Saturday, November 28, 2015

Documenting Thanksgiving 2015

The day started early and ended late. In a nut shell it was a great day shared by many.

But that does not document the day.

Attendees: Candy Pentico Murillo, Bob Jeffers, Joe Murillo, Wyatt Murillo and Sara., Stephan Murillo, Nicole and Clementine Murillo, Billi Jo Pentico and Zack Allen, Roberta Jones Wright Davis ( sis) and husband Alan Davis. Of course there was my husband Fred and self.

Alan' had family from Heather's side at their home.

Ed had Peggy's families at their home.

Don and Liz went from Fowlerville, Mi. to Monee, Ill to share with her brother's family.

We had: Turkey and Ham, some can not have turkey, we had white and sweet potatoes, green beans and asparagus, cranberries jellied and whole, dinner rolls, Hawaiian and regular potato rolls. Sparkling Ciders and coffee and tea, and some beer and some wine.

BJ went to Kaiser Zion and took Mary a plate of ham and special made mashed potatoes and asparagus for her.  Not forgetting her cranberries.

 Every one was to full for desert but some was had later in the evening that did not have to wander to another home. Nicole's pumpkin pie went so fast I am glad I at least had a taste,

The topper was learning that Fred's sister would be returning from the hospital with a brace and back to us in rare form.  She came home Friday afternoon.

My bronchitis was last had in February, must be the erractic weather and setting under the AC for days at Zion.

Ed and Peggy came to visit Friday late, as did Bertie and Alan return from visiting Grandkids in Oceanside and Camp Pendleton.  The left overs are slowly disappearing.

Bertie has reached home safely in AZ. Hope Don and family done same in MI.

Dale called this morning. Only one sibling I did not hear from. May God Bless them All.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You may want to.......Document your Thanksgiving........

You may want to document your Thanksgiving.  No idea who will or won't be with us in the next year.

It is the season to think of others, yes it is.  So will you remember each guest with a passing comment of will you take some pictures or maybe write a poem?

Maybe you will write a synopsis of your day or the week leading up to Thanksgiving.  It surely will bring many thoughts to the forefront.

How did you decide what vegetable to have, what type of dinner roll? Do you do Ham and Turkey for those not able to eat turkey? Or do you do a roast or goose?

You see there were many choices you made whether it was consciously or not.  Do you do mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes?

In doing all this are you leaving a trail so that your grandchildren can go back and remember what they were not sure of what they did?

Home made Cranberry sauce or store bought with or with out whole cranberries. Or did you plan a Cranberry salad made as a jello dish?

Remember in the spring we discussed using a plain table cloth and have all the guests sign it in memory of the year and it gets past down to a younger family member for future memories?

So many ideas so few time.  I hope you at least do some of this for your future generations.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cancellation of Class and Scottish Research Information --Important

The class in Lemon Grove will not  take place this month due to a family members illness.
Apologize for the inconvenience.  We will review My Heritage at our next meeting.

Also I wanted to share with you this information.

 I have many acquaintances that are heavy into Scottish Research. One even books and does tours to Scotland.  Now that is a dream of mine.

But a Webinar is coming up in December for SCOTTISH SIG. Posted on this Blog
Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits

The first Saturday of every month is Scottish Genealogy Saturday with webinars hosted by the Scottish SIG of the Ontario Genealogical Society.   Many of you may really be excited about this.


You may want to check  out this site and join in the SIG 
DON'T MISS OUT! Register now: 

I will post other SCOTTISH data as I catch it in my in box.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 To Be Reviewed 18 November 2015. New features

I love using, we will be covering it's features at our 18 November 2015  meeting
at the Lemon Grove Library  6 to 8 pm.  We have slowly gone over the features of various software this fall.

Even better today as I opened up my mail I got this from  the mailbox.

MyHeritage has launched a new technology today.
Search Connect™

Daniel Horowitz sends us to the blog post for more information.

This comes via the Family Tree eNews.

50 % off for a year if bought by 9 November.
Interesting they all put them out there at this time of year.

For a limited time, FamilyTreeMagazine readers can join for only $119.40 for a one-year FULL ACCESS subscription, which includes a PremiumPlus Family Tree account and the MyHeritage Data Plan. To get this low price, join before Monday, November 9th. That's a savings of 50 percent!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Native American Ancestry, ??? Fold 3 Has Free

Having come in from brunch and was able to read this. Hope it excites you as much as it does me.

Free Access to the Native American Collection

Do you have Native American ancestry? Or are you interested in Native American history? Then explore Fold3's Native American Collection for free November 1-15.
Have you found an ancestor in Fold3's Native American collection? Tell us about it! Or get started exploring the Native American Collection here.

It has a list of six major sources to look at.

Having one line  proven and more to go.  MTDNA proves lineage on Grandma Foulk Jones Norris side.  

We have proven on Jones side very early.  But want to see more documentation.

Talking to Family Tree dna people.  It is hard to go back earlier for one time incidents.

When the family's children marry back into the tribe then it solidifies the line better, one of the Jones or maybe two of the Jones daughters did this. Hurray, and Thanks Cousins.

This is truly a blessing to be able to see what they have at Fold 3.