Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Places to Search, More Data Digitized.

More Places to Search, More Data Digitized

Yes, these digitized records are coming on line strong of late. We are so thankful. To all those that worked so hard to make it happen we need to say THANK YOU.

Georgia Probate Records - wills, estates, marriages

Having a grand time scanning through all the records that have been put up for us to look at.

Whoopee, surely we can find a clue or kin amongst this group of names.

Bibb County is a county I am digging in so this was super.  This was shared by Jeannette

Also being notified, by Karen Nichols-Rexwall about Rhode Island Records now available.

 Rhode Island College News | State Archives Online Catalog Unveil

Now for more hope of finding kin in Rhode Island that just keeps hiding their head in the sand.

Jeannette Austin also shared digitizing for Virginia and more Georgia data at these two sites.

Now to find some not located kin in Central New York for some of the Lemon Grove group.
Besides the Fulton County site, anyone have suggestions please post them for us. Thanks

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