Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DNA Presentation 1 Aug Lemon Grove Library 6 pm

DNA Presentation

Wednesday evening we will be adding more information to our limited learned DNA knowledge.
Hoping you all have read some of the previously posted links. Maybe even googling to see what you can learn on your own about DNA.

I will have exciting news to share Wednesday.

Having been scouting about for more information to assist all the ethnicities I am posting more urls here for you all to absorb.

Blog | Irish Origenes: Use Family Tree DNA to Discover Your Genetic Origins | Clans of Ireland | Irish Surnames Map

 Lots of great information here on the history and genetics of the today Irish people's past. Also surnames, maps, explanation of which area holds these surnames.   It makes me want to book a trip to Ireland.

A cousin shared this link with me covering a lot of Germanic and Prussian information. Not so much genetics but wanted to share this.

Researching German Ancestors - Guide to German Genealogy

 It does have a great link to the origins of many ethnic names though.
name origins - About.com : Genealogy

German Surname Meanings & Origins - Last Names From Germany - Top 50 German Surnames

And my favorite of these groups is this one. It will take hours or days for you to absorb all the knowledge posted here for Genetics, DNA and & Health History.

Genetic Genealogy - Health Histories & DNA Family Trees

We will hope to cover some of this links Wednesday evening.

See you at 6 P M 8073 Broadway, Lemon Grove, Ca 91945  In the shopping mall behind Ann's Rest.

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