Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 Major Topics, Irish Research and Native American News

2 Major Topics Irish Research and Native American News

Today, NGS posted on their blog post that starting tomorrow the site, will have free assess to Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Records from 27 through 30 June.

They stated, even though there was a fire in 1922, there are records still to scour through for information.

So if you have Irish to be found you may want to take advantage of this activity.

The other major news covering Indian DNA Research was posted by Roberta Estes on her Native Heritage Project  blog.  It is learned a new haplogroup or genetic clan may have been found.  It sounds really real.  Big News! Probable Native American DNA Breakthrough | Native Heritage Project

The other site with data is listed here. Even Mr. Greenspan is involved in this great adventure.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

European Research, Tidbits of This and That Also.

I am posting a link here to another of my  blog pages that has assistance for European and other countries research.

Methods used in the US of A can be applied to many of the researching in other countries.

Believing that manners make a big difference when doing research, it all goes back to doing your homework before you embark on a away research adventure..

Here is the link to some starting helpers.

International Ancestors is the theme.

4397 Allen School Lane, Bonita, CA

 Wanted to remind everyone that the Chula Vista Genealogical Societies summer picnic this year is being held again at Gary & Wanda Brock's in Bonita, CA.  It is this coming Wednesday.  The theme is ethnic, bring an ethnic dish of your choice to share.  From Dessert to Salad,  believing there will be a BBQ for the meats.  If a member contact Dorothy Alvord to see what may be on the shy list.
If not your still welcome to attend just bring an ethnic item to share.

4397 Allen School Lane, Bonita, CA - Google Maps map

Have a great Summer.  Enjoy the big moon coming up.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Research Methods to Help You, "Cluster Research"

Research Methods to Help You
                                        by Susi Pentico June 2013                    All Rights Reserved

Methods to help you have the results you seek

!.   Record Keeping is Critical
2.  Timeline is a boost for research
3.  Know your Census’s Difference
4.  Go back where you were and recheck for new data, especially
5.   Do not waste steps  : > )                Cluster Research

Do you wonder what that statement means?   

1    1.  When doing census research always, check page before and after page your looking at for more kin.  Save if some are there.  I was taught 20 up 20 down but since have learned page before and page after says time, verses having to go back.

 2. When researching a book. Make sure your using the Research Log, with page date, name, title, library affiliate etc. Just in case you find a link to more people involved in that family. Always use your Research Log,      :   >  )           

 3.  Same applies for Online Research, catalogue it and be able to quickly go back to  reinforce or gather more information.

 4. Do not be afraid of Archive Research, I have found it the most fun of all the research events I have done. 

 5.  Become aware of what inhabitants created the state your researching, makes a difference to what the library will have in it’s archives. 

Do you know what Cluster Research is?

Have you tried it?

We are now going to talk on Cluster Research, whether it be American or European.

 #1.    taking page before, page of and page after is one of my forms of Cluster Research.
          I use the term Cluster Research when I am gathering information, whether it be on a 
          census. Index to Will's book or other sources.

 #2.    I have several Index to Will Book's from various places.  Having gone the old way and ordering
          one document at a time, reading the Index Books gives enough names generally for you to know 
          you probably want to at least record, all the names of the Surname your researching that are 
          mentioned in the Index, take full information for ease of locating when later needing.
          This time saving method does more than save time. This information given, can cement families
           together that you were not even aware of. Bringing forth new leads and more information to
           resolve your need.

  #3.    This applies to Land Records, Tax Lists, most other written data.

    Story given by a wise speaker was, the children married into the neighbors, they traveled in groups
    whether it was large or small. The data we collect should be somewhat all encompassing to find the
    "needle(name)in the haystack" that is missing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA 6 to 8 Pm Research Meeting

Research Methods to Help You by Susi Pentico

6 to 8 pm

Come learn what I call short cuts for research that generally brings in more answers.

Also learn about Cluster Research.  Urls for world search using these methods will be presented.

Free no Fee, Meet other researchers and share.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fathers Day Greetings to all Father's out there.

May the day be filled with wonder

May the day be filled with joy

May your life become more bearable and filled with wonder and joy.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jamboree 2013, Day Three at Burbank, CA

Jamboree 2013, Day Three at Burbank, Ca.

The day started with a slide and slip and surprise.  Virginia said," Where did you go?".
I was setting on the floor, beside the bed.  It seems the mattress topper was not properly placed and when I rose up to get up, the topper had no mattress beneath it so where I thought I would set became a slide to the floor. Picking my self up, as Virginia was laughing and I was amazed at what happened.  Glad I did not put my knee on edge of bed getting in and end up damaging a knee.  I was so blessed.

