Sunday, December 22, 2013

Great Information Shared, Goal Setting is so Helpful.

We had a great meeting at the Lemon Grove Library last Wednesday evening.  Virginia brought home made peanut butter fudge, I brought cookies and water to share.

 We did round robin around table first discussing what was your goals and did you attain any of them.
 Yes, everyone succeeded with at least one item for the year and some a wee more.

 Lastly, we set goals for the coming year.  Doing this as a group may help us to get to where we want to be next year.

 Carol Sobke, found information on E Bay, yes, E Bay.  I have not ever tried E Bay for information.
 I bought books from them 15 years ago but not been there since, my account was compromised back then.

 Carol found a postcard of a Hotel that was affiliated with her family before her time here in San Diego.
 She is a native of this area.  Senator Hotel, Henrich August  b 6 Dec 1811 d 24 April 1893.
 She also found a postcard in Germanic region of family owned bakery but the fee was to high.

 Tim is letting Bethel do the work but he gave much local town history regarding the underground systems in San Diego, China Town of old, and many other  topics he had knowledge of.

 Bethel Williams, talked about Rev Thomas Hooker of Hartford, Conn.  O yes, they discussed how he   supported his troops and the term (Hooker's) came about.  Hardy Hooker m Delilia Flake in NC, lived in Orangeburg Co. S C.  She is looking at Morgan's in Virginia, Mississippi and believe she said Texas.

Virginia Taylor commented on the luck of three cousins finding her and helping her with information.  Family she had no knowledge of.  Jeramiah Dunham Sr and Jr.  via  She has her Blands mostly documented. She is also looking for information on Robert Dunlap, 1826 in PA.

Clayton Becker is still working with the powers that be to get his Citizenship straightened out.  He says he is seeing a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel. We love his poems he writes and shares with us.

Evelyn Hessling,  a new guest, also native born, is looking for information on her parents, who grew up here in San Diego. Her Dad was born 1886 in San Diego, if my notes correct. She was wanting to know what it was like for them to live here,  during that time in San Diego.

Susi shared someone sent her data on her Rev Joseph Patterson of Washington Co. PA and his parentage and a picture of him.  She also received early in the year from another LG researcher that the Alden line is related to the Jones line. She also received news on the Langdon line prior to their being in Ohio from Virginia.

Goals set: Carol was to continue looking for more information on Henrich and other family; Bethel is looking for the Hooker data to connect, and Morgan information; Virginia wants to crack the Robert Dunlap mystery, Clayton wants his Citizenship finally cleared, Evelyn wants more knowledge of early San Diego, and Susi is still looking for the Madison data which also could be Mattison.  Other members could not make this evening event.

Go look on E BAY, you may find something.

This is open to anyone to attend.
We will not meet the 1st Wed of Jan due to Holiday will see you on the 3rd Wed of the month.

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