Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Classes Scheduled for November at Lemon Grove 2013 Free

November Schedule

6 November 2013,  "Roundtable Topics, Wills,  Probates, & Codicils," with Susi Pentico

We will do our round the table questions and answers then discuss the use of Wills, Probates and Codicils, time pending.
Sometimes members have questions and comments that cover the entire evening and we do not do the additional back up.  That is the goal of this meeting, to cover the attendees needs.

20 November 2013  " Thanksgiving Memories,  Each person will share a Thanksgiving Memory or Tradition, is it related to an Ethnicity?" led by  Susi 

We are hoping to have everyone share at least one great Thanksgiving Memory they want to retain in their genealogy.  Maybe they can make it part of their Christmas Presents as a "Memory Shared"  for the other members of their family.  The event is then not lost.  

Come join in the fun and find out how easy it is to learn so much about your family and the ability to share it with out stress and confusion.   Let us show you the way.

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