Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tips-- Wednesday Eve - Lemon Grove-Beginners and Pa Research.

Tuesday's Tips-----  Wednesday Night  Beginners Assistance and Pa Research.

 Meeting starts at 6 Pm at Lemon Grove Library.  With new attendee's we will be covering some beginners tips and clues and more information on Pennsylvania Research.

Some urls to share for today are:
Index of Old Occupations  this site is very helpful for UK and Ireland Research

Family Roots and Heritage - Worldwide Family Network – Katagogi  World Family network I just found.

Obituary Depot - WorldWide Obituary Locator and Newspaper Directory  Very interesting site.

Redbook Funeral Directory :: The National Direcory of Morticians

And a site of sites to share.   The Original Genealogy Links - John's Barrel of Links


Tuesday's Tips and Things You May Want to Read.

Tuesday's Tips and Things You May Want to Read.

 As the genealogical world is growing it seems in leaps and bounds the last few months I want to share some new places you may want to try and some ideas for your making genealogy easier for you.

 If your doing church research  and can not find them you may want to contact the head of the church affiliations and see what they have retained in their files.  Many kept their weekly bulletins and newsletters that have many names listed through out.  Thomas M. reminded me of this on his Facebook post this morning and I was using these sources recently with a friend, whom was not aware of these sources.

 Most major religious affiliations have a head source to contact.  I found many addresses in the books Ancestry printed some years back.  The Source, and Printed Sources.  This can be very helpful if a church or rectory burned and you think all the data is gone.

  Here is the one Thomas M. mentioned.   Lutheran Genealogy & Family Search

  Here is another place to search I found day before yesterday.

Family Roots and Heritage - Worldwide Family Network – Katagogi
   We are getting more sites with world connections which may take them a while to build but can be
   tremendously helpful to us in our search.
    Genealogy InTime Magazine

Friday, January 27, 2012

Url's shared that may help

Url's shared that may Help

This morning I shared in a chat session on line and we swapped some url's back and forth.
 I thought this one for finding legal information might be informative.
Lawyer, Lawyers, Attorney, Attorneys, Law, Legal Information - FindLaw

FindACase™ I had found this one when others recommended the above one.

People Search by ZabaSearch - Free People Search Engine

 This is to help find people.

 The last one is about the radio show that  I like to join on Friday nights regarding information.

GeneaBloggers Radio – Friday Night, January 27, 2012 | GeneaBloggers

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 4 Generations

Georgia Information

Over the road of Genealogy I have found information that you may want to read.

Georgia Archives to close to the Public if I understood statement correctly.  I suggest you  try this web site for further information.

Legislative Alert: Georgia Archives Scheduled to Close to Public « Genealogical Research: A Hobby or an Obsession?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pennsylvania Research 2 B Presented

Bonita - Sunnyside Library 1-3 Saturday afternoon.
4375 Bonita Rd. Bonita, CA 91902-1351  

More Counties to ponder your research boundaries that changed and land demographics that changed.
 Lancaster County and more.

 Url to try for research in PA especially Lancaster Co. PA

Lancaster PA: Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center

Pennsylvania Dutch Are Of German Heritage, Not Dutch

Pennsylvania Dutch Culture

Free Genealogy and Family History Online - The USGenWeb Project
click on the state of choice and learn much more

The PAGenWeb Project

Pennsylvania Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Library data enclosed herein.

 Hope these can enlighten those who are not able to attend.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania was Presented

Last night at the Lemon Grove Library a synopsis of the information available to do research in Lancaster Co. PA was given to an audience of 5. Two were new members we will look forward to seeing often.

They will be doing research in Ireland and Italy.  Welcome

With the map showing it was interesting to see how the dawn was showing on the faces of attendees as to how the size of the counties changed as the newer counties are developed.  {This concept applies to any place for research and development of that  specific area, including Italy and Ireland.}

 Timelines, really help and knowing the time when the boundaries changed.  Already we are seeing three counties as a place of research for just one early county (the parent county).

This county will be divided more later during presentations. Showing you will actually have five counties to research depending on your time frame to look for answers.  Some counties have as the state is developed more than that.

I briefly touched on the fact we were talking about the area on the Maryland border which was also disputed as to where their boundary stopped.  Records along this border can be found in either PA or Maryland for research and sometimes both places.

Books to consider using for good research in Pennsylvania are:
Pennsylvania Genealogical Research by George K Schweitzer, Ph. D. Sc. D.
 The Pennsylvania Line by Iscrupes.
The Handy Book for Genealogists by Everton Press
 And any local history book written to promote their own region and many are on line to be read and in state and historical libraries.

Web site to use would be usgenweb.org and go to county your wanting information on and enjoy.
LDS.ORG a Family History Research site and other sites mentioned by Google.

Monday, January 16, 2012

DeedMapper- Do you use it?

DeedMapper- Do you use it?

I purchased this some time back and am just now getting around to work with it.  Grandson got a newer
PC I can run it on hopefully.

 Do you know what it is?
 It helps you plot the land space for your ancestor.

 Direct Line Software - Home

It is a premier software program for working with old land records, especially those surveyed using metes and bounds.

At the link shown above is much data about this program.

 Since Dr. Thomas Jones said to check the neighbors for clues I thought I would bring up this software program than can help you determine more in your research.

