Friday, September 28, 2012

October Lemon Grove Library Schedule

 Lemon Grove Library Schedule for October

3 October                New York Resources by Shirley Becker

New York Resources  will cover places to look and things to dig out for hunting down the ever elusive New York ancestor. It really says it all in it's title.  Come learn about New York Resources and share your experiences with attendees.  For obvious reason's New York is known as the "BlACK HOLE" of Genealogy for United States Research.

Shirley Becker as a born New Yorker, has spent many years doing research in New York State. She is also Past President, and Past Newspaper Editor among other jobs she has held in the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.  She has given many talks over the years and she has some great Organizational Skills she passes on ever so often in talks. She also hosts the Computer  Research Meeting  at the  Chula Vista Library for the society every month.  

18 October              Virginia and West Virginia Resources by Susi Pentico

Virginia was a large state covering to the Mississippi River early later shrinking down to it present size.  It also encompassed a portion of North Carolina very early. It was the early Fur Trade agreements that expanded Virginia to cover to the mighty Mississippi River (Northwest Territory).

As states developed and lands were re-marked for statehood the boundaries changed. 
West Virginia was taken from Virginia when the Civil War divided the peoples of the region. 
We will be talking a lot about early life, to time of the Civil War for records,  up through division of the state.
Come learn more about these to states sources and maps availability.

Susi Pentico has taught classes on the Mid Atlantic region for more than 20 years.  She has many ancestors from this region. She is a lecturer, writer and the Educational Chairperson for the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

Susi can be reached at or 619 623 5250
Shirley Becker can be reached at

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Follow the Path, Kentucky

More Follow the Path

Today I am so pleased that I am almost to excited to write. Suddenly,  the MORROW/SCOTT Family has shared more tidbits and news.  In attempting to verify a MORROW connection I found more family.

The good news, well some of it, is she is a researcher for the state of Kentucky and her web site is
more than worth the time to check out the url's, friends and family have shared to increase our knowledge.  She has a few pages of them.  She has also a side business where she helps you build a site and do research. I have to read about this also.

She started in 2004 this site I am on:  Kentucky is My Home!  by Sue Ann.

It is going to take a day to go through what she has available: Coal Mine Data, Cemetery,
Family Pictures, Family Folklore etc.  Just take a walk down this Path and see if there is some help here for you.  She covers more than I am  going to mention here. GO- LOOK and SEE.

It will take me a day to read the guest book to see if  more kin is lurking there.

Amazing she was raised in Louisville, KY where my SCOTT/MORROW cousin taught at the University.

John MORROW b 1793 Virginia  m Patience TUTTLE 18 May 1820 Wayne Co. Ky (his second marriage) (Tuttle is from GA and originally from Connecticut Tuttle's)
 Daughter Rebecca Morrow born 1821 Mercer Co. Ky  moves to Iowa with family and later marries
25 Mar 1841 Henry Co. Ia to John Cornelius SCOTT( His line goes back to Halifax Co. VA abt 1730)

Cornelius (Franklin) SCOTT b 31 Jan 1856 Moravia, IA  d 4 Dec 1918 Lenox, IA marries
Ella WARDEN, Daughter of Daniel WARDEN( from PA) and Mary J LANGDON ( from VA Joseph Langdon).

His middle daughter Inez Mae SCOTT, b 6 Oct 1892 Taylor Township. IOWA m 29 Mar 1912 Moravia, IA to Cecil Lee HOFFMAN.    They are my Grandparents (dcd). (His line also is VA/Maryland beginnings) Very early, very early.

Considering that almost all of these lines originated in Virginia in the beginning it is really been a Path to Follow to find my kin of long ago.  Sue Ann, Thanks. or

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Follow the Path

Today sharing the information that, we see, we think we see and we hear and we think we hear and yet we miss the vital clue.

