Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Research Methods to Help You

Research Methods to Help You

Methods to help you have the results you seek

1.   Record Keeping is Critical
2.  Timeline is a boost for research
3.  Know your Census’s Difference
4.  Go back to where you were before and recheck for new data, especially
5.   Do not waste steps  : > )

Do you wonder what that statement means?   

1    1.  When doing census research always, check page before and after page your looking at for more kin.  Save if some are there.  I was taught 20 up 20 down but since have learned page before and page after saves time, verses having to go back.

2.  When researching a book. Make sure your using the Research Log, with page date, name, title, library affiliate etc. Just in case you find a link to more people involved in that family. Always use your Research Log,      :   >  )           

3.  Same applies for Online Research, catalogue it and be able to quickly go back to  reinforce or gather more information.

4.  Do not be afraid of Archive Research, I have found it the most fun of all the research events I have done. 

5.  Become aware of what inhabitants created the state your researching, makes a difference to what the library will have in it’s archives. 

Do you know what Cluster Research is?

Have you tried it?

We will next  talk on Cluster Research, whether it be American or European.  Have You Tried It?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ohio Hints and Tips

As I wandered off to my go to first site, I came across some interesting side bar research.

Ohio Research Exchange Project

The site is listed different than many but I am finding much data to be garnered here.
County Formation Maps, Ohio Vital Records, Ohio History,  GNIS for land features and historical places.

A message board system & Ohio Civil War Veterans Burial Database, yes so cool to see this.

Ohio-L Mailing List something everyone researching in Ohio or near Ohio borders should be using.

Ohio Family group sheets are here for those whom have turned them in.  The Underground Railroad Association,  Life on the Ohio and Erie Canal, much data about the Civil War is listed in various groups. Census information,, and the Ohio State  Library Genealogy Blog.

I have highlighted some of the sources listed here for research and use and knowledge.

They say they are on Facebook, that I have missed will go find it.

Some data from under LDS site Family Search is here
Ohio, Deaths and Burials 1854 to 1997.

Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001 —
Ohio County Death Records, 1840 -2001

Here is one on USGeneral Index to Pension Files 1861-1934
United States General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934 —

Ohio Reunions

Ohio Genealogical Society

They also list state and county and national Resources as separate data on the Ohio GenWeb Project page.

You do know it's the Buckeye State?

Research in State of Ohio Counties, Government ... - Genealogy Inc

Ohio Family History Research -


Much information on the ethnicities that settled the various areas and when here.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scottish Data, from Dr. Tryone Bowes

I recently received this in my mail box. I found it very interesting for research purposes.

They are of course advertising for business but the data we can read and comprehend well.

The mapping of the Scot genes in various areas of Scotland.

Case Study
Pinpointing the Valentine Paternal
Ancestral Genetic Homeland (and uncovering a 400 year old family secret)

also lists  and

Do not,not read this, the maps and the pins are very interesting and may be able to break some of your where to look need.

This should get you to the site.
This will get you in touch with writer.

 I hope you find it as interesting as I have.

Friday, October 17, 2014

More Maryland Records, Early Frederick County, Maryland

After scanning a link I had saved some years back I discovered that some of the Society's surnames are
repeated often in some of these files.

Having no knowledge if there is any connection I still wanted to make the group aware of what may be a help in their research.

County Records - Mid Maryland Roots

This is not the master page of this Maryland site.

Some very interesting things to read if your looking for family early to current.

Why am I here, because a tax list in Greene Co. PA said when Henry Huffman/Hoffman filled it out that he was born in Maryland.  We know his father was John Huffman.

What was interesting was I was reading early Wills and there was mention of Cumberland Co., PA and the Myers that we are tracking also.  I even found reference to a Blessing.  Wonders never cease.

Due to cousins serious illness, I do not recall if this John Huffman who died in 1820's listed here in is her direct line.  We do have John, George and Henry as siblings in documents. I have since found that Rudolph was sibling also.  These were large families and some were scattered and some were close.

So for  those looking remember this neck of the woods, it was early Prince George's County before 1748. 

Reading the Equity Court Records, is much like reading a Will book.  You can find family links with in the documents from various land movements via sales or death or both.

Frederick Counties Equity Abstracts are from 1815 to 1950's Wills from 1748 to 1946.

Washington Co. Will Abstracts partial, Carroll Co. Will Abstracts partial.

Even seen this link  All goes to the site.  What another great site for Maryland Research, which boundaries into VA and PA remember that when researching.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Are you aware of Georgia Pioneers?

This site is great for Georgia Research.  I use many but this is a fun one.

Have you tried it? Genealogy and Images of Wills, Estates, Marriages for the State of Georgia
 Make sure you scan down the full page and do not miss the other related urls in your research needs.
Yes, this site comes with a price but it is very reasonable for what is offered.

additional information here.

Lost Generations: Miller Co. GA Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Do not forget   and Georgia. for Georgia

Also want to pass on Judy Russell's topic today.  Click here to read.

Free access to federal legal materials posted on  by Judy G. Russell

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gathering Maryland Data, Are you ready for Maryland ?

Some years back I did major  research in Maryland files looking  for family names. I am a Duvall, descendant of Moreen Duvall. I am a Jones descendant from Cpt William Jones, daughter Elizabeth.

I am descendant of a Hoffman from  Maryland, listed on a tax list in 1805.  I know they were in Virginia much earlier.  When the land sold in 1805 it was what one brother sold to the other in Virginia records.  Earlier  times kept people in close contact and distant both. Newspapers reported more information on the people than today.  A lost cow, a broken wagon with injuries, a flood that caused major need of neighbors help all were reports in the papers. They covered more than a hundred miles many times and neighbors in others.  Ads are great for information verses the stories. Do not forget to look at the ads in the papers.

I have a book started on Maryland but it is on older computer.  One day soon I will resurrect it.

Another bit of news for you all on Maryland.  It has an extensive list of societies, both historical and genealogical.  It has data on Census, Vital Records and the list goes on.Maryland Genealogy Societies

Wed  15th 6 to 8 pm Lemon Grove Library  

Free all welcome.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13, HAPPY BIRTHDAY USNAVY, Rootsweb's Message Boards

The clock is moving faster than I am.  Saying Happy Birthday to the United States Navy.

Tidbit for the day is to use these Message boards please:

You can search for content on these boards or surnames.

You can choose categories: Topics or Localities
They break down into more searches for you.

Localities Categories

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Topics Categories

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Click to the next page and see the choices given, most everything related to your research can be found here.