Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Roundtable Chat, Brick Walls and Charts, Wed 6 to 8 pm 2 October

We will devote the evening to a Roundtable discussion of everyones different brick walls. We will also go over some charts to help log and keep track of the information you may have missing in your files to help break down the brick walls.

 Also hoping to demonstrate a new way to do research. Someone suggested it the other day and I have been using it for two days and it is opening up all kinds of potentials.

A Timeline will be shared for your research usage and you take it home to maybe mock it to create a personal one for your self and your ancestors.

Bringing Maps for people to see regarding land records and how they play a major role in research.

Some sites you may want to check out are being listed below for various nationality researches.

Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits  The topic listed here in, is what I was involved in with Google+.  It is a growing community with rooms for chats and sites for various organizations.

 You may find help with this site.

Troy Irish Genealogy Society


This site covers southwest PA and some VA, WVA, OH, MD records. Coal Mine Accidents,

Old Occupations - S  alphabetically regarding old Occupations.

See you Wednesday Evening  at the Lemon Grove Library.  Sure  hope you can make it.


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