How does this happen you say?  Example:  Everyone sets down to the table, everyone has milk but one person always has coffee or water.  Do you ever question why that happened?   Did it ever occur to you that this person maybe was milk intolerant?  I did not, and when later I asked about the milk intolerance I was told, "Did you ever see me drink a glass of milk?".  Wow, what a thought to have seen and not seen.

How often does that  happen in your life? Are you missing vital clues to the health of your ancestors, and family members?

We see smoking and we all have been made aware of it's side affects, but we do not see, so many things we see and do not mentally register it as a clue.

Certain foods people can eat and others can not, is this a common thing in the family or unique?

Were your ancestors, active and strong and busy, in the fields and the barns and work with animals maybe?  Or were they a person living in town and a Bookkeeping clerk or Dry goods  clerk?  Are these clues to their health?  Was breathing the wheat, oat or rye chaff, an irritant to the lungs and bronchial tubes?  Were their health needs a clue to why they did  certain occupations?  Was certain occupations a clue to their health needs?

This is the first of many articles that will be added over the coming days. Mixed with urls and other suggestions for research.

We will be Following the Path of many genealogical thoughts that suddenly seem to be surfacing.

Biographical Review Volume XXXIII: Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Greene, Schoharie and Schenectady Counties, New York

Philippines Tomb Discovery At 1,000-Year-Old Village Show Unexpected Advances (PHOTOS)

Clear your ancestors off your to-do list -

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Follow the Path. Wed 6 pm Lemon Grove Library

Wednesday evening, I will be presenting a  program that I have developed to use for presentations.

We will be starting with FOLLOW THE PATH,  and it will show you on the path of research the things we really need to look at and digest to make our research easier to source and share.

Follow the Path has 20 components and I will be presenting 9 of them to you this Wednesday evening.

Suspecting you will be amazed at what we have missed and how much easier a time line can become.

Come join us at 6 P M Lemon Grove Library,  8073 Broadway. Lemon Grove, way back in the corner of the shopping mall. Anna's is on the corner and St. John's is across the street. Washington street is the intersecting street.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seminar Sept 22 Bonita-Sunnyside Library

Come learn how to get started in genealogy. Presentations on Roots Magic, Reunion, FTM, and other programs regarding genealogy.  Access to learn how to search on,, and Ancestry and other  sites.  Learn how to properly fill out the basic forms all genealogists should be using.  Learn where to find blanks on the internet.  Meet others that are here to help you and get going with your own research and family history.  Our society is over 25 years old in the City of Chula Vista. We are nonprofit. We raise funds for scholarships and assist schools with speakers and programs when asked.  Come learn more about us and what we can do for you.

Monday, September 10, 2012

California Research & Other Stuff

California Research and Other Stuff

As I was wandering through my mail, found a site about California research and links that we can use.

Leslie Lawson has put together a series of urls for research in California.  Suspecting once you have seen it you will utilize it quite often for California Research.

California - links for the rest of the state - Lawson Research Services, LLC

What a great resource for Californians, Thanks Leslie

Also learned that there has been work done to replace the old Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, site.  It is up and running and looking for the Volunteers to make it as good or better than the previous site, which we lost due to death of creator.

So leap in and offer to help in a spot or two if you can.  Mark thanks for making this information available to us.

Generous Genealogists

Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits posted something also I want to share.

It has to do with Medieval Scotland people.  Thanks Christine for the information I love to follow your blog.

Go here and learn

This is her blog page.Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pennsylvania and New York Research Review

Pennsylvania and New York Research Review

Tonight at class we will be covering some interesting places to look for information in Pennsylvania.

We will also cover more search engines.

We also will talk about New York Research Aids.

Remember if your doing Pennsylvania research you may need to look in Maryland, today's West Virginia or yesteryears Virginia or Connecticut.

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy, Facts, Records & Links

Federation of Genealogical Societies - Home

Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits  Terms used by ODD FELLOWS.

See you this evening.  6 pm Lemon Grove Library.