Saturday, February 28, 2015

Italian Research URL's to use.

Here is a smattering of urls to use in  doing Italian Research.  There were probably 300 to choose from.

1. You need to click on this site again under the link, it refuses to work until it goes again on the google site.
      Today someone told me some of this is not true.  At this point I think it is a point of interpretation. Just so we all learn, that is key.
2.     (in the sixth to third centuries BCE the Italian city of Rome conquered Peninsular Italy.)This is a country of many conquerings and being conquered.  It's current government started 1946-47. 


8.  Immigration and travel on

a.     I like the Historical information it offers for several Centuries.

16.        you should have fun on this site.

23.  If you get to Chicago this is the place to go.  WOW.

24.  I trust you all have John Philip Coletta’s book Finding Italian Roots: the Complete Guide for Americans. Baltimore Genealogical Publishing, 1993, call# E184.18 C62 1993    It even says its on the second floor open shelf.

25.  It also mentions Sharon De Bartolo,  I have been to several of her lectures.

26.  John also has: They Came in Ships: a Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Arrival Record. SLC, UT  It  published before the Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Database 1892-1924. American Family Immigration History Center.

27.  Other sites to use, we seldom remember: Ask Jeeves,


29.   wiki tree

          This may be shared. Susi Pentico


Friday, February 27, 2015

Indiana State Library, Genealogists please Read and Respond

Indiana State Library, Not Done Yet, Please Respond

Hopefully all genealogists have spoken to help save this State Library of Indiana program.

If not we have writing about it on many's teaching blogs and informational blogs since before
RootsTech and FGS.
Go to this site and read what Judy Russell has posted today.  It reads much as what I read the other day, they want to fix but it is not fixed yet, nor signed, sealed and delivered.

The Legal Genealogist: Reason for cautious hope

 It breaks my heart when I read this in America and then pick up the paper and learn ISIS is destroying books and artifacts of our past in the Mid East.

It matters not the race or religion it is the history and knowledge we are loosing.

Did you read about the Library that this last week dumped hundreds of children's books because they were no longer being read? NO did not donate them to a Children's Hospital or Hospitals or Police Departments or schools put them in the trash. Many the article said were less than 4 years old.

We still read children's books from Dr. Suess, what is wrong with people.?

So if you have written or are thinking of it do it.  Stop this nonsense.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Italian Research, Are You Looking Here?

Italian Research  by Susi

Are you looking at traveling to learn more about your family History?  If so you may want to attend the talk on Preparing for Your Research Trip being given this Saturday in Encinitas, CA at Borellli's Rest.

This should be a helpful chat about what to be prepared for, what you need to do ahead of time, since preparation is the biggest key  to a successful adventure, whether it is in Italy, Germany or England or your library in the state of your ancestors home.

A two page hand out about where to look, the forms that help keep you focused on your research successes and finds. Not every find is positive but it can be a marker for moving forward to learn more.

So it is not a negative just a step in the right direction, you may have to turn left and go down the road to another church or to get court records but preparation can help with mapping out your adventure so the most success comes from your endeavors.

Did you know Italy is like a baby country?  The new Kingdom of Italy, established in 1861, quickly modernized and built a large colonial empire, colonizing parts of Africa, and countries along the Mediterranean. 
Yes it has had people in and out and in charge and out of power for eons.  Starting about 43,000 years ago according to scientists. 
 In 1946, as a result of a Constitutional Referendum, the monarchy was abolished.[1] The new republic was proclaimed on 2 June 1946.  A very young country and that is why there seems to have been major strife in almost all areas of Italy of today.  Italians looked forward to coming to the USA for a better chance at life. Hopefully you watched the show on TV last week about the Italian American's.

There is actually a lot of factual data posted on this site, you may want to read.
History of Italy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flag of Italy.svgItalian flag

 1.     Italian Genealogy |

More to come after presentation.

This is in honor of the Italian neighbors I grew up with as a child in Valley Ford, California.
I learned to speak much of it but not being near the language for years I am totally void of it but a very few words.  

Would love to find the recipe Papa Bordessa made of pigeon breasts poached in wine sauce 
served on toast on special occasion breakfasts or dinner. His daughter never learned it.
 Surnames: Mazzuchi, Casselli, Romellli, Del Curto, Dinnucci, Braga, Merga, Poncia, 
Morelli (Swiss Italian) Bianchi, Tomasi, Bordessa, Illia and many others.  