After arriving in Exhibit Hall, back started to complain a bit.  It was the backward stretching, as I was getting up, (so I thought) and instead ended on the floor.  Fortunately by Monday it had stopped complaining.  Missed the first planned talk and it was an audio recording.

 Helping in the SDGS Book sale booth until I almost missed SU019 with Denise Levenick,  Paper or Plastic?, Preserving Keepsakes Workshop.  I got the end of the class and bought the disc. Having data from family death that I am going to share with kin and need to know the proper way, that is best.

Then back to SDGS Booth, then grabbed my luggage and peanut butter sandwich and went down to listen to: Daniel Poffenberger  SU 027  "Aye. it's a well known fact Sonny Jim." getting the most out of Scotland's .Very informative talk for Scotland research.

Then Virginia and I went over and had a cup of that delicious Cinnamon Spice Tea at the hotel eatery with a split piece of Key Lime Pie.  Great way to have lunch.  Back to the lobby, gave them the key and went to set with the rest of those coming south on the train.  Would have loved to  attended Denise's last talk, alas the train must be caught.

Blessed with being able to give Cheryl Palmer and Gini Webb a hug before we left.

So I missed three talks I wanted to attend but they were not all taped so bought one of them and two others for personal use.  Looking forward to listening to Lisa Alzo's : Best Online Resources for Eastern European Research, SA031 and also catching more data from John P Colletta,  FR010, Evidence from Material Culture: Using Artifacts in Research & Writing about Ancestors. Both should be a plus for my sister in law and I.

Having five pages of notes, will read through and maybe can share also.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Jamboree Day 2, 2013

Jamboree Day 2, 2013

The morning was refreshing, breakfast was apple and tea. Then on to events and acquaintances and friends. Virginia and I did discuss our places of topics so we would cover more ground.

Off to see John P. Colletta, Phd, FUGA whom I met years ago,  had a story to share about his family.
SA003  The  Library of Congress: An Introduction and Overview.  It was right in line reinforcing, the day before by Joshua Taylor's talk.  He has only gotten better over the years.  Thanks John it was good to see you and share.

Next attempting to catch Angela Walton-Raji, long time ago Golden Gate Forum friend, I missed the next talk so went back to talk with Ancestry about situation.  Shoulders tired, not having I -Pad on me I put it off after talking to them, for early Sunday morning.  That was a mistake I tried five times to get their attention and they were swarmed on Sunday. My 3 1/2 hours sleep was catching me. Toured the Exhibit Hall and talked more about Educational Genealogy with many.

So good to see Bill Dollarhide and Leland Meitzler and family, missed MOM, but she had the children at home. Finally found Judy Russell, never did see Tony Perrone, saw Cheri Mello of old Portugese Chat. Met Lisa Louise Cooke's husband.  We learned long ago we share kin when she did a presentation. I also finally met CeCe Moore's husband. Was super good to see Pam Journey, made my heart feel good to hear how things are for them.

Off to the Blogger Meeting, it was one of the more informative Blogger events held.  Blogger Summit
Moderator was Thomas Mac Entee. Panelists: Denise Levenick, Judy Russell, CeCe Moore and Paula Stuart Warren.  Here is hoping more people learn blogging is another medium to reach out to your extended family, to share information or to find information to knock down brick walls.  The social mediums were discussed but they did not bring up LinkedIn.  Do not leave it out, their on our side too.

Lunch time was salad with a group in the patio area, I was in the SDGS booth with books after lunch.
Then attended Judy Russell, JD, CG.   SA045 No Vitals? No Problem! Building a Family Through Circumstantial Evidence.  Virginia share monitor with me.  The talk was spell binding and kept you entranced waiting for the right answer as she asked if the answer was correct.

Spoke with Cindi Ingle Howells, another Golden Gate Forum member of old. Wow, I worked with these people in the 1993 to the end time period.  That was 20 years ago. I covered Mid Atlantic and did the Mid Atlantic Messenger for attendees.

Then attended Angela Walton-Raji MEd event, SA049  until I was to meet with others.  Angela was so glad you reminded me of web site I had forgotten about.  Angela also has only gotten better over the years.

Dinner with San Diego's various members was excellent at an Italian Eatery offsite.
Trip home from dinner was a story in it's self. So enjoyed the company and the food. Thanks for sharing with me.

