Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Trowbridge Tale..

Susi Pentico

John Thomas Trowbridge is Susi Pentico's 13th great grandfather!

Ray Dee Jones
your father
Victoria ( IDA)
his mother
Lydia Eastman
her mother
Rufus Trowbridge
his father
Caleb Trowbridge
his father
James Trowbridge
his father
John Trowbridge
his father
John Trowbridge
his father

Friday, August 30, 2013

Potential Round Table Topics 4 September 2013

Potential Round Table Topics for Wednesday evening.

Your brick wall.

Use of timeline.

Remembering to site your sources.

Use of Maps.

And the Virtual Fair presented by NGS what it should do to help you if you have a computer for access.

UpFront with NGS
> National Archives (FREE) Virtual Genealogy Fair -- 3-4 September 2013! No excuse not to attend this year!
> Posted: 21 Aug 2013 05:00 AM PDT
> A few years ago I was able to attend the NARA Genealogy Fair, looked around, attended some sessions, and helped staff the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) table for a bit.
> When I first heard there would be not fair in 2013, due to sequestration, it made me a bit sad as it was such a neat event and showcase for NARA and its holdings and the expertise of its employees.
> I am happy to report that NARA has come up with a neat solution – it will hold a “virtual” genealogy fair.  To borrow from my British cousin, this is “brilliant!”  Not only will the fair again be held and it will be available to you regardless of where you live!
> WHAT:  National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair
>       • For the first time ever, the National Archives will host a virtual Genealogy Fair via webcast using the Internet.
>       • This two-day program will showcase tips and techniques for using Federal records at the National Archives for genealogy research. Lectures are designed for experienced genealogy professionals and novices alike.
>       • Lecture topics include Native American and African American history, immigration, Civil War pensions, U.S. Colored Troops, and Navy Deck logs.
>       • “Help! I’m Stuck” Call-In Consultation: National Archives staff will be available to answer research questions during the Fair.
> WHEN:  Tuesday and Wednesday, September 3–4, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. EST
> WHO:  Speakers include genealogy experts from the National Archives and U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services.
> HOW:  The National Archives will make this event available via webcast. The webcast will include options for the hearing-impaired. Recorded sessions will be available online after the event.
> Background:  The National Archives holds the permanently valuable records of the Federal government. These include records of interest to genealogists, such as pension files, ship passenger lists, census and Freedmen’s Bureau materials. For information on National Archives holdings see
> For more information about the fair, e-mail Join the Genealogy Fair conversation onTwitter using #genfair2013.
> To keep current on the details, check this page,, regularly.
Hi Susi,

Definitely – feel free to share!

Diane :-)

Diane L. Richard
Editor, Upfront with NGS, 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Polish Research Wed 21 Sept 2013 Lemon Grove Library

Information on Polish Research and clues for you to look for will be presented this evening at the Lemon Grove Library at 6:10 pm.  

We will also share urls for your research.  If your unable to attend leave your email and the data can be sent to you.

Poland has had a diverse history, as most of us already know.

Two books to use are:

Polish Roots by Rosemary Chorzempa..

Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy; by Cecile (Ceil) Wendt Jensen; 2009; 144 pp; Perfect Bound; 8.5x11; ISBN 9780615360997; Item #: MP01

both can be found at: Family Roots run by Leland Meitzler.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

FREE Up Coming Seminar in Bonita-Sunnyside Library 7 Sept 2013 FREE

The Chula vista Genealogical Society presents
A Genealogist’s Perspective
Exploring our ancestors’ military service in
The War of 1812 by Karl Zingheim
The Civil War by Margaret Lewis
The Spanish American War by Susi P
World War I by John Finch

Saturday, September 7, 2013
9:30am to 4pm
Bonita-Sunnyside Library, 4375 Bonita Road
Bring your lunch – or enjoy nearby eateries 
To register or information: See our website  
Or contact: Susi Pentico at  or (619) 623-5250
 You may also contact

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Surname DUNLAP, Sorting Saturday

Today was another interesting day sorting through first and last names of a members family.

As we all know, they named their children after their Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers and Cousins.

So we go looking for who is really linked to whom.

A member has a Robert Dunlap who marries an Elizabeth unknown and has:
1. Margaret Jane  1813 -1896 b PA
2. Rosanna Taylor 1816  "
3. Thomas   1819- 1894  "
4.  Elizabeth 1826- 1905  "  Her descendant.

Robert's mother was Margaret Dunlap.  d  1824 ?      b Ireland
Children known were:
John 1762-1843
William 1763- 1825 married no children.
Thomas  ?  - 1816 married, children: John, Susan and Jennie
Mary  1768- 1850
Robert sometime after 1770 and before 1780 b died  Nov 1841  born Ireland

Were there three more children?

Who was the Thomas that married Jemima and had Archibald,  Jeramiah and others?
Who is the Robert married to a Bell, a Henderson or a Schultz?

Since a Schultz witness, Robert's will was this wife a SCHULTZ?

Suspect Robert born about 1775 and may have had a previous wife before Elizabeth. If so were there children, possibly or not?

