Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bonita - Sunnyside Library January 3 Event

Our next meeting at the Bonita Sunnyside Library will be 3 Jan 2015.
Our new time for meeting this year will be 1 pm to 4 pm.

We will be presenting Wild Apricot, by Gary Brock and Sam Seat.

This group is assisting Gary with the webpage and notices for the
 Chula Vista Genealogical Society and we will all have the ability for
hands on as I understand it.

Reason for the open meeting for all members to attend to start the new year out new.

Sorry we missed on December the date got moved a couple of times.

Lemon Grove will be meeting this Wednesday evening. 6 to 8 pm

17 Dec 2014.  Lemon Grove Library.

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year and Blessed Holiday for those of other faiths.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Bonita-Sunnyside Library 6 Dec. 2014 Sharing the Holiday with Friends

Upcoming event information: 
Chula Vista Genealogical Society Workshop Bonita-Sunnyside Library Community Room, 4375 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91902 
Date: 06 Dec 2014 12:00 PM PST 

  • CVGS Workshop: “Sharing the Holiday With Friends”

    Some share time and experiences with others about Holidays and mixing in some 
    historical or genealogical information.

    Refreshments and it is free.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Refresher Course or Beginners?

Today I received a notice from Audrey Stetson from InDepth  a component of
 She posted some news I thought would be of interest to many.

 About Our Free Online Courses

BYU is offering free courses and the length of topics is very long.  Please take the time to check them out and maybe grasp at least one.

Please take advantage of something that is free.

Audrey Thanks so much for posting this.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Heads Up and Out Reach Information for End of year and 2015

Heads Up for Genealogists, Census Bureau. by Susi P

Sharon Tabor, sent me this and I wish to share to help us all.
The Census Bureau is taking public comment on whether to remove Marriage Status, 
information from the census information.  Only 10 % of the nation was provided a long form, 
and  if future information does not show family status, it will make research very difficult.

The link is here:

Comments  are to be sent to: Jennifer Jessup, Departmental Paperwork 
Clearance Officer,  Department of Commerce, Room 6616, 14th and Constitution 
Avenue NW., Washington,  DC 20230 (or via email at _jjessup@doc.gov_ 
( ).

Support Change for SSDI Laws by Susi P

Denise McLoughlin brought this to my attention also.
Barbara Mathews wrote a great article on the Board for
Certification of Genealogists, Spring Board News and Notes.

it discusses how we lost access to current death indexes Dec 2013 by the stroke of a pen.
It also urges us as genealogists to start the ball rolling state by state, to change this.

You can read more about this on RPAC’s own blog, “Genealogists Declaration of Rights—We Need Your Support!”

In need of at least 6,000 more signatures.

Outreach Program Bonita-Sunnyside Library
Dec 6, 1- 4 pm

Wild Apricot Presentation by Gary Brock and Sam Seat, others.
Our new website holder and data presenter for our group.
Also we will be discussing our Goals for next year, and share 
holiday cheer with attendees. Please bring one goal to work, 
for next year and tell us what one thing you accomplished this year. 

January 10, 1- 4 pm Bonita- Sunnyside Library

All events except special events will be held from 1 to 4 pm for this year.
It gives those who go to the SDGS Meeting a chance to attend this one or 
present for this one and the library space to do more in their morning schedule.
Our meetings will normally be on the first Saturday of the month.

I wish to say how "Thankful"  our society is for the gracious extension of times to our
group from the Bonita - Sunnyside Library Staff.  We are happy to see them pop their
selves in and hear what we are talking about also and posting the schedule in their bulletin.

The topic for January will be a State, probably Mississippi. The schedule will rotate between
state topics and User Group Topics for Reunion, FTM, RootsMagic, Beginners and other 
things needed by the attendees. It will also depend on the availability of the presenter.

Lemon Grove Library

Sharing the Holidays with Friends,  December  17,  6 to 8 pm
Come join in the fun. Also hoping you have picked a topic you want more on  to be 
scheduled for next year.  

Thanks for the great year and sharing experiences.

