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Spring Seminar Chula Vista Genealogical Society

March 31, 2012  Chula Vista Genealogical Society  Spring Seminar 

Chula Vista Golf Course   4475 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA
“British Isles To America And Migrating West”  8:30 am to  3:30 pm

Speakers: William Dollarhide                                      Leland Meitzler

The Main Migration                                                                               Migration Routes of OurAncestors                                                                                                           
groups from the BritishIsles to America prior
to the Revolutionary
 The Puritans
 The Cavaliers         
 The Quakers
The Palatines
                                                                                                            Newspaper Research in the 21st Century

The Scots-Irish
Invasion of America


Door Prizes: Ancestry, Round of Golf, FTM, 

Silent Auction:

Opportunity Drawings,

Family Roots Publishing 
P O BOX 830 Bountiful, Utah 84011
phone: 801-992-3705    or email:


Send Registration with payment: CVGS, P O BOX 3024, Chula Vista, Ca 91909-3024
Registration is $35.00 includes catered lunch & refreshments. Registration after 20 March will be $40.00

Name___________________________________________Amount enclosed_________________________________________________

Address_________________________________________Names for Name tags:_____________________________________________

________________________________________________                                    _____________________________________________

Dietary Restrictions_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Motels in the area, are from Freeway 805 to Freeway 5 which is E street to Bonita Rd. all the same street going east from Freeway 5, to the Golf Course in Bonita.

Ramada Inn
91 Bonita Rd
Chula Vista, Ca 91910
The current rates are:  1 King bed $58.40 +tax  2 Queen beds  $52.00 +tax
They have limited rooms available      next to 805 freeway

150 Bonita Rd
Chula Vista 91910
The current rates are: 1 King bed  $109.00 +tax. (the only type of room still available)
They have a weekly rate of $69.00 +tax per night 
Very limited availability              next to 805  freeway

Days Inn
699 E St 
Chula Vista 91910
The current rates are: 1 King bed  61.74 +tax  2 Queen beds  $71.24 +tax
Plenty of rooms available       Just remodeled   wi-fi etc, near 5 freeway and Hungry Hunter.
Motel 6
745 E St
Chula Vista 91910
The current rates are:  1 person  $41.39  +tax    2 people  $46.79  +tax
Plenty of rooms available   clean &  neat next to Days Inn and Hungary Hunter off 5 Freeway.

Comfort Inn
632 E St
Chula Vista 91910
The current rates are:  1 King bed  $94.67 including tax  2 Queen beds  $100.41 including tax
Limited availability  farther in from 5 freeway

Best Western South Bay Inn
710 E St
Chula Vista 91910
The current rates are:  1 King bed  $79.99 +tax  2 Queen beds  $89.99  +tax
Plenty of rooms available      across and up from Motel 6 and Days Inn near 5 freeway.

We forgot to ask at Ramada and LaQuinta about Wi-Fi but all the others have Wi-Fi available.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Native American Information

Native American Information

As I am wandering along looking for clues ever so often I find a new link or two to share.
Being an avid follower of "The Lost Colony"  on Roanoke Island I was pleased to see that
Roberta Estes has started a new blog.

She has already posted seven topics regarding Indian research.  Her last post was this one and you can read the  others at the same link. Having read each one, suspect you will like to read them too.

Native Heritage Project | Documenting the Ancestors

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ancestral Name Roulette

Ancestral Name Roulette

My person is Hannah OEN born 1826 in Germany ?   according to Migration Records if they are hers.

She came to America with two sisters landing in New York.  Family papers say she was from Russia.

So it must have been near or part of that area Russia was involved in.

She came west to  Illinois and married Abraham D. Young Jr. whom was born in Maine.
Hannah was Abraham's second wife, the first was Eliza Grover of Maine.

Hannah m 20 Dec 1849 Boone Boone Ill US 

Death Nasha, Chickasaw 
Have documentation of marriage and death. 

Her death was 29 April 1896 Chickasaw Co. Ia area, boundaries were moving.

She was the mother of  Hannah Young whom married Calvin Fay JONES of Rensselaer Co. New York, Jones Hollow, on Jones Rd. Petersburg, NY.

Daughter Hannah  marries Calvin Fay 5 July 1868 Butler Co. IOWA at her father's home. Have certificate.
My Anniversary is the same date as Calvin and Hannah.

My cousin Shirley Lee       has site.   E-Mail: has Young site

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Research Information Europe Anyone

Here I am again saying try the free sites first.  I have found lots of great information by using this site.  
Click on the map.  Europe

Then you choose between CenEuroGenWeb  or East Europe Genealogy Web
 W. David Samuelsen is coordinator of this 1st site. He is the same person who has

SAMPUBCO this site for United States information. One of my very favorite sites to use.
Many countries have translations on the site for assistance.
Eastern Europe has a multi plex of assistants according to the countries.
Check it out. 

