Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blessed New Year to All

Wishing a joyous and blessed New Year to All

Yes, I have wandered home again and am preparing to set up for the New Year.

Hoping everyone's Holiday was a delight no matter what faith you are.

We are enjoying my husband's sister again and mourning the loss of a friend.

Our next Genealogical Meeting in Lemon Grove is 2 January. Look forward to

seeing you all there.

Prepare to discuss, the upgrading of your Family Tree.

Let us see what you have filled in and what you have missing.

Warning if you need CA Death or Birth Certificates, due it by Monday, because the fee goes up $5 on January 1.  I need my Mothers' since it was never presented to me.

I also need a copy of Dad's Death Certificate it was never shared either.

Did you get a subscription to a society somewhere for Christmas? I sure  hope so.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Do You Belong? Genealogical or Historical Group

Do You Belong?  Genealogical or Historical Group

 Belonging to a state genealogical society just may be what will break down your brick wall.

Have you looked at what they offer at their online sites?

Do not be intimidated and afraid to ask for help.  They carry so much information it may take you a few days to wander through what they can offer.

Oh, if your afraid of the fees, check some are not high some are very absorbent but they offer much.

Ok set back and listen again.  "Do You Belong?" to a County group or region group?
Please, I can not express how important it is to belong to a group near where  you do your research.
I live in San Diego, CA I belong to organizations in SW Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachussett's, & Virginia,  besides Chula Vista, San Diego, and Burbank CA.
You get more history of the area which helps in your research.  The more you know about the region the easier it is to find information and ask for the information you really need.

Some Societies fees are as little as $15 a  year others are as high as $125 so I am told.

Paying for NEHGS is to me worth the dollars spent for information it gives me.

Paying for Ohio Genealogical Society also does the same thing for research in that state for both myself and my Sister in law.

Belonging to my local society and three others in this region has opened doors and found new friends, and new relatives though they are distant. We can swap and exchange data and sometimes we fill in each others blanks.  Now that is the real deal when we can fill in each others blanks.

It is the time of year to hear people say, "What do you want for Christmas?", tell them a subscription to a society you have not taken the plunge into and could surely use.

All Rights Reserved, Ask I may share.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finding new Search Sources

Finding New Search Sources

As the holiday time fast approaches I skim over much of the news that floats across my screen.

It is nice to know that once in a while a tidbit jumps out and says, "look at me".

Not having much experience in using this site I still wanted to share it with others.

Public Records Free Directory for People Search in the U.S

It is called  for trademark.

It has very much intrigued my sister in law and I. Wondering if we could find a Denzien, Denzine relative somewhere along the line. Where you ask, mostly anywhere, but some were in Ohio, some were in Poland.

We tried Michael Denzine, requesting Ohio or Poland.

We got this and were very surprised.

Here is hoping this site may be of use to you.

Records Found
View Records
2 Birth Records found for Michael Denzine »
14 Death Records found for Michael Denzine »
3 Marriage Records found for Michael Denzine »
0 Divorce Records found for Michael Denzine »
1 Living People Records Found for Michael Denzine

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving 21 Nov for Nov 22 ,2012 Celebration


Thanksgiving is the topic for class Wednesday evening.  Do come and help make memories for your Thanksgiving this year.

6 to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library, 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Truly wishing we think of our countries less fortunate this year.  The east coast has suffered a massive loss of property, lives and peace of mind.

Hoping everyone takes the time to give something to them for recovery. It is amazing how fast a few dollars add up if everyone shares.  

Personally, I am thankful to all the great people who have attended the classes and helped share their knowledge on their own lineages. The Brick Walls, they have and the walls they have  broken down.

I am most grateful to the San Diego County Library System for allowing us to share time and knowledge with others.

Our families are our lives.  Whether it was a GrandFather or GrandMother that made our Thanksgiving one we remember it is was family that kept us  going and still does.

We need the knowledge of our Great Great Grandparents lives to appreciate our own.  Many of us in that bracket had Civil War Veterans.  If you go back five to six generations your talking of the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War.  The creating of our nation as a self established government.

Thanksgiving came about when the Pilgrims and Indians shared situations to survive very early in our existence on this continent.  I am most thankful I belong to both sides of the creation of Thanksgiving.

If unable to attend, here is still wishing you a very Blessed, Joyous Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Interesting Posts That May Help.

I had a major topic to discuss, decided to let it set a bit until I can wrap my thoughts around it more accurately. So sharing some more interesting sites that keep popping up for us to look at and maybe utilize.