After dinner finally found Gini Webb, and Cheryl Palmer, having yelled at Gini earlier and she did not see me, was glad to catch them setting down.  Funny we live 30 miles apart and only meet at Burbank.

Paul Hawthorne, thanks for sharing and caring.  You get a gold star award from me.

Jamboree Sessions Attended, Information Gathered Day 1

Jamboree Sessions Attended, Information Gathered Day 1

What a whirl wind event this was.  It always is fast, and informative.  The choices are so great you almost close your eyes and choose some times, others it was easy to pick.

Up before 4 am Friday morning. grabbing water bottle, suitcase and telling hubby bye, I was  out the door.
Virginia T. was waiting and her daughter soon arrived, fortunately the 805, 54 freeway incident did not stop us. She was able to detour around it.
It was the day of delays, seems that AmTrack had an incident and we left late and arrived even later in Burbank.  Fortunately the incident was before we started from San Diego to Burbank.

Beautiful weather in Burbank, checked in and checked luggage, room not ready until after 5 pm.
Immediately went looking for friends, rarely seen. Then signed in to be Room Monitor at least twice each day.  Learned being a Room Monitor secured you a spot in the Speakers room some years ago.  Just have to be prepared to stand during presentation. As a member of the presenting society, need to do my share.

 At Noon checked into Conference since I was away during registration not sure if able to attend.
Made the rounds of the Exhibit Hall, sharing hugs and warm greetings.  Daniel H. was able to unscramble a problem on the My Heritage site I had. What a relief that was.  One of the biggest reasons I wanted to attend was to speak to him. Then over to Ancestry to share the situation I am incurring with Ancestry.  Line was long and finally said," tomorrow."  

Attended D. Joshua Taylor,MLS information FR018 Archive Finder and Archive Grid: Treasures in the Archival Records.  The information was well given,  having attended two of his talks last year, was looking forward to some again this year.  Having also just been digging in the Michigan Archives in Michigan, it reinforced what I learned there. Thanks Josh very much.

Next was Thomas MacEntee, Saving Memories Forever Recording, Preserving and Sharing Your Families Oral History.  FR023 This was informative and it was well presented.  Now for finding more time to do this.  Also sharing this with members so we can record some of our own members for posterity.

It was time for dinner and bed, our day started early. We ate at the Hotel. Found a very delightful new tea.  I was asleep before my head hit the pillow almost.

Virginia and I had a delightful room mate with a great sense of humor.  It seems we spent a bit of time in laughter to tears when we were together events.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lemon Grove Library Genealogy, Family Researcher or Historian Classes

Lemon Grove Library Genealogy Classes  by Susi Pentico and CVGS members

Remember the  Library has a new home  3001 School Lane, Lemon Grove, CA

map is here on page

It is easy to find.

Lemon Grove Library  

5 June,  6 to 8 pm   What to do First When Planning a Trip, by Susi Pentico
Basic information to make  your trip more responsive to your needs.  5 Positive Steps to Success.

Do you know two of these steps?

19 June, 6 to 8 pm  Research Methods to Help You, by Susi Pentico
Methods to use to have results your wanting. Have you tried Cluster Research?

Are you familiar with Cluster Research?  Do you have a method to share with us?

July Events
3 July  6 to 8 pm     Historical & Archival Research, Home and Away  Susi Pentico

The use of Historical & Archival Sites and Libraries for Better Results

17 July 6 to 8 pm    Basic Shortcuts for the Computer  by Shirley Becker

Shortcuts for use on the Computer, key strokes, etc. 

These can assist you in doing research.  Come learn more ideas.

For those who are not aware:

Susi Pentico has taught at the Lemon Grove Library for ten years, sharing her expertise with the community.  She has done research for 50 years and has written one book.  She has held all offices wanted at the Chula Vista Genealogical Society and is currently their Educational Chairperson.  She assists in developing the Seminars for the society and community which raises funds for the local school districts Scholarships. She is a founding member of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society, having worked with Geni Powell, Sandy Pulombo, Trudi Frank and others to get it off the ground floor in the 1980's.  She has given talks for more than 20 years and covers many topics.  She is also a member of the: NGS, SDGS, NEHGS, OGS and other organizations, locally and away.

Other speakers are proficient and qualified speakers sharing their expertise. Some have been Gary Brock Past President, Virginia Taylor current President, Shirley Becker, Past President, and community members of various affiliated organizations.

Scholarships Presented for Achieving Students

Two Scholarships were presented at the Awards Ceremony at East Lake High School, yesterday evening.

The two receiving the awards were:  Alexzander Hurst and Natalie Garcia.

