Thursday, August 23, 2012

More News and Some Links- York and Adams Co. PA

More News and Some Links

Spending time scouring for data on a family name and scrambled matter I run across a site of old that has only gotten better.

If you have ever researched in York County or Adams County, Pennsylvania you may have already been exposed.

 There is a neat man who is doing some very awesome work to help our challenges be lessened.

 Dr Neal Hively, has plotted and mapped out all of York County by hand.  I understand he did the same for Adams County.  Now he is doing Franklin County but with a assisted format.

Having shared this data with a cousin whom found her lost Patterson's via his maps and books about 7 years ago. I am more than excited to say I have found MYERS that are in BERWICK, York Co., PA of old. now Berwick, Adams Co. PA.

My cousins and I are going to be waiting with exciting hopes for a answer to a weird situation.

So you may want to check this link out if your digging in this region. Remember this area was  also claimed by Maryland at this time.

Fun Fun Fun.  

Do try this...Book Dealers  Many other links are on this page to help in research for Pennsylvania & other places or societies.

 You can order the book that goes with the Map which will have more information than just what is on the map.

Check out the data that this  man has done to improve our researching.

Dr Neal Hively, I just can not say enough about your dedication to showing the boundaries and neighbors in such a delightful way.   I love Maps.

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