This one seems to ooze with information:
Military History Online

Suspecting this was posted before but have fun:
New Horizons Genealogy - Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry

German Research maybe this will help:

Massachusetts and More Genealogy Blog

Ancient History:
(96) History of the Ancient World

More Ancient History:
An early Celtic “Stonehenge” discovered in the Black Forest

More Current Veteran's Information:
Burial records for military personnel posted online -

Try this for new sources or some you may have forgotten to check.
Exploring Veterans & Historical Organizations

Saving Memories Forever:  
How It Works | Saving Memories Forever

Improve your photos when shooting?
Digital Photography Tips: Digital Photography School

Lots of tips on lots of subjects at this site. Seems we are always looking for a  better angle or better light to make a clearer picture.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sharing Urls and More Information

As we are accepting Veteran's Day and the loss of  members of our family and friends and preparing for Thanksgiving and other Holiday's, I thought I would share scattered links and data.

Some of our blogging friends wrote some great memorials to their ancestors. Others are asking we help to help find the families of veterans whom die away from home and family has no idea where they are or were.

Having attended a great Italian Genealogy Event I will share an Italian site with you.

 Everything you want to know about Italian Names - by Steve Russo

Looking for ever in New York for elusive Wrights and Wilsons, we found some neat maps that may be helpful for others.

New York county maps cities towns full color

New York State | Map-NY

New York State and County Maps and Atlases great interactive map.

When doing research do you watch the dates and boundary changes for information? Did you know that Seneca County New York was a partial home of Tompkins County later founded?

If you look for Tompkins County in 1810 you will not find it. Have to wait until 1820 since it was founded April 7,  1817 from Seneca and Cayuga Counties.

Maybe wanting more help in New England  and New York Colonial American Genealogy try this site.

It has the Barbour Collection here.

Companion site is here.

Many new blogs and sources show up all the time.

My posts on some of my ancestors whom served are here:
Surname Saturday a bit late. HIGGINS, - Genealogy Wise
next post is about Sanford Hoffman son of man in this picture.

And Just for Fun.

The Homestead Survival: Raspberry- Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Lots of survival data here for your appreciation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday for Genealogists

Treasure Chest Thursday for Genealogists

My friend wrote a critical blog post this morning regarding Washington State Records.

So today I am going to highlight some blogs that may help you keep abreast of news for genealogists or help you with your research.

Washington public records threatened | The Legal Genealogist

A group wants to close all records in State of Washington.

Genealogy Canada

If you do Canadian Research you may want to be aware of this site.
Did you know Canadian's fought in our Civil War?
Some of my kin was on the Canadian side for the Rev War.
Some stayed north some came back to USA.

Many sublinks on her site for assistance.

Scottish Wills & Testaments from 1902 to 1925 Go Online
affiliated with Leland and Patty Meitzler

Information we may need for our research is sent out on a steady basis for us to be aware of through this site.
It is a site. but the link is for this topic this time.

UpFront with NGS: Saved from Dumpster: Amazing map collection

This blog is by the National Genealogical Society and it posts information you can have delivered to your email and you do not need to be a member of the society.  It is information for everyone.
This was a great find and what a terrific savings of sources and resources.

Dead Fred may be Housing Your Missing Family Members! | The In-Depth Genealogist

A great blog site with topics from many Genealogists. So it not the same writer  each time.
Covers many topics and areas for research.

If you have some great sites and wish to share send to me and we can share them on this site for everyone to utilize.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Probate Records Wednesday Evening Lemon Grove Library

Probate Records Wednesday Evening Lemon Grove Library  6 to 8 p m.

Probate Records Wednesday Morning San Diego Genealogical Society Library 10 a. m.

Yes much the same talk will be given at both places.  I have given one before for SDGS and because this is such a large deep topic. Will hope to expound on what I did not cover last time.

Probate is such an important part of an Estate Settlement.  That I can share from very personal experience.  If you have not made a Will or Trust please consider doing so soon. Please use someone that has knowledge of how this system works and what it entails.  Choose your Executor wisely for it can cause massive grief.  Do not chose a family member unless your truly sure they will be impartial.

So head either to the SDGS Library on Ronson Rd in San Diego or to Lemon Grove Library, on Broadway in Lemon Grove to learn more of what is so vital for family at one's demise.

See you Wednesday.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roots Magic Workshop To Be Given By Randy Seaver

Roots Magic Workshop #2 will be given by Randy Seaver at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library, 4375 Bonita Rd,  Bonita, CA.  Sunday afternoon 1 p m to 3 p m.

For further details please go to Randy's web page and find out the topics he will explore and
the  questions he hopes to answer for you.

Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe

This is the second workshop given in regards to RootsMagic

Yes, this is free and in the Community Room.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Great Information Shared, West Virginia's birth

West Virginia's Birth

 Yes, I am sharing this information with you and asking you to go to a friends site to read this information to assist you in the development of West Virginia.

There was much turmoil in the USA at this time and more in the counties of what is today West Virginia.   The War had started. Upheaval was everywhere.   Judy has done another excellent job and I am not about to mimic it.

Please go to this site and learn more on West Virginia.

The Legal Genealogist | Genealogy, the law and so much more

Judy, Thanks for another great article.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some Virginia Urls and Information

Some Virginia Urls and Information

To be a Virginian 
either by Birth,
 Marriage, Adoption,
 or even on 
one's Mother's side
 is an Introduction to
any State in the Union ,
a Passport to
 any Foreign Country, 
and a Benediction from Above

(William Faulkner?)

Basic Sources One Should Use

Library of Congress                        
National Archives           
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Online databases include family histories, Bible records and military files, with special gateways for African-American and American Indian research

Search detailed information on about 80,000 individual slaves, 8,000 free people of color, and 62,000 whites—both slaveowners and non-slaveowners—extracted from legislative and county court petitions, wills, inventories, deeds, bills of sale, depositions and court proceedings. For slaves, data may include information otherwise lost to the tragic history of slavery, including age, dates of ownership, economic and family information.

Collecting more than 10 million genealogy records from nearly 4,300 sources, this is a good place to check for less-obvious resources such as school yearbooks, alumni lists and city directories. You’ll also find some vital records, censuses, passenger lists and military records.

This Library of Virginia site stands out for the richness and genealogical usefulness of its digital collections. Local history lessons are nice, but what we love are the real records found here: Revolutionary War land bounties, court records, family Bibles, Civil War pension rolls and disability applications, WWI veterans questionnaires and more. Even if you don’t have Virginia kin, the index to Confederate Veteran magazine may be worth a visit.

North Carolina Archives

Archives of Maryland
Maps and Photos

For any state and for each county within  the state plus check their archives
Maps, Pictures, Government records

Launched in 2000 as a place to share vintage family photos, this site now also includes family stories and even recipes. Photo tags make it easy to look for pictures of everything from cowboys to royalty.

historic maps and county boundaries

Interesting combo site for seeking street views etc

New way of researching, shared data by others.

Graves, Tombs and Cemeteries.

Civil War Faces

 Fee Based Sites..............  $124. 99 a year   historical maps  fee based

Fee based  I think worth it.

Genealogy Bank, Newspapers. U.S. Military Records

now owned by MyHeritage 
 I have used this.

Free and mixed free and pay for same site.

It’s time to stop playing FarmVille and start taking Facebook seriously for genealogy. Not only is there a constant stream of apps for family historians (see our rundown in the July 2011 Family Tree Magazine), but research tools such as WorldCat now even have their own Facebook apps.

Both Y and Mtdna is shown here. 

Since its founding in 2008, this wiki-style tree-sharing collaborative has grown to 3.3 million profiles contributed by 47,500 “WikiTreers.” You can choose to join in and share your family finds or keep everybody less than 300 years old private. Membership is by invitation; you can request one through the site.

Excellent for matching lines, make sure they match, not just appear to match. I use it nearly daily. Like it better than the Shaking leaves on Ancestry.   mixed free and fee $4.95 p month,

 Virginia sources

1. Remember they had Independent Cities plus Counties.

2. Parishs of Virginia


Genealogical and Historical Societies

      map of the state

The Virginia Genealogical Society
            5001 W. Broad St. #115
            Richmond, VA  23230-3023



Use Google for Googling books and other information. Just Google a name, a town.

Remember to pay attention to boundary areas and look both sides of the fence when dealing with county lines and state lines. This applies to all research.

Also recall, that Virginia due to agreement with England covered to the Mississippi River , fur traders, and mountain men, guides and Indians, all had a development hand in the creation of this state and it's outlying regions. It also reached north near the Canadian border and south to about Louisiana, which the French held. Florida region was held by Spain.  Remembering again that Britain and France were in control of Canada.

The waterways were key vital methods of travel. 

More on another post.   All Rights Reserved.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

W VA and VA Resources WED Evening

West Virginia and Virginia Resources

Come join in the learning of the great state that the Civil War  split.
This was one of the largest held land groups prior to the major development of the country.

 It covered to the Mississippi and to Canada and down to near the south.

It happened due to the Fur Traders that Britain had set up.  As the areas developed the boundaries shrank back ultimately to what it is today.  The last major change was during the Civil War when the northwestern part of the state split.

6 to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library  In  back corner of shopping mail Anna's Rest. is on the front corner.

