Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Having Sorted Books I Love This Challenge Dick EASTMAN Thanks

GFO Challenge: Let’s Help the Burned Genealogy Library in Paradise, California
Our hearts go out to the Paradise Genealogical Society whose library burned to the ground during California wildfires last year. They’ve found a new location to rent and have decided to rebuild their collection from scratch.
The Genealogical Forum of Oregon is in a good position to help. Here’s what we’re doing:
We have many surplus books which we sell to generate income. From these we have selected more than 550 excellent resources that we’re donating.
Plus, we’re giving them brand new copies of all of the GFO’s 55 publications which we print.
We’d like to challenge all the other genealogical societies on the west coast: If you’re in a similar position to be able to help, we urge you to do the same.
Vince Patton, President
Laurel Smith, Library Chair
Genealogical Forum of Oregon

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Inherited Distant Cousins Data - Surnames and Places

Inherited Distant Cousins Data - Surnames and Places

VA                                                                 MD

KIRTLEY                                                    SMITH
ROBERTS                                                   PARKINSON
TRAMMEL                                                 SCHLEIF
MCCLURE                                                 OH
SULLIVANT                                              SMITH
WILLOUGHBY                                         GOODWIN
PA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   IRELAND                            
HALL                                                         SMITH                                          
CROLEY                                                    WALES
DETRICK                                                   GOODWIN
CHILSON                                                   ROBERTS
ARNOUT                                                    HALL
PRICE                                                         JONES

KY                                                                ENG

KIRTLEY                                                    AMEY
FIELDS                                                       BENJAMIN
HUTSON                                                    BENNETT
MCCLURE                                                 GRAY
REED                                                          LEARNED
SULLIVANT                                              PETTINGALL
WILLOUGHBY                                         HUBBARD

NEB                                                            GERMANY

GRAY                                                         SCHLEIF            
GOODWIN                                                YOCUM


JOHN GOODWIN SR  note says parent



1810  GIDEON  note says parent
1817   GIDEON   married ELIZABETH CROLEY  b 1796  April 10

1820  Jefferson Co, Oh, Smithfield Twp p 213
1875  ELIZABETH  d 20 June YORK, OH
 1883   JOHN  death  JEFFERSON CO.

documents, pictures, binders.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

USGENWEB information to share.

Hunting for links to the Thomas S Graves family

Here I found a few, who they are no idea.

If you have Graves in these graves could you contact me.
We are looking for Thomas S Graves parents.
He married Maria first then Olive next.  Believe Maria died,.
Maria dau is Sarah. Olive had Maria and Clark. Sarah was 16 in the 1850 census
with her father and stepmother and half siblings.   Any one have any data on this

This garnered from 1840 and 1850 census.

Glad to see some of rootsweb data back, sad they took away a lot of peoples work.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Halifax Co. VA SCOTT"S

A cousin has been found.  The large family seems to be found in many places.

Like I found Thomas Scott in earlier our direct line.

Found in Halifax Co. Wills page.
SECOND BIBLE ­ Title pages missing.  Original owner not known.
(First hand)
Robert Moore Scott was born May 4th 1811.
Susan W. Scott wife of R. M. Scott was born July 2nd 1811

John Edwards Scott was born October 9th 1832

Mary Elizabeth Scott was born July 12, 1834

Jennie Scott was born 17 January 1836 (died June 4th 1925 ­ different hand)

Caroline Thomas Scott was born 28th September 1838
Robert Graham Scott was born 18 July 1842.

(Second Page)
(First hand)
Robert M. Scott and Susan W.  Edwards were married Dec. 22nd 1831 by 
    Reverd. John G. Mills and removed from Halifax, VA their native county to 
    Mecklenburg, Dec. 1851

Mary E. Scott eldest daughter of Robert M. and Susan W. his wife was married 
    to Mr. Campbell Barnett of Person County, NC 22nd September 1852.