 Another blogger  David Lambert wrote this about it for you to read.
Mapping your ancestors land with Deed Mapper Version 4.0 « DavidLambertBlog.com

 As you know David Lambert is affiliated with New England Historical Genealogical Society.

  If you want more information just put "Deed Mapper" in google for information.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday's Adventure Dr. Thomas Jones

Saturday's Adventure   Dr. Thomas Jones

Can you believe another JONES, alas I did not get to meet him, since I carry five Jones lines I was curious to whom is lineage from.

He gave an interesting talk on the JONES name but I had already used his method to resolve a Huffman same name conflict.  His method is accurate it does work or at least it did for me in 1993.

I liked that he stressed you have to think outside the box.  If they are not there, maybe there weren't there or  maybe they are listed different, I was amazed that the boundary changes weren't brought up to help cause the confusion of where they may have lived. Especially in early genealogy's research the boundaries for counties were in flux for quite some time.

He stressed many points very clearly and concisely. You check family first &  neighbors second.
Families means all descendants of that family not just your ancestor. You also then check all of their children for more clues.  I can say it works because I did that to find my distant cousin in PA and in NY.

No, I have not solved all the problems but I am farther along than I would have been by not reaching out.

I am constantly sending pleas for any one related to that line to respond.

You have to remember the language(Brogue) may change how a word is said or written. Literally, thousands of names were changed due to not understanding the word spoken. He also pointed out some deliberately changed names, we may never know why. Some are rather obvious when the 2nd wife is a county over & the third wife is three counties over.  We were humans then as today we just do not like to admit it at times

Check land records, probates, wills, court proceedings, orphans courts records, tax records, town council minutes etc.  Leave no stone unturned even if your not sure it is your stone.

In saying that he needs to add this site to his talk for people looking for some of the data he requested us to find. SAMPUBCO  It has been a super valuable aid for my research for New York.

Thank You sir for an informative day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

More Following Friday Sites to Ponder.

 More Following Friday Sites to Ponder

This site is hosted by rootsweb, a division of the Ancestry.com community.

Who Were They?

It comes from Australia. I love the theme it caters to.  Something maybe we American's can try.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Thrifty Tips

Here are the two places to look for more information you may not be aware of.

You Write the News. Wiki-style news from locals, Breaking Local News and Events By Locals: Opinions, Reviews, News, Events and Local Area Information.

 This paper comes from Utah and it has much information in it. It is the Free Genealogy Newsline.

To learn more try Michael John Neill's Webinars.

They can be found at RootDig.com: January Genealogy Webinars

 I am looking forward to the one on DeedMapper, since I have the program. It is 28 Jan.
 This information site is free but the Webinars have small fees.
 You can also find him on Facebook. Lots of great tips to help with research.
  When you get on RootDig.com you will see his other blogs. I like all of them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday Tips of the Day

Wisdom Wednesday    Tips of the Day

 I located another blog, but it deals with DNA and genealogy and surnames etc.
 Wanted to share it with you.

 YesterYear - Sharing a Love of History

 Also this is a link to a site to share more about the LOST COLONY of ROANOKE.

 Lost Colony DNA | The Scientist

 This magazine actually does other topics that relate to genealogical  material also.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

Tuesday's Tip

 Each day I hope to add another source for your research.

 It seems that there are many new sites out there with information to share.

  Free Ancestry 4U

 Having just checked out this site, I hope you use it a lot for information.

  It seems to have collected many sites into one clicking station for you to try out.

  To help with more Writing Skills this is my other blog I follow for improving my
   writing.  I hope you can enjoy some of their tips also.

   The Renegade Writer | Living and loving the freelance life—on your own terms.
    Which I found by reading:  Write to done, unmissable articles on writing by
    WRITEtoDONE Updates               maryjaksch at  gmail.com

     The latest covers 5 Ways to Draw Readers Into Your Articles. by Linda Formichelli of the Renegade Writer.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Motivation Monday Motivated to Start Here

Motivation Monday Motivated to Start Here

Having the New Year started, I decided not to do resolutions but to endeavor to be more
 helpful and sharing in the new year.

 Wishing to share some interesting sites I follow to improve my writing skills and to hone my blogging
  I have moved out of the Genealogical Circles to find some terrific help when one wants to communicate with pen and paper or computerize.

 Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference

 Within the Genealogical circles I want to share this site that I have used for many years and find he has
 some of the best information available on the internet. He just added many more names and places to the

  SAMPUBCO  Locate your Ancestors. This website is a resource for genealogy researchers trying to
  locate ancestors information, family history, and historical records.

   He also hosts some sites in the worldgenweb.org sites.

   Check these two places out and may it help you Break a Brick Wall.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jan 4, 2012, Meeting was Cancelled, Apology

Lemon Grove Genealogy Group, I am sending notice that I arrived home from board meeting for our society to learn that a dear neighbor friend had past and the services are Friday. The family came in person to tell us so we are so grateful for that.

At times like this I could not nor would I ask of others  to interrupt and go to a meeting. It seems  our little corner of the world has been pinged on pretty hard of late. God has his reason's.

 R.I. P. Lacy N, you were a friend, neighbor and great sharer of your self with others. Sweet Tea maker was the best. She was just a great friend to our children whom grew up together  and baby sitter and her husband, children, & grandchildren are  in our thoughts and prayers.