3 plus  pages of urls and data to digest.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Today was Farmers Day

Today was declared Farmers Day.    

Since you look on a census and so  many people put Farmer as the occupation this may be a good topic to address.

 Abraham Lincoln created the U. S. Department of Agriculture in 1862.  

We do not know when this day was first created, many say it came about during the mid 1800's.
Reason was, as I stated above, was so many people then were farmers.  They were the backbone of our country.

 The things I learned about some of my farmers were,  they were anything but farmers. Multi talented human beings that cared and shared with their neighbors in a manner we some how have forgotten.

One farmer ancestor build several bridges with his sons and a couple of neighbors, he build homes, he built the first free standing stairwell and I have the article of it being in the paper. He also built churches in his community.  I suspect that maybe building was his hobby, since he did not say it was his profession.  A talented man he was. I have pictures of some of the bridges, houses and a church he build.  Yes, he did a covered bridge or two and some with out covers.

I also know he grew food  crops and had hay fields for the animals.  He raised pigs, sheep, chickens, and had a few cows not  to many. I think cows were  mainly for milk to make butter, buttermilk and
use in cooking and feeding the pigs. I found his name in the tax lists for selling products in the town.
It also listed what he sold.

Many of my ancestors listed them selves as Farmers but were they really farmers or other professions?
I even noted that Mr. Gallentine in State Office listed himself as a Farmer not a statesman.  His family married into this family.  When French nobleman came to visit he was out working in his fields and the nobleman was stunned.  That was also written up in the newspaper.

His son called himself a Farmer, but he was a Lay Minister in the church of his calling. Yes, he farmed but it was not what he spent his spare minutes on.

I had a relative that was a Farmer and they lived the life of a Farmer, up early by 5 a m. Out in the fields and working until dusk and some times taking only a short break for snack and daily  needs.
It was hard grueling work but he seemed to enjoy it. He also shared his tools with neighbors and helped them to cut the grain and run their grains to the grain mills.  Long days from like 5 am until at least 7 pm in the evening and sometimes longer if the machinery broke down and the next day was already planned.

So what was your Farmer?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Follow Up, CeCe Moore, and New York Resources.

Follow Up  CeCe Moore and New York Resources.

This is the Follow Up of this past week.  Shirley gave a great talk with 3+ pages of urls for people doing New York Research on Wednesday.  We had one new guest attend.  Peoples you missed a great talk.   To find the links she shared they can be located on this blog. Yes they are free. She discussed the confusing naming system of the NY State county set ups.  I still struggle with a town is not a town, it is in my mind a township?  You find Villages in Towns?   They also share borders with Canada, and present day Vermont, which used to be part of New York and snuggle up next to Pennsylvania.
Another state gave claim to for pensioners of the Rev War to a segment of New York, also

Check out these pages of information.  Also would like feedback as to whether  you feel like this helped you find your lost data.

 CeCe Moore and one of her great graphic charts.

 Today we did the Workshop in Bonita at the Library and were thrilled with the presentation by CeCe Moore, Genetic Genealogist.  I myself found, I loved the charting format she used, the color coding of explaining the links and combinations of potential links, etc.  

We had two hours of information and questions and then we went another 40 some minutes into a multi of many more questions. We had a nice attendance and many guests.  We asked her back for the Spring Seminar 30 March at the Chula Vista Golf Course.

Hoping to share some photos I took with you all tomorrow so you can see her chart lay out.

Remember our next meeting event we will be talking about Old Virginia and West Virginia for resources 18 October.  

You may also like to refresh what you can learn at a library by reading this:Research and Where to Look - Genealogy Wise

Thursday, October 4, 2012

7 October Bonita Sunnyside Library, CeCe Moore DNA

DNA with CeCe Moore            FREE no Fee

Come listen to CeCe Moore talk about DNA and what it can do to help us in our research.

Mark the day, CeCe Moor is coming to the Bonita-Sunnyside Library to talk on DNA. October 7th from 1 p m to 3 p m.
CeCe Moore is a professional genetic genealogist and writes the popular blog "Your Genetic Genealogist." 
She is the Southern California Regional Coordinator for the International Society of Genetic Genealogy and the administrator of the organization's DNA Newbie Yahoo Group. 

CeCe serves as an " Ancestry Ambassador " to 23andMe
and advisory board of the Mixed Roots Global Adoptee Genealogy Project. She is the administrator of several DNA projects at Family Tree DNA and a member of Mensa.

{October 7th 1 to 3 pm Bonita-Sunnyside Library}

Light refreshments will be served.

