Thursday, April 10, 2014

New York Research by Shirley Becker. 16 April

New York Research

Roundtable sharing and NewYork Research will be lead by Shirley Becker
16 April.  Time 6 to 7:50 p m at the Lemon Grove Library.

Shirley will be sharing her knowledge of many years research in New York,  being born there.
New York is a difficult state to locate information.

Having done research there for more than 20 years, it appears to be a very difficult state to
Locate data.  The court systems are different also.

Having used and as my main sources.  Having also used
Rootsweb for surnames and place sources.

In recent years, worked with NEHGS and New York Archives.

Shirley's ability to explain towns, etc is excellent.  

Remembering counties boundaries changed many times and some very
Early records are in England and maybe France.

Lots of luck and if you have success we would love to know about it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Site to Try, Plus Another Site to Read.

63 Ways to Find Your Ancestors Birth, Marriage, Death, and Address Information - The Ancestor Hunt

I found this a bit ago but was tied up with seminar.  But do give it a whirl, one just never knows when what you are looking for will pop up for you.

It appears to offer ideas of where to look and I do not see fees involved.

 Pause long enough to gander over at this site also.
 It should excite some of you.  I bet as an archive they have lots we have not touched for this religious group.

The C. Wesley Christman Archives of the NY Annual Conference.

 Archives and History

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Free Site,,,,,,Discussed by Leland Meitzlier

 Having just scooted over to this new source of information, so wanting to share with you this news.

 First Leland Meitzlier, thanks for posting this so I can learn of it.   It looks like a site I will be using a quite a bit of.

 If you have not signed up for Leland's news at GenealogyBlog, maybe you should. I am always learning new ideas and thoughts from him and his writing group.

This blog he references covers Bios from McLean Co. Ill,  Posey co. IN, Lewis Co. Mo., Crockett Co., Tenn, and Lawrence Co. Tenn.  These are additions to what is already on the site.

22,000 biographies in 140 Counties across ten states. The latest those listed above.

Biographies are being added currently for Allegheny Co. Pa, Union Co. IA, Brown Co. Oh, Jefferson Co. Ky, Cross Co. Ark, and Scotland Co. Mo

.My Genealogy Hound Home Page

I am delighted to see that this resource is provided by Hearthstone Legacy Publications.  They carry rare & early books.

Visit the Hearthstone Legacy Publications website here.

A new adventure is about to begin with all these sources being put in reach of potential answers.

WOW, this reminds me of Mr. Samuelson's pages of information he also shares.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pioneer Families Community A paid site I have used.

When in Michigan for a extended stay I was helping my daughter in law with her surnames.

 I subscribed to  this site because it covered most of the areas of her research. It also subscribes to many of the areas I had kin in and had only recently learned about.

Subscribe to GA, VA, NC, SC, KY Genealogy Websites

 We both had kin in all these states.  At the time it was a bargain for what we were looking for.

No they do not know I  am writing about them but my dues are about due so thought I should share the potentially new place for you to hunt.

GA surnames TUTTLE
NC surnames SCOTT,
SC surnames  JONES, SCOTT,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Tonight we will cover Kentucky Research and back track if time permits to some more Tennessee information.

Many urls will be share for your use in research.

Bringing several Kentucky books and other information.

Remember this is free. no cost.

I am told you can park behind Library if the space is open.  Parking in front is extremely limited.

See you this evening.. For a time of sharing and learning.

Lemon Grove Library,
 3001  School Lane
Lemon Grove CA

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dick EASTMAN shared a Post, Irish Genealogical Research Society information

Wanting to share the information that Dick is putting out. Nor am I wanting to step on toes.

He says: Details may be found at

This is a super event if you have Irish research to work on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Urls for Research in Kentucky and Tennessee

Kentucky Research Free
By Susi Pentico
Surprise not, try first. Try then definitely try
It is a free site as long as you stay on the Rootsweb pages.

1.            2.
2.             3.
5.               6.   Cyndi's List - United States -
6.                      7.



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