Sunday, October 7, 2012

Follow Up, CeCe Moore, and New York Resources.

Follow Up  CeCe Moore and New York Resources.

This is the Follow Up of this past week.  Shirley gave a great talk with 3+ pages of urls for people doing New York Research on Wednesday.  We had one new guest attend.  Peoples you missed a great talk.   To find the links she shared they can be located on this blog. Yes they are free. She discussed the confusing naming system of the NY State county set ups.  I still struggle with a town is not a town, it is in my mind a township?  You find Villages in Towns?   They also share borders with Canada, and present day Vermont, which used to be part of New York and snuggle up next to Pennsylvania.
Another state gave claim to for pensioners of the Rev War to a segment of New York, also

Check out these pages of information.  Also would like feedback as to whether  you feel like this helped you find your lost data.

 CeCe Moore and one of her great graphic charts.

 Today we did the Workshop in Bonita at the Library and were thrilled with the presentation by CeCe Moore, Genetic Genealogist.  I myself found, I loved the charting format she used, the color coding of explaining the links and combinations of potential links, etc.  

We had two hours of information and questions and then we went another 40 some minutes into a multi of many more questions. We had a nice attendance and many guests.  We asked her back for the Spring Seminar 30 March at the Chula Vista Golf Course.

Hoping to share some photos I took with you all tomorrow so you can see her chart lay out.

Remember our next meeting event we will be talking about Old Virginia and West Virginia for resources 18 October.  

You may also like to refresh what you can learn at a library by reading this:Research and Where to Look - Genealogy Wise

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