Thursday, November 14, 2013

Found Interesting Bit of State Splitting, Etc.

Found Interesting Bit of State Splitting

 Definitely a different twist on the people of America.  I can not say I can disagree with this map but it  amazed me to find someone had put this data together to share with others.

Breaking us up into 11 Nations in the US of A.  Enjoy the reading, it probably tells you more about your ancestral line than many other things of late.

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in- 2

Also posting the webpage with the 5 Generation Chart that  you fill out with your health information.
This is something I seriously believe in. 1

Have you looked at Virginia Pioneers?  Another interesting site that has minimal fee for useage and  lots of information.Virginia Pioneers - Virginia Genealogy 

It lists Pittsylvania Co. Va Wills. O it lists much more than that but wanted to share.

 Another link you may enjoy.

 Create Your Visited States and Provinces Map

Lastly cousin in RI shared this one.

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