We found several Robert's, Thomas's and William and John's.

Does this family relate to the Printer of Philadelphia?  William who gave up printing to his kin and became a minister?

If anyone has data please contact me.

Was John, Thomas or William or Robert, the name of Robert's father or James?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tidbits Shared from Scottish Research presented by Christine Woodcock and Susi P.

Tidbits of Scottish Research

Much data here in was shared by Christine for me to share with the Lemon Grove Library Group.
Learning we could do Scottish Research for weeks on end and probably only touch the tip of the iceberg.

I have two books I use but after having met Christine Woodcock and Dianne Bergstedt. I do a lot of referring to their web sites.

Christine shared a very important piece of information for beginner researchers.  We are hoping it will help on of our members who is looking for her Margaret ARMSTRONG's parents. She has a marriage date of 1787 in Yorktown, West Chester, New York.  After several years of research and trip to SLC she is still with out an Armstrong parent.  The man she married was named Nehamiah TOMPKINS.  We surmise she was born about 1760.  

Here is the important information: Presented by Christine Woodcock.

Here's how the Scottish Naming Pattern works:

1.  First Born Son  -  named for the gaternal grandfather
2.  Second Born Son  -  named for the maternal grandfather
3.  Third Son named for the Father  -  unless he shares a name with one of the grandfathers.
4.  Fourth and subsequent sons were often named after father and mother's brothers

1.   First Born Daughter  -  named for the maternal grandmother
2.   Second Born Daughter  -  named for the paternal grandmother
3.   Third Born Daughter  _  named for the mother  -  unless she shares a name of of one of the grandmothers
4.    Subsequent daughters were generally named for mother or fathers sisters.

her Blog page and the list of Coldingham Prisoner Index

More information to come she shared.  Permission to post has been given. Her work is copywrited.
C. Woodcock  2011.  

One of my reference books to use is:  The Irish-Scots and The "Scotch-Irish"  by John C. Linehan 
A Heritage Classic.

If anyone has data on MARGARET ARMSTRONG,  married to Nehamiah Tompkins please contact
me.  Thank you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Scottish and Irish Research Presentation 7 August

Scottish and Irish Research Presentation  7 August

Lemon Grove Library,  6 to 8 pm

Topic will be Scottish and Irish Researching.

Come join the fun, it is free.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Project Ujima Montford Point Marines Program - Malcolm X Library

 Project Ujima Montford Point Marines Program -  Malcolm X Library on Thursday, 
August 1, 2013 from  5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Can you say “boot camp?”  You could be a winner!  Join us for a family 
friendly learning experience about an important part of American history. 
 Sgt.  Major (Retired) Melvin O'Neal Chestnut will lead community members in a 
lively discussion about the history and ongoing legacy of the Montford Point 
Marines. Evening includes family friendly games, presentations and discussion 
about the Montford Point Marines.
 Thursday, August 1, 2013
 5:30pm - 7:00pm
 Malcolm X Library
 Community Room,
 5148 Market Street.
 San Diego, CA 92114
 Childcare available upon request
 Light refreshments served
Reserve space with Elneda Shannon,, (619) 293-4431
San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) Project Ujima has received a
prestigious Community Stories grant award for “The Montford Point Marines of San 
Diego” from CAL Humanities, in partnership with the National Endowment for the 
Humanities (NEH).  Community Stories projects give expression to the 
extraordinary variety of histories and experiences of California’s places and 
people.   Project Ujima has received funding to produce 10 digital stories and a 
one-act play with Project Ujima families and the four (4) original Montford 
Point Marines residing in San Diego, as well as other members of the local 
Montford Point Marine Association.

> The Montford Point Marines were the first African Americans to serve in the 
U.S. Marines.  Despite horrendous discrimination at home and within the ranks of 
the military, the Montford Point Marines served with honor and distinction.  For 
the remainder of 2013 and beyond, Project Ujima parents and students will 
chronicle the historical and contemporary significance of the Montford Point 
Marines to San Diego history and culture. The resulting digital stories and play 
will be made available for school and public workshops and presentations, with 
additional footage of project participants answering the question: “Why should 
all Californians care about the history and legacy of the Montford Point 
Marines?” In addition to learning the technology for chronicling the ongoing 
significance of the Montford Point Marines to San Diego County and beyond, 
Project Ujima students and their parents and caregivers will have meaningful 
interaction with living African American heroes and reaffirm the active struggle 
it takes to achieve social justice and advance personal and collective dreams.   

 The Parent Outreach and Engagement Department, the Harold J. Ballard Parent 
Center and Project Ujima are funded by the San Diego Unified School District’s 
Title 1 Program and the Target Foundation.  This project was made possible with 
support from CAL Humanities, in partnership with the NEH.  Experience more at  Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed 
in this project do not necessarily represent those of Cal Humanities or the 
National Endowment for the Humanities.
From Marti Lewis......                                        

I'm just getting this message . . . you can post anything that I e-mail out. 

Margaret Lewis -  President
San Diego African American Genealogy Research Group
P.O. Box 741956
San Diego, California 92174-1956
(619) 262-5810 cell#(619) 507-7676