Of course my alternate choices are and one more I will list next. recently released many new records for some European countries.
Here is hoping it will break down a few more walls.

The list on their front page is extensive but they also added more information to some of them: Germany,
Spain, England, Netherlands, & Italy.

 I see they even list Africa on their site. If you have not been here in a while it may be worth your while to come take a look.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tennessee Anyone Davidson County and Area

As a researcher I am adamant about how to start your research no matter where your researching.
Days of old it was hard and dreary and confusing. Along came a great idea that blossomed into a great venue for genealogists.
Having no idea how many hours I  spent searching in Reference Books, Who's Who's and Compendium's and Dictionaries for information this venue does not replace that but gives the soul a boost as we are struggling to first start or to complete a lineage.

When Davidson County came into view for research, reaching out to the keyboard I typed in Yes, up came that awesome site. Then I clicked on the county of need. Reading the information posted on the board on the way.  This county was a summation of more than one county in the end.  So one needs to watch your time lines for the break aways.

Here is the first one:Free Genealogy and Family History Online - The USGenWeb Project

Here is the second one:TNGenWeb Project, Inc. |

Here is the third one:List of Counties | TNGenWeb Project, Inc.

Why this one third because it tells you who the Parent county was for researching.

 I then recommend you look at the map as the fourth one:
Tennessee County Formation Maps, from Animap. TNGenWeb

Reason is so you become familiar with the counties around the area which you are seeking information.
Read the data with in the site on the county,
This County was: Cumberland District of North Carolina, Washington Co. prior to state development and county being created. 1783.

Now you are ready to click on Davidson County and go to real work.   Davidson County

By the way, I learned Nashville, is in this county.  So lucky for those citizens.

This site also says they have a site on Facebook.  Lots of resources and data can be found here.

My husbands family surnames: BROWN, TATUM, and some not known ones yet.
His family left many Browns residing there when they moved north to Iowa.

We are looking for his wife Anna Tatum's parents, suspect that Ira Tatum is a brother, for her husband & a brother witnessed papers for Ira Tatum's Will.  Anna Tatum was born about 1800.

Remember I said watch the lines. Robert Brown died 21 Dec 1849 Sumner, Tenn. US being born
1774 Orange, North Carolina, US.  Son Jacob Cantral Brown  1797-1884 married Anna Tatum, Sumner Co. Tenn. US

Sumner Co. was taken from Davidson Co. 1786
                          Wilson Co was taken from Sumner Co. 1799

Williamson Co was taken from Davidson in 1799

This method can be applied to any county in the system to get started.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pennsylvania Researchers Might Like This.

Pennsylvania Researchers Might Like This.

A new found acquaintance has said she will gladly share this information with my blog.
Judy G Russell of the Legal Genealogist posted data about the District Courts in Philadelphia about 1829.
This may help you to find the right court if the court you looked did not have it. You will need to probably look twice more.
Please go to her blog page and read this so very important information for Philadelphia area research.
Too many district courts! | The Legal Genealogist

Judy Thanks so very much. I am sure this is a surprise to many.

Class is Cancelled for Tonight

Class is Cancelled for Tonight 15 Feb 2012

Suggestions are: go through your genealogy program and see where you can fill in some of the dashes and work on that while the storm floats through and I am recovering from what ever it is.

Some Urls:
Index to Data and Photos at the Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site

Lutheran Genealogy & Family Search

Obituary Depot - WorldWide Obituary Locator and Newspaper Directory

North Carolina Newspapers | DigitalNC

Redbook Funeral Directory :: The National Direcory of Morticians

The Original Genealogy Links - John's Barrel of Links

This may give you clues.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Major Information regarding NARA for Genealogists

I want to share what Dick Eastman has posted from the NARA Representative David S. Ferriero.
 Please follow this link to read what was posted.
Archivist of the United States Comments on the President's Budget Request - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do YOU have War of 1812 Ancestors from VA?

 I read that they are in need of information on these people or any others that you know were buried in VA. Not sure why non Va buried are not included. Mine was buried in Ohio for one and Pa for the other.
Craig is in need of help on these War of 1812 men

Craig Kilby is looking for supplemental information on War of 1812 veterans buried in Shenandoah County, VA, who have German names.  Contact Craig at  He is working on a special War of 1812 project in 

