Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family Tree Maker and Ken Robison

Family Tree Maker and Ken Robison Presenting.

We are hosting an event with Ken Robison regarding Family Tree Maker at the Bonita- Sunnyside

Library on Saturday 3 October 2015.

The time is from 1 P M to 4 P M or before if he runs out of questions.

Ken is giving out a door prize.

Please go to our society url and sign up for the class. But your are still welcome to attend without signing up.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society  it will be under Events.

It has been our goal to give reviews of the various programs through out the year. This helps new people and upgraded people to sometimes understand what is happening.

Amazing to learn many do not yet have a Genealogical Program that they use.

We have yet to cover and FamilySearch Family tree and others.

I do  love MyHeritage for a cloud program.

The Address is:
4375 Bonita RoadBonitaCalifornia


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reviews on Genealogical Programs by James Tanner of the Genealogy's Star blog

  I can not copy his blog but I can refer you to it so you can read his information for anyone and everyone who is not familiar with some of our Genealogical Programs.

Today Mr. Tanner wrote a great easy to read and understand blog about some programs.

Sharing that I myself use:, started with, and for a tree.
I also use Reunion for Mac.

I will share that if I had a PC I would rush to Roots Magic and use it with My Heritage as my basics.

Having not ventured into Family Search's Tree or Wiki's tree program.

Started with PAF for MAC long ago then had FTMaker, then MAC Computer brought me to Reunion. Jamboree introduced me to long ago. Then David H. introduced us to  Wow what a great program.  In the mix at Jamboree I attended a ROOTS MAGIC event with Bruce Buzbee.  Have half hankered for a PC again ever since.  Even thought of a Android device for putting it on.

I love how it works and how My Heritage works the best of all of them.

Go here and read what James Tanner has said for his thoughts.

Genealogy's Star

What Do the Reviews Have to Say About Genealogy Programs?

Thanks Mr. Tanner for posting this so I can share your knowledge with those who haven't subscribed to your blog before.

Thanks to Randy Seaver sharing about James Tanner a little more than a year ago with me.

He is up there with Judy Russell in informative information for basic genealogists, etc.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

More Weird News, Ancestry Just Keeps Doing

Ok, hoping your day starts in a jolly mood.  After all it is the second day of Fall.
Does that matter to you, probably not, but we are advancing towards winter when many
spend more time in research because the garden, yard or  out door chores are more minimal.

The other day Randy Seaver wrote about all these sources taken away. I read it and went to my site, all seemed well. I am speaking about

Yesterday after coming home from a mid day trip to  our new Local City Library of San Diego,
I wanted to add and check something on my Ancestry tree. I also wanted to get back to a person whom was working with me to find where we linked.

Would you believe the page opened up to something strange. I went to check for Shaking leaves and
there was no icon to push no place to find it. I was looking for other things and they were not there either.

Ancestry, why I ask did you ask us to reply  to your survey to make things better if you continue to
abuse your clients?

There was never anything wrong with the "Shaking Leaves", the problem was that your (Ad) implied everything a newbie found was correct and their lineage.  Two complete different things.

I do not hate I use it nearly every other day generally. Some days I do not work genealogy on line at all. I spend time reading books and sorting documents for missed clues.

So the bright colors in our trees are nice, it shows the people better and maybe will be easier to
explain to newbies the placement of the family when they start their tree.

What did  you do with my other things?  It seems I pay you a healthy fee for use of your facility and I expect you to do it well and professionally.  

Massive changes such as what opened to me at 4 p m yesterday were not up to my standards of you as a company. It seems I have lost more information and this is the second time.

 Starting at age 12 by hand and worked with Mom, migrated out on my own and due to a failed system I lost much by not having the right knowledge to back it up. Second time I lost was when the back up system died.  Trusting a company to handle things, no wonder I worry about the CLOUD, and other ways of saving.  Now I am struggling with my relationship with this company and how it treats it's clients, whom without I am not sure would survive.

My tree is separated, I had to hand place the tree portion I wanted and it did not give me data I had stored there.   If  you have check your trees and data files.

At this point the only thing I liked was the color coded names in the tree, but where is my tree in complete?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alert, Heads Up and Save, some one is Stealing.

 Help us stop this  from continuing.

Candice Lynn Buchanan
 shared Greene Connections's photo.
We are reposting this status because the person who has taken the FREE photos from continues to put them on eBay for SALE. Please check GC for photos before buying on eBay. If you need help checking GC for a particular photo, please send a note, we will help you find the photo. GC photos may be shared, added to family trees, etc. We only ask that the caption info accompany the photo. Many hours of volunteer work have gone into making these images available to all for free! Please help us to spread the word. Thank you!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Free On Line Learning Adventure

Please all check out this link and sign up for a great learning experience that is being offered free.
I am so excited about it.

Not wanting to step on toes but make you aware of it.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Information for Fall,

Information for Fall

Would love to have you all pop over to the  UpFront with NGS and read their recent post.

Archives Corps------ Saving what is in danger of disappearing

UpFront with NGS

Family Tree University is also posting some interesting news you may want to partake in.

Sept 18 to 20, 2015..  Family Tree University's Fall 2015 Virtual Genealogy Conference

My thoughts are great topics by great speakers and researchers..

The Price is out of my bracket so probably out of many others.  As I was preparing to sign up I saw the cost and about fell off my chair.

So wish some of this could be done at minimal to no cost.  Having used to give these activities, what it cost me was time for presentation creating, presenting and responding to questions. I sat at my computer at home.

Please super great people try in the future to think of a more reasonable fee.

If you can afford it you will gain a lot of knowledge but at this time I can not.

Fire has damaged 4+ family members homes and jobs and a couple of deaths have changed how I look at what I am doing.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Free Toni Perrone, Speaker, Workshop, Bonita-Sunnyside Library 5 September 2015 FREE

Chula Vista Genealogical Society Workshop
• When
Saturday, September 05, 2015
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
• Location
Bonita-Sunnyside Library Community Room, 4375 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91902

17 registrants
• Free – Free

• CVGS Workshop: “ Immigrant Library” 

She will be discussing  “German Resources at the Immigrant Library” and will include the history of the Library, the Immigrant Genealogical Society ( and some of the many German Resources found there.

This presentation will be a precursor to Toni's two talks at the 7 November CVGS Seminar, so seminar attendees are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Toni has extensive handouts, which will be emailed to those who  sign up and attend this workshop.  

Please register your attendance at the CVGS website,, and click on the Workshop entry in the "CVGS Upcoming Events" list.  

Our Society thanks you.

Toni Perrone is a founding member of the Immigrant Genealogical Society, the Immigrant Library in Los Angeles, CA, and the Temecula Valley Genealogical Society. She is the present day Chair of the German Interest Group in Temecula.
Toni serves as President of the Pommern Interest group at the Immigrant Library and on the Board of Directors of the Immigrant Genealogical Society.

She volunteers at the Family History Center in Murrietta and has for many years.

She has been a speaker to various genealogical societies since 1981. Toni has a background of 33 years of research in  German and Italian ancestry, has received numerous awards from genealogical groups, has published articles in genealogical publications, two books on family lines and is currently working on a third.

After you are registered we will send you numerous Handouts that will be presented by Toni while she addresses these topics.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

News, Access, Free

Thomas MacEntee, just shared some news.

Starting about right now we can access, for free certain data on

He states it started 11:am Central Time. Running from today through September 7th, 11 pm Central Time.

They are giving access to all US birth, death and marriage records.

Also updates to it's new Wills Collection, which is Illinois Wills are now on Ancestry.  should get you there,  stay home, stay safe and find some clues that were not
available before.

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend all week long.