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Some Data on William Wright

When looking for Shirley's William Wright in NY, nothing happened nor any luck looking for her Dexter Wright kin. It has been quietly driving us mad.
Dexter is the son of Henry and Phebe Wright whom is the son of William Wright and Orilla Wilson Wright.

William and Orilla had Johnson, Henry, Mary and Alpheus. from census

1880 census has Dexter Wright in Bainbridge Chenango NY age 14 born about 1866

Father Henry born NY mother Phebe born NY
single white male living at home with parents and siblings.

William age 18
Charles 16
Dexter 14
Frank 10.

Two boys daughtered out we are looking for descendants of Dexter if there were any and

1850 Census Sidney Delaware, NY Name: Orilla Wright
Age: 44
Estimated birth year: abt 1806
Birth Place: New York
Gender: Female
Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Sidney, Delaware, New York
Family Number: 217
Household Members:
Name Age
Johnson Wright 21
Orilla Wright 44
Henry Wright 17
Mary Wright 14
Alphons Wright 7 Alpheus


Name: Johnson Wright
Age: 21
Estimated birth year: abt 1829
Birth Place: New York
Gender: Male
Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Sidney, Delaware, New York
Family Number: 217
Household Members:
Name Age
Johnson Wright 21
Orilla Wright 44
Henry Wright 17
Mary Wright 14
Alphons Wright 7 Alpheus


Name: Johnson Wright
Age in 1860: 31
Birth Year: abt 1829
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1860: Sidney, Delaware, New York
Gender: Male
Post Office: Sidney
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Johnson Wright 31
Ann S Wright 25
Charles H Wright 6
Johnson G Wright 4
Emily O Wright 2
Aurilla Wright 53


Name: Johnson Wright
Birth Year: abt 1829
Age in 1870: 41
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Sidney, Delaware, New York
Race: White
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: Franklin
Household Members:
Name Age
Benjamin Harris 40
Eliza Harris 37
Allen Harris 5
John Baker 17
Davie Rogers 50
John Nicholson 35
P B Meagher 35
Johnson Wright 41 ********
Aaron Wright 35
Chas H Wright 16
Gerare Wright 14
Emily C Wright 11
Frederick Wright 2
Russell Aylesworth 40
Chas Arnold 40

1870 Alpheus Wright

Name: Alpheus Wright
Birth Year: abt 1844
Age in 1870: 26
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Guilford, Chenango, New York
Race: White
Gender: Male
Value of real estate: View image
Post Office: E Guilford
Household Members:
Name Age
Betsey Ayers 45
Alpheus Wright 26
Maria Wright 21
Alvin Wright 4
Effin Wright 3/12
Orelia Wright 63

Name: Alpheus Wright
Age in 1860: 16
Birth Year: abt 1844
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1860: Sidney, Delaware, New York
Gender: Male
Post Office: Sidney
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
William Garrett 44
Anna M Garrett 42
Celestia Garrett 15
Alpheus Wright 16
Nancy Rifenbark 66

Part of problem is in same town is another Family with same names that are WRIGHTS but YDNA says not kin. Thinking about having them recheck that.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lots of new data coming

IF computer holds up I plan on adding the rest of the data in next couple of days to this site. O yes, our books are in from Leland also.

If you all have data you want added please email me if you can not access the site to add yourself. Will ask friend about that in couple days. They have had a death so do not want to disturb them now.

Happy New Year to one and All.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meeting Lemon Grove Library WED at 6 pm

This week is open forum and round table chat. We will continue talk of Surname discovery.

We will share SURNAMES of our kin and see whom all may link

This is in follow up from the talk on SURNAMES last meeting.

Have you learned where the name originated and how it migrated across a continent?

What did you learn you did not know? I was amazed how so many names came from

what is today Arabic states. ???

Yet they keep saying the Garden of Eden was near there.

Only time will tell, But they did say we are thousands of years older than we were thought to be.

Library is in shopping center where ANNA's Resturant is across from St. JOHN the Cross Catholic Church.

See you there.,

Friday, October 23, 2009

William Wood Lawrence Union Army

William Wood LAWRENCE served in the UNION ARMY and died at Andersonville Prison according to family letters.
He fought in the BATTLE OF THE WILDERNESS, he was about 48 years old at time of death.

His Daughter Martha Ann LAWRENCE married John BURNETT.

William may have been born in either MASS or PA.

We are looking for any information on William, his parents and family.

This name seems to have been popular for research.

I believe I found them in the 1860 census in PA and Martha Ann is 12. Reading Spruce Ward, Berks, PA
mothers name may be Sarah if this census true. Sarah is still alive in 1900, in Walla Walla, Washington.

please contact Caroline via this web site. Thank you.

PHILIP ELLER from Germany

Philip ELLER was born in Germany region 1830 area of HESSE.
Naturalization 29 Oct 1860 sponsor was Simon APPLEMAN

1870 census North East, PPA

Philip 40 farmer, Mary 38, born Germany, Michael 14, Jacob 10, Henry D. 8 born PA

1880 Venango, Eire Co., PA
same but all ten years older.

1900 Erie PA
Philip 76

My GGrandfather Henry D, Sept 1867 ., Minnie, Dec 1868, Farmers.

