Friday, November 16, 2012

Interesting Posts That May Help.

I had a major topic to discuss, decided to let it set a bit until I can wrap my thoughts around it more accurately. So sharing some more interesting sites that keep popping up for us to look at and maybe utilize.

This one seems to ooze with information:
Military History Online

Suspecting this was posted before but have fun:
New Horizons Genealogy - Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry

German Research maybe this will help:

Massachusetts and More Genealogy Blog

Ancient History:
(96) History of the Ancient World

More Ancient History:
An early Celtic “Stonehenge” discovered in the Black Forest

More Current Veteran's Information:
Burial records for military personnel posted online -

Try this for new sources or some you may have forgotten to check.
Exploring Veterans & Historical Organizations

Saving Memories Forever:  
How It Works | Saving Memories Forever

Improve your photos when shooting?
Digital Photography Tips: Digital Photography School

Lots of tips on lots of subjects at this site. Seems we are always looking for a  better angle or better light to make a clearer picture.

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