Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meeting at Library 6 to 8 pm Wed Discussion on JSTOR etc.

Wednesday evening we will have a discussion on JSTOR and other like search capabilities.

One may have to go to a University or College to get information or you may be able to access from home with your old college  I D.

Some one said that you can access some data with out an I D.  I hope to know more before the evening chat.  Needing to refresh from my notes from past talk.

JSTOR searches, magazines, pamphlets and journals for information.  Maybe your ancestor was a Dr and you want data on him or maybe he was a Lawyer or a Judge.

One can never tell what one may find when researching in our past.

Knowing that my ancestor Henry Huffman (Hoffman after 1860's) listed himself as a farmer.
He was anything but a farmer. He  build many bridges, churches, schools and homes plus he build the first free standing spiral stairway and I have the newspaper clipping that describes the house and stairs.

Here are some interesting links you may want to share.


genealogy book links




See you at the  library in Lemon Grove. Ca   Back in the corner of the shopping center opposite Anna's. It is across the street from St. John's Catholic Church.  6 pm.

Next I will be posting links on DNA and sites for you to read up on for the next class 1 August.

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