Thursday, July 26, 2018

What About Your Pictures?

  What About Your Pictures?

  Yesterday, the society had a guest speaker whom talked about how to identify the time period and approximate age of one's pictures.

  As Genealogists this is sometimes very important to establish some events correctly.

   Fashion generally is one of the best way to determine time period, besides type of picture or film or mounting used.

  We learned of : Standup Collars,  lay down collars,  ties, scarves, Mutton sleeves, slender sleeves, bustles, peplums, wise shoulders, narrow armholes, knife pleats, wide pleats, narrow waists, pleats to collar, pleats to bust line, gathered narrow skirt, wide skirt that required metal hoops.

 Waistcoats, day coats, different style of mens slacks, very high waisted. Wide lapels, narrow ones,
high collars, Style of belts, neck  pieces, hats, scarves, gloves for men, gloves for women and children.

  It is always nice to hear someone else describe this fashion realm that has been going on since the beginning of time.

   The persons hand out was well written, and being of her own, I am going to say one of my favorite places to look is on this web page.   There were a few handouts left for those whom may want them.

Enjoyed this refresher course.  Thanks

 Vintage Fashion Guild : Fashion Timeline


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

National Genealogical Society Conference Presentation

21  Saturday  2018  at 1 P M    Family History Center

A new Interest Group has been formed by the SDGS.


 Having the Honor of being the first speaker to talk about a Conference I have attended to share with others in the community.

Enjoyed Grand Rapids, Michigan and it was their first Conference for Genealogy ever.

Treated family member to her First time event also.  So a few first time things happened.

Presenting data on  four subjects and hope to come back and do the other 5.  

The biggest reward was seeing people I have worked with since the old Golden Gate Forum group in the 1990's.  Also seeing some of my  east coast cousins for the first time in person.

We will talk about: Water Ways and Travel,  War of 1812 data, Key DNA Information,  What they drank to stay alive,  and maybe one more depending on questions and time.

So grateful I was a team member of the old Golden Gate Forum.  122 + leaders shared information with each other and attendees. We set many records and going to this Conference in Michigan so reminded me of the attitude and caring that was developed at that time and many were there.

To me, they approach research a wee different than us West Coast people do.  Of course many are not far from where they need to dig, others are at a distance. The prospective of how to approach research and presentations had a different air about them.

 Hoping you come and learn some of the cool information that was shared.  Some was things I have never heard broached let alone discussed.  Jamboree I have been to many times but this was sure interesting and fun and so educational.  

Looking forward to the one next year.  

A small hand out and query will be given.

Sending You Next Door

  Sending You Next Door

Yesterday having updated the blog, later realizing that it was written on the opposite blog.

Please go to this blog for the update I shared.    

Sometimes when one goes next door one may find more information than they thought was

Have a great day. It appears to be cooler today so far.

Monday, July 16, 2018 DNA Kits on Sale NOW

Dear Susi,

Hope all is well on your side.

I wanted to make sure you know about the DNA Flash Sale happening right now in the U.S. Now through July 18, MyHeritage DNA kits are only $59! 

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Thanks Daniel Horowitz for this update.   

I used this for my sons
DNA was pleased with it .

If you haven't tried it might want to at this price.  


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Save the Date for My Heritage Users .




Save the Date for the First Ever MyHeritage User Conference!
We're excited to announce MyHeritage LIVE — the first ever MyHeritage International User Conference! It's happening on the weekend of November 2-4, 2018 in Oslo, Norway. The conference is open to anyone who would like to learn more about MyHeritage from every country in the world — subscribers, DNA customers, users of free MyHeritage services and even people not using MyHeritage who are interested to learn more about it. Come and find out more about MyHeritage products (current and future) directly from the senior MyHeritage staff, hear invited speakers who are leaders in genealogy and DNA research, and meet and make friends with fellow users of MyHeritage. Expand your knowledge, ask questions, and give your feedback. We will soon publicize the link to register to attend the conference, but for now we invite you to save the date in your diaries.

More news coming.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Genealogy and Your Time

This is about how you spend your time doing genealogy.    Or how maybe you should
      delve deeper into your needs and wants.

      Somehow there is a mixed message happening.You want more information on your line.
      Where should I look, who can help me. Is it going to be free or cost me.

