Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Genealogical Tidbits Gathered Here and About

Pennsylvania is working on making access to adoptees birth certificates available.  I so think this is a good thing.

I heard that the Roadshow episodes are now on U-Tube.   Missing the first one & yet to see it. Saw the second one. The others I saw delayed the next morning.  My heart panicked when I watched the 2nd one. Felt better about the third one and the last was great.  I could just see people coming up to us and saying.  Tell me about my Grandparents and they would think because we do genealogy we had the answers. Yes, that still happens today.

On that note, let me share what did happen, day before yesterday.  My Sister in Law, Peggy Gordon Jones Feil wrote me needing help to find her Dad's family on an Indian Reservation in Northern CA.
I had helped work with her Dad many years ago so the names were familiar but I had not a clue as to how to proceed further with help. Bill and I never  overcame the brick wall.  I contacted a fellow genealogist named Donna Bradley, whom had gave a Seminar for us one Fall. ( I was away so missed it) and shared with her Peggy's situation.  Donna called Peggy the next morning.  Would you believe they are cousins. Donna had many answers for Peggy and it felt so good to finally help Peggy's Dad's side of the family find answers. Better still to learn related floored me.  God is Good.

Also another writer contacted me looking for information on Harold  P. Pentico of Chico, Ca who was a relative of my husband's family and lived near them in Iowa before coming to Chico, CA.

Anyone who knows about Harold's military service and life after joining the National Guard we would appreciate a contact.

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