1910   Erie ward 6 Erie Pa

Levi  1891, Cleveland 1893, John 1897, Bert Oct 11,1899,
Gussie, Adie, Arron, Harrietta, George
My grand parents
Bert Eller Oct 11 1899, - 1978 Martha Nichols Jan 1899- 1968     Eller Lane Erie,Pa
Lloyd, Guerden, Henry and Frank (aka Peanuts)
I've looked on Family Search, and Heritage quest on
Thank you, Patricia

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WILLIS ADAM TWAY, Whom are his parents?


b 2 June 1857

Information I have: Family Records say father Levi TWAY (his father Nathaniel b. 1798 mother Sophia Burton Salmon well referenced histories of early settlers to Fayette Co, Ohio) Sophia's father Solomon Salmon appears to have come to Ohio at the same time as Nathaniel's father John Tway b. in NJ, 1753 fought in Rev. War.

mother-- Catherine M.GLAZE from 1860 census Union, Fayette Co. age given 33 must have been born 1827.

She is on this census living with the Adam GLAZE m. Lucy (Baughn) their children (Elizabeth, Christina, Drusilla, Mary E., Melinda E. Felix C.)1850 census shows them with a Catherine 2 years older than Elizabeth 13, 11) She would have been b. 1836/37
Willis Adam TWAY age 3 is there also.

From another source Catherine b. 18 Mar 1837 m. Jacob FULTZ 22 April 1862 had 9 children
1870 census Jefferson, Fayette Co.

July 1858 A brief court record: Catherine M. GLAZE of Fayette Co. married Feb. 19,1857 Levi TWAY of same county. Was abandoned June 16, 1857.

On June 2, 1857 she gave birth to a child begotten by Levi TWAY before their marriage and two weeks later
he took her and the child to her father's. Levi says the child was begotten by Isaac GLAZE while married to
her. (Isaac GLAZE son of Benjamin m. Martha DURHAM) I couldn't find anything saying he might have married a Catherine as this wording seems to suggest) if so who is this Catherine!!

Family records say she later married A.C. Lindsey and had children Dora , Cora, and Sarah. (This is also a statement about Catherine GLAZE daughter of Benjamin m. to Sarah CORE ch. John C., Solomon, Benjamin, Isaac, Catherine.

No further census records have been found showing Willis Adam with any of the Catherines until he is an adult and married to Mary Athelia MELSON.

A child of George GLAZE (m. to Mary Turnipseed first and then to Catherine Turnipseed) child CatherineGLAZE m. Christopher CORE, 29 Oct. 1824 Fayette Co.

Other Catherine GLAZEs 1850 census w/ Jane 41 dau. Catherine age 14 sons John 24, Willis 16 George 23, 1850 census Martin GLAZE age 51 m.Maria dau, Catherine 18, (b1832) , Catherine of Preble OH, m. Joseph Geeting, 1851, Catherine C. m. John Hines Limestone, AR 1837, Catherine m. Thos.Hughes 1853, Catherine A. m. Michael Moudary 1867 Vermilion Co.. IN, Catherine A. F. m Daniel Snyder 1846 Washington Co. MD

Info I've uncovered about Levi TWAY
Born 1832 ( 9 Oct, my family record says (but I've also seen 2 June and don't know if that is another Levi)
1870 census has Levi age 36 m. Hattie A. (I think this is Harriet GARR) with sons Thos.P (Perry) age 5
and Edward B (Burton) age 8 mo. in Middletown, Jefferson, KY (These sons names fit with other TWAY and GLAZE family names)
1880 census - Levi age 47 m. Catherine age 36 sons Thos. Perry15, Burton Edward 10. San Saba, TX. This appears to be a railroad town he is listed as dry goods-grocer.
1860 he was in IN as a boarder stock (cattle) broker. /which fits with family occupations.
1881 another son born Robert Chester


Robert to Thomas DUNLAP in Pennsylvania

When I retired in 2002 I made it my goal to find out about my great
grandmother. I knew her name was Elizabeth and was always told she
was born in Ireland. I have her spinning wheel and a charcoal
portrait of her and my great grandfather.

I got on the internet and very soon found an unknown cousin who had
researched the family and knew that her maiden name was DUNLAP and
that she was born in Pa rather than Ireland. He also said her
father's name was Robert DUNLAP. He had no other information.
For seven years I have been trying to find out when he came to the
US, when he was born and where in Ireland he was born.

The facts I know are: he was in Westmoreland Co., Pa in 1826 when
my great grandmother was born. His wife'e name was also Elizabeth.
He owned a farm somewhere in Westmoreland Co and he died in 1841.
I can find him in the 1830 and 1840 Pa census.

Robert and Elizabeth had seven children: Elizabeth born 1826 (my great grandmother),
Thomas Jr., Rosanna, Margaret Jane, Gillis, Nancy and Mary.

I have a copy of his Will which was written 4 June 1839 and was proved 22 Nov 1841.
I think his parent's names were
Thomas and Sarah. My cousin got all this info from court records in Westmoreland Co.