Outreach Calendar for 2015 
Bonita - Sunnyside Library

Mark your calendars now.
All future events will be 1 to 4 unless a workshop.
All events are planned for the first Saturday except where it conflicts with a holiday.
Then it is moved to the 2nd Saturday.

Jan   10         1 to 4
Feb   7           1 to 4
March  7        1 to 4
April     11     1 to 4
May     2      10 to 3 workshop
June   6         1 to 4 pm  I
July   11        1 to 4
Aug    1         1 to 4
Sept   5         1 to 4
Oct     3         1 to 4
Nov   7          1 to 4
Dec   5          1 to 4

Susi P

My contacts are: or
619 623- 5250 or via the CVGS Website not sure if listed on the SDGS website.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Cheer

To Thank you all for sharing and coming to our classes,
to remember others as we look for passes,
 Passes to find our lost kin
 Passes to find a new friend
 Passes to enjoy the coming year
 Passes to not live in fear.

Thank You for all your sharing and Caring,
Have a super Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lemon Grove Wednesday Evening 6 Pm FREE

Come join us in Lemon Grove Wednesday at 6 pm.  We will be sharing time and ideas and about your tree and research.

Wednesday, November 19, 6 to 8 p.m. Program: “Updating Your Tree, Do You Keep It Current?”
with Susi Pentico

You may bring your laptop if you have one, I - Pad with system etc.

We will talk about what part of the up keeping you think is important.  How well are you sourcing, or is that a draw back?

These are the things we will discuss, this line of topics besides those loving dead ends.

See you there.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ohio Research Information with more to come.

I started Ohio Research setting at the FHC Library in Mission Valley, looking at the items available there for members and community to garner knowledge from.

 There is an enormous amount of information there for Ohio.  This mostly covers what was available in the card catalog for books. No I did not do your homework.  : >)

Ohio Research is much like most of our states. 
It is not a Commonwealth.
Most of their set up and rules follows the basics set by previous states.

They do not have a Prothonotary Office as Pennsylvania does. Those records stand alone.

The Prothonotary is the Chief Clerk and Recordkeeper for all filings related to Civil Cases. The Office is located in the County Courthouse.

There are many great resources for this state. I am a member of the OGS. Ohio Genealogical Society. They are very helpful, courteous and generous with their assistance. 

Ohio has 88 Counties, if I counted correctly. 

Our LDS Library in Mission Valley has some very interesting books to help Ohioans find their families.8
Having gone through the card catalogue I found approximately 200 books on file for you to look at and gain information.

Starting with this one.

Ohio archives. County by county in Ohio genealogy   PETA 977.1. A3k

Cards on file

6 Archives, 1Atlas, 12 Biography, 1 Cemetery rec,  11 Census, 3 Vital Rec, 4 Church Records, 2 Court Rec,
1 Death Rec,   Ohio Crossroads of Our Nation. V 39  complete, 4 Directories, 3 Emigration,

Genealogy 15, Genealogy Sources 10, Gov 3, History  25, Immigration 8, Indians 1, Inventory 4,
Land Records 3, L n P 973,0 R2s. v.1,    14;
Maps 22,  Migration 975.55 W2e. V 1, 30,

 Newspapers. 2, Periodicals  24,  Pioneer Women 2, Probate Records 2, Societies 1, Surnames  1,  
 Taxes 3, Vital Records 26
Last card was this one which is for Westmoreland Co. PA. 

Ohio vital records 974.881 V2fiv.1 Westmoreland  Co   M & D. 1818- 1865.   Iscrupe, W & Della R Fischer
M & D from weekly paper 314 p index

The state of Ohio has a total of 88 counties. Adams County was the first county established in the state. It was established on July 10th, 1797.

Some links for use:


Name Search   ohio public records

You might want to also check the Genealogical Section in the Chula Vista Library at 4th and F St.
in Chula Vista, CA. if you live locally.

Also Old Ohio Newspapers have been added to the Chronicling America Collection posted by the Library of Congress.  It says they are searchable and digitized with a grant.

More Information on this article can be found here: