Friday, November 1, 2013

A Great Reminder, Shared by Dick Eastman

Fortunately, I have a back up program on my computer that backs up nightly.  Yes, I get that much mail.   Suspect Randy Seaver does a back up often also.

 Having learned the  hard way a very long ago, I have an external drive that backs up in case anything goes on the fritz.

 So when I read the note from Leland's crowd reminding everyone that Dick Eastman put a note in his Newsletter today to do back up.   I get Dick's email and he always has great tidbits for us to be aware of and share with others.

It is the First Day of the Month- Back Up Your Genealogy Files -

This is a link to the article.   Hope you read it and it helps you to remember to back up files.

 Liking the idea that one backs up monthly, it should help people to remember to do it.

Reminds us like when the clock changes on Sunday you need to check all your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms batteries and change them.  

Remember it is Fall back and Spring Forward.  So we have more morning time and much less evening time. grrrrrr.

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