Looking for proof of Thomas and Sarah as parents of Robert.


How I found DAVID MC ARTHUR, my Great Great Great Grandfather

Years of wondering about my maternal Grandfather's mother led me to find her at Salt Lake City, Utah. She was four years old, listed in the Federal Census of 1860 Parma Township, Jackson County, MIchigan.

I copied the page (837, not completely), and went to look it over. Then I noticed a couple of farms away a family of Mc Carthy's.
My heart leapt. My grandfather had mentioned he thought his Grandmothers' maiden name was Mc Carthy.

Running back I copied the rest of the page and discovered the whole family.
Checking the census of 1840, 1850, 1870 and 1880, more discovery - the big surprise was that their name was Mc Arthur in every single other census record.

The fabled Mc Carthy's were not Irish Catholics as I supposed but Scotch Presbyterians.

Daniel Mc Arthur b 1811 abt and in New York both parents from Scotland

Hannah Mc Arthur b 1823 abt and in New York both parents born Scotland

I am trying to find the New York birthplace of Daniel and his parents names & when and where in Scotland they originated from.**

Children of Daniel and Hannah Mc Arthur in the 1850 census Parma Twp, Jackson Co MI

Elizabeth b 1835 15 yrs married in 1862 to Senate D. (my line

Daniel Jr. b 1839 11 yrs.

Jane b 1842 8 yrs

John b 1844 6 yrs

Alivia b 1847 3 yrs

Lucy b 1848 2 yrs.

Julia b 1850 6 mos.

William b 1855 not in 1850 census.*

I beleive at least one brothr, sister and mother of Daniel are family living close by listed also in the 1850 census and 1860 census.


Timothy DAVIES--Wales ** William THOMAS -- Wales

Timothy DAVIES, my great,great,great grandfather on my father's side of the family is my "brickwall". (Actually one of many that stare up at me from the chart. He and his wife, Jemina ANTHONY do not have dates and locations.

I can only suspect they've stayed in Wales forever and that the dates of their living started in the early to middle portion of the 1700's.
So far I can't locate many ancestors that came before this generation on my Father's side but on my Mother's side, there is one earlier, except maybe the Glardons in France and the Mortasheds from Ireland.(My mother's side of the family.)

"In the meantime", Timothy Davies and Jemima Davies had a daughter ELINER, whom married a man named William THOMAS, and was from Wales as well. Eliner (1796-1870) and William came to Ohio and became parents to Timothy THOMAS (1815-1887). Living mostly in Indiana after being born in Wales.

I can only guess that Timothy THOMAS came to the United States as a 2 year old, as a pioneer resident of Dearborn Co. Indiana, he was included in a genealogy type book that I found in the SDGS Library. Tmothy Thomas married Mary Ellen Davis which lived between 1826-1923. her family from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio., So Timothy & Mary Ellen had children. among them was my grandfather GEORGE THOMAS who was born in 1862 and with his 2nd wife Rosa had my father. the youngest of the brood. PAUL LESTER THOMAS who was born a year before George (his father) drowned in the WhitewaterFlood of 1913.

Generally speaking these states concern the early new comers: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Alabama.


Addie Josephine Smith -- Ohio

Addie Josephine Smith was born 20 Feb 1882 in Ohio.
She married Rev. David Flora 1900-1901 ?
Divorced sometime in the 1920's. where unknown.

aka: Addie J Flora (with her own family) on OR 1910 census.
Addie J Flora "with her own family" on Va 1920 census.
Josephine Floria (with son HILDEN) on VA 1930 census.

Addie J Smith was my father's mother. I've found her on the above census, but can not locate her on the
1900 census with her family.

Her children were: Mary E Flora b @ 1901
Clifford b @ 1902
Grant M b @ 1904
Hill D b @ 1907

My father David Kimmel FLORA b Jan 1910 d Dec 1940 Shown as KIMMEL D FLORA on 1920 Census
Lois M b 1913
I am looking for any information on Addie or other family members.


Lawrence McGrath ---Nova Scotia/United States

Lawrence McGrath was born 23 May 1872 Arichat, Cape Breton, Novia Scotia
Lawrence was married 7 Jan 1911 in Concord, New Hampshire to Myrtle Aikens (ATKINS).
He passed away 17 Ovt 1932 Gloucester, Mass.

His parents are Edward McGrath and Annie Keating.

I am trying to find out if my grandfather Lawrence McGrath, had his fishing boat commandeered after 1916 in Gloucester, Mass.
and if he was drafted into the Navy or Coast Guard. I do not know the name of the boat but there is a possibIlity it was the


Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound

It appears we are off the ground. This will be the home of the Lemon Grove Library Researchers on the internet. We are an informal group that meets twice a month to work on genealogy for people whom live in Lemon Grove and surrounding areas.

We have a list of 24 people that at one time or another attend these discussion/learning sessions.

We will be doing blog queries of the most Elusive Ancestors to start this blog. We will then move into adding surnames they are also researching besides the Elusive ones. We hope this will be fun. We hope we get responses and help and can move right along in our research.