Friday, October 11, 2019

More Urls to Try. Photography, Divorces and Facebook

Yes, many are terrified of but I have learned it mostly replaced the old
Golden Gate Forum we had in the 1990's when I was an instructor with them.

Many great active genealogists have joined various groups and offer lots of terrific help to anyone
one who asks for assistance.

Facebook has a site for Identifying Photos, Unusual Questions, the list goes on.

Old Photo Project:  Returning Families Long Lost Photos


Another is Online Divorce Records. same site.

Online divorce records are sometimes hard to find. But here is a list of over 490 Free Divorce Record Collections from the Southern States that are available online. Some states have just a few, but some have a bunch of free collections.   Check out each state at

What about the  DNA Questions site on Facebook? Or the information on Maps,  etc.

 I can not express enough that the site carries more information than one could dream of for Genealogy.


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Canadian Museum of Immigration information at Pier 1.

I received this in the mail today I received a different topic yesterday. So passing this on to you all to go read.

The Forgotten Immigrants: The Journey of the New England Planters to Nova Scotia, 1759-1768

Did You Know?

8,000 New Englanders came to present-day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick from 1759 to 1768.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Studying War History of your Ancestors

 I found a site that covers war histories and it is on line.  The data is very informative and may be of great help for those researching their ancestors.

Ten major topics, that would be of major interest to most genealogists for WW2 and other Wars and Events.

There is so much  here just go check it out.. John Finch, Ralph Munoz, Sam Seat, if your still digging military this may help.  Cousin  A  D Cooper  , Pete this may help you also.

They also have a Facebook page I haven't gotten to yet.  SDGS and other societies you may want to share this information with others. OGS, NEHGS, NGS, CVGS etc..

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Educational Meeting at Anna's Restaurant in Lemon Grove, CA.

  Today we tried something new. Anna (Thank you),  we will see you again next month. 2 November 2019 at 1 to 3:30 - maybe 4.

 Everyone in attendance said it was a good venue and they learned lots in a very comfortable environment.  It was great to have a sip of coffee or water or soda or what ever while the presentation was given.  Some even had dessert that came with their meals and others ordered desserts to take home.

We arrived at 12:30 for Gary to set up the internet connection. We were ready to start by shortly after 1 pm but we held for a bit and more people arrived.

Yes, we got Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Brock together to assist in the technical stuff.  Welcome aboard.

Rosa thanks for sharing him.

People had sandwiches, full meals, soups, salads, and desserts.

It is our hope we can gain back the people we lost when the Library moved away from this corner and had limited parking and work space etc.  Also the time is First Saturday, afternoon 1 to 4 overall.

The report was on Genealogy is Fun by Susi Pentico.  Everyone said that it was a good presentation and they were reminded of things that they hadn't thought of for genealogy.

Personally enjoying the actual interaction with those in attendance made the event more meaningful to me.  It meant they were paying attention, questions were asked and answered, comments were shared. So we all learned something. I love that type of event. Feeling I learned nearly as much as they learned from the presentation.

The more we know about our fellow members the better to serve them.

The topic was interesting and hopefully educational for all.

Genealogy is FUN.  Elaborating on the word F U N and what those words mean to genealogist and historians.  Cindy Teysko is going to do a write up for the paper.

Cindy T. , Thanks for all the support in helping to get more people out to be engaged in the societies activities.

F is family, is fun,

U is unique,

N is Non-Medical, (no) Normal,  No such thing as Normal, just a variant of.

How all those factors can help you work through your research.

A tidbit of what you missed.

Monday, September 30, 2019

5 October Educational Meeting--- Anna's Restaurant Lemon Grove

Education Workshop 5 October 2019  Genealogy is Fun and Lost Ancestors

The workshop will be held at Anna's The Family Restaurant,  8099 Broadway St.., Lemon Grove,
Ca 91945. 1 to 3:30 pm.  As long as we order something to eat we can meet here free.
We are going to try Anna's. I have not heard confirmation from the other places that were considered.
We normally go to eat after because of the time so we can eat like at a Seminar and enjoy the 
knowledge shared at the same time. I am posting links that can give you an  idea of what the serve. 
 I have eaten here since 1950's. The current owner was a waitress before purchasing back then. 
Many of our group has eaten here before.  Prices are reasonable and they have a great Senior Menu.
Soup and Sandwiches, Small meals, Breakfasts served all day., great pies and good service and food.
Of course they have full course meals also.  Here is the link to part of the menu.
As long as we order something to eat we can meet here free.
-- We will have the back room.
Address: 8099 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 9194
Open 6 am Closes 10PM
Menu:    menu and  some prices. I have eaten many items
on their menu, over the years. As our members whom used to go to Lemon Grove Meeting have.
Phone: (619) 462-9295

Attachments area

 Topic is Genealogy is Fun by Susi Pentico and  Lost Ancestors which covers your brick walls
 and asking for help
 to resolve the brick walls.  

New York Region Help and others in the Region.

Genealogy - D. Pane-Joyce

 Pane-Joyce Genealogy by David Pane Joyce has much information on his pages.

He covers sites that many seem to be in need of.

Beer's  Atlas of Saratoga Co. NY, 1866,  town maps including landowner's homes
Atlas of Saratoga County, New York

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York much to be gained by looking at this site.

I am only commenting on some  but he covers a lot more. Maine, Mass and Ohio, Michigan.

I love to share the sites I find since many I talk to are lost in this region of research.

Thanks David Payne-Joyce for this great blog you do.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Some News About Useful Blogs

Some News About Useful Blogs

Ever so often, I wander around looking at various blogs. Where do I find them, on various
Genealogical Facebook pages or from recommendations.

This is one of my favorites and he keeps me busy trying to keep up with his posts.

He has many topics and so much information I suggest you wander over and take a look.

He has updated and increased the data by quite a bit. It covers all states, some is free, some is not but the knowledge is there. 

He shows blogging since Oct 2010.  Some of his data has helped our members too.  Thanks so much for what you do.