      Just today I had to say that this is a hobby or life long goal but  you can make it as expensive
      as you want.  Many hundreds of sites on line are free. Many groups are free to help in research.
      Most libraries are free and you can use their computers also for free.

      A tidbit for you if your Grandfather or Father was in WW2 or Korea and the records burned.
      Go to the Resources for their Medical Records a different place and they can give you lots of
      help to fill in the blanks on your time line.

      Are you active with your own society?  That question was brought up several times in Grand
      Rapids by many speakers.  It is the same everywhere if you want help you need to be a part of the
      help.  No, You do not need to be genealogy smart but just willing to help and you will learn at the 
      same time.

      Having learned from some very sharp older members I do not regret the time I spent doing the
      little things.  The Rolodex file drove me nuts but now I wish we had that old Rolodex.  We have
      many newer members since 2000.  We knew each other well with the 1980's to 2000 group.

      Our new members aren't even always sure of other members faces.  We had Jam Sessions and
      discussed each others 5 Generation Chart and the people on it.  As we did research, we may find a 
      tidbit for another member and the same for them for me.

     We seldom had hurried meetings where a persons report wasn't important to all in attendance.

     Do you use We're Related?   It is a new feature and it has helped me to break some brick walls.
     No, many of the suggested people do not match, but then many of the people do match. If we are
     generation off it is an incentive  to find that next generation to see if you do link.  That was what
     our old chats and meetings did for us. Much the same thing.

    No I  do not chase 3 and 4 generations farther back. Nor do I worry a lot about Europe. My
    goal was to get to the water on the other side.  With all the names we have to track we should be
    thankful for the books written and generally only need small corrections.

   Having read some real stimulating information on ancient DNA recently we may have to think
   deeper and work harder to learn whom we really are.

   So get out your New Years Goals we are half way through the year and see if you are on track
   to accomplish your wishes or need to be more active and involved to help move your self forward.

   That was one tidbit I learned from several speakers at Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I learned many

   more.   Have a great life.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

7 July Bonita-Sunnyside Library 1 to 4 pm

   Saturday will be presenting data learned at Grand Rapids Seminar.

  At least some of it. Took me  4 days and 1 night to be exposed to what I had time for.

  John Philip Colletta, Phd.,FUGA  started off the Seminar with a terrific talk about the
  ERIE CANAL and the People whom made it happen.
  Having studied the history because an ancestor helped to build it, I learned so much
  more than what I had previously been exposed to. It helped to develop the state into
  what it has developed into today.  It created jobs, of many you wouldn't even think of.
 Jen Baldwin presented a very interesting topic in regards to every human whom lived at
 the time of development of this country.  Ironic we still are plagued by some of it today.
 Her topic was  on, what the people drank to live daily and not die from disease and contaminated
 water. "Yeast, Grain, Hops and Water, the impact of Beer in American History."  Amazing how
 we take so much for granted in how we think they really lived. O yes, we do.
  Excellent talk and I ordered the disc but it has not come in yet.

 Tony Burroughs,FUGA   next did a talk on the War of 1812.  Since we have many researching these records I thought  it would be a great talk to listen to.   It was. He talked about how it affected our genealogy and the records created for us to use in research.  He mentioned the Archives, Libraries,
and Repositories for files created for us to learn more about our ancestors.    I recommend this to you all.   A tidbit, war was not fought then as it is today in many ways especially in camps.

The end of the day I chose to listen to information on Pennsylvania Research.
Being a tad sad because was hoping that more information would surface in the learning of the great state of Pennsylvania.   Not her fault. Having instructed on the Golden Gate Forum for ten years on Pennsylvania Research there was little new information but there was some.  I suspect the
utilization of the Genealogy Society of Pennsylvania is something we should all use  more.
We really need to utilize our societies more in the areas of our research. State and local regions in the state.
The speaker was Kristine Harms.

That ended our first day.  

if time allows we may cover more but suspect that will fill our Saturday afternoon.

Please come in to enjoy, it is free.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July

   To all whom  read this and especially those Chula Vista Genealogical Society members and supporters, wanting to wish you all a:

Be safe but have fun remembering what got us to this point by our ancestors and family members

Sunday, July 1, 2018

WVA Library Research

 Posting one place to look for WVA Veterans Research.

Clarysville Civil War Hospital Digital Collection