Thursday, August 23, 2012

More News and Some Links- York and Adams Co. PA

More News and Some Links

Spending time scouring for data on a family name and scrambled matter I run across a site of old that has only gotten better.

If you have ever researched in York County or Adams County, Pennsylvania you may have already been exposed.

 There is a neat man who is doing some very awesome work to help our challenges be lessened.

 Dr Neal Hively, has plotted and mapped out all of York County by hand.  I understand he did the same for Adams County.  Now he is doing Franklin County but with a assisted format.

Having shared this data with a cousin whom found her lost Patterson's via his maps and books about 7 years ago. I am more than excited to say I have found MYERS that are in BERWICK, York Co., PA of old. now Berwick, Adams Co. PA.

My cousins and I are going to be waiting with exciting hopes for a answer to a weird situation.

So you may want to check this link out if your digging in this region. Remember this area was  also claimed by Maryland at this time.

Fun Fun Fun.  

Do try this...Book Dealers  Many other links are on this page to help in research for Pennsylvania & other places or societies.

 You can order the book that goes with the Map which will have more information than just what is on the map.

Check out the data that this  man has done to improve our researching.

Dr Neal Hively, I just can not say enough about your dedication to showing the boundaries and neighbors in such a delightful way.   I love Maps.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picnic Success, Neighbors Found

Picnic Success and Neighbors Found

We held this, Getting to know your Neighbor," picnic to expose members to more members whom may be researching same areas, same names and to help our growing society to be better acquainted with our new members.

We had  two new guests, which are always welcome.

 A Birthday Cake was brought to celebrate Gary's birthday and all the other August birthdays. Wow there was a lot of them. That was a surprise from Virginia who could not come due to knee surgery.
Having passed her five Generation Chart around for others to be familiar with her names, we found her two potential links.

 We have others in the society whom are digging around in South West Pennsylvania, and southern Ohio.

 We learned two people had DILL, 3 people had HENDERSON, 2 people had PRATHER, 2 people had ROOT, 2 people had SWEET.  I believe as I toured the tables that there were others with same surnames such as SMITH.  There may have been more potential links I missed.

Gary working as MC for the event forgot his five generation chart.

Having it as a successful getting to know your fellow members and their names seemed to say, a five Generation chart is good but one should have one like Randy Seaver's who had one huge Fan Chart done by family years ago.

It was suggested by many, that we do a Ten Generation Chart event soon for those who are farther back in lineage.  Two members are back about 13 generations and many have one line back 9 or 10 generations with other lines only back 2 or 3 generations, with major brick walls in their way.

For those of you reading this I believe I have found where we can get the big 15 Generation Charts some were showing.

We covered Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland,  many areas of the United States and Mexico.
 Suspecting everyone learned something new and different.

 Gary's games about the knowledge of the 13 Original Colonies was quite interesting.

 Do you know where the first Little League Game was played?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Find Your Neighbor in Genealogy Picnic Monday

Come Join in the Fun.  Enjoy the Chula Vista Genealogical Society Picnic at the Bonita - Sunnyside Library  11 to 2 Monday.  21 August.

You may find you have kin next to you or at least a neighbor.  If we are as science says 1/78th related and then recently moving it down to 1/5? related think it was 57th.  A room full of 100 people would find you at least one if not two distant kin.

Reason for this was to help new people meet older society members, for everyone to share their surnames and information, to get to know each other better and it makes us a stronger society.

Bring five generation charts or ten generation or what ever you have. Bring lap top if you want to so you can add at the time of find.  If not at least print out your surnames and where from or at to share with others.

This should prove fun. Last time we did this  was when Nina S was either Pres or VP. I found five direct cousins in the society then and almost all came from Greene Co. PA.  Nina S is a Hoffman cousin.

Alas most of them have past on now but we did link directly.  O Ernie Boyer we sure had fun playing with our names and  sharing information. RIP.

 Rueben Bingham just passed this week and we never worked our potential links.  Ralph Zahn linked via two names. We miss him.

My list could go on so we are hoping others can find links amongst the members and enrich their knowledge of family.

 Bring your sack lunch.  Be prepared to sing the Birthday song also.  
 This message coming to you from Virginia (whom is doing well, since surgery) & myself.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Exciting News for Researchers in VT and NC

Exciting news for many researchers has come across my screen.

Fortunately it may benefit family research in both places.
This came in on a blog (Genealogy Blog)  and it is from a online magazine in North Carolina.

Western Regional Archives to Open August 13

This is from Asheville, The Western Regional Archives at the Department of Cultural Resource's.

 The release of information for easier access is great news for researchers. Please read the entire report to realize what they have done.

Again (GenealogyBlog) has notified me and the world of another archives opening.

Vermont State Archives opens court records for research

Here is a snippet of the news, please check out the entire  news.  Records for us, 152 cubic feet of dockets, record books and case files dating from 1800  to 1945.

I do not want to copy but want to report that the news is at these to links provided.

Congratulations to both states for doing this.

Now if you do not subscribe to the GenealogyBlog you may want to. The post information daily generally regarding records, books and other genealogical information


Friday, August 10, 2012

New Findings regarding Ancient Peoples

As a member of the LOST COLONY group at Roanoke Island we are always looking for interesting things about genetics and connections.

Today reading the mail I found two separate links that I thought  might add to the "Intrigue".

One deals with a natural disaster and the ultimate results felt in England or UK.

 It was probably felt in more than the UK but here is the link.

Archaeology & Palaeontology News - Press Releases : Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe | Heritage Daily - Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases

This discovery was in Spain.  I read and watch and keep waiting for the clues to show up in places ancient history implies was a busy place.  Here is one  for you all to enjoy.
The article even says they recovered the complete Mitochondrial DNA of one of these individuals.

Archaeology & Palaeontology News - Press Releases : CSIC recovers part of the genome of 2 hunter-gatherer individuals from 7,000 years ago | Heritage Daily - Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases

 Here is hoping you find this as interesting as I did.

Roberta Estes Bio at The Lost Colony Research Group

Lost Colony DNA Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mysteries are everywhere.