed in Ga. Have more data, son Charles goes to Ark
With or following shortly after, his Uncle George,  went, I census together.

1850 Pike Co. District 68, Ga
1860 Spalding Co.Ga.

4.  George moves to Arkansas,
5.  Charles, his nephew, son of James is in Ark with him
6.   Researcher found James had older brother Lawrence.

7.   George marries here 1853, Phillips Co. Ark. 15 Sept.
8.   Susan Emily Owen
9.   1860, Phillips Co.,Ark.
10.  1870,  Arkansas
11.  1880
12.   1890
13.   1900. Williamson, Tex census

14.    1910. Snyder, Scurry Co. Tex census

15.    1912, 92 years of age,deceased. Scurry Co., Texas
         Snyder Cemetery, Scurry Co., Tx

He became a Dr. -  Allopathy

4 unknown names
Zulah E.
Annie (Daisy)
Susan Georgie.,  Liz's ancestor
Birdie Rose
Charles Bibb Sr.

Any one out there with clues?

Not found on 1840, 1830, 1820 census,

Elam Alexander. Is only name so far, that may fit.  Will post what found so far next for other Alexander's near them.

George had a son Charles B, b 1877- 1962,wife Mollie b 5-17-1880 d 12-28-1952
Need Obit if one out there.

Also in cemetery next to them,
Arthur C 1889-1969
Minnie 1891-1990
Josh Casey 5-29-1919 d12-19-1921

George's wife may have been previously married.
Is there a link to the Powell name?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Genealogy and History, can create a Sleuth

Genealogy and History can create a Sleuth. Are you a sleuth?  Do you like hunting, Have you had success?

Read a great book about your Great Grandparents home region,  Find some real clues to your families past.  Did they grow grapes?  Did they live near the sea and fish or trade?

Reading books  about olden times, can reward you many times.  Learn of the way they lived, the way they shopped, grew there crops and shared or not.

Books, historical and historical fiction, can reward your mind to understand their times.

It is not what you read but how it opens your mind to the time and place.  It can help you to grasp life then.

We tend to be people of habit.  To look at a serious wall, we must  teach our mind to think in a different pattern.  We sabotage ourselves if we do not.

Expand your horizons to expand your research.

Sleuths learn the many ends and outs of their trade.  Yes, we are sleuths.  We have to at times, turn the rock over, shake it in hopes something breaks loose from the surface.

Examine it with the intensity of a surgeon, on a repair mission.

Pink Panther here we come.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday's Fun

Wednesday's Fun, was enjoyed by the attendees.  Welcome to the new guest.  We hope you  learned a lot,  We also hope to see you again.

Query Presentation was part of the evenings event.  Remember it is a: who, where, why, when  and how event.

If we can ask those questions it should give us a chance to receive appositive reply.  Maybe not the answer but at least a lead for the answer.

I love a blog for this reason.  You can make the post large enough people can know where you've
looked and need information from, what the time frame was, who the people are in relationship
to other members, and how it affects your research,

Remember that sharing is a big plus for people to share back.

This does not mean "give away the kitchen sink," but you can find a middle ground.

Make sure you give good return information.  I prefer to use home address and email.
Learning that some people change addresses often for email or snail mail.