Cristopher RINKER, b. 1776, d. 1842, 
John W. WINE, b. 1776, d. 1844, m. Elizabeth Unknown
John FRYE, b. unkown, d. 1872, m. 1815 Phoebe Ann Painter
Jacob FUNKHOUSER, b. 1766, d. 1846, m. 1791 Margaret Uknown
Henry PONZER, b. 1788, d. 1854, m. Eve Myers/Moyers
George KELLER, b. 1782, d. 1843, son of Jacob and Catherine Keller
John KELLER, b. 1793, d. 1857, m. Dorothy Unknown, son of Jacob and Catherine 
Lawrence KELLER, b. 1786, d. 1851,  son of Jacob and Catherine Keller
Henry KAGEY, b. 1788, d. 1839, m. Elizabeth Unknown, son of Jacob Kagey
Phillip SPANGLER, b. unknown, d. 1827, m. Regina Stover
John NEFF, b. 1776, d. 1852, m. Elizabeth Unknown
John FOLTZ, b . 1793, d. 1869, m. Mary Margaret Pence 1815
Frederick HISEY, b. 1792, d. 1862 Edinburg, 
Joseph WHISSEN, b. 1770, d. 1840, m. Elizabeth
Jacob FUNKHOUSER, b. 1784, d. 1856, m. Catherine
Michael KOONTZ, b. unknown, d. 1855, 
Jacob LUTZ, b. 1792, d. 1878, m. Lydia Painter 1810, m. Regina
Ephraim RINKER, b. 1788, d. 1830, m. Anna
Anthony SPANGLER, b. 1774, d. 1834, son of Philip P. Spangler and Anna M. 
George HAMMAN, b. 1780, d. 1864, 
Jacob FUNK, b. 1795, d. 1872, buried with the Stoner family
Fielding FINKS, b. 1789, d. 1874, m. France

Pennsylvania Researchers-- Information

Pennsylvania Researchers,
I just received an email stating that the bill Governor Corbett signed 15 December 2011, will be  affective
13 February, 2012.

Pennsylvania Governor Corbett signed Vital Records Bill SB-361 into law on December 15, 2011 as Act 110 of 2011. It goes into effect on February 13th, 2012. State death records more than 50 years old and birth records more than 105 years old will then be available to all at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg. However, the new law does not require that they be made available online, but now makes it legally possible to do so. We have to be vigilant in making sure the Governor and the State Archives do all they can to make sure the records are made available online and that we don't end up with the very real possibility of foot dragging or empty promises.

Please visit the People for Better Pennsylvania Historical Records Access  (PaHR-Access) completely revised website for more information about this. Be sure to read Frequently Asked Questions for a detailed discussion and in particular When And How Can I Start Looking At These Records? for how these records can be put online at no cost to the taxpayer:

You might also want to read the article “Early Christmas Gift to Pennsylvania Genealogists.”

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Monday, February 6, 2012

More Urls to live by. Mystery Monday

More Urls to Live By. Mystery Monday

It is always a mystery, when so many new sites suddenly appear.  Ahhh which one do I want to play with.
Well, a few I am familiar with and there are many I am just finding.

Webinars are basically educational and fun both. Sometimes you get some very vital thoughts on how to tackle a Genealogical problem.


People Search  and there really are many, besides them helps to find a lost family member or neighbor when the need arrives. I have used it for personal and work both.  Successful and not sometimes.
But if Aunt Meg has disappeared or the house burned with the address book this site is a help.

People Search by ZabaSearch - Free People Search Engine

This site is fun to use and make better estimated guesses of ones ancestors births.

Genealogy: Tombstone Birth date calculator. Calculate birthday from death date and age.

This is a Rootsweb related site and the information here can help in dealing with Wills, Deeds, Probates and reading old court materials.

Genealogy terms

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tidbits of This and That Genealogical

Tidbits of This and That Genealogical

Reading blogs, Facebook posts, Google+ posts and roots lists queries can really give one great ideas.

Have you taken the time to read about "THE LOST COLONY" group doing massive research.

Lost Colony Research Group

Roberta Estes is the lead person on this great adventure. It is a true adventure and may solve one of the oldest murder mysteries we can learn of in our time.

Another article shared the information to find this site and so I am sharing site with you for your  research.
Access Genealogy: A Free Genealogy Resource

This site will make your head spin and eyes whirl.   Enjoy.

Looking for books try this group.

Family Roots Publishing -   They are to be our speakers in March. O yes they are bringing the books
for  guests to purchase.

Want some Polish help try this site for some advise and knowledge.
HELLO! What a fantastic piece of technology! - Sherlock's Genealogical Adventures


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's Tips, North Carolina

Thursday's Tips,  North Carolina

As we cover different states for  researching our ancestors today I learned of a great book that Judy G Russell, uses and finds it excellent. It was for the state of NC  and yes she gave me permission to share this information.

Finding NC court records | The Legal Genealogist

The book is named: North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History  by Helen F M Leary, 2nd edition.

She also mentions North Carolina Archives for information.

 Remember I love to start with and then go to state and then county your seek information in.  Remember to utilize all the potential sources each link may share with you.

 Do not forget the archives either.