Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blessed New Year to All

Wishing a joyous and blessed New Year to All

Yes, I have wandered home again and am preparing to set up for the New Year.

Hoping everyone's Holiday was a delight no matter what faith you are.

We are enjoying my husband's sister again and mourning the loss of a friend.

Our next Genealogical Meeting in Lemon Grove is 2 January. Look forward to

seeing you all there.

Prepare to discuss, the upgrading of your Family Tree.

Let us see what you have filled in and what you have missing.

Warning if you need CA Death or Birth Certificates, due it by Monday, because the fee goes up $5 on January 1.  I need my Mothers' since it was never presented to me.

I also need a copy of Dad's Death Certificate it was never shared either.

Did you get a subscription to a society somewhere for Christmas? I sure  hope so.