Sunday, August 19, 2012

Find Your Neighbor in Genealogy Picnic Monday

Come Join in the Fun.  Enjoy the Chula Vista Genealogical Society Picnic at the Bonita - Sunnyside Library  11 to 2 Monday.  21 August.

You may find you have kin next to you or at least a neighbor.  If we are as science says 1/78th related and then recently moving it down to 1/5? related think it was 57th.  A room full of 100 people would find you at least one if not two distant kin.

Reason for this was to help new people meet older society members, for everyone to share their surnames and information, to get to know each other better and it makes us a stronger society.

Bring five generation charts or ten generation or what ever you have. Bring lap top if you want to so you can add at the time of find.  If not at least print out your surnames and where from or at to share with others.

This should prove fun. Last time we did this  was when Nina S was either Pres or VP. I found five direct cousins in the society then and almost all came from Greene Co. PA.  Nina S is a Hoffman cousin.

Alas most of them have past on now but we did link directly.  O Ernie Boyer we sure had fun playing with our names and  sharing information. RIP.

 Rueben Bingham just passed this week and we never worked our potential links.  Ralph Zahn linked via two names. We miss him.

My list could go on so we are hoping others can find links amongst the members and enrich their knowledge of family.

 Bring your sack lunch.  Be prepared to sing the Birthday song also.  
 This message coming to you from Virginia (whom is doing well, since surgery) & myself.

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