Alexzander said,  he has his Great Great Grandfather's diligence, his Great Grandmother's dedication, and his Mom's determination.  He stated that getting an education was an Educational Journey he was looking forward to continuing. That is 3 D's we should always consider in our quests.

Natalie also has applied these efforts to her life as she learned about her families past and she plans to 
graduate from UCR in 2017 with a Bio-Medical Engineering Degree then move on to a Medical School being able to work for discoveries for Cardiovascular disease.

May they both succeed, keeping us posted to their successes as they move forward.

We received 30 Scholarship Applications for the Scholarship Committee to evaluate last February.

The choices were hard, I was told by the Committee. I read them all each and every word.

The hardships of the past, the hopes of the future, the firsts that were happening made me happy I was not judging the stories.  I wanted to give something to each and every one.

The backgrounds were as diverse as the students themselves.  

It was not what they wrote, but how they wrote their information, what they did to share it with us and their wanting to apply themselves to the future.  In reading the Essay's you could see many's strengths and their weakness's.  I am hoping each parent read what their student wrote to us, to help you the parent, understand their child better.

With continued community support we hope to continue this event into the future.  Our Seminars the society puts on are what brings in the funds to give out Scholarships.  Our first was small and was presented to Amy H. of Chula Vista High School.  She is on her way to be a Doctor and has kept in touch with us as she moves forward.  The next two years we awarded, two more to Chula Vista High School Students.  We then felt we had it figured out and enough community support to increase the Scholarship and the participants.  This was our first year to cover all of Sweetwater Union High School District. What we will be able to do, in the future,  will, a lot, depend on the community support at our Seminar's throughout the year.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society meets at the Chula Vista Library, Fourth and F St, Chula Vista, CA.
We have: Research Meetings, Computer Learning Meetings, Monthly Speaker Meetings and we do Outreach at Bonita-Sunnyside Library in Bonita, Ca. once a month also we do two workshop, speaking meetings at the Lemon Grove Library in Lemon Grove to assist community members
Url for Society

We have two blog sites, one done by Randy Seaver and the other by Susi Pentico.

Contact us and learn how to learn more about your ancestors that helps you learn more about yourself.

 I plan to write more about the Scholarship Participants for the  world to know how hard they are trying to excel in this world. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Workshop had Successes and Learning

The workshop went off with lots of hitches, but it went on.  We had a new guest, would have loved to have had several.

All those that offered to help came and some showed up at the meeting offering to help.

It seems most everyone learned something new, different and moved their research forward.

Even the Volunteers were learning hints and clues from the attendees.

The top comment was, "This was great, we got to know each other better."

It started with just the Volunteers and they shared chat with each other for a bit of time, then as the
guests started arriving.  People took various positions for assisting later swapping to different areas for more assistance.

Lunch was brought or bought.  Jo B. Thanks for bringing the water by, very little left but will get it to you.

Mary N, had data found on her Grandfather, we have looked for quite a while.  It pays to go back and relook ever so often, with the help of Shirley Becker.  Shirley also helped Joanna W to understand why her computer was not working properly.

Verena Marie found two generations back on one of her lines, added the data to her tree, with help from Susi P.,  Diane V. had assistance in finding potential kin for her tree from Virginia and Mary P.  Sam S found an interesting story about a family member, even though not direct line.  Randy also shared Ancestry data with Sam S.

Mary Patterson helped those who needed assistance and shared her books, she has recently done.
She is hoping to do more  of them, with the assistance of her Grandaughter our youngest member.

John Finch and Pam Buchan held up the Military Table and Pam gave words for Connecticut and Mass. research, to our Guy members, and others who moved to their table.

Susi shared with John F. the weird coincidence of always finding the Finch name when hunting for some of her Dad's lines. Also talked with Mary Patterson about some of her family and the boundary changes that affect our research when our country was first settling.

Randy S worked with our new guest Anna F.  She went home with much information and many handouts regarding the days events.

The hitches are the things we missed by a member not being there that normally supplies power cords for the computers. We need a Tech Person that could handle that for our events.  Obviously power cords need to be part of our inventory, back up batteries for the microphone which we did not use since it died at the Wednesday meeting, and still not sure that was the total problem.

Susi found some of Verena's family in some of the books she brought to share with others.
Mary found a Young in one of the books also.

Reminder, if your member was born prior to the countries development the boundaries changed many times. Not only county but state boundaries.  We were a colony prior to the Rev. War. and records were kept in town clerks offices, courts and by the British Empire.