(Second hand)
Jennie Scott second daughter of R. M. and S.W. Scott was married to 
    Revd. N.T. Bacon Aug 1st 1872

(Third page)
John Edwards was born Nov 18th 1767
Theodora Edwards, 1st wife of Mr. Edwards date of birth not known
Elizabeth Edwards 2nd wife of Mr. Edwards date of birth not known
Sarah B. Edwards, eldest daughter was born July 15th 1792
William Edwards was born Sept 17th 1793
Theodora Edwards was born Feb 20th 1798
James Edwards was born July 15th 1799
John Edwards was born Sept 1802
Thomas Edwards was born Apl. 17th 1806
Susan W. Edwards was born July 2nd 1811

(Fourth page)

John Edwards, senr. died Jany 8th 1849
Theodora Edwards first wife Jno. Edwards Sen. died Jany. 1795
Elizabeth Edwards 2nd wife died Feby 12th 1839
Sarah B. Lipscomb died June 16th 1869
James Edwards died April 1870
Thomas Edwards died Apl 15th 1826
(Third hand)
Robert Moore Scott died July 8th 1886
Carrie T. Scott third daughter of Robert M. and Susan W. Scott died 
    July 21st 1886
Robert Grahame Scott was killed in the battle of Gettysburg July 3rd 1863.  
    He was the youngest son of Robert M. and Susan W. Scott.
John Edwards Scott eldest son of Robert M. and Susan W. Scott died in 
    June 1863.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Randy Seaver's Shared Information Was Well Received.

Saturday afternoon, Randy shared his research strategy with us. It was much the same as what I use.

He shared his Research from start to finish in a very smooth method.  I love the timeline method which is what I call this.  It is not a time line but you have to follow that method to not leave out any unturned rock.

You really have to know a bit about the history, the area, the time frames attitude to know where to look for various tidbits and tiny clues.

He chose an unknown Seaver name and went looking for information about him. He carried us through his method of what he looked for and where and also how.

Family Search and Ancestry was used, Newspapers were used, Obituaries were read, taking tips from all these articles.

This search took him all over the USA almost just not the deep south.

Randy showed digitized records are not always accurate. He looked for family and shared
this research with someone who offered to help. (This is a key for me to share and the more that are looking the sooner one generally resolves that step of research).

He listed 8 tips for resolving your problem when you are mired and can not move forward, or found a new person and need to learn information on that individual. Stating that Repositories can hold many clues when you are researching.

The individual was in many states at various times, married and remarried and kept disappearing on
the families.  It was an interesting event.

His last statement was:" Real Lives Can Be Stranger Than Fiction."

My Tidbit is some times read others trees and see if they have information. If they do, make sure you learn their sources and if true not thought to be true. There are tips almost everywhere.

Thanks Randy Seaver for a great event that was much appreciated.

I also want to say Thanks to you for the set up, being late again.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Randy Seaver presents Saturday at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library 1 to 3:30

"Genealogy workshops are held on the first Saturday of each month at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road), from 1 to 4pm. A variety of topics for all levels of experience is offered. Free."

This coming Saturday will be world known Randy Seaver, talking about a Seaver.

The May 4th Saturday Workshop will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Community Room at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library (4375 Bonita Road). The program will be “Discovering George W. Seaver's Life Story” with Randy Seaver. This presentation is about using descendancy research techniques and discovering the events in the life of George W. Seaver, including highlights of the research trail.

This sounds like it will be like the TV Show showing what he learned as he worked forward for descendancy.  So we should learn some of Randy tricks and tips.

Do come, it is free.

The Dead and Facebook

Well, I read Dick Eastman's Newsletter  and was amazed to find the topic of : "the Dead Will Take Over Facebook in the Next 50 Years."

 I fear that it is well on the way.  Recently on the Birthday Greeting area, many, already deceased are still getting birthday wishes.

That is what his topic meant, it jumped to immediate mind with finding a cousins birthday greeting  that has been gone a few years.

 Finding it almost weekly of my family and friends of the past.  So gone but not forgotten. If you are
looking for a family member might want to check their birthday lists.