Monday, July 22, 2019

A few URL's to help in YOUR RESEARCH.

You may be amazed at what you find here.

Many are aware of this one.

Books and Information check this out

Quaker JONES Families, check this out too.

I really like this one too.

What about this one??  And Lastly Dick Eastmans comments about gramps and other programs.
Thinking of trying gramps it is free.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Quarterlies, Pamphlets, and Newsletters Questions

I am asking how many readers  use these sources for information?

I subscribe to a group of Genealogical Societies and they all produce what I have always thought was good information for a genealogist to be aware of. Having even broken Brick Walls with the information, was surprised how many go to only on line sources? for information.

Yes, some groups are putting their information on line so you can garner data there.

Totally amazed at the recent information found in the Vermont Genealogy  produced by the Genealogical Society of Vermont.  Was this a new quarterly? No, it was a much earlier one for early 2000.

See I have data that says whom Susan Madison's parents were, but the more I learn I am not sure that the sources are correct at all.

Next time to the Michigan Archives I want to see if they have anything for the regions she was from.

At those Archives I found data in a Quarterly that completed another line that was in Maryland.

Amazing what is out there if you go looking.

Please go looking at things besides the internet.  It may surprise you.

One has to remember many states were under other states early ie Maine was under Massachussetts, North Carolina and South Carolina were under VA for a short period of time.

Also Maryland claimed several miles north into Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania claimed about 50 miles into Maryland.  I think it was also relevant for several other states.

Remember the Ohio Company covered to the Mississippi River in some areas until the states were incorporated in the upper region.

So please contact me as to, if you use these vital sources in your research.

You can reply here to this post if  you wish, or try

Monday, July 1, 2019


Welcome To 2019
Presented by: Patricia “Diane” Godinez

Family History has been a part of my life for over 42 years. I started out with two yellow pages of names of relatives in England.
When they died, they left no one to inherit their estate. Eventually it turned out that my mother and perhaps a few of her cousins, would be able to have something small with which to remember this couple. I don’t know their names but their legacy to me was the enjoyment and thrill of seeking after many others on my family tree.
I first learned how to do research in classes at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I enjoyed their program of PAF/Personal Ancestry File and looking at microfiche and microfilm in their local family history libraries. I perfected my skills by attending family history fairs, joining numerous groups, reading books, traipsing thru cemeteries, doing DNA tests on family members, traveling to Mexico and Canada, and by being a teacher of beginner genealogy classes.
I have had great luck in connecting with young and old by interviewing in person and writing letters or emails when distance was a factor. I like to think out of the box. My pleasure has been in helping others to find their own connections.
My special talents seem to be in taking pictures, keeping journals, making posters, and remembering to share genealogical findings with others. It also helps that I have a love for the Spanish language and world history. I have since added the study of Romanian and Italian.
I look forward to an afternoon of sharing information and experiences with my fellow members and invited guests of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society.

This event is FREE to attend.  Please register to attend this workshop on the CVGS web page -- -- on the Events tab so that we can plan for seating, handouts and refreshments.
Please be prompt.

More information and online registration: Chula Vista Genealogical Society Saturday Workshop 

Best regards, 

Chula Vista Genealogical Society



Sunday, June 30, 2019

Children sired by an Ancestor -- Randy suggests.

Henry Hoffman/Huffman had 14 that I have proven, with his wife Elizabeth Higgins.
Henry was born 29 Oct 1803 in Greene Co. PA. dcd 15 Sept. 1879
Elizabeth born 16 May 1809 Greene Co. PA   dcd 3 Feb 1877, Aleppo, Greene Co. PA

Buried Windy Gap Cemetery.  I have been there with some cousins.

Genealogy started helping MOM when I was able to write and in earnest by 12 when had to write kin at least 2 times a month. (We had moved away from family due to the War 11).  69 years.

Collaborating is what helped to fill in the blanks. Mom's having us write letters helped. Visiting our family in the home state helped. Their parents staying in contact with their families in Iowa helped.
Dad lost track of his Dad at 10 but we found him in 1953/4. Had lots of catching up to do and still doing it for his Dad's brothers and 1 sister.

 Not having hired a specialist but have picked their brains for ideas and suggestions, which were appreciated.  I have purchased Deeds, Wills, and other documents.  We inherited some great data from the Hoffman line. 1 item from the Jones line. Pictures from the Foulk/Folk line,  Hoffman gave us photo album and Currier and Ives Documents.  Henry was very proud of his family and kept great records.

Family heirlooms are slowly being dispersed to various family members that show interest in an item or pictures. I started with our children then approached grandchildren.  Some have asked me to hold until they have their own place.  They are marked with their names on them.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hope You Enjoy This....

In 1936, for example, there were fewer people in the U.S. than now populate  some of our cities.

 Older but still applies.  