I worked at the Dinnucci's as a waitress for a year while husband was overseas. 
Many Presidents ate at this facility.  Always said I was going to write a book about the town and it's people. It was started but is still not finished.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Have you looked at?? FTDNA Participants

Sometimes things are in front of us and we do not see them. So a reminder you can check files on FTdna and I believe the other sites for names I had not done it for almost 6 months. I found a new important link.

Also spent time reading some of the trees people are sharing with people whom they link with even if I can find no connection.  Sooner or later a link may show.

Having had a pleasant chat with FTdna person today, sorry to say I did not get his name.  I was happy to learn that the Indian did show in my Aunt's tests.  So spent the afternoon late scanning for clues on our elusive John Myers, Moyer, MOHR, MEYER, MAYER. That family has always said they left the Swiss German border and came to Germany and then to USA, in early to mid 1700's.

Then we loose John's parents and family. He just pops up in Perry Co. PA and marries Sarah Elizabeth FOULK abt 1832. He owns a mill and family bible story is maybe true or not?

IF you have a Valentine and Betsey Blessinger hanging around send them our way.

Bible says he was born 1809 in Harrisburg, PA father is Valentine and mother is Betsey Blessinger or Blessing.  Er is added to Swiss female name at marriage so I am told.

So go look at various names and trees and see if you can find some of your lost kin.

I found two people related to me that we always suspected were but could not prove. DNA proved it, we still do not know how.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Facebook Pages I like

 I am going to post some of the societies and groups that are on Facebook that you can probably enjoy and learn a lot by joining.

Under Pennsylvania I have many: Berks County Genealogy, Dauphin County, Greene Connections,
Lehigh County Genealogy, Clearfield County, Allegheny Co. PA, etc.

Now for  New York: Washington Co. New England Genealogical Society, NGS and others

There are pages for Maine, Cherokee,  Massachusetts,  California, Maryland and more

There are surname Facebook pages: some are private some are open.  There are heritage sites,

Clan Scotland, and other ethnic groups that are very interesting.

Belong to several surname sites, computer sites, & House of Plantagenets.

If you have not tried these cool places you are in for a treat.

 I just put in the state and genealogy and see what comes up. Sometimes people will refer you to sites also.

(99) Greene Connections   I have much kin on this site as do others from our society if they would look.

(99) Pejepscot Genealogy Society  good information for this area of Maine.

(99) earlyMaine Genealogy

(98) FamilyHart's Frederick County MD Genealogy

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tonight's 18 Feb 2015 Class is Canceled

I will put up what we were to explore and share here later today.   But we will not go to the library and pick up more germs or share more germs with others.. I apologize but can not change it.

18 Feb 2015  6 to 8.  If you get on Facebook at that time I can attempt to walk you through some of the sites that Facebook has that is related to strictly genealogical data.  The amount of them may amaze you and I have filled many an empty hole since learning of these new sources & caring, sharing group of people.
(99) Susi Pentico  I am hoping we can chat in the privacy boxes and answer each others questions.

Many Pennsylvania groups, New England groups, Mass Group, southern groups and the list goes on.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Over at Users Read this Post

I found this to be something you all may like to read.

10 sources to try and wonder how many you have really tried. I found two that I have not been aware of.  At least one I vaguely remember and just forgot about how about you?

I have known Cindi from Cindi's list for more than 20 years. I remember when she started.
I struggle using the site because it is so huge.  It has many avenues of research for all to try.

Most of us have heard of Nice article here.

Archives is new to me, Do read the article.

National Archives most of us are aware of.

My favorite of all time USGENWEB.ORG, and  are my two, go to sites first.
I think it helps beginners become familiar with the area they are researching with the types of data displayed on it's pages.

Access Genealogy, I surely must have heard of this but forgotten it, since it has been on line as long as I have.  Check it out. Read about it on this blog page they wrote.

Genealogy Today interesting information from free to a very nominal fee. Under $5.00

Olive Tree Genealogy, shame on me for leaving this one out. I am sure it  is on my older computer and at one time was well used.

And Family Tree Searcher, makes ten sites for you all to play with and find new information.

Enjoy.  A great article bringing back to life sources, my world had forgotten.

Do you have a favorite source maybe to share for searching?