Saturday, December 9, 2017


 Today was the start of the weekend  Conference for DNA in Mission Valley at the Sheraton Hotel.

 Great speakers and topics and interesting fellow attendees.

 It is sold out. I want to renew for next year now. I only got part of a day last year and both days this year.

 If tomorrow is half as good as today was we need to be prepared for next year.

CeCe Moore. It was great to see you doing so well.  Enjoyed meeting your Mom.

I spoke with a potential cousin speaker this year and hope he can see if we are kin like my data is implying.

Wow, and people  thought that the Seven Daughters of Eve was hard to follow. The new terms being used in DNA is almost an over load.  So glad I had 4-H and did this with animals in the 50's.

Sorta sad we did not jump on the wagon way back then.

I am already renaming a couple of terms to separate them from the companion term used.  Once I can keep them separate will use right term.

Wish I had jumped on the band wagon a few years back since I have been so into Medical History and DNA.

Will have lots to share in the coming weeks.  Lemon Grove Library attendees and Bonita-Sunnyside Library attendees. Remember it is always free.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Possessions, Evacuations and Planning

Possessions, Evacuations and Planning

 We got a violent message on our TV and phones in regards to the extreme high winds and the worry of fire.

  Feeling very bad for those who lost all in Montana and Idaho and Washington and Northern California earlier this year.  Some of our family members lost their homes and all their possessions, fortunately we did not loose them.

  Now dear friends and more family are in danger in  Lower California.  Various regions of Los Angeles area, areas east and near and on the border. I suspect near Tecate from the smoke we are seeing.  It seems we are being reminded we are not here forever and we are probably to involved in
personal things than in others needs.

  It is Christmas and Hannakuh.  Are we busy getting gifts for each other or reaching out to those that have no home, clothes (very Minimal) or trinkets.  Hoping everyone is at least saying a prayer that they will get the help and care from others that is so needed.  

  What about all the genealogy, pictures and family possessions that they no longer have?  Have you thought of reaching out and offering pictures and sharing your data with them to replace some of what they lost.  Grandma or Grandpa's picture,  a deceased siblings photo.

   Are  you ready in case you have to evacuate? I know I would never be able to get all my inherited data out of this house because family made me keeper of the keys. Photos help to preserve the pictures of things. Our personal things are together ready to grab and go.

   These fires remind me it is way past time to pass much of this on to the younger keeper of the keys.

    When we looked at this home it was clean and new. When we moved in we had 3 "s of ash through out this house and it was over a year before I think we got it all out.   When my parents burned we found ash 7 years later in the weirdest of places.

  So please take a few minutes and pick up and put together some of the nonreplaceable items, such as photos, and certificates and Medals of Honor from Wars,  Ribbons, etc.

  This applies for floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.  Today we felt at 4.1 quake.
I feel we are so over due for a major shaker.

  Have a great holiday season but give the season serious thoughts of what it truly about and respond in kind.   Blessings on all.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Wed Chula Vista Library 12 to 2? pm Monthly Meeting ANTIQUES

Chula Vista Genealogy Society General Meeting.
“Heirloom Show and Tell”

Come join the fun. 
Noon at CV CC LIbrary 4th and F St.
Chula Vista, CA

Bring an heirloom and share with group.
I am bringing two pictures.
Could bring the Hoffman picture book ?
Could bring the Jones Bible.

Could bring Mom's doll it is nearly 100 years old.
Could bring quilt squares Grandmother did.
Never got completed in a quilt.

Have you ever quilted.??

You there.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017










Sunday, November 12, 2017

Amazing Finds, Takes Time

  I am sure many of you have Genealogy, in various folders and binders and sleeves.

 How often do you go back over these various files to see what you may have finally uncovered?

 This weekend has proved profitable for me in my finds.

 Alas can not locate box for nephew but I will as I dig deeper and clear out more data.  I had it in hand  just a few weeks ago.

 Having located a box from Mom's I had yet to open, yesk yet another one from five years ago.  Found newspaper clippings, a complete set of pictures from our trip to McPherson, Kansas to the MYER"s Reunion,  tape of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and other things. Some of these items I suspect should have been shared with others in other places. So setting them aside like the items for my nephew to contact them to see if they would like to have them.

The Hoffman Huffman Book for Research was located and it has much data that I can use since my system crashed a couple of years ago.  Located Duvall data, Foulk data and more Warden information to catalog.

Found a letter from Don Jones from Sacramento, now dcd.   Hoping to locate a phone number for our Gritzner kin in Iowa.  Yes they are Jones descendants.

So maybe go through older files and binders and see what you have forgotten and left behind.

Have fun looking and cataloging the found data.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Blessed Veteran's Day 2017

 This is to say Thank You to all the Veteran's for their service.   Mine started in development of the country to current having a son following his Dad. Thanks Donald Pentico.

Many Uncles in WW2, some kin in WW1. Civil War,, War of 1812, Rev War and other skirmishes.
Some ladies in there too. Most of my Generation were in Korea, Vietnam and other more modern day skirmishes.  

My sisters grandson is at Camp Pendleton as a Marine and we have many others that have served.

It seems so many have forgotten what living through this skirmishs, wars and fights were like.
It affected everyone, the service person, their families and nieghbors.

Loved the article on U TUBE about the Lawyer that bought the tank that  landed at Normandy and made it to Berlin.  He bought it in Europe and had it shipped to his home.

Parked it in front of his home and it brought a reawakening of the past days. The neighbors were sad to see him get ready to move it to it's permanent home, Children climbed on it, people stopped and took pictures of it and everyone sorta stepped back and remembered we were a solid country at one time.

Husband lost an Uncle in Italy. Another Pentico is buried in Punch Bowl.  I am sure there are many since Jacob Pentico fought in CW.

Blessings to all Veteran's of all Wars and Skirmishes.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

Roots Tech and Other Venues There

Roots Tech and Other Venues There

At first I was excited and happy and was desiring to go to Roots Tech.  Then the brain kicked in and
asked me," what will I learn there that will help me in my research?".

Having attempted to learn more, listened to those who have attended and read articles, the answer to me is still not clear.

Doing research in groups is always helpful because what you miss someone else may pick up or see.

Not getting this being the vibe.

Possibly more about technical new advances on computer software and systems.  ??

Wishing there was a ten point or twenty point synopsis of what it would really help me to move my  genealogy forward.

Sure visiting with acquaintances and sharing stories may help.

Understanding it like sells out each time.

With funds being part of this, what is Roots Tech going to give me for the dollars I spend?

Have not been able to convince others to go with me makes me even more wary.  Is this a
computer tech seminar?

IS there someone out there that can give a good definition of the event?  Yes there are speakers and many or most well known.

I recall an early one and there was lots of information explaining it but it was several years ago.

Will it give me more data on information in various states?  Will it help me to master some of my non known computer skills?

Please share with us so we all can grasp this topic better and yes we know Randy is going again.
Randy is very computer sharp so maybe that is why it is key for him.  Yes he also shares his knowledge with us. But the answers many of  us seek are not there.

Guessing that when life and death become a very constant reminder of our time spent here we, some of us, get more careful in what we decide to do.

I think I want to go but I need to know why and what I can gain from it. Is that so bad.