Friday, September 28, 2012

October Lemon Grove Library Schedule

 Lemon Grove Library Schedule for October

3 October                New York Resources by Shirley Becker

New York Resources  will cover places to look and things to dig out for hunting down the ever elusive New York ancestor. It really says it all in it's title.  Come learn about New York Resources and share your experiences with attendees.  For obvious reason's New York is known as the "BlACK HOLE" of Genealogy for United States Research.

Shirley Becker as a born New Yorker, has spent many years doing research in New York State. She is also Past President, and Past Newspaper Editor among other jobs she has held in the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.  She has given many talks over the years and she has some great Organizational Skills she passes on ever so often in talks. She also hosts the Computer  Research Meeting  at the  Chula Vista Library for the society every month.  

18 October              Virginia and West Virginia Resources by Susi Pentico

Virginia was a large state covering to the Mississippi River early later shrinking down to it present size.  It also encompassed a portion of North Carolina very early. It was the early Fur Trade agreements that expanded Virginia to cover to the mighty Mississippi River (Northwest Territory).

As states developed and lands were re-marked for statehood the boundaries changed. 
West Virginia was taken from Virginia when the Civil War divided the peoples of the region. 
We will be talking a lot about early life, to time of the Civil War for records,  up through division of the state.
Come learn more about these to states sources and maps availability.

Susi Pentico has taught classes on the Mid Atlantic region for more than 20 years.  She has many ancestors from this region. She is a lecturer, writer and the Educational Chairperson for the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

Susi can be reached at or 619 623 5250
Shirley Becker can be reached at

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Follow the Path, Kentucky

More Follow the Path

Today I am so pleased that I am almost to excited to write. Suddenly,  the MORROW/SCOTT Family has shared more tidbits and news.  In attempting to verify a MORROW connection I found more family.

The good news, well some of it, is she is a researcher for the state of Kentucky and her web site is
more than worth the time to check out the url's, friends and family have shared to increase our knowledge.  She has a few pages of them.  She has also a side business where she helps you build a site and do research. I have to read about this also.

She started in 2004 this site I am on:  Kentucky is My Home!  by Sue Ann.

It is going to take a day to go through what she has available: Coal Mine Data, Cemetery,
Family Pictures, Family Folklore etc.  Just take a walk down this Path and see if there is some help here for you.  She covers more than I am  going to mention here. GO- LOOK and SEE.

It will take me a day to read the guest book to see if  more kin is lurking there.

Amazing she was raised in Louisville, KY where my SCOTT/MORROW cousin taught at the University.

John MORROW b 1793 Virginia  m Patience TUTTLE 18 May 1820 Wayne Co. Ky (his second marriage) (Tuttle is from GA and originally from Connecticut Tuttle's)
 Daughter Rebecca Morrow born 1821 Mercer Co. Ky  moves to Iowa with family and later marries
25 Mar 1841 Henry Co. Ia to John Cornelius SCOTT( His line goes back to Halifax Co. VA abt 1730)

Cornelius (Franklin) SCOTT b 31 Jan 1856 Moravia, IA  d 4 Dec 1918 Lenox, IA marries
Ella WARDEN, Daughter of Daniel WARDEN( from PA) and Mary J LANGDON ( from VA Joseph Langdon).

His middle daughter Inez Mae SCOTT, b 6 Oct 1892 Taylor Township. IOWA m 29 Mar 1912 Moravia, IA to Cecil Lee HOFFMAN.    They are my Grandparents (dcd). (His line also is VA/Maryland beginnings) Very early, very early.

Considering that almost all of these lines originated in Virginia in the beginning it is really been a Path to Follow to find my kin of long ago.  Sue Ann, Thanks. or

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Follow the Path

Today sharing the information that, we see, we think we see and we hear and we think we hear and yet we miss the vital clue.

How does this happen you say?  Example:  Everyone sets down to the table, everyone has milk but one person always has coffee or water.  Do you ever question why that happened?   Did it ever occur to you that this person maybe was milk intolerant?  I did not, and when later I asked about the milk intolerance I was told, "Did you ever see me drink a glass of milk?".  Wow, what a thought to have seen and not seen.

How often does that  happen in your life? Are you missing vital clues to the health of your ancestors, and family members?

We see smoking and we all have been made aware of it's side affects, but we do not see, so many things we see and do not mentally register it as a clue.

Certain foods people can eat and others can not, is this a common thing in the family or unique?

Were your ancestors, active and strong and busy, in the fields and the barns and work with animals maybe?  Or were they a person living in town and a Bookkeeping clerk or Dry goods  clerk?  Are these clues to their health?  Was breathing the wheat, oat or rye chaff, an irritant to the lungs and bronchial tubes?  Were their health needs a clue to why they did  certain occupations?  Was certain occupations a clue to their health needs?

This is the first of many articles that will be added over the coming days. Mixed with urls and other suggestions for research.

We will be Following the Path of many genealogical thoughts that suddenly seem to be surfacing.

Biographical Review Volume XXXIII: Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Greene, Schoharie and Schenectady Counties, New York

Philippines Tomb Discovery At 1,000-Year-Old Village Show Unexpected Advances (PHOTOS)

Clear your ancestors off your to-do list -

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Follow the Path. Wed 6 pm Lemon Grove Library

Wednesday evening, I will be presenting a  program that I have developed to use for presentations.

We will be starting with FOLLOW THE PATH,  and it will show you on the path of research the things we really need to look at and digest to make our research easier to source and share.

Follow the Path has 20 components and I will be presenting 9 of them to you this Wednesday evening.

Suspecting you will be amazed at what we have missed and how much easier a time line can become.

Come join us at 6 P M Lemon Grove Library,  8073 Broadway. Lemon Grove, way back in the corner of the shopping mall. Anna's is on the corner and St. John's is across the street. Washington street is the intersecting street.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seminar Sept 22 Bonita-Sunnyside Library

Come learn how to get started in genealogy. Presentations on Roots Magic, Reunion, FTM, and other programs regarding genealogy.  Access to learn how to search on,, and Ancestry and other  sites.  Learn how to properly fill out the basic forms all genealogists should be using.  Learn where to find blanks on the internet.  Meet others that are here to help you and get going with your own research and family history.  Our society is over 25 years old in the City of Chula Vista. We are nonprofit. We raise funds for scholarships and assist schools with speakers and programs when asked.  Come learn more about us and what we can do for you.

Monday, September 10, 2012

California Research & Other Stuff

California Research and Other Stuff

As I was wandering through my mail, found a site about California research and links that we can use.

Leslie Lawson has put together a series of urls for research in California.  Suspecting once you have seen it you will utilize it quite often for California Research.

California - links for the rest of the state - Lawson Research Services, LLC

What a great resource for Californians, Thanks Leslie

Also learned that there has been work done to replace the old Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, site.  It is up and running and looking for the Volunteers to make it as good or better than the previous site, which we lost due to death of creator.

So leap in and offer to help in a spot or two if you can.  Mark thanks for making this information available to us.

Generous Genealogists

Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits posted something also I want to share.

It has to do with Medieval Scotland people.  Thanks Christine for the information I love to follow your blog.

Go here and learn

This is her blog page.Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pennsylvania and New York Research Review

Pennsylvania and New York Research Review

Tonight at class we will be covering some interesting places to look for information in Pennsylvania.

We will also cover more search engines.

We also will talk about New York Research Aids.

Remember if your doing Pennsylvania research you may need to look in Maryland, today's West Virginia or yesteryears Virginia or Connecticut.

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy, Facts, Records & Links

Federation of Genealogical Societies - Home

Scottish Genealogy Tips Tricks & Tidbits  Terms used by ODD FELLOWS.

See you this evening.  6 pm Lemon Grove Library.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

More News and Some Links- York and Adams Co. PA

More News and Some Links

Spending time scouring for data on a family name and scrambled matter I run across a site of old that has only gotten better.

If you have ever researched in York County or Adams County, Pennsylvania you may have already been exposed.

 There is a neat man who is doing some very awesome work to help our challenges be lessened.

 Dr Neal Hively, has plotted and mapped out all of York County by hand.  I understand he did the same for Adams County.  Now he is doing Franklin County but with a assisted format.

Having shared this data with a cousin whom found her lost Patterson's via his maps and books about 7 years ago. I am more than excited to say I have found MYERS that are in BERWICK, York Co., PA of old. now Berwick, Adams Co. PA.

My cousins and I are going to be waiting with exciting hopes for a answer to a weird situation.

So you may want to check this link out if your digging in this region. Remember this area was  also claimed by Maryland at this time.

Fun Fun Fun.  

Do try this...Book Dealers  Many other links are on this page to help in research for Pennsylvania & other places or societies.

 You can order the book that goes with the Map which will have more information than just what is on the map.

Check out the data that this  man has done to improve our researching.

Dr Neal Hively, I just can not say enough about your dedication to showing the boundaries and neighbors in such a delightful way.   I love Maps.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picnic Success, Neighbors Found

Picnic Success and Neighbors Found

We held this, Getting to know your Neighbor," picnic to expose members to more members whom may be researching same areas, same names and to help our growing society to be better acquainted with our new members.

We had  two new guests, which are always welcome.

 A Birthday Cake was brought to celebrate Gary's birthday and all the other August birthdays. Wow there was a lot of them. That was a surprise from Virginia who could not come due to knee surgery.
Having passed her five Generation Chart around for others to be familiar with her names, we found her two potential links.

 We have others in the society whom are digging around in South West Pennsylvania, and southern Ohio.

 We learned two people had DILL, 3 people had HENDERSON, 2 people had PRATHER, 2 people had ROOT, 2 people had SWEET.  I believe as I toured the tables that there were others with same surnames such as SMITH.  There may have been more potential links I missed.

Gary working as MC for the event forgot his five generation chart.

Having it as a successful getting to know your fellow members and their names seemed to say, a five Generation chart is good but one should have one like Randy Seaver's who had one huge Fan Chart done by family years ago.

It was suggested by many, that we do a Ten Generation Chart event soon for those who are farther back in lineage.  Two members are back about 13 generations and many have one line back 9 or 10 generations with other lines only back 2 or 3 generations, with major brick walls in their way.

For those of you reading this I believe I have found where we can get the big 15 Generation Charts some were showing.

We covered Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland,  many areas of the United States and Mexico.
 Suspecting everyone learned something new and different.

 Gary's games about the knowledge of the 13 Original Colonies was quite interesting.

 Do you know where the first Little League Game was played?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Find Your Neighbor in Genealogy Picnic Monday

Come Join in the Fun.  Enjoy the Chula Vista Genealogical Society Picnic at the Bonita - Sunnyside Library  11 to 2 Monday.  21 August.

You may find you have kin next to you or at least a neighbor.  If we are as science says 1/78th related and then recently moving it down to 1/5? related think it was 57th.  A room full of 100 people would find you at least one if not two distant kin.

Reason for this was to help new people meet older society members, for everyone to share their surnames and information, to get to know each other better and it makes us a stronger society.

Bring five generation charts or ten generation or what ever you have. Bring lap top if you want to so you can add at the time of find.  If not at least print out your surnames and where from or at to share with others.

This should prove fun. Last time we did this  was when Nina S was either Pres or VP. I found five direct cousins in the society then and almost all came from Greene Co. PA.  Nina S is a Hoffman cousin.

Alas most of them have past on now but we did link directly.  O Ernie Boyer we sure had fun playing with our names and  sharing information. RIP.

 Rueben Bingham just passed this week and we never worked our potential links.  Ralph Zahn linked via two names. We miss him.

My list could go on so we are hoping others can find links amongst the members and enrich their knowledge of family.

 Bring your sack lunch.  Be prepared to sing the Birthday song also.  
 This message coming to you from Virginia (whom is doing well, since surgery) & myself.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Exciting News for Researchers in VT and NC

Exciting news for many researchers has come across my screen.

Fortunately it may benefit family research in both places.
This came in on a blog (Genealogy Blog)  and it is from a online magazine in North Carolina.

Western Regional Archives to Open August 13

This is from Asheville, The Western Regional Archives at the Department of Cultural Resource's.

 The release of information for easier access is great news for researchers. Please read the entire report to realize what they have done.

Again (GenealogyBlog) has notified me and the world of another archives opening.

Vermont State Archives opens court records for research

Here is a snippet of the news, please check out the entire  news.  Records for us, 152 cubic feet of dockets, record books and case files dating from 1800  to 1945.

I do not want to copy but want to report that the news is at these to links provided.

Congratulations to both states for doing this.

Now if you do not subscribe to the GenealogyBlog you may want to. The post information daily generally regarding records, books and other genealogical information


Friday, August 10, 2012

New Findings regarding Ancient Peoples

As a member of the LOST COLONY group at Roanoke Island we are always looking for interesting things about genetics and connections.

Today reading the mail I found two separate links that I thought  might add to the "Intrigue".

One deals with a natural disaster and the ultimate results felt in England or UK.

 It was probably felt in more than the UK but here is the link.

Archaeology & Palaeontology News - Press Releases : Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe | Heritage Daily - Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases

This discovery was in Spain.  I read and watch and keep waiting for the clues to show up in places ancient history implies was a busy place.  Here is one  for you all to enjoy.
The article even says they recovered the complete Mitochondrial DNA of one of these individuals.

Archaeology & Palaeontology News - Press Releases : CSIC recovers part of the genome of 2 hunter-gatherer individuals from 7,000 years ago | Heritage Daily - Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases

 Here is hoping you find this as interesting as I did.