Click on the year you were born and read the news for that year.
                   _1900_ ( )
                   _1901_ ( )
                   _1902_ ( )
                   _1903_ ( )
                   _1904_ ( )
                   _1905_ ( )
                   _1906_ ( )                    _

                     1907_ ( )
                   _1908_ ( )
                   _1909_ ( )
                   _1910_ ( )
                   _1911_ ( )
                   _1912_ ( )
                   _1913_ ( )
                   _1914_ ( )
                   _1915_ ( )
                   _1916_ ( )
                   _1917_ ( )
                   _1918_ ( )
                   _1919_ ( )
                   _1920_ ( )
                   _1921_ ( )
                   _1922_ ( )
                   _1923_ ( )
                   _1924_ ( )
                   _1925_ ( )
                   _1926_ ( )
                   _1927_ ( )
                   _1928_ ( )
                   _1929_ ( )
                   _1930_ ( )
                   _1931_ ( )
                   _1932_ ( )
                   _1933_ ( )
                   _1934_ ( )
                   _1935_ ( )
                   _1936_ ( )
                   _1937_ ( )
                   _1938_ ( )
                   _1939_ ( )
                   _1940_ ( )
                   _1941_ ( )
                   _1942_ ( )
                   _1943_ ( )
                   _1944_ ( )
                   _1945_ ( )
                   _1946_ ( )
                   _1947_ ( )
                   _1948_ ( )
                   _1949_ ( )
                   _1950_ ( )
                   _1951_ ( )
                   _1952_ ( )
                   _1953_ ( )
                   _1954_ ( )
                   _1955_ ( )
                   _1956_ ( )
                   _1957_ ( )
                   _1958_ ( )
                   _1959_ ( )
                   _1960_ ( )
                   _1961_ ( )
                   _1962_ ( )
                   _1963_ ( )
                   _1964_ ( )
                   _1965_ ( )
                   _1966_ ( )
                   _1967_ ( )
                   _1968_ ( )
                   _1969_ ( )
                   _1970_ ( )
                   _1971_ ( )
                   _1972_ ( )
                   _1973_ ( )
                   _1974_ ( )
                   _1975_ ( )
                   _1976_ ( )
                   _1977_ ( )
                   _1978_ ( )
                   _1979_ ( )
                   _1980_ ( )
                   _1981_ ( )
                   _1982_ ( )
                   _1983_ ( )
                   _1984_ ( )
                   _1985_ ( )
                   _1986_ ( )
                   _1987_ ( )
                   _1988_ ( )
                   _1989_ ( )
                   _1990_ ( html )
                   _1991_ ( )
                   _1992_ ( )
                   _1993_ ( )
                   _1994_ ( )
                  _1995_ ( )
                   _1996_ ( ) 

                   _1997_ ( ) 

                     1998_ ( )
                   _1999_ ( )
                   _2000_ ( )
                   _2001_ ( )
                   _2002_ ( )
                   _2003_ ( )
                   _2004_ ( )
                   _2005_ ( )
                   _2006_  ( )

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Urls located from the Past Virginia from England

Several years ago a group of us was researching in the Virginia region in regards to
The Lost Colony, Roanoke Island area.   Roberta Estes sent out a list of information a
friend shared with her for us to see. As I am cleaning files I found it. Enjoy
Thanks again to Roberta Estes and her cousin.

One of my cousins contacted the National Archives in England, and this is the reply he received.  Hope someone might find the links useful.
There are wills of people from Virginia among the Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills held at our archive.  The following publications will be useful, which you should be able to obtain in America.

See link to our research guide on wills.

As you see in the above , our wills  are searchable online. See below.

See below links to research guides on tracing American history at The National Archives.

You may decide to visit The National Archives to undertake research yourself, please check our website for important information regarding our opening hours and closure dates and ID requirements. This is especially important if you need to look at original documents as you must have the correct proof of ID with you.

We realise that making a personal visit is not convenient for everyone.  There are independent researchers whom you can employ to carry out research for you.  You can find information about our paid research service and independent researchers on our website.

We wish you every success in your research, but please be aware that the records in our custody are not always complete: they were not created or kept for research purposes, but for use by the government or law courts of the day. We cannot guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.

If you need to respond to this email, please click on Reply to do so. It is very helpful for us for the text of the earlier emails to be included. For a new enquiry, please complete our contact form.

To avoid receiving our initial auto-response again please make sure you include the letters SART, with a space on either side, in your subject line.
Please be advised that the Map and Large Document Reading Room will be temporarily closed between 30th November to 11th December 2010, dates inclusive. Please click here to find out more:

Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Place to Look, for Research Information

As I was reading posts throughout Facebook Genealogical pages I was amazed at the questions asked in regards as to where to look for some key information for various states, counties and places.

I realize that many of you are maybe not aware of an awesome site we had to utilize just a few years ago.  It is being brought back but you can also use the (waybackmachine) to find it.

My first and most favorite place to look even today is:

Data was put up by volunteers in all states and territories. Wills, Deeds, Probates, County Seats, Court House, Births, Deaths, Surname Lists, and the list goes on.

It started with Kentucky and the other states liked it so well that we all helped get all the states up and running. A few years back it was transferred to ANCESTRY that made it go away. We finally have some of it back. Peoples trees, surname queries and so, so much more.

I could  look at a map and see where each county was who was the neighboring county and they even told you if they held some of the other counties data which in the old days was not uncommon as
Mr. Schweitzer told us.

After all they didn't want to cross a river and go over a mountain for their court house if there was one closer to where they lived.  Made perfectly good sense.  Filing for Citizenship is many times found not in the county you suspect but the county before it was split.  Receiving your papers may even be in another county your ancestor later moved to.

It is great to know the Court House, Libraries, and so much other information that this site carried.

Go to the webpage and click on Research button and it may save you much time and effort.   It has
several buttons for you to use.