Monday, August 13, 2012

Exciting News for Researchers in VT and NC

Exciting news for many researchers has come across my screen.

Fortunately it may benefit family research in both places.
This came in on a blog (Genealogy Blog)  and it is from a online magazine in North Carolina.

Western Regional Archives to Open August 13

This is from Asheville, The Western Regional Archives at the Department of Cultural Resource's.

 The release of information for easier access is great news for researchers. Please read the entire report to realize what they have done.

Again (GenealogyBlog) has notified me and the world of another archives opening.

Vermont State Archives opens court records for research

Here is a snippet of the news, please check out the entire  news.  Records for us, 152 cubic feet of dockets, record books and case files dating from 1800  to 1945.

I do not want to copy but want to report that the news is at these to links provided.

Congratulations to both states for doing this.

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