Roberta Estes Bio at The Lost Colony Research Group

Lost Colony DNA Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mysteries are everywhere.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DNA Presentation 1 Aug Lemon Grove Library 6 pm

DNA Presentation

Wednesday evening we will be adding more information to our limited learned DNA knowledge.
Hoping you all have read some of the previously posted links. Maybe even googling to see what you can learn on your own about DNA.

I will have exciting news to share Wednesday.

Having been scouting about for more information to assist all the ethnicities I am posting more urls here for you all to absorb.

Blog | Irish Origenes: Use Family Tree DNA to Discover Your Genetic Origins | Clans of Ireland | Irish Surnames Map

 Lots of great information here on the history and genetics of the today Irish people's past. Also surnames, maps, explanation of which area holds these surnames.   It makes me want to book a trip to Ireland.

A cousin shared this link with me covering a lot of Germanic and Prussian information. Not so much genetics but wanted to share this.

Researching German Ancestors - Guide to German Genealogy

 It does have a great link to the origins of many ethnic names though.
name origins - : Genealogy

German Surname Meanings & Origins - Last Names From Germany - Top 50 German Surnames

And my favorite of these groups is this one. It will take hours or days for you to absorb all the knowledge posted here for Genetics, DNA and & Health History.

Genetic Genealogy - Health Histories & DNA Family Trees

We will hope to cover some of this links Wednesday evening.

See you at 6 P M 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, Ca 91945  In the shopping mall behind Ann's Rest.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Learning About DNA

Learning About DNA

This blog will talk about DNA and what it may do for your research.  It will be in small doses and we will be looking at other peoples information already out there. No sense in duplicating the wheel but want to help you to learn more about what it can do for your research potentially.

Bloggers generally also like to have more people read the blog and follow them and this will expose you to other genealogy bloggers.

First we have a definition.

This is my easy to understand one that can be found on this page listed below:

DNA definition states that it is a nucleic acid which contains genetic information about human body. DNA basically has its function to store information about your body.

DNA definition states that it is a nucleic acid which contains genetic information about human body. DNA basically has its function to store information about your body.

So DNA is basically a printout of human body. To understand genetic structure of any body you study its DNA forma. As DNA organization for everybody is different. This means that no two bodies can have same DNA formatting. This helps to make easy distinction between two bodies on the basis of their DNA structure.
Dna Definition source

As genealogists whom may have a few brick walls or un answered questions regarding their genetic features: color of hair, eyes, why we have a bent toe, or a crooked finger, two colored eyes, long fingers, short arms etc, high cheek bones, coarse hair, etc.

More they want to know who that missing person was and where were they from. Was it Ireland, Egypt, Jordan, Africa, England or Scotland?  What DNA has helped to teach us is that it could be all of those things in sequencing order. It is far more sophisticated today than ten years ago.

Bryan Sykes wrote a book: "The Seven Daughters of Eve."  If you want to learn about DNA in simple form this book was an excellent read. He recently released a new one I have yet to read.

My friend writes this blog about DNA and she also  works on many other projects. She also works on the Lost Colony project which uses DNA to find links to the Lost Colonists potentially.

DNA Explain: Making Sense of Ancestry

Some information that Bill Dollarhide gave us regarding the settling of the south east area of the United States, is reiterated on this blog you may find it very interesting. Mr. Dollarhide stated that the Scots settled the majority of the south east very early, which I found true just in my own lines.

Native Heritage Project | Documenting the Ancestors

And this is another one for you to read and learn more information.

DNA Testing for Genealogy – Getting Started, Part One

Your Genetic Genealogist  Genealogy blogger CeCe Moore. She is a professional Genetic Genealogist.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meeting at Library 6 to 8 pm Wed Discussion on JSTOR etc.

Wednesday evening we will have a discussion on JSTOR and other like search capabilities.

One may have to go to a University or College to get information or you may be able to access from home with your old college  I D.

Some one said that you can access some data with out an I D.  I hope to know more before the evening chat.  Needing to refresh from my notes from past talk.

JSTOR searches, magazines, pamphlets and journals for information.  Maybe your ancestor was a Dr and you want data on him or maybe he was a Lawyer or a Judge.

One can never tell what one may find when researching in our past.

Knowing that my ancestor Henry Huffman (Hoffman after 1860's) listed himself as a farmer.
He was anything but a farmer. He  build many bridges, churches, schools and homes plus he build the first free standing spiral stairway and I have the newspaper clipping that describes the house and stairs.

Here are some interesting links you may want to share.


genealogy book links

See you at the  library in Lemon Grove. Ca   Back in the corner of the shopping center opposite Anna's. It is across the street from St. John's Catholic Church.  6 pm.

Next I will be posting links on DNA and sites for you to read up on for the next class 1 August.