Monday, November 4, 2013

Roundtable Wednesday Evening, Side Topics: Wills, Probates and Codicils.

Wednesday evening we will share our good news, our lack of news and many other sites to dig.

 We will if time permits touch on the topic of WILLS, PROBATES, and CODICILS.

  We can share some of my Will Books and other data about Wills.
   Where to find them?  What to look for if no Will is found.

    Describe what a Codicil is and how it affects a Will, and yes it does affect a Will.

  Probate and what part it plays in the demise of a person, will be shared, time permitting.

  Seriously considering a retired Congressman to come talk to us soon.   He may be able to
  give us the information we need for our  current retired servicemen whom are having trouble
  accessing their retirement income.

 6 to  8 pm Lemon Grove Library, no fee, it is free.

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